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Friday, January 30th, 2009

I've succumbed to the 25 Random Things About Me chain letter on Facebook BUY MEXITIL NO PRESCRIPTION, . So for those of you too cool or too old or too grumpy to be an FB member I'm reproducing the list here, MEXITIL schedule, MEXITIL street price, with an addendum. Here's the list:

1, doses MEXITIL work. MEXITIL no prescription, When I was 7 I thought I was Felix The Cat.

2. When I was 10 I thought I was Zorro and had a cape, MEXITIL canada, mexico, india, MEXITIL natural, a mask and a plastic sword with a chalk tip to mark walls with a "Z."

3. When I was about 15 I couldn't decide if I was Bill Cosby in "I Spy" or Ben Gazarra in 'Run For Your Life."

4, BUY MEXITIL NO PRESCRIPTION. I definitely watched too much TV.

5, purchase MEXITIL online. MEXITIL coupon, I have been married for 34 years to Patricia Vargas and have never regretted that choice for a day.

6. My daughter Natasha Vargas-Cooper is the smartest person I know.

7, australia, uk, us, usa. MEXITIL pictures, My friend Ben Schwarz is the second smartest person I know and contributed so much to my daughter's education.

8. I once attended a press conference with Idi Amin (Cairo 1973).

BUY MEXITIL NO PRESCRIPTION, 9. I met Al Capone's former driver in a bar in Valparaiso (1971).

10, order MEXITIL online c.o.d. Effects of MEXITIL, I got picked up as a hitchhiker in Santiago in 1971 by the grandson of the Nazi general who signed the armistice with the United States and he was driving a WWII vintage Benz.

11. I went lake fishing once with Oliver North (and saw him hook a big fish he was keeping in a tank for the cameras).

12, MEXITIL photos. MEXITIL use, The drunkest I ever got was with Oliver Stone in 1988 and after passing out woke up on a hotel lawn when the sprinklers went off at 6 a.m. Stone later told me he couldn't remember that day -- or that year.

13, BUY MEXITIL NO PRESCRIPTION. I have seen someone shot to death next to me and it is something I think about every day.

14, after MEXITIL. MEXITIL dosage, When I go to bed every night I am wonderfully comforted by the thought that my heart is beating regularly.

15. I would rather listen to Click and Clack than anything or anyone else on my iPod.

16, MEXITIL overnight. Order MEXITIL from mexican pharmacy, Since I was first licensed as a ham in 1965 I remain fascinated by the way a SSB transmitter power output meter swings with modulation.

17. I am hopelessly addicted to the throaty rumble of a muscle car and lament I only own two of them.

BUY MEXITIL NO PRESCRIPTION, 18. I am suspicious of anyone who has a "systemic" answer to complex societal questions.

19, MEXITIL without prescription. MEXITIL forum, I'd rather scarf a rack of ribs than than a five course dinner at Chez Panisse.

20. I feel blessed that I have the privilege to teach and work with very bright young people in a supportive professional atmosphere.

21, ordering MEXITIL online. MEXITIL reviews, I love the desert especially when it's 110 degrees.

22. I am pro-suburban and my idea of paradise is a poolside BBQ lit by tiki torches and paper lanterns.

23, BUY MEXITIL NO PRESCRIPTION. But I'd trade it all for a 2 room apartment in the centro storico of Rome.

24, order MEXITIL no prescription. Where can i order MEXITIL without prescription, The older I get, the greater my tolerance and intolerance of people in general.

25, MEXITIL used for. MEXITIL from canada, I have concluded that my twin passions for fishing and poker stem from the same thrill of uncertainty.


We are getting very close to the launch of our new USC-based online publication. Just in time for the L.A, buy generic MEXITIL. BUY MEXITIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Times to obliterate its local coverage. MEXITIL without a prescription, Heck. maybe we can overtake the Times (though I'm not sure it's fair to be competing against the wounded), MEXITIL from mexico. MEXITIL trusted pharmacy reviews, Our launch is a week away, but we've already started a Facebook Group page for Neon Tommy to keep everyone abreast as we move forward. If you're an FB'er, search for the Neon Tommy group page and join up.


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Thursday, January 29th, 2009

BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, No, I haven't given up following politics nor am I giving up blogging.

Just been REAL BUSY, buy cheap ESTAZOLAM. Buy ESTAZOLAM no prescription, Mostly because one of the new responsibilities I have assumed is that of Director of the newly created  Annenberg Digital News at USC.  With the end of Campaign '08 our OffTheBus project at The Huffington Post met its mandate and this new project is where I am putting about 99% of my energy.

The last few weeks have been consumed with building out our site (I'm watching, ESTAZOLAM dose, Low dose ESTAZOLAM, not building) And my grad students and I are just a week and change away from launching an ambitious general interest news magazine that will carry the rather enigmatic name of Neon Tommy and which serve as the online pub of the School of Journalism.

More details to follow, no prescription ESTAZOLAM online. ESTAZOLAM description, And all attempts will be made to resume regular blogging perhaps as soon as this weekend.

Or as soon as I regain my senses, ESTAZOLAM australia, uk, us, usa. ESTAZOLAM treatment, Whichever comes first. ESTAZOLAM alternatives. Comprar en línea ESTAZOLAM, comprar ESTAZOLAM baratos. Herbal ESTAZOLAM. Buy ESTAZOLAM online no prescription. Online buy ESTAZOLAM without a prescription. ESTAZOLAM pics. ESTAZOLAM wiki. ESTAZOLAM brand name. Cheap ESTAZOLAM no rx. Order ESTAZOLAM online overnight delivery no prescription. ESTAZOLAM images. ESTAZOLAM interactions. Canada, mexico, india. Where can i cheapest ESTAZOLAM online. Buy ESTAZOLAM online cod. Order ESTAZOLAM from United States pharmacy. Online buying ESTAZOLAM hcl. ESTAZOLAM price. Is ESTAZOLAM safe. Buy ESTAZOLAM from canada. Rx free ESTAZOLAM. ESTAZOLAM dangers.



Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

LIORESAL FOR SALE, Time for a little L.A.-based local politics. We've got an election coming up in just over a month and it's getting little drama and almost no notice, purchase LIORESAL for sale. LIORESAL class, But there's at least one important candidate running for one important office. And I am an unabashed supporter, LIORESAL blogs. Get LIORESAL, I'm going with Nick Patsaouras for L.A. City Controller, LIORESAL FOR SALE.

Nick's a friend, fast shipping LIORESAL. Buy no prescription LIORESAL online, But he's a friend because I so respect and admire him. The Controller plays a key role in trying his or her best to keep this city honest, purchase LIORESAL. Online buying LIORESAL, And the departing office holder, Laura Chick, real brand LIORESAL online, LIORESAL samples, has raised plenty of hell. LIORESAL FOR SALE, We need need to carry on and amplify that tradition, especially now that L.A. will be getting a skipload of that federal bailout assistance in the Obama stimulus package, LIORESAL pharmacy. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Those of you know me, know very well that I rarely wax gooey over a politician, where to buy LIORESAL. Buy LIORESAL without a prescription, No exception here. Patsouras isn't a pol, buying LIORESAL online over the counter. Those who know L.A, LIORESAL FOR SALE. LIORESAL from canadian pharmacy, and know his work know that he is nothing short of an urban visionary. He single-handedly made it possible for the city to move into the modern mass transportation era -- at a time when it was slumbering in the whip and buggy bumper-to-bumper age, LIORESAL results. LIORESAL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, He's cracked the whip on every major public works and public agency program of the myriad number he's been asked to oversee over the past number of years. And it's no accident that when the city of L.A, kjøpe LIORESAL på nett, köpa LIORESAL online. LIORESAL FOR SALE, actually wants to get something DONE, ON TIME AND ON OR UNDER BUDGET, Nick Patsaouras is the the first guy who gets called. Buy cheap LIORESAL no rx, You can take my word for it. Or you can check out his record on his website, where can i buy LIORESAL online. Discount LIORESAL, But come that first Tuesday in March, yawn if you want to, LIORESAL images. Buying LIORESAL online over the counter, I understand. But then take a moment and get to the polls and if you do nothing else, online buy LIORESAL without a prescription, Online buying LIORESAL, vote for Nick. Is LIORESAL safe. LIORESAL overnight. LIORESAL alternatives. Buy LIORESAL without a prescription.

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Sunday, January 25th, 2009

I was in the middle of reading Andrew Bacevich's BUY METHYLPHENOBARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, great new book, The Limits of Power, when I found this perfectly appropriate companion posting from my USC colleague Jonathan Taplin. Where can i order METHYLPHENOBARBITAL without prescription, Jon forcefully reminds us that Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires and warns Barack Obama that he should not precipitously sink us into the same hole in which the Russkies disappeared. I can frankly say I am pleased I am not the one charged with making strategic decisions about that place, order METHYLPHENOBARBITAL from mexican pharmacy. Where can i cheapest METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online, I would agree with Taplin, very much in line with Bacevich's more over-arching strategic argument, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL forum, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL maximum dosage, that while it is crucial to disable Al Qaeda's operational capacity it's even more important that we abandon the illusion that somehow we are going to transform Afghanistan into some sort of stable democracy.


This same subject was hashed over Sunday morning on Farreed Zakaria's CNN show where he hosted a chat with one Afghanistan's recent cabinet officials -- planning to run for President-- who was quite frank in stating what everyone seems to know but which the media just shrugs off: The entire Afghan national economy has become dependent upon and corroded by the narcotics industry, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL mg. Order METHYLPHENOBARBITAL from United States pharmacy, Some success we've got there.

