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Sunday, November 30th, 2008

A Sunday Night Update CLOMIPRAMINE FOR SALE, Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. I did, where can i buy CLOMIPRAMINE online. CLOMIPRAMINE schedule, I made a concerted effort to Tune Out The World for four days. And I was quite successful, online buy CLOMIPRAMINE without a prescription, Buy CLOMIPRAMINE online no prescription, thank you very much.

My wife and I had a first-rate dinner in a faux Tuscan restaurant overlooking a man-made lake near Las Vegas (but it certainly looked like Como), is CLOMIPRAMINE safe. We gave the economy a boost with some Black Friday shopping at the Sin City outlets which included a pair of red Diesel tennies, CLOMIPRAMINE FOR SALE. CLOMIPRAMINE dosage, We ooed and awed with Penn & Teller on Friday night. Got misty eyed from the fifth row as Tony Bennett crooned at The Hilton on Saturday, canada, mexico, india. Purchase CLOMIPRAMINE, And I topped it all that off with a rather extended show of winning hands at the Mirage Poker Room deep into the wee hours.

All this sin and triviality came with a high price, CLOMIPRAMINE recreational. CLOMIPRAMINE FOR SALE, It took 7 hours in traffic to make it back to L.A. CLOMIPRAMINE cost, tonight.

I repent, CLOMIPRAMINE no prescription. Discount CLOMIPRAMINE, Tomorrow morning I return to the Real World. And Tuesday, where can i find CLOMIPRAMINE online, Online CLOMIPRAMINE without a prescription, I'm off to a bloggers/reporters conference in Taiwan for ten days. I might not blog much till I get grounded in Taipei, what is CLOMIPRAMINE. CLOMIPRAMINE without prescription, Cheers. CLOMIPRAMINE used for. CLOMIPRAMINE treatment. CLOMIPRAMINE from canadian pharmacy. CLOMIPRAMINE dangers. CLOMIPRAMINE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. CLOMIPRAMINE trusted pharmacy reviews. Order CLOMIPRAMINE from mexican pharmacy. Buy CLOMIPRAMINE no prescription. Cheap CLOMIPRAMINE no rx. Buy CLOMIPRAMINE from mexico. CLOMIPRAMINE natural. CLOMIPRAMINE price, coupon. CLOMIPRAMINE brand name. CLOMIPRAMINE street price.



Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

ZETIA FOR SALE, My kind of stuffing. See you in a couple of days.

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Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, The bloodshed in Mumbai continues to be horrific. One of my great grad students, CIALIS from mexico, Buy generic CIALIS, Anant Goenka, hails from that part of the world and is blogging about it here, where can i buy cheapest CIALIS online. Online buying CIALIS hcl, Check it out as he will stay on top of it. CIALIS used for. CIALIS recreational. CIALIS pics. About CIALIS. No prescription CIALIS online. Buy CIALIS online no prescription. Online CIALIS without a prescription. Buy CIALIS from canada. Buy CIALIS without a prescription. Where can i buy CIALIS online. CIALIS overnight. CIALIS interactions. CIALIS images. Doses CIALIS work. Kjøpe CIALIS på nett, köpa CIALIS online. CIALIS treatment. Buy cheap CIALIS no rx. Buy CIALIS no prescription. CIALIS from canada. CIALIS description. Where can i cheapest CIALIS online. Cheap CIALIS. Fast shipping CIALIS. Discount CIALIS. Ordering CIALIS online. CIALIS results.



Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

I think Sean Penn BUY ATOMOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, is a great actor.

He ought to stick to acting, ATOMOXETINE canada, mexico, india, though. Because he is to journalism what his ex-wife Madonna is to rocket science.

There was SO much I was tempted to write about this horribly embarrassing "interview" with Raul Castro Penn has on the cover of The Nation magazine this week, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. But I'll keep it short and let y'all squirm through the original copy.

I will say: It's written like he's the winner of The Oliver Stone Bad Writing About Cuba contest, BUY ATOMOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION. ATOMOXETINE pictures, I thought Oliver's painfully pliant lay-down session with big brother Fidel a few years back would have been the final chapter in Hollywood celebrities slobbering over dictators and demagogues (though Danny Glover has been pretty shameful in his public worship of Hugo Chavez).

But now Penn pops up giving his own tongue bath to Raul -- complete with poems and everything.

I gotta say, ATOMOXETINE maximum dosage, I understand the glorification of a somewhat mythical (if now addled) figure like Fidel. What is ATOMOXETINE, After all, Fidel is Fidel. BUY ATOMOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, But Raul. He's never been anything but a dreary bureaucrat known for his dumb loyalty to his brother and his rather steely, where can i order ATOMOXETINE without prescription, authoritarian stewardship of the Cuban military. ATOMOXETINE dosage, No one actually likes Raul. They only fear him. Except Sean, order ATOMOXETINE online overnight delivery no prescription.

The most stupefying passage from Penn's paean to the creaky current dictator of Cuba is one -- near the end of the piece-- where he writes: "The hour was getting late, but I didn't want to leave without asking Castro about allegations of human rights violations and alleged narco-trafficking facilitated by the Cuban government."

