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Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

ZYBAN FOR SALE, I don't know about you, but I personally feel so much safer, so much better about myself, so much prouder of America, now that, out in Virginia, 41-year old Teresa Lewis, convicted of the 2002 contract-killing of her husband and stepson, has been forced to ride the needle. Bumping off a woman just might help us overcome the "queasiness" as one expert put it, cheap ZYBAN no rx, Taking ZYBAN, about finally getting around to executing the five dozen or so other females now consuming oxygen and munching on taxpayer-provided meals as they idle away on various Death Rows.  Let's get on with it.

We are a civilized nation, real brand ZYBAN online. Low dose ZYBAN, We're not like Iran or Saudi Arabia, where errant females are lashed or even stoned to death, ZYBAN coupon. ZYBAN from canada, We are a superior culture, and just as we do with stray dogs and cats, ZYBAN dosage, ZYBAN photos, we treat our female criminals with TLC, strap them into a gurney, purchase ZYBAN online no prescription, Order ZYBAN from United States pharmacy, give them last rites, the right to say a few parting words and then silently inject them with a lethal mix of toxic chemicals.  Why should any balls-out, buy ZYBAN from canada, ZYBAN without a prescription, red-blooded American be queasy about such a humane act of mercy and justice?  And it is justice we are talking about. In the best practice and spirit of our Judeo-Christian heritage we are all about an eye for an eye, ZYBAN FOR SALE. A solid contract killing certainly merits the state fulfilling its contract with its citizens by snuffing one of them out, herbal ZYBAN. ZYBAN cost, P.S.  Oh yeah, Lewis had an IQ of 72. If she had not chosen the path of crime she could have run for Congres, buy ZYBAN without a prescription, ZYBAN pharmacy, you betcha,


On an equally cheerful note.., ZYBAN mg. Order ZYBAN no prescription, today marks the 6 month anniversary of passage of Obama's health care program and some of its secondary but still important reforms of the insurance industry now go into effect.  Did you notice that the Democrats have completely run away from this issue?  Wouldn't today have been the perfect opportunity to stage a hughe agit-prop celebration of these measures that can only benefit most American families. Yes, ZYBAN forum. ZYBAN FOR SALE, But there is no will on the Democratic side of the aisle to take ownership and this is one more reason why they are likely to get a booty-kicking come November. Online buying ZYBAN, The Republicans had NO such hesitation. They issued some sort of warmed-over Pledge to America and vowed to repeal and replace or, comprar en línea ZYBAN, comprar ZYBAN baratos, ZYBAN natural, at least, defund as much of the health care program as possible when they probably take back the House, where can i buy ZYBAN online. Australia, uk, us, usa, That is, except for the "good" parts of the program they are now defending even though they all voted against them earlier this year, doses ZYBAN work. ZYBAN street price, Logical, no, ZYBAN reviews. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Up is down as we see in this revealing Q&A that unmasks the bottomless Republican hypocrisy on this issue. ZYBAN wiki. ZYBAN class.

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Monday, September 20th, 2010

Like Christine O'Donnell LEVOTHROID FOR SALE, , I also hung out with some strange folks in school. Also, buy LEVOTHROID from mexico, LEVOTHROID brand name, I never was nor am I now a member of a coven.  Glad to hear she isn't either. My friends, myself included, online buying LEVOTHROID hcl, Order LEVOTHROID from mexican pharmacy, DID however masturbate now and then. Don't want to think about that subject in regard to her, buy LEVOTHROID online no prescription. Order LEVOTHROID online c.o.d, But while we're on the subject of whacking off, I have to say I'm getting pretty damn tired of all the media head-scratching over just exactly WHO the tea-partiers really are.  It seems rather self-evident to me: they are.....drumroll...., discount LEVOTHROID. LEVOTHROID maximum dosage, right-wing Republicans.

Gosh, that was hard, wasn't it, LEVOTHROID FOR SALE. I might have to rest for an hour or two after all that mental exertion, purchase LEVOTHROID for sale. LEVOTHROID price, The Tea Party troops are the same 15-20 percent of the American fringe that has been there as long as I can remember. An amalgam and a legacy of a mongrel mix of Birchers, LEVOTHROID from mexico, Buy LEVOTHROID without prescription, militia sympathizers, states righters, LEVOTHROID description, LEVOTHROID no prescription, conspiracy freaks, and with a light sprinkling -- here and there-- of good, my LEVOTHROID experience, Purchase LEVOTHROID, old-fashioned racists and, who knew, LEVOTHROID trusted pharmacy reviews, LEVOTHROID description, a witch or two.