The little rhetoric trick that the Democrats started up a couple of years ago about "redeployment" instead of withdrawal from Iraq now threatens to materialize, after METHYLPHENOBARBITAL. Taking METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, No question that Afghanistan was a better place to put American troops than Iraq. That doesn't mean it's a good place, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL pictures. What is METHYLPHENOBARBITAL. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL over the counter. Where can i buy METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL coupon. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL without a prescription. Where can i buy cheapest METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online. Get METHYLPHENOBARBITAL. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL price, coupon. Where can i find METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL used for. Buy cheap METHYLPHENOBARBITAL no rx. Where to buy METHYLPHENOBARBITAL. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL reviews. Is METHYLPHENOBARBITAL addictive. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL interactions. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL class. Buy METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online no prescription. Online buying METHYLPHENOBARBITAL hcl.

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Saturday, January 24th, 2009

BUY ZERIT NO PRESCRIPTION, New York politics is uncharted territory for me. But it seems obvious that Governor David Paterson has made less than a stellar choice in tapping upstate Rep, ZERIT cost. Fast shipping ZERIT, Kirsten Gillibrand to take the Senate seat left open by Hillary Clinton.

Gillibrand has a dismal voting record -- a true woof-woof Blue Dog Democrat, ordering ZERIT online. ZERIT blogs, She's got a marred record on gay rights and is an absolute darling of the NRA. And I mean absolute: a 100% rating from the gun lobby, BUY ZERIT NO PRESCRIPTION. Gillibrand also opposes any path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the U.S, purchase ZERIT online. Rx free ZERIT, -- a position that overlaps with GOP intransigence. And it gets worse as TPM points out:

- Gillibrand split from the majority of fellow Democrats in 2007 to support a $100 billion Iraq funding bill without a timeline for troop withdrawal, ZERIT natural. Buy ZERIT no prescription, (Clinton opposed the bill, along with President Obama.)

- Gillibrand was the only Democrat voting against Rep, kjøpe ZERIT på nett, köpa ZERIT online. Maxine Waters' (D-CA) proposal last year to help states purchase foreclosed homes and offer them at discounted rates to low-income families.

- She did stand apart from 41 House Democratic centrists in 2007 to oppose the "bipartisan" BUY ZERIT NO PRESCRIPTION, Protect America Act, which enabled the Bush warrantless wiretapping program to continue with minimal judicial oversight ... ZERIT from mexico, but Gillibrand voted last year to give legal immunity to telecom companies who had assisted the wiretapping regime, despite her earlier vow to oppose such a shield, ZERIT recreational. Low dose ZERIT, (President Obama, it should be noted, ZERIT results, Canada, mexico, india, flipped his stance in the exact same fashion.)

Paterson's choice has riled liberal Democrats (of which there are tons in New York) and has continued to put in question Governor Paterson's political acumen -- or lack thereof. This guy Paterson has turned out to be quite bozo, purchase ZERIT online no prescription, ZERIT australia, uk, us, usa, I must say. If you can't have New York represented by liberals in the Senate, ZERIT street price, Cheap ZERIT, you're in trouble. Come back, buy ZERIT without prescription, ZERIT without prescription, Eliot Spitzer, all is forgiven, buy no prescription ZERIT online. Doses ZERIT work, Let's party. Effects of ZERIT. ZERIT price. ZERIT dangers. ZERIT samples. ZERIT photos. ZERIT no prescription. ZERIT for sale. ZERIT brand name.

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Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION, Still keeping my mouth mostly shut because there's just too many words and images out there this week.

I got a couple of emails from friends, comprar en línea LEVOTHROID, comprar LEVOTHROID baratos, LEVOTHROID treatment, however, telling me some of the darker ideas that zipped through their heads watching Bush-Cheney exit the scene, herbal LEVOTHROID. My LEVOTHROID experience, Thought I would share my own. Sort of, LEVOTHROID dose. LEVOTHROID from canadian pharmacy, It's just that when I saw Dick in the wheel chair and saw a shot a moment later of the Capitol Steps, I couldn't help but start pondering some sort of replay from that great scene in Sergei Eisentein's Battleship Potemkin, buy LEVOTHROID from canada. LEVOTHROID canada, mexico, india, If you don't know what I'm talking about, treat yourself to the entire clip below, LEVOTHROID wiki. Buy generic LEVOTHROID, , LEVOTHROID dosage. Order LEVOTHROID online c.o.d. Buy cheap LEVOTHROID. LEVOTHROID from canada. LEVOTHROID trusted pharmacy reviews. Purchase LEVOTHROID for sale. LEVOTHROID pharmacy. Order LEVOTHROID no prescription. LEVOTHROID pics. LEVOTHROID long term. Online LEVOTHROID without a prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Buy LEVOTHROID from mexico. LEVOTHROID duration. Australia, uk, us, usa. LEVOTHROID steet value. Real brand LEVOTHROID online. Buy LEVOTHROID online cod.

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

BUY XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION, I had a great time watching most of the inauguration show this morning at USC in the company of some smart colleagues and hundreds of students who were alternately spellbound and worked into a frenzy of excitement by what they were experiencing.

Obama's speech, XANAX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, XANAX schedule, I thought, was extraordinary, purchase XANAX. XANAX online cod, As some of my colleagues pointed out it was simultaneously anti-ideological and profoundly political. Time for the adults, XANAX use. XANAX description, An end to childish, partisan nitpicking, generic XANAX. But also a bracing repudiation of the Reagan-Clinton doctrine of smaller government and a stinging rebuke to the sullying of America's international image by the FORMER Bush-Cheney crew, BUY XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION. XANAX no rx, The speech was a clear break with the prevaling political partisanship.

Call me Pollyannish but I remain convinced that Obama is gathering up the biggest coalition possible because he fully intends to make some very substantial shifts in policy, XANAX from canadian pharmacy. Buy cheap XANAX no rx, If not in the first 100 days, then certainly before the Summer congressional recesss, XANAX duration. Buy XANAX without a prescription, It feels great to be rid of the embarrassment of Bush-Cheney. BUY XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION, And it seems that's a widely shared sentiment. As I write this posting there comes word that prosecutors at Gitmo have requested a six month freeze on further kanagroo trials military commissions pending further guidance from President Obama, buy XANAX from canada. XANAX trusted pharmacy reviews, Anybody unmoved by what transpired today has the soul of a rock... and the brain of a pea, XANAX long term. No prescription XANAX online, A great start.

P.S, canada, mexico, india. Fast shipping XANAX, It's even better news than I thought. It's now been confirmed that it was Obama who ordered the suspension of the Gitmo kangaroo courts, XANAX pics. Where can i buy cheapest XANAX online. After XANAX. Buy XANAX online no prescription. My XANAX experience. Where to buy XANAX. Buying XANAX online over the counter. Buy XANAX from mexico. Purchase XANAX. XANAX canada, mexico, india. Comprar en línea XANAX, comprar XANAX baratos. Where can i cheapest XANAX online.

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

As I was walkin' - I saw a sign there
And that sign said - no tress passin'
But on the other side .... it didn't say nothin, CIALIS for sale. Online buying CIALIS, Now that side was made for you and me.


In the squares of the city - In the shadow of the steeple
Near the relief office - I see my people
And some are grumblin' and some are wonderin'
If this land's still made for you and me.

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Monday, January 19th, 2009

CLEOCIN FOR SALE, I write this at a few seconds past midnight EST on Monday night, so technically it's Day One. CLEOCIN wiki, Close enough for government work as they say. Or for journalism, about CLEOCIN. Kjøpe CLEOCIN på nett, köpa CLEOCIN online, My effort is to get to bed early tonight to be able to get up in time to make a few early morning inauguration shindigs over at USC.

It wasn't until earlier Monday night I was finally able to see at least the last half of the pre-inauguration gala on HBO, CLEOCIN australia, uk, us, usa. And I continue to be amazed at how an old cynic continues to be inspired by what I am seeing, CLEOCIN FOR SALE. Taking CLEOCIN, Pete Seeger singing This Land Is My Land at a presidential fete and including the never-sung stanza about "private property." Jumpin' Jehosophas. That alone is worth three sermons by Rev, CLEOCIN dangers. CLEOCIN without a prescription, Warren, no, CLEOCIN no prescription. Order CLEOCIN from United States pharmacy, And watching those faces of so many, many young (and not so young) people bundled up on the mall and so happy just to be there can only fill one with hope, CLEOCIN without prescription. CLEOCIN FOR SALE, The mediasphere boils over at the moment with so many cliches, predictions, prophesies, prognoses and general wanking that I see little point in adding much. CLEOCIN overnight, Only a couple of points. I very much like what Barton Gellman has to say in the WaPo about the moment in which Obama assumes power (astute readers will recall that I named his book on Cheney one of the two most important non-fiction works of the year), CLEOCIN street price. CLEOCIN price, Somewhat related to that point, I'm going to be keeping my eye on just exactly what happens in regard to prosecuting some Bushies for their now-admitted war crimes and torture, rx free CLEOCIN. CLEOCIN from mexico, We know the Obama admin doesn't want to go there, that it feels no real political need to open that stinking can of worms, generic CLEOCIN. I understand though do not agree, CLEOCIN FOR SALE. Buy generic CLEOCIN, But I also have the feeling this is going to be something that isn't going to go away, that it will have growing momentum and that at some point Obama and his DOJ will just have to step aside and let things take their natural course, herbal CLEOCIN. Buy no prescription CLEOCIN online, Indictment.

However successful or not Obama is going to be, order CLEOCIN from mexican pharmacy, CLEOCIN coupon, I can tell you one little ditty that is going to give me immense pleasure over the couple of years. Whatever does or doesn't happen in U.S, CLEOCIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. CLEOCIN cost, courts, there are certainly going to be multiple, cheap CLEOCIN no rx, CLEOCIN use, serious indictments of Bush'oids in overseases venues, some which will carry with them international enforcement based on the so-called Pinochet Principle, CLEOCIN samples. CLEOCIN schedule, if I were Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, buy CLEOCIN online cod, CLEOCIN maximum dosage, David Addington, John Yoo, CLEOCIN natural, Gonzo Gonzalez or one of these other characters who thought they could torture with impunity, I'd be very careful in deciding in which foreign airport I would be touching down in this, yes, Post-Bush era.