Allegations of human rights abuses, BUY ATOMOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Allegations in a country that has been ruled by one family for 50 years, Is ATOMOXETINE addictive, where there are no recognized civil liberties, no political opposition tolerated, where notions of freedom of press, ATOMOXETINE forum, expression and assembly are punishable in courts which provide no independent defense for the accused. ATOMOXETINE brand name, Where the death penalty is applied with no appeals process. Where possession of dangerous books can land you in Boniato prison. Where the Web is blocked, ATOMOXETINE use. BUY ATOMOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, WTF.

Of course, ATOMOXETINE for sale, Penn answers his own minor doubts about these accusations by reminding us that the U.S. itself violates human rights just a few miles away in Guanatanamo -- and, um, rx free ATOMOXETINE, so what. ATOMOXETINE mg, And for good measure, he quotes Raul saying these allegations are, of course, ATOMOXETINE no rx, exaggerated and inflated by paid agents of U.S. Buying ATOMOXETINE online over the counter, Imperialism. All those dissidents are on the pad, BUY ATOMOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

The truly maddening part of this whole exercise in vanity by Penn is that his sojourn to Havana was motivated in great part by his desire, he says, ATOMOXETINE steet value, to discuss the results of the recent U.S. ATOMOXETINE no prescription, presidential elections with Raul. He might have, for the hell of it, ATOMOXETINE dose, asked Raul when the next Cuban elections might be scheduled. Real brand ATOMOXETINE online, But, alas, I think such fancy notions still remain in the category of mere "allegations."

Penn does confess that if he were a Cuban writing as critically about that country's political leadership as he does about his own he would certainly wind up in jail (true), low dose ATOMOXETINE. BUY ATOMOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, And while he says he was thinking about raising such questions directly with Raul, he decides, nah....he's got other things on his mind. Anyway, ATOMOXETINE online cod, it would sort of be an impolite act of coitus interruptus.

Penn's apologia for the dictatorship are of the usual sophist construction. Cubans (and Venezuelans) he tell us, could make an historic choice between our imperfect system or their imperfect system and they chose their own, where can i find ATOMOXETINE online. Scratch that poorly used adjective of "sophist." Replace it with a reeking arrogance. Effects of ATOMOXETINE, What we have is an ultra-rich mega-star deciding for the Cuban people that they should settle for "imperfection" -- as he politely calls it. If we don't settle for it in our country, why are Cubans --standing in ration lines-- supposed to be so damn grateful to a tyrant that feats an American movie star and pretends he's a journalist worthy of a seven hour interview, BUY ATOMOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

Here's a video clip of a somewhat dazed-looking Penn explaining why he went to interview Castro and Chavez (the Venezuelan portion of Penn's master thesis apparently coming out in print next Monday on HuffPost).

Two questions are raised by this clip. Why do millionaires have holes in their jeans, ATOMOXETINE without prescription. (That, Order ATOMOXETINE from mexican pharmacy, we'll never know). BUY ATOMOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, And, why, if Penn was traveling with historian Douglas Brinkley and the rather accomplished political writer Christopher Hitchens did the Cuban dictator decide to grant the interview only to Penn (That, by contrast, seems rather obvious, no?).

This would be a great time for The Nation to produce a probing piece from Havana on, precisely, ATOMOXETINE price, coupon, how Obama's election might or might not change both internal Cuban political dynamics and U.S.-Cuban relations. Instead, we get this slobber from Penn.

Let's hope he gets tied up with a a lot of new movie deals. I much prefer to watch him on the screen than read him in print.

For an infinitely more incisive and -- I might say-- a more morally elevated discussion of Cuba from a thoughtful and quite courageous Cuban writer, I refer you to the dazzling Generation Y blog from Havana-based Yoani Sanchez, BUY ATOMOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Please check it out and make sure you cast a vote for her blog which is currently up for a Bobs award (Yoani has already won the coveted Ortega y Gasset prize -- which is probably what keeps her out of jail).

Here's an excerpt of one of her recent postings titled "I'd Love to Choose.". It cuts neatly, simply and cleanly like a blue-steel machete through the sort of drivel produced by Penn:

For weeks, there are words like “ballot box,” “votes,” and “candidates” that persecute us everywhere. First there were the elections in the United States and now the issue has been revived with what happened on Sunday in Venezuela. It’s as if at the end of the year everything conspires to remind us of our condition as non-electors, our limited experience in deciding who leads us.

You become accustomed to not being able to choose what to put in your mouth, under which creed they will educate your children, or to whom to open the door, but that resignation shatters when you see someone else vote. Because of this it has risen up, these days, the desire to fold the ballot, to push it into the slot and to know that with it goes my stentorian shout that demands: “to choose.”

What a romantic this gal is. She should just accept the imperfections of her system, shut her yap and go see a movie or something.

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Monday, November 24th, 2008

Barack Obama's VALTREX FOR SALE, economic team is now in place and it's made up of centrists and Wall Street insiders. VALTREX schedule, Nobody from ACORN or SDS made the inner circle.

Likewise, VALTREX wiki, Online buying VALTREX, with the gelling of his national security team. Hillary as SoS, Bob Gates probably staying on for a while, VALTREX alternatives, Buy cheap VALTREX, and Dennis Kucinich or even Howard Dean unlikely to succeed him. I also have to figure that Rep, VALTREX price. Get VALTREX, Barbara Lee isn't on the short list for CIA director.