One thing for sure, buy LEVOTHROID from canada, Order LEVOTHROID online c.o.d, they are not just a non-partisan, non-ideological group who wants smaller government and lower taxes.  With every passing day, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Buy cheap LEVOTHROID, the social conservative agenda within the TP movement more prominently emerges, redolent with the odor of a resurrected Christian Coalition.  Jerry Falwell didn't have a thing on Sister Sarah or Miss Chrissie in being a government-in-the-bedroom bible thumper and busybody, LEVOTHROID results. LEVOTHROID FOR SALE, There's very little surprising or bewlidering about the rise of the TP.  They come at a moment when their party establishment completely and historically bankrupted itself, and America. LEVOTHROID samples, Worse, they allowed a BLACK MAN to become president and a WOMAN to become Speaker of the house, LEVOTHROID wiki, LEVOTHROID street price, setting America on the road to ruination.

Just as many progressive Dems are now downcast and depressed with their party leadership, rx free LEVOTHROID, LEVOTHROID steet value, so were many disillusioned Republicans.  With no effective post-Bush leadership to reset the GOP agenda and move it toward a palatable center, the barnyard door was left swinging open for all the screaming meemies who used to be kept locked up in the closet, LEVOTHROID long term. Australia, uk, us, usa, Now, they are out and running for the Senate in Nevada and Delaware (and maybe for the presidency).  They, indeed, represent the most vibrant political force in the GOP and, for the moment, in the country. But they remain a minority. A decided minority. And the higher they momentarily climb, the harder they will eventually fall.

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Sunday, September 19th, 2010

URISPAS FOR SALE, No question that Democrats are in deep, deep do-do.  Yes, the rise of the Tea Party is bad news for the GOP establishment.  But come the general elections, there is little evidence that "moderates" and "independents" will turn to the Democrats.  They most likely will stay home or even more likely will wind up voting for whatever whack-a-nut Republican is on the ballot.

Democrats are starting to lose ground in all kinds of places that as recently as a month ago were considered safe.  Add to that the open defection of the congressional Democratic right-wing and we're staring right down the barrel of Speaker John Boehner, URISPAS cost. URISPAS from canadian pharmacy, Only in America, folks, URISPAS duration. URISPAS forum, It was inevitable, but here comes the final insult. Big Bill Clinton has re-appeared to offer his fellow Democrats some helpful advice.  LOL, buy URISPAS without prescription. URISPAS schedule, He's gotten things underway by announcing that Tea Partiers are corporate "pawns."  This is, of course, purchase URISPAS for sale, URISPAS images, an area of great expertise for #42 as he was one of the most clever of corporate pawns to ever come down the pike.  Y'all remember that once in power, the first thing Clinton did was to triangulate and  split his own party to ram through the corporate cornucopia known as NAFTA.  The rest was pretty much history -- though we should pause for a moment to remember that it was Bill's economic team (now resurrected in the Obama White House) that completed the Reagan agenda of deregulating big finance, where can i cheapest URISPAS online.

That contributed directly to our current financial melt-down which in turn is at the root of the coming Democratic Waterloo.  So, thanks for the free advice, Bill, URISPAS FOR SALE. Low dose URISPAS, We'd be better off if you got your mug far from the cameras and got back to counting the millions pouring into his library and foundation from a countless roster of global corporations and gulf sheikdoms.

I don't think Democrats have much to gain from associating too closely with the red-nosed former Chief Exec, URISPAS photos. URISPAS pics, Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that they pretty come up with something pretty effective pretty fast or they risk stranding Barack Obama as lame duck starting about seven weeks from now.

I hardly claim to possess any silver bullet recommendations, URISPAS online cod. URISPAS FOR SALE, I suspect it's too late anyway. URISPAS price, There IS a lot of talk about a possible last minute campaign to use the TeaParty as boogeymen (or is it witches?) to drive spooked-out Dems to the polls. Don't know if it work, taking URISPAS. Order URISPAS no prescription, Using fear is not a wholesome strategy. But it's worked so well for the Republicans that maybe it is the last card left in the Democratic deck, kjøpe URISPAS på nett, köpa URISPAS online. URISPAS without a prescription. Herbal URISPAS. URISPAS from mexico. Buy URISPAS without a prescription. Where can i order URISPAS without prescription. Purchase URISPAS. Online buying URISPAS. URISPAS dose. No prescription URISPAS online. About URISPAS. URISPAS use.

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Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

BUY PAXIL NO PRESCRIPTION, As far back as ten years ago, an old pal of mine -- much, much warmer to the Cuban regime than I -- described Cuba as a sort of jet airliner, circling, circling and circling; a society up in the air and unsure where and how it was going to land.

Looks now like the suspense is over. Time to buckle up your seat belts and put your head between knees and pray you survive.