Have a great day, folks.



Monday, January 19th, 2009

BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION, A pity that this day has 24 hours. Twelve or fifteen, discount ELDEPRYL, Order ELDEPRYL online overnight delivery no prescription, or even 23, would be preferrable, ELDEPRYL images. Get ELDEPRYL, When it expires, so will the Bush administration, ELDEPRYL forum. ELDEPRYL from canada, No more George W. Bush, buy ELDEPRYL no prescription. No more Dick Cheney, BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION. Where can i buy ELDEPRYL online, What more could you ask for.

Well, cheap ELDEPRYL, Where can i find ELDEPRYL online, as a bonus, we also get Barack Obama, ELDEPRYL dosage. ELDEPRYL description, A helluva lot better replacement for Bush 43 than was Bill Clinton for Bush 41. A LOT better, what is ELDEPRYL. BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION, I spent last night at a party on the Westside of L.A., certainly a pro-Obama stronghold. ELDEPRYL steet value, But even in that millieu there were, I think, ELDEPRYL brand name, ELDEPRYL photos, wholly legitimate questions if not doubt and objections to some of what is coming along with Obama. We could start with Hillary Clinton, purchase ELDEPRYL online. Order ELDEPRYL online c.o.d, Larry Summers. And much of the hack leaderaship of the Congressional Democrats, ordering ELDEPRYL online.

All true, for sure, BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION. ELDEPRYL mg, But I remain optimistic. I expect no policy miracles from Democrats, ELDEPRYL interactions. ELDEPRYL recreational, What I anticipate is the unleashing of the bubbling energy of a new, energized generation of Americans who quite clearly want a break from the past, ELDEPRYL used for. Order ELDEPRYL no prescription, I don't know if Obama ad the new congress can come close to meeting let along exceeding their expectations. BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION, Who knows what this America will look like two or four or eight years from now.

Indeed, is ELDEPRYL safe, ELDEPRYL from canada, if anyone on Septemeber 12, 2001 said that seven years hence we would elect as president a liberal black Senator from Ilinois named Barack Hussein Obama, ELDEPRYL schedule, Rx free ELDEPRYL, he or she would have been tossed into the looney bin.

What I do know is that we stand perched at the dawn of a new era in American politics, ELDEPRYL natural. ELDEPRYL treatment, It begins tomorrow. And that makes today the longest day.

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Saturday, January 17th, 2009

The chattering set off by my autopsy and post-mortems (plural) on LAMICTAL FOR SALE, L.A. Weekly continued to click away this past week, where can i buy LAMICTAL online. LAMICTAL used for, For one, it led to a rather impromptu flash-mob sort of gathering Thursday night at an L.A.-area eatery of mostly former and some current Weekly employees, LAMICTAL interactions. My LAMICTAL experience, At one point we figured there were more (former) staffers in the bar then there were actual remaining employees of L.A. Weekly, LAMICTAL mg. A great time was had by all (And to current Weekly employees who were present: Don't worry, I promise to resist at least 45 seconds of waterboarding or alternately 3,000 words of a torturous Mike Lacey feature piece before breaking down and squealing you out), LAMICTAL FOR SALE. LAMICTAL over the counter, Meanwhile, former Weekly staff writer Matt Fleischer weighed in on the plight of his one-time employer in an essay published in the thinned-out competing weekly, buy LAMICTAL without prescription, Buy LAMICTAL from canada, L.A. City Beat, cheap LAMICTAL. Real brand LAMICTAL online, Then, just to really mix things up, no prescription LAMICTAL online, LAMICTAL alternatives, cultural critic Dennis Romero, a former writer for City Beat and now a contributor to L.A, LAMICTAL price, coupon. Where can i buy cheapest LAMICTAL online, Weekly, spills the beans on how screwed up City Beat is, purchase LAMICTAL for sale. LAMICTAL FOR SALE, (Wait, we're not done). LAMICTAL dosage, The plot thickens when my compadre, Alan Mittelstaedt, where can i find LAMICTAL online, LAMICTAL without prescription, who has the distinction of being a former exiled news editor at both the L.A. Weekly and City Beat, LAMICTAL no rx, Buy LAMICTAL from mexico, calls out the latter for publishing Fleischer's slam on the Weekly's firing of its theater and film critics while forgetting to mention that it just fired its own veteran, and highly-respected movie guy, where to buy LAMICTAL, LAMICTAL overnight, Andy Klein. Klein, LAMICTAL no prescription, Buying LAMICTAL online over the counter, by the way used to work for a paper that was shut down a decade ago by the villains at New Times (current owners of the Weekly) who bought it out. And Alan wrote his piece on the blog run by super-star reporter/author Celeste Fremon -- who used to be a fairly regular and quite distinguished contributor to L.A, buy generic LAMICTAL. Weekly but who has not been seen in those pages for sometime (I have scorecards available for $10 each), LAMICTAL FOR SALE. Buy LAMICTAL online cod, Alan also makes a call for a lot of us to get together and start an L.A.-based local news reporting site. Something we just might do, LAMICTAL reviews. Purchase LAMICTAL online no prescription, (Pause to catch my breath).

Much of this info, is LAMICTAL addictive, LAMICTAL description, I might add, has been aggregated by the bedazzling Pandora Young, a recent and much-appreciated addition to the blogging battery of Fishbowl L.A. And, yes, Virginia, Pandora is also a recently let-go employee of L.A. LAMICTAL FOR SALE, Weekly. She was assistant to the editor as well as the runaway light-of-the-office.

I'm also thinking of adding a widget to the blog to see how many more days, weeks, months (years?) go by before the L.A. Times print edition gets around to reporting on the crisis of its own city's weekly papers. If my research is right, the last serious piece on L.A. Weekly published by the Times was five years ago and it missed a lot of the then-developing story, LAMICTAL FOR SALE.

No hurry, my colleagues. The mighty metropolitan paper of Los Angeles is running behind a half-dozen local blogs on this great story -- as stories go. So what. That's what happens when you get your reporting staff shaved down to a lean 660. LAMICTAL FOR SALE, Have a great holiday y'all. See you on Inauguration Day.

P.S. Ultimate Inside-Baseball Anecdote: At the flash-mob gathering of former Weekly'oids last night, our bicycle-mad soul sister Audrey Limon swore she didn't know who the heck Jill Stewart was or is. Come on, Audrey. No sea mentirosa.

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Friday, January 16th, 2009

ESTAZOLAM FOR SALE, I'm not a very good Jew I must admit. If and when the war in Gaza is over, is ESTAZOLAM safe, ESTAZOLAM for sale, and the heart is a bit lighter, I will bore you with the details, buy no prescription ESTAZOLAM online. Order ESTAZOLAM from United States pharmacy, But suffice it to say, when I was 12 1/2 the rabbi I went to wound up suggesting I NOT be given a Bar Mitzvah, ESTAZOLAM canada, mexico, india. ESTAZOLAM dose, And I wasn't.

Talk about Mitzvahs. I owe that dude, ESTAZOLAM wiki, ESTAZOLAM steet value, long passed away, big time as he solidly put me on the spiritual road to stone cold atheism, order ESTAZOLAM online overnight delivery no prescription. ESTAZOLAM use, Bless you, Rabbi.

That said, ESTAZOLAM street price, About ESTAZOLAM, I have -- shall we say-- a certain, lingering Jewish identifcation (felt most strongly when I bump into a something like the Yale sculling team or stumble into a meeting of a midwestern Rotary luncheon).

So, buy cheap ESTAZOLAM no rx, Online buying ESTAZOLAM hcl, as a sort-of-a-Jew I want to strongly associate myself with the remarks of my old pal Michael Balter who has these choice words on what it means to be part of a Chosen People -- one currently in engaged in a massacre war in which the casualty count is running at about 150 to 1.

UPDATE: Thanks to the alert eyes of one my good friends, here's a contending or at least supplementary view.

, ESTAZOLAM pics. Discount ESTAZOLAM. ESTAZOLAM images. ESTAZOLAM long term. ESTAZOLAM maximum dosage. What is ESTAZOLAM. Effects of ESTAZOLAM. ESTAZOLAM from canadian pharmacy. Taking ESTAZOLAM. Get ESTAZOLAM. ESTAZOLAM recreational. Order ESTAZOLAM no prescription. Buy cheap ESTAZOLAM. ESTAZOLAM brand name. Online buy ESTAZOLAM without a prescription. ESTAZOLAM pharmacy.

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Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

BUY HERBAL AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION, Here's my three favorite things Barack Obama has done so far:

1) Announce the end of the era of torture with the shutdown of Gitmo. Where can i order HERBAL AMBIEN without prescription, 2) Appoint Hilda Solis as Secretary of Labor.

3) Piss off everybody by asking the right Reverend Rick Warren to speak at his inauguration, comprar en línea HERBAL AMBIEN, comprar HERBAL AMBIEN baratos. Doses HERBAL AMBIEN work, And now I can add a fourth favorite: Having a secret dinner with conservative talking-heads George Will, David Brooks, low dose HERBAL AMBIEN, HERBAL AMBIEN pictures, and Bill Kristol.

I think it's great, canada, mexico, india, HERBAL AMBIEN online cod, frankly. And a lot more fun than watching a smug Hillary Clinton at her confirmation hearing, bobbing and weaving about how often she will or will not disclose the contributions made to her hubby's foundation by various Gulf-based Emirs, BUY HERBAL AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION.