The Nation magazine's Washington Editor Chris Hayes throws his hands up in the air and laments: "Not a single, solitary, actual dyed-in-the-wool progressive has, as far as I can tell, even been mentioned for a position in the new administration, VALTREX FOR SALE. Not one, VALTREX from canadian pharmacy. Purchase VALTREX online no prescription, Remember this is the movement that was right about Iraq, right about wage stagnation and inequality, purchase VALTREX online, VALTREX dangers, right about financial deregulation, right about global warming and right about health care."

Hayes also cites blogger Chris Bowers who has his own complaint about Obama's picks, cheap VALTREX no rx. Herbal VALTREX, Says Bowers: "I know everyone is obsessed with the "team of rivals" idea right now, but I feel incredibly frustrated, VALTREX australia, uk, us, usa. VALTREX without a prescription, Even after two landslide elections in a row, are our only governing options as a nation either all right-wing Republicans, VALTREX cost, Purchase VALTREX, or a centrist mixture of Democrats and Republicans. VALTREX FOR SALE, Isn't there ever a point when we can get an actual Democratic administration?"

Um, I'm not sure what Bowers means by "an actual Democratic administration." That's pretty much what Obama's cabinet is starting to look like -- for better and for worse. I understand the "frustration" Bowers cites, order VALTREX from United States pharmacy. Buy no prescription VALTREX online, But, fact is, taking VALTREX, Online buy VALTREX without a prescription, Obama was elected by a majority of folks who are NOT self-indentified progressives, net-roots activists, VALTREX results, VALTREX no prescription, nor subscribers to The Nation.

if Obama is to carry though in any meaningful way on his promised reforms, where can i find VALTREX online, Order VALTREX from mexican pharmacy, there's going to be what we might call a certain level of tension introduced into the political debate. The new President has a choice: he can gather up a bunch of progressives in his cabinet (abating Bowers' frustration) and then  try to sell them and a reform program to a more centrist Congress and Democratic Party who will already be polarized by his appointments, buy cheap VALTREX. Or, he can get prior buy-in from the Democratic center -- as he is apparently doing-- and thereby oil the passage of significant reform legislation, VALTREX FOR SALE. Buy VALTREX without prescription, I like the way Bob Kuttner puts it: "As progressives, we can view President-Elect Obama's emerging economic team in one of two ways, where can i buy cheapest VALTREX online. Get VALTREX, Either he has disappointed us by picking a group of Clinton retreads--the very people who brought us the deregulation that produced the financial collapse; the fiscal conservatives who in the 1990s put budget balance ahead of rebuilding public institutions. Or we can conclude that he has very shrewdly named a team of technically competent centrists so that he can govern as a progressive in pragmatist's clothing--as he moves the political center to the left."

Which one it will be we will soon find out, purchase VALTREX for sale. The skeptics may turn out to be right. But I also join Kuttner in confessing that every time I second-guessed Obama during the campaign, he was right and I (and Kuttner) were wrong.

What counts are the policies, not the people.

I hope.

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Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

BROMAZEPAM FOR SALE, It's a tad ironic to think that 20 years ago, the same tiny impoverished Central American nation of Nicaragua that dominated U.S. news headlines has now turned completely absent from our national conversation for more than the past decade, what is BROMAZEPAM. BROMAZEPAM samples, Nica-who.

Two years ago, is BROMAZEPAM addictive, Buy BROMAZEPAM online no prescription, with only a minimalist flurry of headlines, Sandinista revolutionary leader Daniel Ortega was re-elected to the presidency after being voted out in in the early 90's as the U.S.-backed contra war negotiated to an end, BROMAZEPAM cost. Herbal BROMAZEPAM, There were actually some dolts on the American and Latin American Left who hailed Ortega's victory as one of great significance -- Nicaragua was moving to the Left again, we were told, BROMAZEPAM from canadian pharmacy. He had gotten The Big Hug from Hugo Chavez and that apparently was enough to re-validate Ortega's revolutionary credentials, BROMAZEPAM FOR SALE. Buy BROMAZEPAM from mexico, These folks seem to have slumbered through the 90's and the first part of this decade during which those who cared to read would have learned that 1) Ortega was revealed as a serial molester of his own step-daughter 2) that upon leaving state power in 1991 the Sandis looted the state and privatized most of its goodies and industries for themselves 3) that Ortega had streamrolled all debate and opposition out of the Sandinista Party 4) that he had signed and formalized a working alliance with the extreme right wing party whose leader was eventually indicted for zillions in corruption 5) that while maintaining a revolutionary rhetoric his party had adopted economic heterodoxy and and become zealous anti-abortion Catholics and 6) that just about every member of Nicaragua's rich intellectual class of writers, poets, BROMAZEPAM dangers, BROMAZEPAM reviews, thinkers and artists -- from Sandinista Vice-President Sergio Ramirez to guerrilla commander and poet Gioconda Belli to poet and Minister of Culture Ernesto Cardenal and gobs of others -- had run screaming away from the Frente Sandinista.

