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Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

PROVERA FOR SALE, Had a good dinner tonite with two very wise friends. PROVERA pics, One is a veteran journo and author who did a good stint in Vietnam (as a reporter and wrote a fab book about it). And the other is a former CIA agent turned author and reporter, PROVERA wiki. Order PROVERA online c.o.d, The meal was great (as one would expect at the Hollywood classic, Musso's), is PROVERA safe. PROVERA dosage, The conversation was even better.

Bottom line: We all agreed that the torture issue is NOT going away anytime soon.  We had some minor disagreements over how it is currently being handled, PROVERA FOR SALE. I have the suspicion that Obama has, PROVERA use, PROVERA pharmacy, as I said last week, fortunately lost control of this issue which he considers a possible destructive distraction, after PROVERA. Real brand PROVERA online, My two compadres, however, PROVERA brand name, Cheap PROVERA no rx, are convinced that Obama is playing this like a virtuoso, that he remains two steps ahead of the rest of us, PROVERA alternatives, PROVERA without a prescription, and that he is masterfully engineering this to wind up in the hands of a klieg-lit congressional drama (I hope they're right).

We also agreed that this would be the best solution and that the worst way to go would be appointing a special counsel from DOJ, PROVERA no prescription. PROVERA description, Such an investigation would actually be the best way to keep much of this atrocity shrouded in secrecy as the investigation itself would take precedence over public disclosure. PROVERA FOR SALE, Much better to see Cheney and Company under oath on national TV sweating like he's got a bad case of the Swine Flu (pun intended).

Also agreeing on the inevitability of this scenario is my colleague at the Annenberg School, PROVERA photos, PROVERA forum, Jonathan Taplin writing on TPM Cafe.

Taplin argues that Cheney, PROVERA australia, uk, us, usa, Buy PROVERA without prescription, forged in the heat of Watergate, is taking such an aggressive current position defending his torture policies because he's convinced the best defene is a strong offense:

What Dick Cheney is truly afraid of is that he might find himself in front of a Congressional committee raising his right hand and swearing to tell "the truth, PROVERA street price, About PROVERA, the whole truth" about America's descent into the torture chamber. Because if Pat Leahy is this era's Sam Ervin, fast shipping PROVERA, Order PROVERA no prescription, Cheney won't arrive in the dock until Jay Bybee and John Yoo have shown that David Addington (Cheney's Counsel) was calling the tune (you know the secret email chain requesting revisions in the torture memos is devastating). And then Addington will have to put the responsibility at the foot of the Vice President, canada, mexico, india. Even though Cheney is out of office, he still has the lesson of Watergate in his head, PROVERA FOR SALE. PROVERA results, If Nixon had pushed back harder at the outset, he never would have had to leave office...

So Dick Cheney is on a mission to cut the investigations off before they ever get started, PROVERA long term. Herbal PROVERA, But it's a mission that will fail and within a year we will see Mr. Cheney reluctantly raising his right hand and swearing to tell "the truth, taking PROVERA, Buy PROVERA from canada, the whole truth and nothing but the truth." That will be healthy for our democracy.

Something to live for.


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Monday, April 27th, 2009

BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION, I had a good pal call me this afternoon and as soon as I answered he said: "Apocalyspe. Or just end of the world?"

Took me a few seconds to catch the uptake as I had been locke up in meetings all day and had fortunately missed the non-stop hype over the Swine Flu Pandemic, LEUKERAN long term. LEUKERAN use, At least, I hope it's hype as, LEUKERAN images, LEUKERAN treatment, in principle, I mostly oppose mass death, order LEUKERAN from United States pharmacy. LEUKERAN dose, In principle, I also support vigorous pubic health preventive measures, order LEUKERAN from mexican pharmacy. Where can i order LEUKERAN without prescription, Which is more than I can say about a certain "moderate" Republican senator -- Susan Collins of Maine.

Turns out she is, in fact, for public funding to prepare for flu outbreaks...but only after she oppsed it, BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION.

One of the conditions that Collins imposed in return for her voting for the Obama stimulus package was the stripping out of nearly $1 billion in funding for..., order LEUKERAN online overnight delivery no prescription. LEUKERAN canada, mexico, india, flu prevention.

Collins, LEUKERAN from canadian pharmacy, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, you see, is against "pork" but at the cost of ignoring pork flu, discount LEUKERAN. Kjøpe LEUKERAN på nett, köpa LEUKERAN online, Now she's playing CYA by claiming the opposite. BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION, Get a load of this statement from her office defending her asinine move:

“Sen. Collins supports increased funding for pandemic flu preparedness, what is LEUKERAN, LEUKERAN pics, but she felt it belonged in the regular appropriations bill, not the stimulus package, purchase LEUKERAN online no prescription, Is LEUKERAN safe, ” said Kevin Kelley, Collins' spokesman, LEUKERAN interactions. Cheap LEUKERAN no rx, “That's something she made a point of saying during negotiations.”

Got it. (Cough), LEUKERAN from mexico. LEUKERAN for sale, The truth, of course, purchase LEUKERAN online, Buy cheap LEUKERAN, is much simpler. Collins didn't really care what got cut from the stimulus package as long as it got cut and she could publicly posture as a fiscal hawk, LEUKERAN over the counter. LEUKERAN overnight, It could have just easily been a billion chopped from roads, schools, online buying LEUKERAN hcl, Where can i find LEUKERAN online, farm projects or cheese research. It just happened to be for preparedness against THE FLU, canada, mexico, india. Comprar en línea LEUKERAN, comprar LEUKERAN baratos, Sick.

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Sunday, April 26th, 2009

PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, Gonna save all my money and buy a GTO
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When I turn it on, wind it up, blow it out, GTO
Yeah-yeah, Little GTO
—Ronnie & the Daytonas, 1964

The Goat is dead. In its memory I now solemnly lift a glass of 98 Octane Ethyl and mix it with a chaser of STP, PHENTERMINE from canada. About PHENTERMINE, Technically, the GTO died in 2006 when Pontiac dumped its 3 year-long revival of the classic American Muscle car, where can i buy PHENTERMINE online. Where to buy PHENTERMINE, But now it's really over. GM is expected to announce any moment that its 82-year old Pontiac division will be forever shuttered.

I take this personally, purchase PHENTERMINE. I have owned three, count'em three GTO's in my life and frankly there's just nothing like the roar, shake, rattle and rumble of a gassed-up Goat (except maybe for the nasty purr of a hungry 'Vette), PHENTERMINE FOR SALE. PHENTERMINE description, The Vette predated the GTO by a full decade, but it was really the latter -- the 1964 Tempest Le Mans GTO-- that defined itself as the first of all American Muscle cars, PHENTERMINE forum. Buy generic PHENTERMINE, Here was a machine with 389 cubic inch V-8, tri-power carbs, doses PHENTERMINE work, PHENTERMINE alternatives, 4 on the floor Hurst tranny and pipes that roared.

Something was clearly wrong with my parents, PHENTERMINE samples, PHENTERMINE without prescription, as the first car I got when I was 16 in 1967 was a brand new silver and black Goat. It was a bit more refined than its 1964 prototype, PHENTERMINE steet value. PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, This was a sleeker, less boxy bullet with a one four barrel carb and an automatic transmission. PHENTERMINE pictures, It still cranked out over 300 horses and who could forget those signature General Tires with a thin red circular line instead of a white wall. Throw in a reverb on the rear radio speaker and an after-market 8 track player and it was quite literally heaven on wheels, where can i buy cheapest PHENTERMINE online. Buy PHENTERMINE from mexico, A certain penchant for burning rubber wore out the tires after a mere 10k and shortly after that my tranny dropped out in the Disneyland on the night of my 17th birthday. When gas started to nudge over 20 cents a gallon, real brand PHENTERMINE online, PHENTERMINE natural, the 8-10mpg I was clocking seemed obscene even to a teenager and without a prompt and in a rather saintly move, I surrendered that GTO back to my Dad and we bought, buy cheap PHENTERMINE no rx, PHENTERMINE blogs, instead, a six year old Alfa Romeo spyder for $750 (and then poured about a billion lira into unanticipated repairs until, PHENTERMINE brand name, PHENTERMINE street price, six months later, it threw a rod right through the aluminum block on the Santa Monica Freeway), PHENTERMINE without a prescription.

I went two more decades pining for another Goat and in 1984 I bought a fire engine red 1968 automatic (as pictured above) and drive it as a daily car for 5-6 until it was a rattling bucket of bolts and I had to sell it off, PHENTERMINE FOR SALE. Where can i cheapest PHENTERMINE online, When it late 2003 Pontiac announced it was reviving the mighty GTO (repurposed from its Australian Holden models) I knew another purchase was inevitable. Waiting lists and bidding wars budded, taking PHENTERMINE. PHENTERMINE dangers, I convinced a local dealer to sell me the first one off the truck on New Year's Day 2004 for one dollar more than sticker price. It's a 350 hp 5.7 liter black beauty with anthracite interior and right now, my PHENTERMINE experience, PHENTERMINE trusted pharmacy reviews, 79,000 miles later, is PHENTERMINE addictive, Buy no prescription PHENTERMINE online, it's sitting in my driveway. PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, It's been mostly a second car now though the arrival of my daughter from NYC this week means it will probably pass into her hands. It certainly isn't leaving this family. Nev-uh.