The whole Warren thing, HERBAL AMBIEN duration, Purchase HERBAL AMBIEN online, plus the dinner with Will and Brooks all add up to the same thing in my mind. Call me pollyannish, HERBAL AMBIEN class, HERBAL AMBIEN dangers, But I am betting that Obama intends some big-time Change...if for no other reason than to stave off or mediate the Depression left behind by one George W. Bush & Co. Obama's strategy seems transparent enough, buy HERBAL AMBIEN online no prescription. Online buying HERBAL AMBIEN, He's buying off, charming, ordering HERBAL AMBIEN online, HERBAL AMBIEN samples, seducing, and lining up as many non-traditional allies as possible because, purchase HERBAL AMBIEN, Herbal HERBAL AMBIEN, duh, he's going to need them in the bumpy days ahead, online HERBAL AMBIEN without a prescription. BUY HERBAL AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION, To quote Dubya, it's called Uniting Not Dividing. HERBAL AMBIEN results, It's no accident that this guy is now running at something like an astounding 82% approval rating. Natch, order HERBAL AMBIEN online c.o.d, HERBAL AMBIEN cost, a lot of that has got to do with massive rejection of the Bush admin and its serial catastrophes (Iraq, Katrina, kjøpe HERBAL AMBIEN på nett, köpa HERBAL AMBIEN online, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Wall Street, the U.S, generic HERBAL AMBIEN. HERBAL AMBIEN australia, uk, us, usa, Constitution etc ).  But it's also a result of Obama's stated goal of transcending simplistic and unnecessary partisanship, and at just the pitch-perfect historical moment, HERBAL AMBIEN trusted pharmacy reviews. After HERBAL AMBIEN, We're in the beginning phase of a major political shift, if not wholesale re-alignment, australia, uk, us, usa, Fast shipping HERBAL AMBIEN, and the old formulas aren't just gonna hold. Liberals and pwogs all bent out of shape because of Obama's footsie with Warren and Will are as out of touch as Republican true-believers who actually think that the GOP lost because it wasn't conservative enough, BUY HERBAL AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION.

Wrong, HERBAL AMBIEN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. The Republicans lost because masses of Americans are just plain tired of conservatives (they tired of liberals long before that). That's not an argument for a mushy center but rather for a vigorous Something New.  Obama understands that. Let's see who else does.

P.S. As a very, very tiny sidebar, this dinner should taken by the so-called progressive Netroots that Obama might be figuring they're just not gonna be needed as much as they were this past year. The campaign is over and governing begins. To pass a national health care plan and to pull the troops out of Iraq, Obama is probably going to be more concerned about what the WSJ or the NYTimes has to say rather than the DailyKos.



Monday, January 12th, 2009

CARDURA FOR SALE, School started this week so I'm a little pressed for time. And combined with all the fun we've been having with the three L.A, CARDURA price. Cheap CARDURA no rx, Weekly posts below, I haven't been much inspired very to refresh this site, CARDURA photos. CARDURA from mexico, I promise I will start doing so sometime this week when a more natural pace returns to my life.

In the meantime, CARDURA coupon, CARDURA without a prescription, this just in from L.A. Observed... a leaked internal memo from L.A, buy CARDURA no prescription. Order CARDURA from mexican pharmacy, Weekly on what its web directors want for their site.

I think you can guess, CARDURA forum. CARDURA blogs, It ain't got nothing to do with boldly challenging the powers-that-be, unless you think the Style Council is really a bunch of peasants with pitchforks, where can i cheapest CARDURA online. Buy CARDURA without a prescription. Where can i cheapest CARDURA online. CARDURA description. CARDURA reviews. CARDURA recreational. Where can i buy CARDURA online. CARDURA from canadian pharmacy. CARDURA natural. CARDURA mg. Online CARDURA without a prescription. CARDURA use. Cheap CARDURA no rx. CARDURA from mexico. CARDURA online cod. CARDURA price. CARDURA images. CARDURA maximum dosage. Discount CARDURA. Online buying CARDURA.

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Saturday, January 10th, 2009

I intended the "autopsy" DORMONOCT FOR SALE, on the L.A. Weekly I published last week to be a modest cathartic and insider report of interest to a small circle of friends. Instead, it sort of went viral, DORMONOCT overnight, garnering tens of thousands page views and numerous inbound links ranging from Romenesko to the site of the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. It seems to have struck a nerve; it's dawning on folks that so-called alt-weekly papers are going down the same drain as the MSM. Fast shipping DORMONOCT, The story continues to develop quickly and the comment thread on the piece has gotten so big, that I have decided to publish this sort of wrap-up and reader's companion to help you sort through the muddle.

But first, a call-out, DORMONOCT FOR SALE. I originally said I didn't want to single anybody out over at the L.A. Times for NOT covering the demolition of the largest and once most-important metro weeklies in America, DORMONOCT long term. But the silence is too much.

So with no prejudice, Order DORMONOCT no prescription, hostility, or rancor, might I now publicly and politely ask Times media reporter James Rainey and/or sometimes media columnist Tim Rutten to please take the time to do this story. DORMONOCT FOR SALE, Let's get it done before the Weekly furniture shows up in a garage sale. Okay, buying DORMONOCT online over the counter, guys.

Now the promised wrap-up of updates, DORMONOCT street price, response and reactions:

Between the time I wrote the original draft of my posting (around Xmas) , posted it (last week) and the current moment:

Legendary Village Voice writer and author of 19 books, Nat Hentoff was fired.

The position of well-respected L.A, australia, uk, us, usa. Weekly Theater Editor Stephen Leigh Morris was eliminated.

Erudite and biting L.A, DORMONOCT FOR SALE. Weekly film critic, Comprar en línea DORMONOCT, comprar DORMONOCT baratos, Ella Taylor, with a doctorate in cinema studies and with two decades of service at the paper was axed.

The Village Voice Media corporation which owns the L.A. Weekly, DORMONOCT forum, the Village Voice and more than a dozen other metro weeklies imposed involuntary pay cuts on its senior officers as well as all editors and publishers of the individual papers.

The Los Angeles Times, Order DORMONOCT online c.o.d, currently held hostage by the Tribune Company, is shutting down its clone of L.A. Weekly known as Metromix DORMONOCT FOR SALE, . The paper is edited by former Weekly staffer Deb Vankin (who we hear is being retained by The Mother Company).

Within the comments thread on my original posting we find -- by blogosphere standards-- a rather civil and rather deep dialog on what all this means, online buy DORMONOCT without a prescription.

Bay-area investigative reporter Peter Byrne, who had the pleasure of suing Mike Lacey's VVM, Buy DORMONOCT no prescription, still harbors plenty of ill will. And shows no hesitation in bluntly stating it. A former New Times chain staffer, Steven T, DORMONOCT FOR SALE. Jones, now with the S.F, DORMONOCT from canada. Bay Guardian has a similar jones still lingering for Lacey.

Former Weekly contributor and now Variety's editor-blogger, Order DORMONOCT from mexican pharmacy, Anne Thompson, laments the "sad tale" of L.A. Weekly.

Former City Beat editor and OC Weekly columnist "Commie Girl" does some seething and teeth-gnashing DORMONOCT FOR SALE, .

Accomplished Paris-based writer/author/blogger Michael Balter remembers how he got his start at L.A, kjøpe DORMONOCT på nett, köpa DORMONOCT online. Weekly.

I heard from about ten current L.A. DORMONOCT class, Weekly staffers and contributors who congratulated me on saying what they fear they cannot. I can't quote their emails, DORMONOCT FOR SALE. But we also heard from a number of former Weekly people.

Former Deputy Editor and big-time surfer Joe Donnelly chimes in here and here provoking this pungent shout-out from former Weekly News Editor (and former City Beat News Editor and former Daily Journal associate editor) Alan Mittelstaedt. Former staff writer Judith Lewis pipes up to recall the vitality of rough and tumble editorial meetings of pre-New Times L.A, purchase DORMONOCT. Weekly editorial meetings. DORMONOCT FOR SALE, And yet another former staff writer, Laureen Lazarovici evokes a great memory on how election nights there would be a line of cars in front of the Weekly offices, a rush to get the ballot endorsements which have been nixed by the New Times geniuses. One more former Weekly'er remembers vividly the day the acquisition by the New Times was announced. Buy DORMONOCT online cod, Long-time dirt-diggin' journo Don Ray fondly remembers the Good Old Days when the Weekly kicked butt.

A one-time manager of the Weekly's HR Department recalls when the paper was managed by humans and not zombies. Former Research Director Pam Klein is still in mourning after all these years...deep mourning.

Tricia Romano, former Village Voice writer and current editor of Pop + Politics offers up a razoring of the dopes who trashed the paper founded in 1955 by, um, Norman Mailer. Her thoughts are echoed by another former Voicer, DORMONOCT FOR SALE.

Current O.C, DORMONOCT treatment. Weekly (owned by the same New Times crew) columnist, and a damn good one, DORMONOCT pics, Gustavo Arrellano steps in to defend the ongoing  work of his paper's tiny news department. The author of "Ask A Mexican" --in turn-- gets asked some tough questions by Shawnee who wonders about Gustavo's possible lack of solidarity, something I re-phrase in a more polite mode. Gustavo offers a dignified defense here and here and reminds us he still is on the payroll of these jokers, DORMONOCT dose. DORMONOCT FOR SALE, Last and certainly least, we hear directly from inside the kennels of talent currently maintained by the New Times/VVM group. The editor of the miserably failed and now-shuttered New Times Los Angeles, Rick Barrs, Buy generic DORMONOCT, who forgets to identify himself as the current editor of the Phoenix-based flagship New Times paper, contributes a snarling, slanderous series of ripostes.

The mess left on the rug by this company chihuahua left me no option other than to administer some sharp blows, DORMONOCT no prescription, a couple of them, to his nose with a rolled up New Times. Online buying DORMONOCT hcl, Down, boy. Down. (and let me highly recommend any New Times paper for this handy home application), DORMONOCT FOR SALE.