That made little impact on the knucklehead Sandinista solidarity groups that still run regular trips down to Managua to stock up on red and black buttons, purchase BROMAZEPAM. Australia, uk, us, usa, I spent plenty of time myself in Nicaragua during the 80's and some of that with Ortega and his family. It was clear by the late 80's that the revolution had gone off the tracks, real brand BROMAZEPAM online. When I went back in 2001 I found the place -- and the Sandinistas-- to be rather horrific. I wrote about it at length in this piece BROMAZEPAM FOR SALE, and included my chat with Ortega's then-adult daughter who he had molested for the better part of a decade (Ortega however granted himself immunity from prosecution so he was free as a bird). Buy cheap BROMAZEPAM no rx, Yesterday, finally, BROMAZEPAM alternatives, BROMAZEPAM forum, correspondent John Carlin of The Independent in the UK filed a fine, if blood-chilling, BROMAZEPAM over the counter, Online buy BROMAZEPAM without a prescription, follow-up on the second year of Ortega Redux. It's all rather fascinating, BROMAZEPAM duration, Where can i cheapest BROMAZEPAM online, if revolting.

Ortega now parades as a full-time Catholic and has erected little shrines to the Virgin on numerous street corners, BROMAZEPAM overnight. My BROMAZEPAM experience, He's also been busy rigging the vote in local elections, barred international vote observers from attending his Zimbabwe like electoral show, BROMAZEPAM steet value, BROMAZEPAM treatment, and waged war on the remnants of the independent press which is led by the courageous journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro who I first met in 1980 when he was the editor of the Sandinista's own daily paper Barricada.

Carlin captures it all neatly in his concluding three paragraphs:

It is all a far cry from the bright-eyed revolutionary days after the fall of Somoza, when the Sandinistas were the poster-children of the international left, BROMAZEPAM FOR SALE. They were young, cheap BROMAZEPAM no rx, BROMAZEPAM street price, romantic, idealistic, comprar en línea BROMAZEPAM, comprar BROMAZEPAM baratos. BROMAZEPAM online cod, Despite the counter-revolutionary war financed and directed by Ronald Reagan's "Yankee imperialism", Managua was a festive place where it was not unusual late at night to run across comandante de la revolucion poetically confessing, canada, mexico, india, Taking BROMAZEPAM, having drunk a few nica libres (rum and cokes), the Sandinista dream of making the spirit of Paris '68 come true, of perfecting the socialist model that Stalinism had betrayed.

Today in Nicaragua, two years after the Sandinistas' return to power, there is no idealism, no poetry, no romance. The regime over which President Ortega presides is an anthem to brute cynicism. Or a parable of human weakness, the old story of what happens with idealists, always and everywhere, once they have tasted power. BROMAZEPAM FOR SALE, It is Animal Farm all over again. The threats against Carlos Fernando Chamorro, whose offices were ransacked by Sandinista thugs and whose father was killed by Somoza, have closed the Orwellian circle. The slaves have become like the old masters; Sandinistas, like Somocistas. The discourse is different from Somoza's, but also more hypocritical, but the methods remain the same and the objective too.

The President and his acolytes live ever better as Nicaragua remains the poorest country on the Latin American mainland, and one of the most unequal. Mr Ortega, who pays lip-service to socialist rhetoric with barely more conviction than he does to the Catholic God, is converting Nicaragua into a banana caricature of that cruel place Orwell envisioned where "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".

Que lastima.

But then again he's got the support of Hugo Chavez so it can't be all bad, right.



Thursday, November 20th, 2008

The Three Dumbest Men in America

Dana Milbank dismantles the three clunkers who have run the American auto industry into the ditch.

BUY RETIN-A NO PRESCRIPTION, This is not about a bail-out for corporate greed heads. This should be a discussion about immediate government intervention to save millions of American taxpayers their jobs and their livelihood.

We begin by packing these three arrogant jokers onto their private planes and sending them on a one-way trip to Nowhere.

, online RETIN-A without a prescription. RETIN-A wiki. Buy generic RETIN-A. RETIN-A interactions. Fast shipping RETIN-A. Buy RETIN-A online cod. Discount RETIN-A. Where can i order RETIN-A without prescription. RETIN-A gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Purchase RETIN-A online. Online buying RETIN-A. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Buy RETIN-A from canada. Where can i buy RETIN-A online. RETIN-A australia, uk, us, usa. RETIN-A without a prescription. Doses RETIN-A work. RETIN-A mg. Order RETIN-A online c.o.d. Where to buy RETIN-A. Is RETIN-A safe. No prescription RETIN-A online. RETIN-A price, coupon. Buy RETIN-A no prescription. RETIN-A no rx. RETIN-A coupon. Low dose RETIN-A. Order RETIN-A no prescription. Buying RETIN-A online over the counter. RETIN-A pics.

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Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Below you will find a screenshot of the RONDIMEN FOR SALE, L.A. Times at about 10:00 p.m, RONDIMEN photos. Ordering RONDIMEN online, Thursday night.

The Attorney General of the United States collapses on stage and might be dead, after RONDIMEN. RONDIMEN without prescription, American car companies and millions of American families teeter on the edge.

The stock market fell more than 400 points and 5% with fears of a depression looming, RONDIMEN FOR SALE.

Citigroup is in free fall, rx free RONDIMEN. About RONDIMEN, A court ruling shakes the administration's grip on prisoners unjustly held at Gitmo.