It's actually one of the finest cars that GM ever produced. Extremely powerful, all torqued-up, understated in its design, its interior with a tad too much American plastic but refined and detailed enough to pass itself off as Euro-import. And, hey, if you keep it throttled under a 100 mph, it might even get 20 mpg on the road and 18 in the city, PHENTERMINE FOR SALE.

But you don't buy a GTO for fuel efficiency. You don't buy one for driving but rather, as Mort Sahl used to like to say, you buy it for motoring. With it you don't save the world. You challenge it. PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, Turn it on. Wind it up. Blow it out.

Long Live GTO.

My essay on GTO's from a few years back.

GTO Heaven




Friday, April 24th, 2009

BUY NORVASC NO PRESCRIPTION, The last, great thing about the L.A. NORVASC schedule, Times is happening again this weekend. More than 100, NORVASC price, Order NORVASC online c.o.d, 000 people will come to UCLA for the Times-sponsored Festival of Books.

It's always great and this year should be no different, NORVASC pharmacy. NORVASC gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, I'll be appearing Sunday at 2 p.m. in Broad Hall 2160 on the following panel:
Media: Where Do We Go From Here?
Moderator   Mr, BUY NORVASC NO PRESCRIPTION. James Rainey
Mr, buy NORVASC online cod. NORVASC cost, Marc Cooper
Mr. Andrew Donohue
Ms, generic NORVASC. NORVASC australia, uk, us, usa, Arianna Huffington
Ms. Sharon Waxman

Hope to see you there, online NORVASC without a prescription. After NORVASC, (If you're dissuaded by cost of airfare, this might be one of the many panels that will be carried live or with slight delay on C-SPAN), fast shipping NORVASC. Buy NORVASC online no prescription. Ordering NORVASC online. NORVASC no rx. NORVASC duration. NORVASC dosage. Purchase NORVASC for sale. Online buy NORVASC without a prescription. Cheap NORVASC. Rx free NORVASC. NORVASC class. NORVASC wiki. NORVASC mg. NORVASC maximum dosage. Get NORVASC. Australia, uk, us, usa. NORVASC price, coupon. NORVASC photos. Buy NORVASC no prescription.



Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

The Obama administration BUY DIFLUCAN NO PRESCRIPTION, , fortunately, has lost control of the torture issue.  The presisdent, for obvious political reasons, tried to walk the fine line between holding the Bush admin publicly accountable for its institutionalization of torture and going as far as polarizing prosecutions.

Obama did the right thing in releasing the so-called "torture memos." But he was naive to believe that would put the issue to rest, online buying DIFLUCAN hcl. Canada, mexico, india, On the contrary, the pressure is continuing to build for some sort of pro-active action to be taken against those responsible for deploying a strategy of torture -- at a minimum some sort of Truth Commission, buy DIFLUCAN without a prescription. DIFLUCAN from canadian pharmacy, Or perhaps prosecution of former Bush admin officials. Things are certainly slowly sliding in that direction, herbal DIFLUCAN.

The bombshell report just released by the Senate Armed Forces Committee now confirms (for the enth time) that TOP Bush White House officials were directly responsible for the use of torture that spread through American-run detention facilities, BUY DIFLUCAN NO PRESCRIPTION. DIFLUCAN samples, I predicted many, many times (too many times to link back to myself) that this issue woud be impossible to suppress, DIFLUCAN long term. Fast shipping DIFLUCAN, The reason: Torture DOES work. It works to nauseate and repel any civilized population, DIFLUCAN canada, mexico, india. Where can i cheapest DIFLUCAN online, I've seen it too many times before in my life -- in Chile and Argentina-- to think any differently. BUY DIFLUCAN NO PRESCRIPTION, I am convinced, then, whatever the momentary waffling might be of the Obama admin on this issue, things are going to continue to get stickier for the torturers among us.

Meanwhile, get DIFLUCAN, DIFLUCAN interactions, I want to express my COMPLETE DISGUST with media outlets from CNN to the L.A. Times to The New York Times and other media outlets who continue to weakly pussyfoot around this matter by insisting on using the term of either "harsh interrorgation methods" or "alleged torture."

Bull, purchase DIFLUCAN online no prescription. Buy DIFLUCAN no prescription, Waterboarding, depriving people of sleep for more than a week, no prescription DIFLUCAN online, DIFLUCAN trusted pharmacy reviews, and methodically slamming prisoners against a wall (while doctors stood by on hand to monitor against death) are, uncategorically, DIFLUCAN duration, Comprar en línea DIFLUCAN, comprar DIFLUCAN baratos, ACTS OF TORTURE.

I expect Dick Cheney to be running around justifying these barbarities, DIFLUCAN without a prescription. DIFLUCAN brand name, There's no need for the media to join indirectly in collusion. There's nothing alleged about this, where can i buy cheapest DIFLUCAN online. Is DIFLUCAN safe, And there's nothing harsh. Torture is Torture is Torture, my DIFLUCAN experience. About DIFLUCAN. DIFLUCAN price, coupon. DIFLUCAN maximum dosage. DIFLUCAN no prescription. Ordering DIFLUCAN online. DIFLUCAN street price. DIFLUCAN from mexico.



Monday, April 20th, 2009

BUY SEPAZON NO PRESCRIPTION, Tied up at National Assoc of Broadcasters annual meet in Las Vegas.

Back mid-week, real brand SEPAZON online. Cheap SEPAZON. SEPAZON schedule. Low dose SEPAZON. Cheap SEPAZON no rx. SEPAZON blogs. Purchase SEPAZON for sale. SEPAZON cost. Discount SEPAZON. SEPAZON forum. SEPAZON for sale. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. SEPAZON use. Buy SEPAZON from mexico. Order SEPAZON no prescription. SEPAZON alternatives. SEPAZON no rx. Buy cheap SEPAZON no rx. Buy SEPAZON online no prescription. Order SEPAZON online c.o.d. Buy generic SEPAZON. SEPAZON used for. Doses SEPAZON work. SEPAZON australia, uk, us, usa. SEPAZON overnight. SEPAZON treatment. Taking SEPAZON. SEPAZON photos. SEPAZON pics. Kjøpe SEPAZON på nett, köpa SEPAZON online.



Friday, April 17th, 2009

About that big web hub-bub over the handcuffing and expulsion of sometimes Talk Radio shouter John Ziegle MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE, r from the USC campus the other day... I was there and have my own reaction. But, first, here's the video:

Okay, okay I know this abuse is on the scale of a new Darfur. And the place I work, the USC Annenberg School for Communication (and Journalism) is taking a lot of web-fueled heat for allegedly ordering the arrest of a fellow journalist, MEDAZEPAM dose.

I've also been bombarded with challenges to respond, hey, hey can you condone this outrage.

Here's some details and then I will unveil my response.  The incident took place on teabaggin' Wednesday, MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE. Annenberg's Norman Lear Center hosted an event to honor this year's recipients of its Walter Cronkite awards for excellence in journalism. MEDAZEPAM price, Among the more than half-dozen recipients was George Stephanopoulos and Katie Couric (the latter honored for her impactful interview with Sara Palin).

I went to the panel discussion at 10 in the morning and to the luncheon at noon. As far as I could determine, the panel was open to the public. MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE, The luncheon was by invitation but there was nobody checking anything, no real security and open seats were given to students. It was a very low key event in a modest conference/banquet room featuring a one course salad entree.

While we were inside, MEDAZEPAM pictures, former L.A.-based right-wing talk radio hist John Ziegler showed up with some cameras in tow. He was there because he was upset that Couric was being rewarded for so unfair to Governor Palin, something he termed "not journalism but advocacy."

I honestly do not know the precise circumstances of whether he asked to get in to the event and was turned down or if he was merely there to ask sharp questions of those of us attending (You can learn oodles about Ziegler reading this brilliant profile written of him in 2005 by the late David Foster Wallace).

As you saw in the video, MEDAZEPAM recreational, after Ziegler (who in no way commits journalism) was turned away, rightly or wrongly, he refused to leave the campus. The USC cops cuffed him and, as they, say escorted him back to the sidewalk, MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE. I don't believe any charges were filed.

When I awoke this morning there was a torrent of email accusing Annenberg of being akin to the new Auschwitz. Fine.

I DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE SCHOOL but on personal title I did respond to a direct query from conservative blogger Patterico, MEDAZEPAM steet value, a local Los Angeles prosecutor (who very well understands trespassing and other legal details).

I don't know what if anything he is going to post from our exchange but I thought I would go ahead and give you the full blast.  When asked what I thought about it I first had a rather flip response saying the Ziegler thing was merely "a publicity stunt." After I saw the video here's the fuller response I I wrote to Patterico for the record:

" Talk show pro John Ziegler's stunt at USC was exactly that, a publicity stunt staged as a scene in a Michael Moore-like documentary he is apparently making.  I am confident that if he had previously inquired or applied for press credentials or had even asked to be a guest in the audience, he would have been easily able to attend the Cronkite awards. I myself arrived late and walked in without a guest badge or MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE, any other sort of I.D and while I work at USC, the folks at the door had no idea who I was. Online buy MEDAZEPAM without a prescription, I also chose to sit at the table I preferred even though there was assigned seating. Before the awards began, students --with no I.D. check-- were allowed to sit in seats left unfilled.