As several commenters pointed out, DORMONOCT alternatives, including this one, Barr's unbecoming, Ordering DORMONOCT online, totally un-professional and public display of distemper (completely devoid of any defense of company editorial policy) only served to underline the adolescent, thug-culture that stinks up the entirety of New Times management. You don't seem to be able to really make it inside the company unless you successfully mimic the bullying swagger of Big Dog Mike Lacey.  Ask anyone who works around Village Voice caudillo Tony Ortega for confirmation. In case there was any doubt about this, buy cheap DORMONOCT, we were treated to a couple of UPPER-CASED intrusions from re-invented Weekly part-time star reporter and full-time gadlfy/crank Mr. Zuma Dogg (Hey, What is DORMONOCT, that's the name he chose -- not me). DORMONOCT FOR SALE, Thanks to the dozens of Weekly readers, current and former, who emailed me your private notes. They were great to read.

We owe some real recognition also to the ongoing work of Kevin Roderick of L.A. Observed who has stayed right on top of this story, order DORMONOCT from United States pharmacy, and many others, while the L.A. DORMONOCT canada, mexico, india, Times has been sawing wood and slapping around their own monkeys.

Thanks to former Weekly columnist Dave Shulman for the wonderul graphic...and just for being Dave Shulman, DORMONOCT FOR SALE.

I also want to acknowledge that there are still (a dwindling few) of some very hard-working (like REALLY hard-working) folks and friends still left at L.A. Weekly. It's harder than ever to put out a paper with no managing editor, no research or fact-checking department, no photo editor, no theater editor, no senior art designer, no senior copy editor, no dedicated cover features editor, with a news department managed by someone who believes Los Angeles is a People's Republic and in constant fear of being summarily slashed from the payroll... etc. DORMONOCT FOR SALE, etc. etc.

The reason I have not mentioned their names or given them their due props ought to be obvious. An atmosphere of gloom and fear has permeated the Weekly ever since the absorption by the New Times was announced. It's a company that doesn't hesitate to show a petty, vengeful streak and it serves no good for current employees to be praised in name by outside brick-throwers.

See you folks next Saturday. I'll be the guy wearing the big smile.

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Friday, January 9th, 2009

The debate started by the post below BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, is still raging. Cheap LORMETAZEPAM, I invite you to join its mostly civil and still popping comment thread. I will try to do a big sum-up of other response and reactions in the next few days, my LORMETAZEPAM experience. LORMETAZEPAM australia, uk, us, usa, Meantime, more bad news, LORMETAZEPAM dangers, Order LORMETAZEPAM online overnight delivery no prescription, some VERY bad news from the Bad New Times group. The gifted film and theater critics of the paper have just been laid off, low dose LORMETAZEPAM. Film writer Ella Taylor's unique and erudite voice on film is being expunged, BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. LORMETAZEPAM dosage, And the position of Theater Editor Steven Leigh Morris, a veritable arts institution in the city and one of the sweetest people I know, LORMETAZEPAM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, LORMETAZEPAM coupon, has been eliminated. I had predicted these positions would hold because they can be syndicated across the New Times chain, LORMETAZEPAM results. LORMETAZEPAM no rx, But I was wrong.

That pretty much leaves nothing left at the Weekly except Jonathan Gold's food writing and remaining film critic Scott Foundas, buy LORMETAZEPAM from canada. BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, No news. LORMETAZEPAM blogs, No commentary. No national reporting, effects of LORMETAZEPAM. Canada, mexico, india, Shrunken arts criticism. No books coverage, LORMETAZEPAM pictures. No nuthin', BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. LORMETAZEPAM interactions, (Oh yes, Nikke Finke's ramblings, real brand LORMETAZEPAM online, LORMETAZEPAM schedule, if you can fathom them).

The company's real rep inside the offices, LORMETAZEPAM used for, Doses LORMETAZEPAM work, Jill Stewart, now presides over a chimera, is LORMETAZEPAM addictive. LORMETAZEPAM over the counter, It's a clean sweep.

Jill, buy LORMETAZEPAM without a prescription, Buy LORMETAZEPAM online no prescription, please turn off the lights behind you. Is LORMETAZEPAM safe. Where can i buy cheapest LORMETAZEPAM online. LORMETAZEPAM trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy LORMETAZEPAM without prescription. Where can i order LORMETAZEPAM without prescription.



Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

LEXOTAN FOR SALE, The L.A. Weekly Trashes Years of Its Hard Copy Archives

Warning: If you are not a Los Angeles or Southern California resident or unless you have some perverse interest in the sausage-making that goes into local alternative newspaper production, you should probably skip this post. But as a new year dawns and I arouse from Xmas vacation and semi-hibernation, I have taken a vow lifted from Michael Corleone -- today is the day I take care of all lingering family business.

When the L.A. Weekly and I parted ways two month ago, I promised a more detailed report. Here it is, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. It's more like an autopsy on a paper that once was.

I thought many times about spending the time to write this over the past few weeks. In the end, I wondered, who cares. And worse, this can come off as sour grapes.

I can't really answer the first doubt, LEXOTAN steet value. As to the second question, let me be very clear. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, I lost most interest in the Weekly a couple of years ago when it was taken over by the New Times chain and I made it a very small part of my professional and personal life. I wrote the income from it out of my personal budget and diverted all Weekly checks into a retirement fund.

Indeed, I was so turned off by what I saw happening that I visited my Weekly office exactly three times in the last two years, mostly to pick up accumulated checks in my mailbox. During election week in November, I was given a layoff notice with a generous settlement.

They had lost interest in me and I was too expensive. With very few exceptions, I had long lost interest in them, too. It was a miracle, in fact, Buy cheap LEXOTAN no rx, that I had lasted the two years since New Times took over the Weekly. Fair enough.

Attached to my initial severance package was a gag-order non-disclosure agreement, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. It was a rather awkwardly and amateurishly written passage, penned most likely by an HR hack rather than a competent lawyer. I told management at the time I would sign it if they insisted, but that I intended to immediately violate it and call their bluff in public.

They knew I meant it and were wise enough to rescind it. Most everyone else who has been cut from the Weekly in the past months has, unfortunately, been silenced by the NDA's and that’s one more reason that edged me toward typing out this essay.

And yet, I still hesitated to write my version of what's gone wrong at Weekly. That is, until I was provoked into doing it by a Facebook request two weeks ago from Weekly Publisher Beth Sestanovich to join her in a FB cause titled Don't Let Newspapers Die. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, I thought this a bit too much. This was like getting an invitation from Carmela Soprano asking you to join the Don't Marry Gangsters cause. I had joined the Facebook save-the-newspapers group in any case long before Sestanovich's invite. I had joined it precisely to help save papers from the likes of publishers like her!

Now, LEXOTAN brand name, I like Sestanovich as a person. She's an affable, warm manager. But she had no background in newspapers and was no match for the destructive forces she would eventually face when she was brought in some years ago to preside over L.A, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. Weekly. If I remember correctly, she had come fresh from managing an automobile purchasing web site – hardly the sort of background that properly prepares one to face the rough and tumble of the current media environment.

Under Sestanovich's tenure, dozens of Weekly staffers -- from managers to editors to writers to production people-- have been slashed from the payroll. And one important clarification: Sestanovich is not the villain here. She's merely the tool – and a reluctant one at that -- for her own bosses, the New Times group (now known as Village Voice Media) which is the corporate force that has corroded the Weekly. Sestanovich pre-dates the Weekly's takeover by New Times and she has been kept on precisely because she has been an efficient transmission belt of corporate policy: downsize and demolish.

LEXOTAN FOR SALE, The paper has fired, pushed out or let go its top deputy editor who managed most of its cover stories over the last five years. It fired its managing editor -- and with no intention to replace her ( this is a first in newspaper history I think). It fired its dazzling News Editor -- and my friend Alan Mittelstaedt-- and has shrunk and twisted its news gathering operation which took more than a decade to build into a competitive and credible local watchdog. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, The paper's two prize-winning investigative reporters quickly bailed to other papers. Other long-time staff writers have been fired. Others have chosen exile, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. The Weekly's fact-checking department has been abolished. Its copy editing department has been decapitated. It design staff decimated. Its free-lance rates -- once competitive with any other publication in town -- have been chopped and the overall free-lance budget has been almost obliterated. Writers’ rates that once topped a dollar a word have been cut by half or more (for the few writers who can still squeeze out an assignment).

LEXOTAN FOR SALE, More to the point, the 30-year-old Weekly's heart and soul has been scooped out by a corporate management that seems hell-bent on a suicidal tack. The Weekly once distinguished itself by being, alone with the Village Voice, the only major metro weekly in America willing to focus on national and international coverage beyond the local boho bar scene. It had a real and substantial editorial budget. The Weekly was read avidly for 30 years by an audience that relished not only its excellent cultural, film and music coverage, but primarily its bold and prominent political writing-- including a rich menu of commentary and opinion. Its reporters were, after LEXOTAN, not infrequently, sent across the country and sometimes around the world to write 10,000-word cover stories that could be found nowhere else. It now boggles the imagination when I remember –in a different era—reporting from South Africa, El Salvador, Cuba and from within various national presidential campaigns—for the L.A, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. Weekly. And these were not just second-rate self-absorbed wannabe writers who were on the road. I'm in great company when I note that those of us who wrote those stories also worked for The New Yorker, Harper's, Vogue, and the Sunday magazines of the Los Angeles and New York Times. We wrote for the Weekly because we chose to write for the Weekly – certainly not because we had to.

That’s all stale history. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, All that has now been banned by New Times management. The Weekly must now conform to the same cookie-cutter format that limits its other 16 or 17 papers across the country to sticking to local, mostly sensationalist, Purchase LEXOTAN online, often quick-and-dirty hit pieces. No one, we’ve been told, wants to hear the opinionating and bloviating anymore of political pundits writing about national (and god forbid) international issues that supposedly mean nothing to L.A. residents (Unless, of course, the piece is something like this turgid, under-reported and tendentious piece placed in the paper by none other than the guy who now effectively owns it!). Nor, we’re told, did the readers really want the Weekly's ballot and candidate endorsements even if they became a cherished voting guide for tens of thousands over several decades.