And the above-fold headline story of the L.A, RONDIMEN from mexico. Purchase RONDIMEN online no prescription, Times is a follow-up on a bear attack three years ago. RONDIMEN FOR SALE, (Memo to Congress: Do NOT answer the phone if down the road the L.A. Times or its Tribune Company parent comes calling for its own bailout), generic RONDIMEN. RONDIMEN pictures,

Don't get me the wrong. The writer of this piece is a FABULOUS journalist and an even better editor (he's done great work on several of my pieces for the Times), RONDIMEN blogs. Kjøpe RONDIMEN på nett, köpa RONDIMEN online, He's also one of the sweetest of folks I know.  And his work deserves great prominence -- always. Make sure you read it, online buying RONDIMEN hcl. Order RONDIMEN online overnight delivery no prescription, But this is a silly and now all-too typical snafu in news judgment that tells you everything you need to know about the decline of a once-great newspaper.

At the moment I write this the above-the-fold lead stories on other major news sites:

Washington Post: Fears of Deep Recession Cause Market Relapse

New York Times: Stocks Drop Sharply and Credit Markets Seize Up

Chri Sci Monitor: How Deep a Recession?

ABC News: Attorney General Michael Mukasey Collapses During Speech

Drudge Report: AG Collapse on Stage in DC

Huffington Post: Clinton "On Track" To Be Named Secretary of State, RONDIMEN description. RONDIMEN for sale. RONDIMEN pharmacy. RONDIMEN schedule. RONDIMEN from canada. RONDIMEN canada, mexico, india. RONDIMEN natural. RONDIMEN trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy no prescription RONDIMEN online. RONDIMEN maximum dosage. Order RONDIMEN from United States pharmacy. RONDIMEN long term. Effects of RONDIMEN. RONDIMEN use.

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

PONSTEL FOR SALE, Damn, I wish we could just yank the Clintons off the stage once and for all. My only slim hope is that they are few years older than I am so maybe I can actually survive them.

As many have pointed out, PONSTEL brand name, the No-Drama-Obama operation is now bordering on public soap opera -- thanks to the stories about Hillary being considered, Buy PONSTEL without a prescription, or asked to be, Secretary of State. If I had my druthers I'd just make her disappear, PONSTEL recreational.

That said, Cheap PONSTEL, this just might be a superbly clever play by Barack Obama. That's pretty much the conclusion of our friend Bill Bradley who opines that the term "masterstroke" might not be over the top in describing Obama's move, PONSTEL FOR SALE. What I particularly like about Bradley's take is what he has to say about how all this would impact Slick Willie himself. Make sure you read his whole post, PONSTEL price. Here are some of the money graphs:

That's what makes this look like a potential masterstroke for Obama, PONSTEL class, taking his once bitter rival and making her his ally and representative. It makes him look strong and confident. It also would make it virtually impossible for Hillary to challenge him in 2012, a prospect which looks very unlikely in any event, PONSTEL images. PONSTEL FOR SALE, That is something Lyndon Johnson should have thought of when he refused to make Robert F. Kennedy his vice president in 1964.

While Hillary and Bill Clinton, PONSTEL dosage, especially Hillary, campaigned hard for Obama, they ultimately were not the keys to his victory, PONSTEL blogs. John McCain's inability to adequately respond to the financial crisis, Buy cheap PONSTEL no rx, the backfiring pick of Sarah Palin, and Obama's victories in all three presidential debates were much more determinative.

The move, which apparently has not actually been made, rx free PONSTEL, despite all the clamor about it, PONSTEL without prescription, also looks like a mousetrap.

If Hillary withdraws from consideration, then Obama has made the effort he did not make around the vice presidency. And a shadow would be placed over her career in the Senate.

For, ordering PONSTEL online, notwithstanding whatever reluctance she may have to make the move -- which some Clinton associates are talking up -- she and her husband are taking steps to make this happen. Order PONSTEL no prescription,

Now that he's back in the country, the former president is submitting himself to Obama's vetting process. And he is saying that he would place future philanthropic and business dealings under the authority of the Obama Administration.

As the Wall Street Journal reported this morning, President Clinton has agreed to submit his future endeavours to strict ethics reviews by the White House counsel and the State Department's ethics office, PONSTEL FOR SALE. Obama's White House counsel will be Greg Craig, taking PONSTEL, a former Clinton Administration official who broke with the Clintons and leveled tough criticisms of them during the primary campaign.

Bill Clinton has agreed to publicly reveal all future contributors to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative, Order PONSTEL online c.o.d, something he flatly refused to do during the Democratic primaries. He's also agreed to publicly reveal "major" past contributors and has begun providing detailed information regarding his business dealings to Obama.

Bill Clinton has reportedly raised some $500 million for the Clinton Foundation, and another $15 billion or so for the Clinton Global Initiative, where can i buy cheapest PONSTEL online. Both of which perform good works, PONSTEL reviews, in addition to the incalculable value they've afforded him from a public relations standpoint.

But those huge sums, especially for the Clinton Global Initiative, PONSTEL mg, seem to come in large measure from foreign sources which may be very problematic. PONSTEL FOR SALE, If they weren't, the Clintons would have revealed them during the Democratic primaries.

Bill Clinton is turning over a great deal of information about his operations to Barack Obama. PONSTEL canada, mexico, india, In politics, that sort of knowledge is power.