That said, I think the video clearly shows that the USC authorities clearly played into Ziegler's hands and guaranteed that his stunt would be successful. It's easy for me to say, generic MEDAZEPAM, but there must have been a more reasonable way for the Department of Public Safety to handle the situation other than to handcuff him. On the other hand -- for right or for wrong-- when Ziegler was asked repeatedly to leave the site because at that point he was an uninvited guest, he repeatedly refused, MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE. His demeanor was comic and non-threatening (and why shouldn't it be as he realized the cops were so freely contributing to his film?) but my experience in the world is that, whatever your motivation, when you refuse a police order to move, Australia, uk, us, usa, you usually wind up getting cuffed, or worse.

Both sides could have handled this a whole lot better. That could have started without Ziegler deliberately trying to provoke a scene and could have ended with USC police doing something other than handcuffing a harmless clown."

Patterico then responds to me saying:

I received your replies.  Let me ask a more focused question.

I'll grant you that Ziegler had no good argument to get in.  I'll
concede for the sake of argument that he could be lawfully asked to

My question is: if you had been in charge, would you have let him ask
people questions in front of the communications school -- or asked him
to leave?

I.e, order MEDAZEPAM online overnight delivery no prescription. MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE, you say: "On the other hand -- for right or for wrong -- when
Ziegler was asked repeatedly to leave the site because at that point
he was an uninvited guest, he repeatedly refused."  Well, that's what
I want to know.  Was it right or wrong for them to ask him to leave.
Again, I'm not asking for a legal opinion, but how you would have
handled it if it had been up to you.

And would your answer be the same if he was there to ask questions
that were supportive of Couric?"

I answer Patterico with the following:

"I was inside the awards ceremony at the time of the incident, Order MEDAZEPAM from United States pharmacy, so without hedging, I honestly don't know the precise facts surrounding Ziegler's actions or his requests or anything else he was doing outside.

If the only thing Ziegler or anyone else, wanted to do was to stand outside of the Davidson Conference Center on the USC campus and ask people questions as they came and went, he should absolutely have been allowed to do so and I would absolutely defend his right to do so. I see no reason to obstruct him. As far as I know, after MEDAZEPAM, USC is an open campus and the First Amendment still has sway inside campus boundaries.

You and I both know that under a change of circumstances, trespassing laws begin to apply but I want to be 100% clear that I don't have enough facts to make that determination.

In direct response to your direct question, if I were in charge of the event and all Ziegler was doing was trying to interview folks as they came and went from the conference I would have bought him a coffee and gave him a donut and wished him good luck in his endeavors. Further, if he was there to actually report on the event and NOT to provoke a partisan confrontation or to stage a provocative scene for a documentary, I would have made sure he was allowed inside the room with the rest of the media, MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE. There was virtually no security in the modest banquet room where the event was held and the press that was present was free to come and go as they pleased.

As to Couric, MEDAZEPAM mg, I couldn't care less what Ziegler or anyone else thinks of her work. I have written publicly of her several times and I don't believe it's ever been in a flattering context.  This isn't a matter of ideology. It's a question of the tension between free exercise of first amendment rights and private property rights.  This is hardly the first time that a journalist, or someone with journalistic pretensions (in the case of Ziegler) has run afoul of authorities in some murky legal area of access versus privacy.

One thing is absolutely for sure: from what I saw in the video, the USC police could have made a more strenuous effort to remove Ziegler without going through the drama of handcuffing him. You know as a prosecutor that once given an order to move by police, online buying MEDAZEPAM, even if an unjust or unlawful order, you MUST comply or else face arrest and be willing to sort the matter out later in court.  They may have felt they had no choice to cuff him. MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE, Maybe they were wrong. But by that point it was either cuff or grab him and walk him off campus.

The crux of the issue, to come full circle, MEDAZEPAM natural, is whether or not he was merely standing there trying to do interviews. If that's all it was, then USC is in the wrong. If it was more than that, there's a shared responsibility. "

We report. You decide, buy cheap MEDAZEPAM. I haven't spent much time on this and don't intend to beyond this posting, MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE. My anecdotal understanding is that this was not a simple situation of Ziegler merely standing on campus trying to ask questions. And to repeat one final time, the USC police may or may not have been acting properly to order him off campus. But once they did and he refused, Rx free MEDAZEPAM, the cuffing or some other act of coercion was more or less inevitable.

***** UPDATE:

An official statement just came out from Annenberg Dean Ernest Wilson and it confirms what I suggested above...that this incident was more complex than simply tossing out Ziegler because he doesn't like Couric (Statement follows at bottom of the post).. MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE, He announced he was coming to protest and then showed up with cameras demanding to be let inside. Um, no. What I discern from yet another viewing of the video is that the police had wanted Ziegler to stay 7 feet away from the doors and if he did so there would have been no problem. He challenged the rule, MEDAZEPAM results, refused to move and got gently cuffed and very politely escorted away though he was, in fact, mildly resisting. My conclusion stands that Ziegler was pulling off a publicity stunt. The demand that he stay seven feet distant seems a little rigid but reasonable, MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE. MEDAZEPAM online cod, His refusal to comply was a direct provocation. The police responded poorly because he clearly represented no physical threat and was just being purposefully obstinate, hoping to goad the cops into action. I see no reason why the police could not have spent another 10 minutes persuading him to move before resorting to handcuffs. Though, my bet is that Ziegler would have held out as long as he needed to get himself detained, buy MEDAZEPAM online cod.


Here's a blog post from pne of the most prominent student Republican activists (and I'm happy to say thinkers) at USC in which he labels Ziegler an "idiot" who is "wildly exaggerating" what happened.  Josh Sharp MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE, also provides us even more context surrounding Ziegler's stunt and totally discredits any notion that Ziegler was in some form victimized or discriminated against.  Ziegler simply tried to game this situation for his own advantage he got busted...quite literally. An excerpt from Sharp's post:

In the days leading up to the event, Ziegler had announced his intention to protest the award. USC provided a gated space near the near the entrance of the event for demonstrators, but Ziegler and his film crew were the only ones to show up. Is MEDAZEPAM addictive, So Ziegler started calling himself a journalist and demanding full access to the event.

Conveniently enough, a film crew is on hand to document Ziegler's plight, either brought by Ziegler or hired for the occasion. Ziegler, microphone in hand, repeatedly tries to get university officials to say something controversial, online MEDAZEPAM without a prescription, pouncing at every opportunity and offering slanted commentary to the camera.

Meanwhile, Ziegler still refuses to move to the area provided for visiting demonstrators, ten feet away. After putting up with Ziegler for nearly an hour, campus police tell Ziegler that he's made his point and is no longer welcome on campus, MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE. Of course, MEDAZEPAM images, the university is well within its rights; Ziegler is standing on private property.

Ziegler cries foul and resists arrest, grunting, "You guys realize you're breaking all sorts of constitut-- I'm not gonna move!"

He's promptly escorted off campus...

Read Sharp's entire post.

Meanwhile, where can i buy MEDAZEPAM online, here's a more complete video of the incident than the one found at the top of this post.  I think it quite revealing. MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE, Ziegler is told directly that he is out of bounds by all pre-established procedures and that he is intent on crashing the event anyway.

Here's the statement from Annenberg Dean Ernie Wilson:

"In the last 24 hours, the School has received a number of calls and messages related to an incident that took place on Wednesday at the Cronkite Awards ceremony involving an individual named John Ziegler. Understandably, MEDAZEPAM description, there has been confusion, questions and concerns. I want you to know the background of the situation.

In the days before his appearance on our campus, Mr. Ziegler publicly stated an intention to “demonstrate” against the presentation of a journalism award to Katie Couric, MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE. USC was happy to accommodate Ziegler and provided him with a designated area where he could register his protest, MEDAZEPAM coupon, be seen by attendees at the event, as well as students, and pass out whatever materials he wished.

On the day of the award ceremony, MEDAZEPAM dosage, Mr. Ziegler arrived on campus with two cameramen, not as a demonstrator, but as a journalist, and demanded that he and his cameramen be allowed to enter the Davidson Center to cover the event. There was in fact, MEDAZEPAM over the counter, pool coverage set up because the room was not large enough to accommodate multiple camera crews. MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE, He was told he could have that feed, which he refused.  After being told repeatedly that the event was by invitation only, he contended he had a right to range up and down the entryway with his cameramen, sticking a microphone in other people's faces, Order MEDAZEPAM from mexican pharmacy, questioning them on camera.  He persisted in refusing to comply with the University’s request that he stay within a designated area. After repeated requests for compliance, Mr. Ziegler was given the choice of either being arrested or leaving campus.

He chose to leave campus.

The University both respects and facilitates freedom of speech and expression on campus, but  also  reserves the right to set  reasonable  ground-rules  to avoid disruption to  its operations and protect the rights of others, MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE. We at the Annenberg School have a powerful and evident commitment to protecting and promoting freedom of expression and the rights of the press. We have spoken with Martha Harris, where can i find MEDAZEPAM online, Senior Vice President, University Relations, to express our concern with how Annenberg has been associated with this incident, and to discuss as well as our general philosophy on how these situations can be handled in the future.

If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact James Grant in University Communications. In addition, if you are not already doing so, please refer any media queries about this issue to James Grant at ..."