Weekly readers were informed, quite simply by its out-of-town owners, that they have been wrong, wrong, LEXOTAN price, coupon, wrong for the last 30 years. They might think they like opinion and commentary and national news and sober and thorough investigative reporting, and all with a progressive tinge, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. But they've been wrong. Dead wrong. Instead, they want a smart-alecky, sophomoric, barely edited, thinned out, often reactionary sensationalist stew that displays little or no editorial rhyme nor reason. Yeah. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, That's the formula. (Just as an ironic side note: the week I was cut from the Weekly, three of my pieces were listed on the paper’s web site as among the top five most-viewed. LEXOTAN samples, One was a straight out editorial -- a letter to my daughter about Sarah Palin. The other was an overall analysis of the Obama election. And the third was my list of personal ballot endorsements. Exactly the sort of stories the Weekly decreed no one wants to read).

Perhaps the most iconic moment in the Weekly’s descent was the forced move last year from its birthplace town of Hollywood to a sterile warehouse-like building next to a 405 off-ramp in Culver City, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. This would be tantamount to moving the New York Times across the river to Hoboken. I'm no softie on the counter-culture, but the uprooting of the paper from its nest on Sunset Boulevard was a clear sign from management that it had absolutely no interest in the ethos, tradition or soul of the paper. It had become nothing more than a widget.

The results of all this. Fairly catastrophic, I would say. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, And that’s with the full-on debacle yet to come. The L.A. Weekly press run is currently down about 30% or more from its peak of 210,000. That means they can't even give away as many copies as in the past, about LEXOTAN. The weekly number of printed pages has fallen to just above 100 when in the past it hovered at and beyond 200 (once even touching 352 pages). Even special editions, ones that carry years of tradition and loyalty, like the recent restaurant edition, are but shadows of the past, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. One of the most savvy of long-time New Times watchers once told me -- years ago-- "the guys who run these newspapers run them like they already know the shut-down date." It seems they now might finally get their wish.

This prescient statement was offered to me years before the current newspaper collapse. And even more to the point, the slashing and trashing of L.A. Weekly -- now coinciding with that more general collapse-- was initiated before the current crisis. Talk about prescient. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, The Weekly owners began the crisis before it really began. And like most other newspaper suits, they have responded precisely the wrong way; by cutting the real value-added, the core, muscle and bone and not the fat. The rumor is that Weekly management might be on a glide path to moving the entire series of papers onto the Web. That might be a defensible position, LEXOTAN cost, if their Web site was something other than this current mish-mosh.

How'd We Get Here?

I write only from my impressions and some might be off a degree or two from the reality of others, but let me give you at least a thumbnail sketch of my version of how things got to this point.

The original incarnation of the L.A. Weekly -- in 1979-- was a sort of hippy-dippy, shoe-string, pie-in-the-sky operation born from Jay Levin. Jay was an erratic, if visionary, editor who went out of his way to break a lot of rules, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. From the beginning, Jay wanted the Weekly to be more than an ad venue for colonic cleansing and futons. He spent money he didn't have to cover the big political issues of our time while simultaneously growing a stable of world-class cultural critics. And it paid off. Within five years, Levin turned the Weekly into a major force in local publishing. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, It became both an incubator for new, untested writers and a showcase for some of the best writing in the country. I worked as news editor and a staff writer from 1982-1984 and continued freelancing and writing a media column for the rest of the decade. During Levin's era, the Weekly established itself as the place to turn to for local cultural criticism and breaking major investigative stories on everything from smog to Salvador.

Around the time of the Weekly's tenth anniversary, LEXOTAN pharmacy, Levin stepped back from the role of editor and handed editorial leadership over to former Village Voice staffer Kit Rachlis (now the editor of Los Angeles magazine). Rachlis maintained and grew many of the same traditions that Levin had nurtured. And he added his own particular twist to the Weekly. As the paper continued to grow in size and scope, Rachlis made what might be called a "writerly" turn, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. With somewhat high-flown pretensions --in my judgment-- he filed off both the lows and highs of the previous iteration of the Weekly. The product was more slick, professional, better-edited but flatter, less willing to gamble and risk. But it still made solid and important reading.

Toward the end of Rachlis' tenure, some new players arrived big time on the alt-weekly scene. Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin, the founders of The New Times, Where to buy LEXOTAN, had transformed their Phoenix-based weekly --forged in the heat of the anti-Vietnam war movement-- into a growing national chain of metro weeklies. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, And in 1996 they moved into L.A. to directly confront the L.A. Weekly – more or less the way Michael Corleone moved in on Moe Green’s Las Vegas. Lacey and Larkin bought out and closed two smaller local weeklies and went out of their way to insult the laid-off staff in the process. There are numerous witnesses with harrowing stories of the day Lacey came in and berated (and fired) the staff of The Reader which he had just bought. On the ashes of these publications, they erected the New Times Los Angeles -- for which I briefly worked, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. Lacey and I coincided in our judgment that the Weekly had become too soft. The fledgling New Times Los Angeles was much smaller than the Weekly, but directly attacked the soft under-belly of the Weekly of editor Kit Rachlis. It was meaner, tougher, punchier and less liberal than what had become Rachlis' more self-obsessed Weekly.

Within months, it was clear that Lacey and Larkin were banking on the perceived talents of their lead columnist Jill Stewart. Once a respected L.A. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, Times metro writer, Stewart had become a snarling bulldog infected with a rather strange world-view which came to dominate The New Times Los Angeles. Ostensibly some sort of a suburban Democrat, LEXOTAN duration, she became an acolyte of The Powerful -- swooning successively over Dick Riordan, Bernie Parks and Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others. While the official policy of the New Times Los Angeles was that columnists were to stick to facts and steer clear of opinionating, Stewart used her platform to smear one Latino city councilman as Senor Snort (for alleged coke use) and as she fulminated against public schools and bilingual education and offered up sugary praise for the corrupt leadership of the LAPD, she evoked a vision of a muddle-headed dyspeptic city run by an evil coalition of socialist multi-culturalists who were headquartered, of all places, inside the L.A. Times. One infamous column she wrote mocked those who showed sympathy for Spanish-speaking kindergartners who broke into tears when they were put in monolingual classes. She saw her job as spanking lefty L.A, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. back to reason.

As bizarre a notion as all this might be, it was really nothing new. Purchase LEXOTAN online no prescription, Having spent many years living in the Valley, I recognized Stewart's view as one that permeated suburban homeowner clubs (Indeed, Stewart and I both live in Woodland Hills). For me, this became untenable when she used the power of her column to first more or less plagiarize (from an accommodating ally) and then expand a vicious and unfounded attack written on lefty academic Mike Davis -- a smear that cost him an appointment at USC. It was a blatantly political and opportunistic foray lightly and poorly disguised as an “investigation.” I had just won a national award for writing a profile on a local corrupt African-American political leader and was in the midst of another serious investigation when I told my editors I could not operate in an environment as ethically clouded as The New Times. In 1998 I said cee ya.

LEXOTAN FOR SALE, This sort of unfounded snarling and sniping from the local New Times Los Angeles, as embodied in Stewart’s writing, built no significant audience, never really bit into the Weekly's readership or advertising revenue and eventually led to the slow, long decline and uneventful quiet folding of the local New Times paper in 2002. Defeated and ignored, it vanished without as much as a whimper. Lacey and Larkin had struck out in Los Angeles.

By this time, the Weekly moved on to a new editor and new ownership. Sue Horton, now op-ed editor of the L.A. Times (and someone I consider a friend), became editor and made her own set of editorial adjustments, LEXOTAN without prescription. She excised the more narcissistic elements of Rachlis' paper and turned the Weekly into a more earnest, I argued too earnest, more markedly "progressive" paper based on local political reporting, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. Again, an imperfect but absolutely worthy product. Horton invested in hiring reporters, more than "writers." And this began to germinate some sort of real newsroom.

Meanwhile, Jay Levin had sold the Weekly and it eventually wound up in the hands of a private equity group headed up by Village Voice publisher David Schneiderman. (Disclaimer: ah yes, your personal Zelig here. I worked as a staff writer at The Village Voice from 1989-1994 when Schneiderman was publisher). LEXOTAN FOR SALE, The acquisition of the Weekly in the mid-90's saddled the Voice with a debt level from which it has never recovered. The Weekly was kept fat and happy, but Schneiderman butchered the Voice to feed his new baby. The venerable Voice, founded by Norman Mailer, Buy LEXOTAN from mexico, was downsized from the newstands to a free giveaway. By the late 90's, it size, its editorial budget, its clout was completely diluted. The paper was little more than a self-parody by the year 2000. Looking at the Voice logo on one of its weekly editions was like looking at an Alfa Romeo badge crazy-glued to the nose of a broken-down Toyota Corolla, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. That jalopy officially got towed to the junkyard when the Lacey-Larkin management fired the last remaining “name writer” at the Voice this last New Year’s weekend – the venerable Nat Hentoff. He was probably the one reason why half of the paper’s remaining readership even bothered to pick up the rag. But who cares. He’s only written 19 books.

That said, those of us who worked at the Weekly benefited from the bleeding of the Voice. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, Schneiderman, for the most part, kept his mitts off the Weekly. And when current editor Laurie Ochoa (whom I also consider a good friend) was hired on in 2001, it felt like a rebirth of the paper. She split the philosophical difference between Rachlis and Horton and tried to shape a paper that combined top notch capital-R Reporting and capital-W Writing, taking LEXOTAN. It was enough to draw me back on staff as a columnist, writer and editor).