Kudos also to another good friend, Michael Balter, where can i find PONSTEL online, who on the issue of Obama's Clintonite cabinet appointments had the good sense to agree Fast shipping PONSTEL, Says Michael:
I am not saying that Obama might not end up breaking every single one of his campaign promises. It's happened before. But the notion that his cabinet picks are an indication of what his policies will be seems, order PONSTEL from mexican pharmacy, to me at least, PONSTEL from mexico, to be illogical and inconsistent with the history of previous presidencies. All of these people will be under Barack Obama in the government, not above him, and there is no reason--at least no reason right now--to think that they will dictate to him or even influence him to change the core principles on which he ran for office.

Yet a third good friend, who posts comments here under the handle ModestProposal has a slightly differing view, PONSTEL FOR SALE. He says he broadly agrees with my lack of concern over Obama's appointments so far and then warns:

But but but… here’s my concern. It’s only a question at this point, cheap PONSTEL no rx, because we don’t have all the information, Where can i buy PONSTEL online, or all the appointments. Doesn’t the point come though when a foreign policy team built on the likes of Hillary, Joe Biden, my PONSTEL experience, maybe Holbrooke, Purchase PONSTEL online no prescription, Dennis Ross etc etc makes one wonder — how can a group of people who got it so wrong on Iraq, starting during the Clinton era when they had access to all the intelligence, be expected to shift course in both a different direction and also the RIGHT direction now?

Well, no prescription PONSTEL online, It's an excellent question. PONSTEL natural, And MP's fears might, indeed, turn out to be true. PONSTEL FOR SALE, We will have to see. But I don't think that Obama is either so naive nor so feckless. He just spent two years relentlessly battling and overcoming much of the Democratic Conventional Wisdom --especially on the issue of Iraq and on American foreign policy in general. I don't think he's throwing in the towel before his own inauguration. I am much more inclined to think he's setting up the board to play the game he promised. Maybe I'm the naive one. As they say on the network news: Time Will Tell.

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Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

BUY TENORMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, OK, so the media has a new meta-narrative to keep itself occupied during the lull of the transition: is Barack Obama really Clinton III instead of Change?  First, John Podesta as transition chief. Then, TENORMIN dose, TENORMIN duration, Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff. Next, TENORMIN interactions, TENORMIN dosage, Eric Holder as AG. And maybe even Hillary as head of State, TENORMIN use. TENORMIN trusted pharmacy reviews, Conclusion: Obama might be just the Clinton Admin Redux.

Nope.  It's not that Obama is a secret Clintonista, BUY TENORMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. It's that Obama is a Democrat, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. What is TENORMIN, And the most seasoned, steady Democrats around with actual experience in running things --for the most part-- had something to do with the last Democratic administration, buy cheap TENORMIN. Buy TENORMIN without a prescription, Duh.

Should those who Hoped for Change now feel short-changed, herbal TENORMIN. BUY TENORMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Hardly. TENORMIN coupon, At least not yet.

I dunno about you, TENORMIN used for, TENORMIN forum, but if I were planning to make some real change and rock the boat in Washington I would want to come in loaded for bear, backed by a rock-solid team of veterans, TENORMIN without a prescription. Buy TENORMIN without prescription, And, most importantly, TENORMIN description, Effects of TENORMIN, I'd want to carefully choose my battles.

I'd be saving my ammo for the titanic fight over public works and infrastructure investment, TENORMIN price, coupon, Order TENORMIN online overnight delivery no prescription, reversal of the Bush tax giveaways, the shut down of Gitmo, TENORMIN samples, TENORMIN from canada, national health care and troop withdrawal from Iraq.  It's on those issues, by the way, generic TENORMIN, Online TENORMIN without a prescription, that I will evaluate Obama's commitment to change. Not by his cabinet appointments, BUY TENORMIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

Clearly, TENORMIN images, Buy TENORMIN from mexico, I wouldn't be crazy about the Hillary thing. I don't think he needs her, doses TENORMIN work. TENORMIN schedule, But then again, it might be safer to have her at Foggy Bottom rather than grandstanding in the Senate, is TENORMIN addictive. TENORMIN pictures, But I've got no problem with either Emanuel or Holder. BUY TENORMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Both are, indeed, card-carrying Clintonoids -- though Holder was an early and enthusiastic booster of Obama's candidacy. What they both have in common is a reputation for being totally competent if not deadly serious get-it-done administrators. I couldn't care less what their policy views are. I only care which directives they are given by Obama and how well they execute them.

As I said before, Obama's coming fight --if he chooses to fight for anything-- will be with Democrats, not the Republicans. It's a shrewd move to pack his team with Establishment Dems if he's planning to arm-twist the Democratic Establishment, BUY TENORMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. You know, Nixon Goes to China and all that jazz.

It's crystal clear that the unflappable Obama wants a flapless transition and, if anything, he has closely studied the blunders of the Clinton administration's early days. Do you all remember that fiasco. Before he had even dropped his trousers in the Oval Office, Clinton had blown half his political capital on Zoe Baird and on clumsy and ill-prepared fight over gays in the military. BUY TENORMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, What clout he had left he squandered in his first few months by breaking his own party -- not over any agenda of change, but rather to pass GHW Bush's cock-eyed NAFTA measure.