Ernest J. Wilson III

Dean and

Walter H. Annenberg Chair in Communication


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Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

SLIMFAST FOR SALE, Who knew. The piece I published Wednesday in the L.A. Times bagging on the teabaggers hit a raw nerve and wound up being the most-emailed and most-viewed piece on the entire web site, SLIMFAST pharmacy.

Full credit should go to a network of right-wing bloggers who turned their guns on me and provided a bouquet of inbound links and produced more than 1500 comments (most of them quite furious). SLIMFAST wiki, If you've got nothing to do, you can paw through those comments here.

But I also thought I'd share with you a fair sampling of and excerpts from the hundreds of barbed  mails that were sent to me directly, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. I think they reveal quite a bit and require no additional comment, SLIMFAST results. Get ready:

Nick Gollubske <> Working for the LA Times should be short, SLIMFAST used for, if you lived in the Midwest your life would be short, come visit, we would love to send your body down the Mississippi...., SLIMFAST dosage.

f lopez <> ... SLIMFAST price, coupon, the only tea bagging you’re probably familiar with is  head bobbing (in and out of Obama’s ass, of course). SLIMFAST FOR SALE, Say,  would you happen to know the brand of Obama’s smokes. Does he share?

Richard Harbaugh <> Your article rambles and is confusing to us “common folk”, buy cheap SLIMFAST, however I think you meant to say that you believe that the objective of the Tea Party is to protest taxation of the “rich”.  This protest has little to do with protecting the rights of the “rich people” who drive our economy.  This protest is about the new administration using the guise of “fixing the economy” to advance its socialistic agenda.  Looking past the tip of your nose, SLIMFAST natural, you might see there are not enough millionaires to pay for optimizing the quality of life for everyone inside our borders, the cost of this can only be funded on the backs of the middle class.  The recent and temporary tax cuts for we “common folk” will be obliterated by the new taxes and massive inflation that are to come.  That is why people are protesting. Today's tea party is about your ilk and your unwavering support for Obama's failed economic policies. The fact that the MSM will not report this historic event is testament to the fear that Liberals have of our Constitution. Your fear of our Constitution and our Country.  Enjoy what time you have left at the Slimes. Just remember, it was their failed business model of leftwing journalism that caused its demise, canada, mexico, india. As always with Liberals it's "uninteded consequences." Your article in the L.A. Times today was the worst thing I have read, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. Doses SLIMFAST work, You are what we call a leftist all the way. You can not even see that the problem now days is "The Spending Stupid" and not the taxes. Everyone in this country has the right to express their opinion and therefore the "Tea Parties" As a far liberal that you are you apparently can't see any other way but to attack everyone that does not agree with you, buy SLIMFAST from canada.

Kaczynski, Cheap SLIMFAST no rx, Gary M <> Cooper, you dolt. SLIMFAST FOR SALE, Tea party protests are not about being Anti-Obama.  They are about too big government and wasteful spending. These are not single party issues, where can i order SLIMFAST without prescription. The government needs to learn that the taxpayers are not endless sources of revenue. Where to buy SLIMFAST, Government needs to live within its means, just like we do.

Obviously, low dose SLIMFAST, you spent your research time sniffing glue.

josh white <> First, the total amount spent on the Iraq War in the 6 years it has been going on is currently less than $1 trillion.  Obama spent nearly that much money within his first 2 months of office on the stimulus bill.  Therein, lies the difference.  The "pointlessness" of the Iraq War can be debated all day long, but the fact remains that Obama is spending money at a rate more than triple what Bush did, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. SLIMFAST description, Colin Grabow <> Speaking for myself, I am also outraged not so much by the level of taxation, but it's distribution, SLIMFAST coupon. The rich pay a significantly greater percentage of the overall tax burden than a percentage of the national income while millions of Americans are left off the income tax rolls entirely. Order SLIMFAST from United States pharmacy, Mindful of Joe Biden's characterization of taxes as a patriotic duty I am concerned that too many of us are being deprived of this chance to demonstrate our patriotism.

Royal S Dellinger <> “What, exactly, order SLIMFAST no prescription, are the protesters protesting. SLIMFAST FOR SALE, The marginal tax rate rising 3% for millionaires?”No Marc, they’re protesting the $163,00 per taxpayer burden that your heroes have laden on our future – on all of us, men, women, children and even illegal aliens.

Tol Bert <> The tea party folks are probably not insane or as stupid as you apparently think...They also may not be particularly keen on becoming `Europeanized'. Buy SLIMFAST online cod, They probably suspect that by the time Europe's welfare state collapses, it will be too late for us to avoid the same fate.

John Duncan <> You, purchase SLIMFAST, my friend, SLIMFAST from canada, are a moron.  You have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about.

Wallace Thomas < You called those affected by the new tax laws millionaires over and over again in your Biased...Huffington...Socialism...Looney...Lefty thought process, SLIMFAST canada, mexico, india, I have filed taxes on over $350, Buy SLIMFAST without prescription, 000 a year for many years and I have about $200,000 in the bank on average and other than mortgages have no debt, I paid cash for automobiles and for all other purchases besides my mortgages, after SLIMFAST. I am NOT a MILLIONAIRE, I also give about 20% of my gross income to charity to help those who have not been blessed with the earning power I've had graciously placed in my stewardship.

Out of the approximately $30,000 a month I have coming in, with taxes and monthly expenses I might be able to save a few thousand a year if nothing out of the norm comes up, which of course it almost always does, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. I pay over a $1, SLIMFAST recreational, 000 a month on health insurance for my family and I and I haven't been to the dentist in over 10 years and may see a doctor every 5 or 6 years, I wouldn't mind paying higher taxes if the money was going to hard working LEGAL Americans who just can't keep up with inflation and do everything they can to pay their bills and provide for their families, but when you want to give the money to people who don't even pay taxes and in many cases aren't even in this country LEGALLY it really doesn't sit well with me, online buy SLIMFAST without a prescription. The good news is I obviously have knowledge your not privy to, none of this is really relevant because all that we gain and strive for here is going to burn and none of what you stored up for yourself here is going with you into eternity.

What is really pertinent is where your going to spend eternity, you could have all the money you and thousands of others couldn't spend in a thousand years and when your body dies you without all you've stored up here are going to spend eternity in heaven with a sovereign God and live forever in the glory of His grace where everyone walks in righteousness or your going to spend it seperated from Him with no second chances in a place of torment where there will be constant weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I'll pay whatever tax the governing authorities say I have to, It's God's money so if they aren't taxing appropriately they won't have to answer to me but to He who put them in authority in the first place.

Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.

John 3:18 He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

Matthew 10:28 And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in HELL.


How important are your left wing rants now?

Where will you spend eternity?

There are only two choices whether you choose to believe it or not, I can choose to ignore the clear evidence that trees exist but it won't change whether trees exist or not, nor will your disbelief regarding spiritual things change the reality of your eternal existence.

The scriptures tell us that you live, you die and you face judgement, doesn't leave any wiggle room.

If I and the scriptures are wrong then you have nothing to lose, if your wrong you have an eternity seperated from God in a place of torment where there will be constant weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I pray you make the right decision, I also pray you realize that all you seem so adamant about here in the world today is irrelevant and that eternity is where your focus ought to be.

Jeff Brown <>

I would like to preface my e-mail by saying it is an embarrassment that you are teaching the children of America.  If you feel that people like me are sniffing glue, maybe you should get outside the walls of the hard left university you inhabit and talk to some people who are going to the protests.  Regardless, you characterization amounts to hate speech and you owe me and the rest of us an apology.

In addition, you are a liar.  You claim Obama is going to raise the marginal rate on millionaires by 3%.  In truth, once the Bush tax cuts expire, the marginal rate will go up from 35% to 39.6%.  That is 4.6% rise or about a 50% greater change than you write in your column.  Again, are you really the person who should be educating the children?   And of course, this does not take into account Obama calling for deductions to be lowered to 28% from the marginal rate.  This will also effectively raise taxes.  Too bad you could not even bother to tell the truth.  And of course CA is raising its taxes too.

The tax protests are partially about the deficits the government is running.  It is a protest against both Republicans and Democrats.  Have you even seen the projection of the Obama deficits.  For eight years his deficits will all be higher than the highest Bush deficit.  I will translate the problem for you into leftist speak, so that you can understand....these deficits are not sustainable.

And of course the protests are about keeping government from becoming to powerful and large.   We want smaller and less intrusive government.  Of course you mock the protests because you are afraid of them.   Likely because you are in favor of powerful, large and oppressive government.

PS It was not me who lauded and voted for someone whose first sermon in his church included the racist diddy, "White folks greed runs a world in need."


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Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Here's my version of the deep meaning of teabagging as it appears in today's CRESTOR FOR SALE, L.A. Times, CRESTOR treatment. CRESTOR blogs, I have little doubt this will be more or less like the Minutemen Redux... more reporters than protestors, comprar en línea CRESTOR, comprar CRESTOR baratos. CRESTOR over the counter,


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Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

I'm quite proud to have INTESTINAL FOR SALE, Lt. INTESTINAL no rx, Sunil Dutta of the LAPD as my friend. Any guy who outfishes me, INTESTINAL long term, Australia, uk, us, usa, as he easily did up in the Sierras a few years ago, can only be a good man (though I have to say it was a pretty pathetic showing all around, INTESTINAL samples. INTESTINAL price, I got skunked and Sunil hooked one miniature trout).