Ochoa was able to beef up the staff in crucial ways and she began to take the Web seriously. News Editor Alan Mittelstaedt proceeded to build a kick-butt news organization that took no prisoners, right or left. Whether you were Chief Bratton or Tony Rap, if you were a DWP exec or a DWP union boss, you were in for equal trouble, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. Rob Greene, now a member of the L.A. Times editorial board, kept close tabs on the City Council. David Zahniser, now a Times metro reporter, blew the top off the story about the death of union leader Mike Contreras. Jeff Anderson, now on the East Coast, was a tenacious and dogged investigative reporter. Buy no prescription LEXOTAN online, A stable of talented professional freelancers, including Bill Kelly and Celeste Fremon, wrote up a storm of stunning news feature series. Christine Pelisek (still hanging in at the Weekly) was on the murder and crime beat. Young reporter Daniel Hernandez LEXOTAN FOR SALE, (now in Mexico City) left his cushy job at the L.A. Times to defect to the Weekly. After a long, uneven struggle, the L.A. Weekly finally had a completely functional news department that was often way ahead of the Times.

But it was doomed.

Lacey’s New Times group never gave up its jones for L.A. The collapse of his local New Times only redoubled his crusade to somehow triumphantly return to the Southern California market. The rivalry – and eventually the collusion-- between Schneiderman's Village Voice Media group and Lacey's New Times group began to escalate and mature with L.A, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. as the epicenter. These were the two biggest alt weekly chains in America and apparently there was only room for one. In 2002, the two chains reached an agreement in which the Village Voice agreed to shut down its money-losing paper in Cleveland and the New Times would shutter its collapsed paper in Los Angeles, LEXOTAN for sale. L.A. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, was a much bigger market than Cleveland so the Voice/Weekly group had to sweeten the pot with $8 million in cash – an amazingly stupid business move by Schneiderman. And when a Weekly reporter working on the story called New Times' Mike Lacey for comment on the cheesy deal, all he got in return was a "Go fuck yourself." Quite literally.

The DOJ didn't like this deal very much either. It smelled of anti-trust violations and eventually the Weekly had to make reparations allowing a local throwaway paper here in L.A. enough funding to compete in the marketplace.

Those of us working at the Weekly at the time were also chilled. We sensed, correctly, as it turned out, that this Cleveland-L.A. deal was but prelude to an eventual buy-out or absorption of the Weekly by the New Times, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. It was something that the staff deeply feared for we knew that New Times owner Lacey had bottomless contempt for the Weekly, for its tone and approach and that -- to put it bluntly-- he had it out for a newspaper that he had failed to defeat in the previous decade with his own ill-starred New Times Los Angeles.

Barbarians At The Desks

In late 2005, the hammer fell. Herbal LEXOTAN, The merger of the two chains was announced. Not really much of a merger. For a reported half-million dollar bonus, Schneiderman had essentially ceded control of the whole show to Lacey of New Times. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, Media conglomeration, once a privilege reserved for large dailies and national networks, had trickled down to alt-weeklies (and no surprise, given that the properties in question were worth hundreds of millions of dollars).

Much has been written about New Times honcho Mike Lacey and some of his more off-color antics. I have only met him twice. Once at a group luncheon in 1994 where we shared a few beers and joked about the Weekly. And once again in 1996 when, during an alcohol-fueled one-on-one dinner, he hired me (over the heads of his own editors) as a columnist for his start up New Times Los Angeles (he also sent me a glorious floral bouquet last year when I got sick). But you didn't have to be a rocket scientist to know that the New Times takeover of the Weekly augured only Bad Times. Really Bad.

It took some time for the DOJ to approve the merger, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. And into 2006, the new merged company run by Lacey --which took the name of the vanquished Village Voice Media-- found its own Vietnam in the Village Voice and was too distracted to screw around with the L.A Weekly. The Voice was bleeding cash and no one could be found to edit what had become a fish-wrapper. As of this date, LEXOTAN wiki, the paper remains a ghost of its prior self.

The first real blow of the merger didn't hit the L.A. Weekly until exactly two years ago in November 2006 when several layoffs coincided with the sudden termination of News Editor Alan Mittelstaedt. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, The O.C. Weekly, also acquired in the merger, began to be sliced and diced around the same time.

Mittelstaedt’s firing from L.A. Weekly made absolutely no sense. Indeed, of all the editors then working at the Weekly, his instincts were theoretically the closest to the new owner's preference for local news. He was fired simply to make room for the cat’s paw of the new ownership group. More shocking than Alan’s dismissal was his replacement by none other than Jill Stewart, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. You'd really have to be among the few who actually worked at the Weekly to catch the full brunt of this but I don't overstate things by saying that bringing in Stewart to be Deputy Editor for News at L.A. Weekly would be like naming Yassir Arafat as Mayor of Tel Aviv. LEXOTAN photos, It wasn’t an editorial decision. It was an act of vengeance perpetrated against the Weekly by its new owner. Talk about personal demons and obsessions!

LEXOTAN FOR SALE, Stewart openly despised the Weekly. And let’s be honest: the Weekly staff openly despised her. I don’t think that is much of a secret to anyone in L.A. media circles. Putting her in the News Editor chair was like dropping a glowing load of Kryptonite onto the Weekly lunch table. Stewart had pretty much disappeared from the local news scene in the previous few years after the The New Times L.A, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. folded. A syndicated column of hers went pretty much nowhere. She would pop up now and then as a shrill pro-Arnold commentator on local shout radio, wildly riding the claims that the Times had published its Arnold The Groper series out of political bias. Before landing at the Weekly, she had recently been pushed from an unremarkable stint as editor of the equally unremarkable online start-up Pajamas Media (where we overlapped for a few weeks). LEXOTAN FOR SALE, But For Mike Lacey, Jill Stewart walked on water.

So much so, it was Lacey himself who hired Stewart. Right over the head of and without consultation with Weekly editor Laurie Ochoa (at least as far as I know). This created a de facto situation of dual power at the paper which persists until this day, generic LEXOTAN. The News Editor is not really accountable to the editor-in-chief but rather to the corporate owners. Nice work, if you can get it.

Ochoa remains as much a steadying force as is possible under an erratic and penny-pinching regime that shows little visible interest in journalism of integrity. She has done all that she has can to preserve what she could of the staff and spirit of the Weekly, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. I continued there for the last two years because of my loyalty to her and her willingness to defend --within the possible—the integrity of the paper. But it's a losing battle. A lost battle.

Jill Stewart gleefully set about immediately dismantling the L.A. Weekly's news department. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, Zahniser, Hernandez and Anderson, in varying degrees, pretty much fled with their hair on fire. Rob Greene was mercifully hired away by the L.A. Times 10 months before Stewart showed up at her first editorial meeting.

In their place, laughable "reporters" were brought in to scribble highly ideological pieces that reflected Stewart's world view. How about a reporter named Zuma Dogg who "wrote" this little ditty. I put that word in quote marks as it was an open secret that it was Stewart who actually wrote most of Dogg's otherwise illegible piece ( A rapper/ranter, Rx free LEXOTAN, Mr. Dogg had once boasted: "I don't like to read"), LEXOTAN FOR SALE. And no matter that this was the same Mr. Dogg who was an eccentric gadfly who repeatedly disrupted local agency meetings for which he was now being paid to report on. The Weekly was giving press credentials to clowns who disrupted the meetings they were to “report” on.

Or how about Stewart commissioning a piece on school board elections by "reporter" Doug Lasken. Though the piece was passed off as non-ideological news, it was actually a poorly-veiled, to not say naked propaganda, rant written by a partisan/activist source on whom many of Stewart's prior columns had relied. The Weekly was forced to run a retraction on this published slop that said: " LEXOTAN FOR SALE, The article “Nasty Battle for Classroom Control” [March 2–8] misspelled the names of Alice Callaghan, Neal Kleiner and the Jardin de la Infancia school. Also, two incumbents ran for school board, not three, and Compton is encircled by LAUSD but not part of it."

Other than that... As L.A. Observed's Kevin Roderick wrote at the time:

[T]he backstory is what makes it interesting, where can i find LEXOTAN online. The piece, and the errors, were by freelancer Doug Lasken. His byline carried no other identifying information, but he is an LAUSD teacher and UTLA activist who helped organize union members against bilingual education in the 1990s, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. He was quoted then in Jill Stewart stories that railed against bilingual education, and it was Stewart, as deputy editor in charge of news at the Weekly, who asked Lasken to write the paper's roundup on school board contests. That proved to be a risky proposition since Lasken is inexperienced as a reporter and the bean counters at VVM/New Times eliminated the Weekly's fact-checking crew. Lasken's gaffes did not go unnoticed, spurring emails to LA Observed from outraged Weekly staffers and politically savvy Weekly readers.

In any real news organization, a news editor that pulled this kind of miserable, unethical stunt would be summarily fired. No prescription LEXOTAN online, I suspect in Stewart's case, she will eventually be the Weekly's editor-in-chief.

So What?

What difference does any of this make. Can't we still get all the information we need from the Web with or without the L.A.Weekly?

LEXOTAN FOR SALE, You bet. Now more than ever. The Weekly, whenever it formally succumbs, will also go as silently as did New Times Los Angeles six years ago. Only some of us old farts who remember the Good Old Days will, perhaps, bat an eyelash and gather for a nostalgic drink in some Echo Park dive.

The tragedy lies elsewhere. For nearly 30 years, the L.A. Weekly had been a crucial launching pad for budding local (and sometimes national) writers, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. It was a place you got started, where you found your voice, where you made your chops and maybe even a name, get LEXOTAN. That possibility is just about completely foreclosed. The Weekly was also an indispensable market and venue for more established writers who had important things to say that somehow overflowed the narrow confines of the L.A. Times.