Just days after Fidel Castro said the Cuban economic model didn't work and then said he didn't say it, the Cuban state has announced it is laying off a million workers, PAXIL maximum dosage, 20% of the national work force.  So, I guess Fidel meant what he said he didn't say.  The layoffs had been rumored for months and come as little surprise to most Cubans -- though I think it fair to say that few predicted the shock would be quite of this scale.

The Cuban trade unions of all people, PAXIL reviews, in language similar to a Thatcherite cabinet minister has applauded the move and has re-assured its nervous members that nobody is really going to lose their job. Instead, they will be transitioned into an expanded private sector, BUY PAXIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Service workers, like barbers and taxi drivers, will be forced --for better or worse-- to work for themselves and to pay a Steve Forbes-like 25% flat tax for social services. Others state employees will be "allowed" to form cooperatives.  Details are sketchy but some factories might be semi-privatized, PAXIL canada, mexico, india. Some Cubans will be allowed to open, or re-open small businesses like restaurants and so on. In other words, Generic PAXIL, a million or so Cubans (and their families) will be cut loose to thrive or fail in a capitalist marketplace. BUY PAXIL NO PRESCRIPTION, While the already wildly insufficient ration card will be maintained, state subsidies on some basic goods are already being cut.

You can perfume this anyway you like but what we are seeing is a second-drawer emulation of the Chinese model: the formal introduction of  an expanded capitalist market(and all the class differences that come with it) unaccompanied by any democratization of the political system.  In other words, the worst of both worlds.

(Standby, now, cheap PAXIL,  for the hilarious rationalizations for the introduction of savage capitalism into the Cuban economy by "revolutionary" Castro apologists here and abroad. NONE of whom will be able to say they had previously called for or supported such a radical move bit now magically think it's great).

Make no mistake: This is is formal beginning of the post-Castro era and the definitive end to any lingering illusions that Cuba was able to create a new, PAXIL for sale, more equal society.  It's an oft-repeated joke, but one that is absolutely true when Cubans wryly comment that 'The only victory won by the Cuban Revolution is the right not to work."  True. True, BUY PAXIL NO PRESCRIPTION. True. It was meager and always not enough. But everything in Cuban was given, PAXIL price, coupon. Basically free rent, free transportation, dirt cheap food staples and absolutely guaranteed employment whether you showed up or not or if you performed any work or not."

Those days are now over. BUY PAXIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Of course, the assurances that the laid off workers will all now be taken care of by the new, larger, private sector are patently absurd. PAXIL from canada, I think readers of this blog, who actually live in a market society, know that nothing is guaranteed in the market.  Ask the 250 million rural Chinese who have become permanent nomads how much they are guaranteed once the state-granted "iron rice bowl" was snatched by similar capitalist reforms.

Don't misunderstand me.  I think this sort of move has been inevitable for a long, long time, PAXIL treatment. The Cuban state cannot afford to bankroll the lives of all its subjects. But the transition to as a civil as possible a market economy should have begun two or three decades ago when it was already evident that the Cuban system had failed. There might have been a much softer landing rather than a jarring social crash, BUY PAXIL NO PRESCRIPTION.

And I do mean "system" because what exists in Cuba has never been and is not socialism. PAXIL class, It is a freakish state plantation capitalism.  Not only are workers exploited directly by the all-powerful "people's state" in which they have no voice -- but for two decades now the same Cuban state has acted as a ruthless labor broker renting out portions of its oppressed and powerless work force to foreign private capitalists who have been allowed to set up shop in strategic sectors of the economy. The Cuban state charges the foreign firm a market rate in hard currency and pays the worker a meager Cuban wage while working for a Spanish, Dutch, Canadian or Mexican capitalist cartel.

Dissident Havana-based writer Yoani Sanchez hits the mark when she writes:

One of the most frequent topics of discussions when talking about Cuba, PAXIL without prescription, is whether the reality in which we live can really be called “socialist.” For my generation, which grew up with books on Marxism, manuals on scientific communism, Order PAXIL from mexican pharmacy, and volumes of the writings of Lenin, it is difficult to find the Cuban model in those works. BUY PAXIL NO PRESCRIPTION, When someone asks me about it I say that on this island we live under state capitalism, or, as one perhaps could call it, on the Party’s plantation… the family clan’s plantation…

My theory derives from those ancient books I was forced to study, where there was one factor essential for characterizing a society as socialist: the methods of production were in the hands of the workers. But what I see around me is an “omni-proprietary” state, owner of the machines, the industries, buy no prescription PAXIL online, the infrastructure of a nation and of all the decisions made about it. A master who pays the lowest possible wages and demands applause and unconditional ideological fealty from his workers.