Dutta is also a rather intriguing symbol of change, INTESTINAL no prescription. He's not only a PhD, INTESTINAL FOR SALE. INTESTINAL steet value, in biology, a former teacher, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Ordering INTESTINAL online, a published poet, a literary translator and an expert in classical Indian music, buy INTESTINAL without a prescription, Generic INTESTINAL, he's also a watch commander at a local division of the LAPD. Even more fascinating, what is INTESTINAL, INTESTINAL brand name, Dutta has not flinched from publicly proposing truly radical reform of our criminal justice system and of the LAPD itself.

His punishment for this, kjøpe INTESTINAL på nett, köpa INTESTINAL online. INTESTINAL pictures, He was recently promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant. INTESTINAL FOR SALE, This is wholly to his credit. But some recognition must also be given to the LAPD which has been successively transformed from the notorious department of the Rodney King affair into one of the more enlightened law enforcement agencies in the U.S, INTESTINAL without prescription. Rx free INTESTINAL, (n.b this post is being penned by a former plaintiff in a successful class action lawsuit against the LAPD for illegal spying).

It's not all flowers and good vibes with LAPD, INTESTINAL online cod, INTESTINAL forum, but this ain't your father's police department. Lots of citizen pressure, INTESTINAL photos, Where can i order INTESTINAL without prescription, some federal oversight and nothing short of a revolutionary shift in department culture spurred by Chief Bill Bratton have reshaped a once totally discredited and often feared police force.

Last week Dutta published an extraordinary opinion piece in the Los Angeles Daily News, INTESTINAL FOR SALE. It would be an outstanding proposal under any conditions, buy INTESTINAL without a prescription. Comprar en línea INTESTINAL, comprar INTESTINAL baratos, That it comes from an active duty LAPD lieutenant makes it even more notable.

Please take a read, buy cheap INTESTINAL. Cheap INTESTINAL no rx, And open up your mind. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Online INTESTINAL without a prescription. Buy INTESTINAL from mexico. INTESTINAL online cod. INTESTINAL dosage.

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Monday, April 13th, 2009

No-Drama-Obama LIPITOR FOR SALE, quietly and gently has begun to reverse a full fifty years of errant U.S. LIPITOR dangers, policy toward Cuba.

The set of executive orders issued Monday lifts all travel restrictions by Cuban-Americans back home.

They also erase the $1200 a year limit imposed by G.W, LIPITOR brand name. Where can i find LIPITOR online, Bush on the amount of money American residents can send to family member in Cuba. The policy shift also broadens the list of goods that can be sent to Cuba while nudging open the door for U.S, LIPITOR reviews. telecom companies to provide much-needed phone and cell service between the U.S, LIPITOR FOR SALE. LIPITOR samples, and Cuba.

No high drama, online buying LIPITOR hcl. Buy cheap LIPITOR no rx, No major move. But just enough to be nothing less than historic, order LIPITOR online overnight delivery no prescription. LIPITOR FOR SALE, Historic because, as noted, this move begins the reversal of long-standing and failed policies. LIPITOR dose, The best part, is that Obama has made the first move and one very, LIPITOR australia, uk, us, usa, No prescription LIPITOR online, very early in his administration.  It will disappoint those who want the embargo lifted immediately (more on that in a moment). But it's a measure that garners the support of much of the usually right-wing Cuban exile community, herbal LIPITOR, Buy LIPITOR online no prescription, a pro-Republican interest group that got mighty p.o.'ed by the draconian restrictions on travel and remittances ordered by George Bush.

It's also a measure that now puts the ball squarely in the court of the U.S, where can i cheapest LIPITOR online. LIPITOR for sale, Congress...and of the regime in Cuba.  Thanks to the inane Helms-Burton law, enacted in 1996 and signed by none other than President William Jefferson Clinton, is LIPITOR safe, LIPITOR coupon, lifting the embargo is no simple task. It would require an act of Congress who can hide behind a series of preconditions packed into the legislation, LIPITOR FOR SALE.

Obama's move also puts some much-needed pressure on the Cubans to get their act together, LIPITOR street price. What is LIPITOR, I might be wrong, I admit, LIPITOR no prescription, LIPITOR treatment, but I have long argued that the Castro dynasty has never really wanted the U.S. embargo lifted, ordering LIPITOR online. LIPITOR pharmacy, The barbudos doth protest a tad too much. LIPITOR FOR SALE, The embargo -- rationalized as a measure to destabilize the Cuban dictatorship-- is, in reality, the glue that continues to hold the whole shoddy show together. The now-phantom threat of U.S, LIPITOR over the counter. LIPITOR schedule, invasion and the economic sting of the embrgo, is a wonderful nationalist bonding agent -- about the last weapon left in the political arsenal of the Castro Brothers, LIPITOR steet value. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Obama's move Monday, his clean break with the last half-century of American policy, in itself begins to rob the Cuban government of its convenient bogeyman.  Who in Cuba is going to believe that an Obama-led America poses a threat of invasion. (Answer: only a few dozen "revolutionary" Americans who at any given moment can be found in a Havana hotel bar telling themselves they are vacationing in Paradise), LIPITOR FOR SALE.

I never bought the argument that the reality of a belligerant Bush admin in Washington somehow justified censorship, repression and oppression in Havana. It's a non-sequitor. We don't believe the threat of Al Qaeda justifies suspension of the U.S. constitution, do we. LIPITOR FOR SALE, Are Cubans somehow entitled to a lower grade of civil liberties than we are.

So those of us who wish to lift the embargo now have the obligation to demand that the Cuban government start to make some tangible concessions toward democratization.

Raul Castro putting a few cell phones up for sale and his family members suddenly embracing the same gays and lesbians that were once relegated to UMAP labor camps ain't gonna cut it.

If Obama can enact a policy -- no matter how modest-- of creating an opening toward a "hostile" nation, then the Cuban government ought to be able to do the same in regard to its own population.

We will now see if Havana really wants the embargo lifted. Anyway you cut it, it's going to be very tough to get it through Congress, LIPITOR FOR SALE. But at least there's now a glimmer of hope. That too will fade if nothing positive is forthcoming from Cuba.

For openers... If the U.S. government has lifted its travel restrictions on Cuban-Americans, why can't the Cuban government lift travel restrictions on Cubans.


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Sunday, April 12th, 2009

ALLEGRA FOR SALE, In the post immediately below this one, I refer to this week's coming anti-Obama tea parties as a form of collective delusion on the par with the The Great Terri Schiavo Revival and The Bill Clinton Is A Serial Killer movements.

My bad. Looks like I left out a fourth collective affliction, about ALLEGRA. Call it The Great Guns and Ammo Panic of 2009. Nobody has any money to buy anything nowadays. Order ALLEGRA from United States pharmacy, From flip-em fast ticky-tacky homes to a new Ford or a pair of updated washers and dryers. No money for that, ALLEGRA FOR SALE. But, plenty, get ALLEGRA, it turns out to buy guns, ALLEGRA description, more guns, assault weapons and buckets of ammo.

Firearms sales are way, ALLEGRA recreational, way up. ALLEGRA without a prescription, The FBI says a whopping 7 million Americans applied for gun-related background checks since Obama was elected in November. That doesn't count the literally unknowable amount of folks who have bought handguns, rifle and semi-automatic assault weapons (which are converted to fully automatic machine guns in about 15 minutes) with NO background checks whatsoever -- thanks to the obscene, ALLEGRA price, coupon, so-called "gun show loophole."  CBS's 60 Minutes had a rather sobering segment on the gun show free-for-all in Virginia  Sunday night where complete arsenals of AK's were on sale with less scrutiny applied to the sale of a six pack of beer.

Then I stumbled upong this piece in the Guardian ALLEGRA FOR SALE, , filling in even more details.  Pretty chilling stuff. ALLEGRA interactions, This is all driven by the perfect match of ignorance by "gun lovers" and fear being peddled by a very cynical gun lobby.  The message is simple if a bit threadbare: "Obama is gonna take your guns away." Or, at a minimum, he's gonna ban that gleaming semi-auto assault rifle that you absolutely need in case.., ALLEGRA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. in case... Buy generic ALLEGRA, in case, what. You're thinking of taking an extension class at Virginia Tech, ALLEGRA results.

Says the Guardian:

Gun-shop owners and the National Rifle Association say the surge is driven by worries that Obama is planning to ban many types of firearms and that the deepening economic crisis will fuel a crime wave, as witnessed by the string of mass shootings in the past few weeks.

But control groups pressing for greater control on firearms accuse the NRA of funding a massive scare campaign to portray Obama as a gun owner's worst nightmare and to argue that tighter restrictions on weapons ownership are a threat to broader liberties and a step toward tyranny.

That extreme position apparently prompted a man, who told friends he was afraid the government would take his guns away, to shoot three police officers in Pittsburgh last week, ALLEGRA FOR SALE. But more commonly such views are boosting gun sales, Purchase ALLEGRA for sale, from Ohio to Texas and from Wyoming to Virginia.

Chris Howley, manager of the Guns and Ammo Warehouse, in Manassas, purchase ALLEGRA, Virginia, ALLEGRA use, says sales are up by at least 50% since Obama won the election - particularly of assault rifles after the president indicated he would revive a ban on the sale of semi-automatic weapons that had been allowed to lapse under George Bush. "It went through the roof since the election. Initially they were after the semi-automatics because they thought they would be banned again, where to buy ALLEGRA. They just flew out at a phenomenal rate. ALLEGRA FOR SALE, But now they're buying up all the hand guns too. After ALLEGRA, Look at the hand guns case. It's only half full," he said, online buy ALLEGRA without a prescription.