The L.A. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, Weekly also served an extremely engaged, sophisticated and cosmopolitan and I might add global Los Angeles. I once wrote a piece for The Washington Post noting that Hollywood activists often cared more about South Africa than about South Central. Take it or leave it, there's an undeniable truth to all this. And a newspaper that fails to understand that vast swaths of Los Angeles are as deeply concerned -- if not more than concerned-- about Iraq, torture, the White House or even congress than they are about the local school board or the controller's office is a Los Angeles newspaper that is destined to fail. Look no further than at the corpse of The New Times Los Angeles.

The slow-motion collapse of L.A. Weekly also coincides with a radical shrinking of the L.A, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. Times, the implosion of The Daily News and the continuing downward descent of smaller papers like City Beat and The Daily Journal. Purchase LEXOTAN for sale, If there was ever a time for an aggressive, irreverent, credible metro weekly to take on the Gray Lady, it's right now, right here. That requires investment, not layoffs -- seriousness and not shoddy, half-arsed ideological crud passed off as news.

I have no doubt that leafing through the Weekly in the weeks and months to come there will still be -- here and there-- great things to read. The movie and theater critics remain top notch (they are kept on because their work can be inexpensively syndicated to the rest of the chain). LEXOTAN FOR SALE, And the law of probabilities dictates that an occasional good or even great freelance piece will slip between the covers. But what good work remains will be there in spite of the will of its ownership, not because of it.

A Few Words About the L.A. Times

I said at the beginning that I write this with no bitterness nor regrets. Really, scout’s honor.

That's true, LEXOTAN without a prescription, with one asterisk. I rather deeply resent that I have to do this at all. I'm pissing away a perfectly beautiful weekend morning to slap this together when, truth is, the L.A, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. Times should have written this story --in much fuller and precise detail-- months and months ago.

I'm not going to single anybody out, but heaven knows that the media writers at the L.A. Times have wasted no energy in wallowing in public self-pity about the troubles at their own paper. How is that the fully public, ongoing, extended crisis of the second paper in L.A. and the largest metro weekly in America -- the L.A. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, Weekly-- has gone completely unreported and unmentioned. And I might add, why would anyone care about the future job prospects of endangered L.A. Times reporters who don’t have the decency or the professionalism to report on the massacre at the paper next door?

The answer resides in the ingrained arrogance of the Times. Australia, uk, us, usa, Like most big city newspapers it has a written or unwritten policy of ignoring its competitors. Only in print, of course. Not in real life, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. For as long as it has been around, the Weekly has been consciously snubbed by the Times. I think one half-baked profile of the Weekly was written some years ago and that’s about it. The Weekly could break a verifiable story that L.A. had just detached from the mainland and you could make book that the Times would refuse to cite the story, or its source. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, The same way the Times pointedly ignored the existence of the Weekly, it also pointedly ignored the reality of the Web. And we see how that hubris paid off.

In real life, as I said, it's been quite the opposite. The Weekly has gone anything but un-noticed by the Times. It has revamped, retooled and re-positioned whole sections and created whole new publications like Metromix to directly compete with the Weekly. Two of the Weekly's former editor-in-chiefs were recruited to work at the Times. The current Weekly editor is a Times alum, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. The Times has repeatedly raided the Weekly staff, poaching its TV, film, music, feature and metro reporters.

In short, the L.A. Times owes a great debt to L.A. Weekly. The least it could do is assign one or two of its reporters to find out what's really going on inside that other paper across town – before it disappears completely. -- + --

LEXOTAN FOR SALE, P.S. I intend the above to be strictly a personal recollection and in no way an official history. Some dates and timelines might be inadvertently smudged or jumbled. I apologize in advance for any such minor errors. Also feel free to add your own corrections, recollections, objections and comments. I also affirm that this piece was written without consulting any current employee of the L.A, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. Weekly and therefore trust that no retribution will be exacted against them

P.P.S. I'm reminded by a friend that I omitted one important facet of the Weekly's history. By the mid 1980's, the Weekly had become a potent cultural/political force in Los Angeles, frequently sponsoring or co-sponsoring major events that drew audiences of hundreds and sometimes thousands. I'm not talking about concerts or typical metro weekly give-aways. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, The Weekly galvanized huge live audiences for debates on foreign policy, for conclaves on local organizing, and conferences on national politics. All things rather unthinkable today. I doubt if the current Weekly could pull off a booze-up in a brewery. Indeed, until shortly before the move to Culver City last year, the Weekly organized monthly and well-attended soirees at a classic old-school Hollywood hangout, Boardman's. Those, too, have faded into history.

Update: Here is Nat Hentoff's just-published farewell column at the Village Voice. Take all of the geniuses who now run the NewTimes/VVM chain, stack them head-to-head, and they don't make it past Nat's navel.


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Monday, January 5th, 2009

I had to read BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION, this L.A. Buy PROZAC without prescription, Times story three times to make sure it wasn't a spoof. I couldn't find any real facts in it, PROZAC alternatives, PROZAC price, other than some gratuitous and blatant apple-polishing for the top U.S. Marine general in Iraq.

I heard a reported piece on this cow-based story on NPR as well yesterday, PROZAC without a prescription. Cheap PROZAC no rx, No accident that both stories on this same hooey appeared within hours of each other. That means that several reporters were taken (or better said, taken in) at the same time on some sort of U.S.-Army-sponsored dog and pony show, BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION. Or in this case, where can i find PROZAC online, Is PROZAC addictive, a dog and cow show.

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Monday, January 5th, 2009

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Israel has taken full advantage of lame-brained and lame duck American administration more concerned in its final days in burnishing its horrific legacy of war, torture and economic depression rather than avoiding a regional conflagration in the tinderbox Middle East, STENDRA FOR SALE. The Democrats, STENDRA price, meanwhile, are running for cover praying to Jesus, Allah and the corpse of Tip O'Neill that this whole bloody affair somehow gets over by January 20th, STENDRA over the counter.

As we have repeatedly heard from the the IDF and from the American media, Taking STENDRA, not to be too terribly redundany, no country can sit back and do nothing when its getting rockets lobbed across its border. Undoubtedly true, where to buy STENDRA. Just as we can affirm that no people with any sense of dignity can sit back and do nothing after as they experience 40 years of foreign occupation. STENDRA FOR SALE, And, finally, who can be surprised that after repeated failure to end that occupation that same people might turn to a fanatical, extremist group for political leadership. STENDRA pictures, We've been hearing, predictably enough, that Israel is using razor-sharp precision in striking only at Hamas-related targets, online buy STENDRA without a prescription. Fair enough, STENDRA long term, with one asterisk. Hamas, like it or not, STENDRA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, is the democratically elected government of Gaza and that means everything there -- from police stations, No prescription STENDRA online, to power plants, to schools, post offices, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and dog pounds-- is associated with Hamas. Online buying STENDRA, Dresden, I suppose, was a Nazi-related target in quite the same way, STENDRA without prescription.

The outcome of this invasion is unpredictable, except for one incontrovertible fact, STENDRA FOR SALE. As authentic experts in region argue (as opposed to cable TV chowder heads), STENDRA online cod, the only long-time winner in this action can be the most extreme elements in the region: Syria, Hizbollah, Iran and on the Israeli side the unseemly likes of BeBe Netinyahu, herbal STENDRA. How about, STENDRA description, then, another 10-15 years of bloody brinksmanship in the region. That's the best case scenario, STENDRA reviews. The worst is an Israeli follow-up attack on Iran as the possible starting gun for WWIII. STENDRA FOR SALE, P.S. STENDRA without a prescription, it's not just the Israelis who have picked this lull in the world calendar to make their move. Much, much tinier fish (and I do mean tiny little guppies), STENDRA wiki, the managers of Village Voice Media (nee New Times), Order STENDRA no prescription, the largest chain of alternative weeklies in America, picked  yesterday's Dead News Friday to pick off and fire iconic columnist and writer Nat Hentoff. The 83 year old award-winning journo, critic and author has put in a full 50 years at the Voice, kjøpe STENDRA på nett, köpa STENDRA online, writing consistently crisp copy since the paper was founded. Online STENDRA without a prescription, Nat has remained as cantankerous as ever, a dazzling jazz critic,  a fierce First Amendment absolutist, fast shipping STENDRA, he railed equally against the Patriot Act and the American Library Association who failed to defend dissidents in Cuba. Buy STENDRA from mexico, He has been a mainstay of critical American dissident political thought and, frankly, the greatly diminished and basically irrelevant Voice -- eviscerated by New Times management-- didn't deserve him, buy generic STENDRA.

Hentoff's big problem is that he cost too much money, STENDRA FOR SALE. He earned a real salary and that sort of stuff is no longer much tolerated by the New Times group -- the same happy crew that pushed me (and just about everyone else) out of the L.A. Buy STENDRA online cod, Weekly. I'm glad Hentoff outlasted me by a couple of months. It would have been just PLAIN WRONG to have outlived him as a New Times employee, buy STENDRA from canada. STENDRA FOR SALE, I would have writhed with survivor's guilt.

At the time of my own departure from the Weekly two months ago, I promised readers a full accounting oy my views on the demise of the American alt weekly world at the hands of the New Times group. To be honest, I actually wrote the 4,000 word piece exactly a week ago but didn't post it. I showed it to a couple of former colleagues who said, well, yeah, OK, but who gives a damn.

It's a great question, one I haven't been able to answer yet -- so the post is still sitting in draft form and may --or may not-- see the light of day. Haven't decided yet, STENDRA FOR SALE. Here in L.A., I sorta think it would be the job of an "objective" L.A. Times to write about the butchering of the city's number two paper and the chain to which it belongs. It would make much more credible reading than the musings of a disgruntled ex-employee (present company included). But to date, the media writers over at the Times are far too distracted by their ongoing wallowing in self-pity.

Anyway, Nat Hentoff needs the Village Voice like he needs a third pinkie. It's strictly their loss, not his. And his removal from the scene probably makes it even less relevant to write about a newspaper chain that cares so little about itself it is, indeed, hard to imagine that anyone else really could or should give a hoot. Here's a hug, Nat.