For the moment, I have to believe that Obama has somewhat more noble plans that that. He's lining up his soldiers. He's holding his fire for when it counts. We ought to be patient enough to see if he comes through and stop playing along with the media's cabinet guessing game. It's meaningless.

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Monday, November 17th, 2008

AVODART FOR SALE, I find it mostly a relief that the campaign is over and it's been great to throttle down in consumption and processing of news. I almost feel normal again and have celebrated my more relaxed state of mind by adding a spiffy Samsung giant HDTV into the household, order AVODART from United States pharmacy. Purchase AVODART for sale, Here's a few thoughts on some things happening around me:

** The Joe Lieberman Story:

As regular readers already know, I was a premature anti-Lieberman type, buy AVODART online cod, Buy AVODART from canada, refusing to vote for him and Al Gore in 2000. I knew he was a schmuck then, AVODART photos. AVODART for sale, He's a schmuck now. Should the Senate Democrats strip him of his chairmanship or even expel him from the caucus because he was a strident supporter for McCain-Palin, AVODART FOR SALE. Answer: Who cares, AVODART maximum dosage. Buy AVODART online no prescription, If the Democrats expelled every Senator who was a putz, they'd be down to very, buying AVODART online over the counter, Where can i order AVODART without prescription, very few members. Why not expel those who voted for war in Iraq, buy AVODART no prescription. Canada, mexico, india, Those who voted for NAFTA. AVODART FOR SALE, Those who backed down on banning torture. etc etc, cheap AVODART. AVODART price, Yawn.

** The Great General Motors Bailout

Unless you're an unrepentant Marxist or a knuckle-dragging Republican, AVODART recreational, AVODART long term, you ought to be supporting government intervention in General Motors. And let's call it that cuz that's what it would be, online buying AVODART. GM sucks, of course, AVODART FOR SALE. About AVODART, But its failure could mean the economic collapse of literally millions of American families. Question is -- what sort of intervention, is AVODART safe. AVODART gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, On this one, I'm with SMU economist Dr, australia, uk, us, usa. Purchase AVODART, Ravi Batra. AVODART FOR SALE, His proposal, in simple terms: the government should buy about 2/3 of the shares of GM (each one currently worth a little more than a role of Charmin'). This would be a drop in the Treasury's bucket at these bargain basement prices, AVODART from canadian pharmacy. AVODART overnight, Then GIVE those shares to the workers of GM, convoke an immediate shareholders' meeting, purchase AVODART online, AVODART online cod, vote out the chumps who have driven the company into the ground, and let GM emloyees elect a board and choose a CEO who actually knows how to build great cars, AVODART brand name. Comprar en línea AVODART, comprar AVODART baratos, GM should heretofore build ONLY very efficient, very economic, online buying AVODART hcl, AVODART pharmacy, relatively inexpensive cars -- and continue the manufacture of Corvettes, of course.

** Hillary As Secretary of State

Gawd no. Come on, Barack, AVODART FOR SALE. Wait till you're in office a few months before you spring something ugly on us like this. Hillary, the gal whose hubby race-baited Barack. Hillary who played the fear card against Obama. I somehow thought we were voting for Obama so we could get rid of her. AVODART FOR SALE, Anyway, I'm opposed to anything that Henry Kissinger is for. Let's hope this all blows over. My hope is that Bill and his Presidential Library are so soaked in greasy contributions, Hill can't be vetted.

** L.A. Weekly Decline

I promised you last week I would write in detail about the long, slippery slide of the L.A. Weekly. Haven't worked up the sufficient level of grim-ness yet to complete the task, AVODART FOR SALE. And not sure anyone is very much interested. But will probably get to it next week sometime. Maybe.

** The Future of the HuffPost's OffTheBus

For the past fourteen months I had the treat of acting as editor of The Huffington Post's OffTheBus citizen reporting project. AVODART FOR SALE, We humbly think it worked pretty well and broke some important new ground in trying to redefine journalism in the digital age. Our mandate, however, was limited to covering the '08 campaign. So as co-founders Arianna Huffington and Jay Rosen now make official, we are formally parking the bus and simultaneously will try to import its collective reporting methodology across the entire HuffPost. Still working out the details. And what role I will or will not play in this effort remains to be defined. I'm quite heavily involved in several projects at USC and a lingering book-to-be-written so sometime after Turkey Day I will try to sort it all out.

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Saturday, November 15th, 2008

BUY ESTRACE NO PRESCRIPTION, For those of you who live either in the Chicago or Los Angeles area, I have a question for you. ESTRACE pics, Have you ever seen Governor Sarah Palin and Tribune Company Innovation Guru Lee Abrams together in the same room at the same time.

Come on, where can i cheapest ESTRACE online, ESTRACE results, they've got to be the same person. Governor Gidget must don a chubby suit, where to buy ESTRACE, ESTRACE no prescription, flop on a wig and a few whiskers, lower her voice a few registers, ESTRACE class, ESTRACE australia, uk, us, usa, and then pick up an extra salary now and then impersonating someone who knows how to retool American newspapers.

If not so, ESTRACE wiki, Low dose ESTRACE, it might as well be. Listen to the video above featuring Abrams in L.A, BUY ESTRACE NO PRESCRIPTION. the other night and you tell me: Does he seem to really know anything more about the media and journalism than, after ESTRACE, ESTRACE no rx, say, Ms, get ESTRACE. ESTRACE over the counter, Palin does about the geography of Africa.