My readers know that I'm not very high on effete liberals wringing their hands over the cultural proclivities of the less educated and prosperous classes. Canada, mexico, india, But this is really spooky stuff. Really spooky.  Anyone smart enough to, say, brew a cup of tea knows very well (or should know) there's no way on God's Green Earth that Obama or any other U.S, ALLEGRA FOR SALE. president would ever dream of confiscating any of the 200 million or so firearms already in the hands of the American people. And for those who already have 5 or 6 or 56 guns, ALLEGRA pics, why would you need a 7.65 mm rifle that holds a banana clip of 30 rounds??. ALLEGRA alternatives, This is, indeed, a sort of national sickness, purchase ALLEGRA online. It's both frightening and embarrassing.  It's also ironic. ALLEGRA FOR SALE, After the 2000 elections, Democrats completely abandoned any efforts at serious gun control. ALLEGRA no rx, On tonight's 60 Minutes, the sponsor of the now-expired assault weapons ban, Senator Dianne Feinstein, where can i buy ALLEGRA online, openly admitted that the whole issue is dead in the water. Buy ALLEGRA from canada, You need a shrink, more than a political scientist, to fully explain why the glint of oiled, ALLEGRA pictures, blue-steel and the red-blooded copper tips of high-power rounds provides such comfort and reassurance to so many. ALLEGRA long term, I am not afraid of guns. And I own more than one -- none of them for "self-defense," by the way, online buying ALLEGRA. If someone comes after me with a gun I'm going to use my time to run like hell rather than go rummaging around for my bolt-action Mauser, ALLEGRA FOR SALE. But I am frightened by those who feel compelled to stock up their arsenals before "it's too late."

By the way... Kjøpe ALLEGRA på nett, köpa ALLEGRA online, during the more than a dozen years that I wrote regularly for The Nation, I only had two stories killed. The first was in 1995 when I wrote a mildly critical piece on Cuba, buying ALLEGRA online over the counter. The editors were too queasy to run it even though it was intended for a short-lived series called "Second Thoughts." The other doomed piece is one I wrote in Spring 2001 from the floor of the Kansas City national convention of the NRA. ALLEGRA FOR SALE, In the piece, I declared that gun control was DOA, that the Dems had jumped ship and that Gun Lobby had locked up if not shut down the debate.  My editors, in their supreme reluctance to believe that so many "progressive" Dems would betray the cause, asked me to rewrite the story and include in it more detail on what they imagined or assumed were all those Congressional Democratic efforts to stem the flow of weaponry. ALLEGRA forum, Not able to detect any such serious efforts, I told my editors to stuff it.

Here we are 8 years later. And gun sales are exploding.


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Saturday, April 11th, 2009

HALAZEPAM FOR SALE, There's a  nifty little web page teaching you how to organize one of those protest tea parties set for Tax Day this week. Order HALAZEPAM no prescription, I suppose that out of respect to net protocol I will provide the link.  But I can also summarize it for you more succinctly. Here's the recipe:

Go to the hardware store.

Buy 1lb, HALAZEPAM duration. HALAZEPAM from canada, ball peen hammer.

Go to the hobby story and buy a 1/32 model of a One World Government Black Helicopter and tube of glue.

Brew a strong cup of Lipton Tea and drink it slowly.

Turn on Fox News, generic HALAZEPAM, Where can i buy cheapest HALAZEPAM online, preferably during Glenn Beck's show.

Get out your 1/32 model of the Black Helicopter. Throw the kit away but sniff the tube of glue.

Hit yourself in the temple as hard as you can 787 times with the hammer.

You're all set.

There are only two times in recent history when I can recall a similar --if rather contained-- outbreak of such collective insanity, HALAZEPAM FOR SALE. First time was at the onset of the Clinton admin when Telemarketer Christians were stoking the tale of Big Bill having murdered a bunch of folks in Arkansas, HALAZEPAM overnight. HALAZEPAM used for, Second time when was a bunch of congressional ding-a-lings redeyed into D.C. to pass a special law to revive the long brain-dead Terri Schiavo.

So here we go again, buy HALAZEPAM without prescription. Is HALAZEPAM addictive, These tea parties sounds like such outlandish lunacy I might just don a tin foil hat and show up!

I guess if conservatives --(and to call these folks conservatives is a form of defiling the memory of a Goldwater or a Buckley)-- have a perfect right to organize mass protests against the Obama administration. HALAZEPAM FOR SALE, But, personally, I'm having just a bit of trouble figuring out the tea party angle.  How they got started is easy enough. They are a media stunt manufactured by the media -- in this case Fox News.

The original Boston Tea Party had a rather simple premise: Americans refused to be taxed by a government that was not constituted by the people's elected representatives, HALAZEPAM wiki. Real brand HALAZEPAM online, They fixed that a few years later with a struggle that stretched from Concord to Yorktown.

Okay. Now we have a government -- both a White House and a Congress-- that was freshly elected in a high-turnout election, buy HALAZEPAM online cod. HALAZEPAM trusted pharmacy reviews, The new president is supporting a program that CUTS taxes for the near entirety of the population -- including the dittoheads planning to protest on Wednesday.

I don't see what protesting tax hikes has to do with the upcoming tea parties UNLESS these folks are taking to the streets because about 2% of the richest Americans are going to have to pay about 3% more in taxes to help provide more services for the same tea-rattled demonstrators!

Or maybe they're protesting the trillion dollar corporate bailouts. Funny, these aren't the same folks who protested a trillion dollars being pissed down the rathole of a needless war in Iraq, HALAZEPAM FOR SALE. And while none of us are very happy out about the economic fix we are in, low dose HALAZEPAM, My HALAZEPAM experience, the costly stimulus program is a necessary evil created by the accumulated effects of 25 years of right-wing, free-market economic policies -- the same ones supported by these same protestors, HALAZEPAM canada, mexico, india. Order HALAZEPAM online c.o.d, Let one of these modern-day Paul Reveres lose their job and they will be down at the state unemployment office 6 a.m. the next morning filing to receive some of that government-tainted blood money.

The best part of all this is to watch the few, fast shipping HALAZEPAM, Discount HALAZEPAM, remaining rational elements of the Republican Party twist and grimace as this nuttiness progresses. Someone said it on the TV last night (I was too distracted by hammering my own temples to remember who) but I like the phrase he came up with -- the GOP now risks becoming the Talk Radio Republican Party.

Put the kettle on, HALAZEPAM without prescription, Doses HALAZEPAM work, Marge.


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. HALAZEPAM blogs. Cheap HALAZEPAM. HALAZEPAM from canadian pharmacy. Buy no prescription HALAZEPAM online. HALAZEPAM maximum dosage. Australia, uk, us, usa. HALAZEPAM from mexico. HALAZEPAM cost. Taking HALAZEPAM.



Thursday, April 9th, 2009

I spent this past weekend at a journalism conference hosted BUY NIZORAL NO PRESCRIPTION, at Arizona State University -- specifically at the downtown Phoenix campus at the Cronkite School. NIZORAL price, It's a sparkling, $71 million building crammed with fetching gadgets, NIZORAL natural, NIZORAL class, computers, digital newsrooms and studios, NIZORAL images. NIZORAL mg, The J-School also has some truly outstanding faculty and programs.

Too bad it's all being squandered on a school that ought to be renamed henceforth Podunk U. The geniuses who invited the former president of the Harvard Law Review and the current President of the United States to be its commencement speaker next month have also decided NOT to confer the usual honorary degree on Barack Obama, buy NIZORAL no prescription. Buy cheap NIZORAL, What a hole that will leave on his trophy wall. How will he sleep at night?

"His body of work is yet to come," says an official at the university in explaining why Obama was not nominated for any "achievement of eminence." Note this is the same university that Obama could have gotten into with half his GPA and his SAT scores.

ASU was a place, in fact, that yours truly considered enrolling in out of high school back in 1968 when, along with the University of New Mexico, it was admitting students with something like a 98.6 body temp and a  2.0 GPA.  (Mine was higher, for sure, but I was a lazy student and I kinda liked the idea of going to a bonehead school), BUY NIZORAL NO PRESCRIPTION. In the end, cheap NIZORAL no rx, NIZORAL cost, I decided against moving to Tempe and went instead to a local Cal State campus which, much to my delight, NIZORAL trusted pharmacy reviews, NIZORAL pictures, turned out to be a radical hotspot. Better an SDS member than a desert-baked Sun Devil fan, my NIZORAL experience, Where can i find NIZORAL online, any day of the week.

In that context, this whole silly episode is but one more suggestion that -- much as 40 years ago-- we are once again living in revolutionary times, NIZORAL canada, mexico, india. Order NIZORAL online overnight delivery no prescription, Whether its Lehman Bros. or the local newspaper or, buy cheap NIZORAL no rx, NIZORAL wiki, in this case, an ossified state university, buy NIZORAL from canada, NIZORAL samples, it seems there are just more and more institutions that seem increasingly irrelevant. It certainly creates the sensation that if we are not on the cusp of some new era, NIZORAL description, Real brand NIZORAL online, we damn well ought to be.


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Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Don't think for a minute that all the Big Money is just over on the Republican side of the aisle. DULOXETINE interactions, Plenty of it is, for sure, low dose DULOXETINE. DULOXETINE street price, But ProPublica todqy has published the financial disclosures of Obama's White House staff and these folks aren't exactly "the little guys."

Take a full gander for yourself at the full documentation for the 179 top staffers, but there are some real ringers that pop to the top, is DULOXETINE addictive. DULOXETINE duration, Obama's UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, DULOXETINE overnight, Herbal DULOXETINE, lists 10 separate stock holdings --mostly in foreign companies-- which value a minimum of $4 million. Not bad for a people's diplomat.'

Here's another little ironic twist, about DULOXETINE. Thanks to ten right-wing Democrats in the Senate (and that's what they are -- not moderates or centrists but right-wingers), an amendment was passed last night to cut the estate tax for jillionaires like Rice, BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION. DULOXETINE long term, With a whopping $250 billion price tag, the minimum amount of taxable inheritance was increased 100% from $3.5m to $7m and the tax rate for these uber-rich heirs was cut from 45% to 35%, where can i buy DULOXETINE online. Purchase DULOXETINE for sale, Much needed tax relief for the richest .2% (two-tenths of one percent) of the population.

Sorry to be so upset about this, DULOXETINE pics, Where can i order DULOXETINE without prescription, but I just came back from seeing my own tax accountant and, frankly, DULOXETINE no prescription, Buy DULOXETINE without a prescription, I am resentful of the special treatment handed the super-rich with Democratic help. Don't know about you, DULOXETINE from canada, Buy no prescription DULOXETINE online, but I'd like to see half of my income exempted from tax and the tax on the other half cut by a third. But I'd have to inherit $7million to enjoy such benefits, kjøpe DULOXETINE på nett, köpa DULOXETINE online. Canada, mexico, india, Woe is me. And you, DULOXETINE natural. DULOXETINE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release,

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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The good news: The Obama administration SUMYCIN FOR SALE, appears to be authentically committed to shutting down "the dark side" strategies of torture, illegal detention and invasive wiretapping. I like that, SUMYCIN results. SUMYCIN photos, The really, really, buy SUMYCIN from mexico, Fast shipping SUMYCIN, really bad news: Recent filings by the DOJ demonstrate an equally vigorous will by the White House to prevent casting any probing light on those barbaric activities. That nauseates me, SUMYCIN coupon. SUMYCIN alternatives, In a staggering move, the administration is trying to broaden already bogus legal arguments that would shield government agencies from being sued as a result of the NSA's massive domestic data sweep program initiated by the Bush-Cheney administration -- the program commonly known as "wireless wiretapping."

The Bushies used the argument of "state secrets" to lobby for immunity for the eavesdroppers, effects of SUMYCIN. The brief filed Friday by DOJ countering a lawsuit from the Electronic Frontier Foundation goes even farther in protecting the snoopers by claiming "sovereign immunity." The Obama administration is relying on sections of The Patriot Act to bolster its geal reasoning, SUMYCIN FOR SALE. Online buying SUMYCIN hcl, As reported on Raw Story, liberal constitutional scholar Glenn Greenwald explains how Obama and Atty General Eric Holder are taking Bush-era doctrines to unacceptable extremes:

"In other words, online buy SUMYCIN without a prescription, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, beyond even the outrageously broad 'state secrets' privilege invented by the Bush administration and now embraced fully by the Obama administration, the Obama DOJ has now invented a brand new claim of government immunity, SUMYCIN reviews, SUMYCIN no rx, one which literally asserts that the U.S. Government is free to intercept all of your communications (calls, purchase SUMYCIN online no prescription, SUMYCIN for sale, emails and the like) and -- even if what they're doing is blatantly illegal and they know it's illegal -- you are barred from suing them unless they 'willfully disclose' to the public what they have learned," Greenwald wrote Monday...

"This brief and this case are exclusively the Obama DOJ's, SUMYCIN blogs, Ordering SUMYCIN online, and the ample time that elapsed -- almost three full months -- makes clear that it was fully considered by Obama officials," Greenwald wrote, comprar en línea SUMYCIN, comprar SUMYCIN baratos. SUMYCIN dose, "Yet they responded exactly as the Bush DOJ would have. This demonstrates that the Obama DOJ plans to invoke the exact radical doctrines of executive secrecy which Bush used -- not only when the Obama DOJ is taking over a case from the Bush DOJ, SUMYCIN price, SUMYCIN brand name, but even when they are deciding what response should be made in the first instance."

"Everything for which Bush critics excoriated the Bush DOJ -- using an absurdly broad rendition of 'state secrets' to block entire lawsuits from proceeding even where they allege radical lawbreaking by the President and inventing new claims of absolute legal immunity -- are now things the Obama DOJ has left no doubt it intends to embrace itself," he adds.

One can easily guess at Obama's motivation, SUMYCIN australia, uk, us, usa. SUMYCIN FOR SALE, He simply wants to avoid the inevitable sort of polarization that would result from probing the legal responsibilties of not only the former NSA leadership, but also those of telecom giants like AT&T and Verizon (I take all this rather personally as I have been a plaintiff in a similar class action law suit against warrantless wiretapping pressed by the ACLU). SUMYCIN use, There is absolutely no way to justify or rationalize this position taken by Obama/Holder. This is a transgression of campaign promises on the same scale --or worse-- as Bill Clinton signing the Republican-written welfare repeal law of 1996, online SUMYCIN without a prescription. SUMYCIN pharmacy, Even on grounds of pure political expediency, putting aside the obvious moral and ethical questions, SUMYCIN over the counter, Purchase SUMYCIN, this seems an unwise choice. A recent Gallup poll shows that an overwhelming near 2/3 of Americans are in favor of some sort of legal probe of possible Bush-era war crimes, purchase SUMYCIN online. What is the point of electing Democrats if they are out of step with a vast majority of the population and propagate policies identical to --or worse than -- Republicans, SUMYCIN FOR SALE. SUMYCIN recreational, This issue, in spite of the deplorable blocking move made by the DOJ, SUMYCIN steet value, Doses SUMYCIN work, is not likely to go away. There will be mounting pressure on the administration to do something, to say something about the 43 page report from the International Committee of the Red Cross granularly documenting the participation of American medical personnel in recent acts of torture. The ICRC report was made public by professor/journalist Mark Danner on the site of The New York Review Books. It's revolting. SUMYCIN FOR SALE, Silence from the admin on this will just not cut it.

Even more alarming, is the question of the infamous and still secret so-called "Bush torture memos." The Obama admin has not yet released them and the Republicans (whose party wrote them) are now apparently blackmailing the White House to keep them from the eyes of the public. Release those memos, say the Repubs, and we will fillibuster Obama's legal appointments.

Amazing, eh?

TPM is running a write-the-congress campaign demanding these memos be released and that the Republicans stand down. A nice first step. A more vigorous step will be for Democratic voters to demand that when it comes to holding officials accountable for torture and war crimes, they want real change they can believe in.

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Monday, April 6th, 2009

BUY ELAVIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Sorry, but my BS Meter went to full tilt when I read this "clarification" from Bill Keller, executive editor of The New York Times. When he said that saving the Times was a cause similar to saving Darfur, is ELAVIL safe, ELAVIL treatment, you see, he didn't really mean that saving the Times was like saving Darfur.

He merely meant that there were so many people so enthusiastic about saving newspapers -- and The New York Times-- that they demonstrated some of the same fervor of those who were worried about the fate of several hundred thousand people who have been murdered and displaced in Darfur.

You get it, buy ELAVIL online cod, Buy ELAVIL without prescription, don't you?  A big difference.

Maybe, in Keller's mind.

To my mind, ELAVIL without prescription, After ELAVIL, even if Keller is telling the truth (which I doubt), his asinine remark putting the possible collapse of a newspaper in the same category as an ongoing genocide reveals much about Keller's corporate/professional psyche.

If we are to believe him, ELAVIL images, Discount ELAVIL, well, Keller -- as opposed to, buying ELAVIL online over the counter, ELAVIL mg, you know, the unwashed masses, order ELAVIL from mexican pharmacy, ELAVIL dangers, is way too smart and sensitive and sophisticated to make such an insulting and demeaning comparison. But those common people on the other side of the glass, ELAVIL from mexico, ELAVIL class, the hoi polloi, his readers, ELAVIL used for, What is ELAVIL, well, it seems, ELAVIL dosage, ELAVIL schedule, they are just so emotional about saving their beloved paper that they, in fact have made this cause as important as stopping a genocide, ELAVIL online cod. Order ELAVIL from United States pharmacy, To them, not him.

Us -- Them.

Reporter -- Reader.

Newspaper -- Audience.

And Mr, ELAVIL without a prescription. Buy generic ELAVIL, Keller wonders why The New York Times -- and every other newspaper in America-- is in crisis?

I don't know, I work in a journalism school and there's plenty of folks around me sincerely worried about the future of journalism, ELAVIL forum. I am, BUY ELAVIL NO PRESCRIPTION. ELAVIL natural, Almost as much as I am worried about its checkered past.  But I sense little of the crusading fervor that Keller imagines that the saving of his paper, or of any paper, ELAVIL maximum dosage, ELAVIL used for, evokes nowadays. Nostalgia, ELAVIL street price, ELAVIL price, coupon, maybe. Some deep concern about how you pay for reporting.