I mean, kjøpe ESTRACE på nett, köpa ESTRACE online, ESTRACE treatment, why doesn't this guy Abrams just cop right to it and say: 'I don't really know journalism works but I can see the L.A. Times from by bathroom window when I'm sitting down and doing my work."

There's a long line of people who'd like to have their own private sit-down with Mr, ESTRACE alternatives. BUY ESTRACE NO PRESCRIPTION, Abrams. Discount ESTRACE, Maybe about a thousand or so former Tribune employees who have been "innovated" right out of their jobs by his hare-brained, incomprehensible notions, ESTRACE cost. Buy generic ESTRACE, The poor fool has already been repeatedly shredded in print.. and the fun continues. Retired L.A, ESTRACE steet value. ESTRACE street price, Times city editor Bill Boyarsky has a bit of fun with Abrams based on this latest appearance of his in L.A.

Now in the best of Abrams' own typo-ridden, incoherent, AND UPPER-CASED memos, here's mine to him:

DUDE, BUY ESTRACE NO PRESCRIPTION. LEE, real brand ESTRACE online. Buy no prescription ESTRACE online, Memo to YOU about your ultimate coolness. I was at the movies the other night watching Dark Knight and, ESTRACE dangers, Online buy ESTRACE without a prescription, WHAM, it hitted me right on, ESTRACE samples. ESTRACE pharmacy, What we ought to be doing every day is like Bright Morning!!!. BUY ESTRACE NO PRESCRIPTION, Get it. If we want to keep making the Times the BOFFO product it has already become, buy ESTRACE online no prescription, Purchase ESTRACE online, I think all we need to do is absorb the whole Batman thing into the advertorials and then spread them like NUTELLA across all the sections, remove the buy-lines, ESTRACE from mexico, print some shit upside down and make it smell like LAVENDAR. I know it was re-assuring and easy when we could all laze around and think in linear and logical terms and even get paid for it. But now, its LIKE FLIE OR DIE. We're almost there...also. Only 650 reporters to go and it's like Mission Accomplished.., BUY ESTRACE NO PRESCRIPTION. It's great!

On a more serious note, though I have been and might even continue to be an occasional contributor to the L.A. Times, I let my subscription lapse last month. reading what I want from the Times on the Web, they daily bundle began to pile up in my driveway the way Abrams' memos must pile up on the desk of his depressed employees.

By coincidence, these last few days I bought the paper out of a rack to read during a few solo lunches. And, wow, what a sorry thing it has become. In the space of a just a few years, the Tribune Company with jabbering dolts like Abrams leading the show have managed to turn the the once world-class Times into a third-class Times. Here's its biggest innovation so far: there ain't hardly nuthin' in it anymore.


“Cockroach” Sheldon Adelson Loses Big Time

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

I use weekends to post stories that are more important to me than to many others. Let me then celebrate the legal win achieved by my valued friend John L. Smith, prominent columnist for The Las Vegas Review-Journal. For three years it’s been a horrific David versus Goliath battle for him against a cockroach that […]

All That Is Solid…

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Here’s a link not to my latest, but rather to my LAST column for L.A. Weekly.  I will have a lot more to say about this — probably over the weekend or early next week. As I have briefly mentioned before, this separation was inevitable since the New Times group took over the Weekly a […]

Scenes From a Victory

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Corporate Tool With all due respect to the skepticism of such revolutionaries as Judith Butler and others who disdain the corporate tool known as Barack Obama, there’s an entire new generation who went out and actually did the grinding work of defeating the Bush administration (and of at least cracking the door open to some […]

Attack of the Cretins

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Here’s some of the predictable bile from a so-called “unrepentant Marxist.” He’s very upset that Barack Obama has been elected and has succeeded in co-opting so many folks like me. It’s quite a thing when one is so virulently accused of being “decent.” I apologize. I did learn something from him, however. I hadn’t known […]

Another Thought or Two

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Mostly, I’m going to take the next couple of days off from blogging.  I need a post-election breather, I have a lot of other work to do and I want to start thinking about redesigning and upgrading this blog.  So posting might be spotty for the rest of this week. One quick thought: Can’t tell […]

Obama 52.6% – Nader McKinney 0.6% The Left Marches On

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

My long-time friend Michael Balter has a stinging rebuke for those on the “Left” who are all worked up that Barack Obama has not appointed a “progressive” cabinet: he wasn’t elected by leftists. Shocking, isn’t it? A second shock, Barack Obama was the candidate of the Democratic Party. Not of the Peace and Freedom Party. […]

Mormon Bashing? Oh, OK.

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

There was a nice big protest Saturday night out in front of the L.A. Mormon Temple. Lots of people are upset by the way the good Christians of the LDS financially supported the successful campaign to strip California’s gays and lesbians of their rights to be married. Nice, little Christians. This seems just a tad […]

A Few Afterthoughts

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Driving home from Las Vegas Wednesday eve I had the time to slowly mull over the electrifying events of the previous 24 hours and the significance of a President Obama. Here’s a few more conclusions I’ve reached. Looking forward… First, that absolutely, positively, definitively almost nobody has assimilated the full impact that will hit this […]