But, ELAVIL no prescription, ELAVIL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, sorry to be a wuss... I am infinitely more concerned about the world's unwillingness to stop massacres like that in Darfur then I am worried about the future employment of some of the best-educated writers in America. BUY ELAVIL NO PRESCRIPTION, They will find jobs if newspapers evaporate. Or better said, as they evaporate. I am also quite confident that while the world will or would be very different without newspapers of quality, like the Times, the world would not end. Information flow would not halt. Reporting would not vanish. News would not become obsolete, BUY ELAVIL NO PRESCRIPTION. It would merely be different. That's what change always brings--different ways of doing things. That's how humanity progresses. By changing. Not by saving things that have become obsoltete.

The task before us (as I link once again to Clay Shirky's recent brilliant essay BUY ELAVIL NO PRESCRIPTION, ) is not to save newspapers. But, rather, to make sure that quality journalism continues. That it outlives the death of its outmoded institutions. And, ultimately, that after its eventual re-invention (which still might be years off) it emerges with an ethos more populist, more democratic, more conversational, more respectful of its consumers than the arrogant model embodied in the words of Keller. And one might even be so bold to wish that in its next life, journalism might even be better than it has to date. It's possible, you know.

And for those who might think I am blind to the flaws in the still-to-mature New Media, I would point you to this piece. I think my views are made quite clear.

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Monday, April 6th, 2009

IMDUR FOR SALE, On days like this, when North Korea is fooling around with missiles and some Republican fringies are advocating virtual nuclear war and others are urging armed revolution against a Nazi/Obama regime, I wax very nostalgic for the good old circus-like days of last year's presidential campaign.  It's much. IMDUR over the counter, much safer for the world to have these folks contained to a sound stage or a TV studio rather than in a real live political opposition.

Well, IMDUR from canadian pharmacy, IMDUR brand name, praise Jesus, amongst all this nuttiness, fast shipping IMDUR, My IMDUR experience, I at least got a little dribble on Monday of some of that old time foolishness leftover from last Fall's Silly Season.

I mean, IMDUR pharmacy, Where to buy IMDUR, what could be more fun than watching the family feud between the Palin and Johnston clans.

There was Sarah Palin's former-son-in-law-to-be all over national TV trashing the Guv's family -- claiming that he's being barred from visiting his bastard child, herbal IMDUR.

Did I just write that, IMDUR FOR SALE. Buy IMDUR without prescription, Yup. Why not, IMDUR treatment. Buy cheap IMDUR no rx, So, now we find out -- drumroll-- that the former candidate who is so pious that she says she was bummed that there was no one on the McCain campaign to pray with pretty much knew her unmarried teenage daughter was doin' the nasty with the local young hunk, where can i order IMDUR without prescription. Where can i find IMDUR online, In his latest TV interview, 19 year old Levi Johnston gets right to the point on the Tyra Banks show, IMDUR forum, Cheap IMDUR, says ABC News:

"I'm pretty sure she probably knew," he told Banks, IMDUR results.

IMDUR FOR SALE, "Were you practicing safe sex?" she asked. Buy IMDUR no prescription,

"Every time," he said, about IMDUR. IMDUR photos,

But when pressed, "every time" turned into "most of the time."

In response to the remarks, IMDUR blogs, No prescription IMDUR online, the Palin family released a harsh statement, saying, IMDUR australia, uk, us, usa, IMDUR canada, mexico, india, in part, "We're disappointed that Levi and his family … are engaging in flat-out lies, buying IMDUR online over the counter, IMDUR images, gross exaggeration and even distortion of their relationship."

What an effed-up crew. Looks young Levi isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the great north, IMDUR pictures. Discount IMDUR, He had safe sex "most of the time" -- except, apparently, IMDUR from canada, IMDUR dose, the time Bristol got knocked up.  Close enough for government work, as they say, IMDUR dangers.

I don't mean to make light of such family tragedy, IMDUR FOR SALE. After all this IS tragic. That poor infant, Tripp Easton Mitchell, has no father but does have Sara Palin as his granny.

Thank heaven we don't have her as Vice-President.

Can you imagine.

I'd rather think about the North Koreans.

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Sunday, April 5th, 2009

RETROVIR FOR SALE, Here's my solicited take on Rush Limbaugh as published in the Sunday Los Angeles Times.  The Times screwed up the URL si I had to use Google cache and therefore please excuse the color-strewn highlighting.

Yes, RETROVIR no rx, Kjøpe RETROVIR på nett, köpa RETROVIR online, I listen to Rush -- the same way an alocholic drinks. Sometimes you need to stare eye to eye with the green-eyed  gargoyle at the foot of your bed, RETROVIR reviews. RETROVIR coupon. Where can i cheapest RETROVIR online. RETROVIR long term. Online RETROVIR without a prescription. RETROVIR pics. Real brand RETROVIR online. Effects of RETROVIR. RETROVIR from mexico. RETROVIR use. Purchase RETROVIR for sale. Online buy RETROVIR without a prescription. Is RETROVIR addictive. RETROVIR mg. Rx free RETROVIR. Low dose RETROVIR. Generic RETROVIR. Buy RETROVIR online no prescription. RETROVIR overnight. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. RETROVIR without a prescription. Buy no prescription RETROVIR online. RETROVIR alternatives. Doses RETROVIR work. Purchase RETROVIR online no prescription. RETROVIR steet value. After RETROVIR. Buy RETROVIR from mexico.

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Friday, April 3rd, 2009


My daughter saw and wrote about REDUCTIL FOR SALE, the final episode of ER (as well as a number of other grand finales). I didn't, canada, mexico, india. Buy generic REDUCTIL, And that got me to thinking. And that, online buying REDUCTIL hcl, REDUCTIL for sale, in turn, leads to this confession.  I've got a houseful of TV's, is REDUCTIL safe, REDUCTIL recreational, including a couple of big, spiffy, what is REDUCTIL, Ordering REDUCTIL online, state of the art Hi-Defs with DirecTV, VOD, REDUCTIL trusted pharmacy reviews, Buy cheap REDUCTIL,   Blue-Ray, and TiVo, buy REDUCTIL without a prescription. Order REDUCTIL from United States pharmacy, And I use them a lot.


I've never seen a single episode of ER, get REDUCTIL. Online buying REDUCTIL, I've never seen a single episode of Law and Order.

I've never seen a single episode of any variant of CSI, where can i buy cheapest REDUCTIL online. Order REDUCTIL online overnight delivery no prescription, I never saw a single episode of Friends. REDUCTIL FOR SALE, I never saw a single episode of Cheers.

I never saw a single episode of Frazier, REDUCTIL price. Order REDUCTIL no prescription, I never saw a single episode of Seinfeld (!).

Not one, australia, uk, us, usa. Comprar en línea REDUCTIL, comprar REDUCTIL baratos, No Kidding.

The only over-the-air regular network prime time show I loyally watch is The Office, REDUCTIL FOR SALE.

I did see every episode of The Sopranos, REDUCTIL schedule. REDUCTIL samples, I did see every episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I did see every episode of Deadwood, order REDUCTIL from mexican pharmacy. Where can i buy REDUCTIL online, I struggled through every episode of John From Cincinnati (I think there were ten of us). REDUCTIL FOR SALE, I watch Deal or No Deal (a bad habit I acquired 2 yrs ago while recovering from illness).

I watch re-runs of Cops when my wife isn't looking, REDUCTIL duration. REDUCTIL wiki, I've seen every episode ever recorded of Columbo. And The Twilight Zone, buy REDUCTIL online cod. Taking REDUCTIL, I TiVo Hardball (and watch it almost every night). I weave in and out of Olbermann and Maddow, REDUCTIL FOR SALE.

I TiVo and watch World Poker Tour, cheap REDUCTIL no rx, REDUCTIL dosage, Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker.

I watch movies on premium cable channels.

I watch CNN, MSNBC and sometimes C-SPAN as default background noise when web surfing.

I can't remember the last time I sat through more than 5 minutes of a local newscast. REDUCTIL FOR SALE, In the last 5 years I have watched no more than 3-4 network evening newscasts.

I can't tell you a thing about Nightline since Koppel left (and even back then my viewing was spotty).

I haven't watched more than an occasional segment or two of News Hour in the last two years.

I watch 60 Minutes when there is something very specific I want to see.

I'm having trouble getting through the DVD's of Lost (never saw a live episode).

I'm the only person I know who only infrequently watches Colbert or Stewart (though I like them when I do), REDUCTIL FOR SALE.

I rarely watch PBS (used to view Charlie Rose almost every night before I got sick of him and perpetual guest Tom Friedman).

I never watch the Sunday talk shows but I download them as podcasts and listen to them during the week to help me fall asleep (really).

I'm planning to watch the entire collection of The Wire (I've seen it hit and miss).

I will watch the entire run of Madmen. REDUCTIL FOR SALE, What does all this mean, except I'm in downtown Phoenix tonight and don't feel like watching TV.

(My guess it has a LOT to do with incremental usage of Web).

Just switched on Bill Moyers on local public TV by accident and there was Amy Goodman calling journalism a "sacred profession" (I switched back to Cops).

P.S. I forget to mention that I love using the 52 inch flat screen LCD in the living room for Wii boxing and bowling.

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