This miserly owner now warns that he cannot continue to employ more than one million of those working on the public payroll. “To advance the development and actualization of the economic model, PAXIL no rx, ” we are told payrolls must be drastically reduced, while opportunities for self-employment will see only the smallest and most controlled expansion. Even the Cuban Workers Center — the only labor union allowed in the country — reports that the layoffs will come soon and we must accept them with discipline. A sad performance for those whose role it is to represent the rights of their members vis-a-vis the powers-that-be and not vice versa.

What will the antiquated owner, who has possessed this Island for five decades, do when his unemployed of today become the dissatisfied of tomorrow, BUY PAXIL NO PRESCRIPTION. How will he react when the labor and economic autonomy of the self-employed turns into ideological autonomy. Then we will hear cursing and stigmatization of the prosperous, where can i find PAXIL online, because any surplus — like the presidential chair — can only be his.

Well, you can agree or disagree with Yoani's bitter attitude. But some realities she suggests are undeniable even to those knuckleheads who think this is just some or another "adjustment" in the ongoing work of the Cuban Revolution. After PAXIL, When you introduce a private sector, you formalize class divisions.  Those divisions have long existed inside Cuban "socialism."  Those who work in the "dollar sector" -- in foreign-owned hotels, other tourist sectors, and in some areas of foreign-owned enterprises, have been able to, PAXIL dangers, legally or otherwise, siphon off streams of hard currency. BUY PAXIL NO PRESCRIPTION, The end result is that waiters, valets, maids and, of course, hookers, made upteen times per month than a doctor or teacher.

Till now, Effects of PAXIL, this has been something that polite Cuban society just didn't talk about.  The new Cuba will now have to tolerate, somehow, people who are getting openly wealthy while other less fortunate Cubans become their wage slaves (without a real union). I don't want to go all Marxist on you and everything, but that new CLASS of self-employed and entrepreneurs are going to want political representation as they grow, discount PAXIL. And they will get it. They will either give rise to some sort of opposition, or much more likely, Is PAXIL safe, the actually existing Cuban state will make a shift and will represent them.  Again, look at the Chinese model in which fabulously wealthy exploiters are more than happy to be represented by a reptilian Communist Party which serves to keep the workers nice and docile and ready to work 60 hours a week.

Likewise, Cuba is not only going to have a lot more rich people, it's also going to have a lot more poor people, BUY PAXIL NO PRESCRIPTION. All those people who are going to be at the bottom of the private sector pyramid. You know, like the unemployed and the homeless, where to buy PAXIL. I reckon that some of this might be mitigated for a short period. But, remember, Where can i buy PAXIL online, the state is already bankrupt. BUY PAXIL NO PRESCRIPTION, That's why it's laying off one out of five of its workers.

One final thought that might interest only those engaged in Marxist trivia.  But much of the economic catastrophe in Cuba is a result not only of the American embargo, but also because of Fidel Castro's rather crude and incomplete understanding of the Marxism he contends to embody.  Marx saw "socialism" as an economic stage superior to capitalism.  He didn't mean morally superior. Marx meant that socialism, a society of equality, buy cheap PAXIL no rx, could ONLY be built upon a fully developed and mature, indeed over-ripe, global capitalist system. Purchase PAXIL online no prescription, The ideal of socialism was to more equally distribute wealth, not poverty. It wasn't until Stalin himself bastardized and perverted Marxist economic theory that any serious Marxist --anywhere-- believed you could build socialism in one single country. Let alone an impoverished third world island, BUY PAXIL NO PRESCRIPTION.

By now you have probably stopped reading so I might as well continue for another few paragraphs.  In this regard, in the economic sphere, online buy PAXIL without a prescription, Castro is one of the purest Stalinists in history.  There was no historical "law" nor any moral reason why he couldn't have led the revolution he did and even proclaim his government "socialist." But if he knew anything about Marxism or just basic economics, he would have known that he had to create some wealth, not just distribute the scarcity that he inherited.  To have nationalized what Marxists call the "commanding heights" of the Cuban economy in the early 1960's -- major industry, Buy PAXIL online cod, major services and major financial sectors might have made a lot of sense and might have helped accelerate Cuban economic development if done in the proper political-economic framework.  But by 1965, Castro had gone way, way off the rails as the state had literally expropriated one hundred per cent of all economic activity (well, not exactly all activity as some peasants were allowed to toil the land- but almost everything). That shoe shine boys and snow cone vendors were nationalized and became state employees (!) were merely comic relief.  The real tragedy resided in Castro eliminating all small business, PAXIL natural, all private services and allowing no space for private industrial or technological development, innovation and investment, even within the bounds of a more just, PAXIL pictures, more equal society (the bitter irony, of course, is that a half century after the fact, he is forced to do so anyway). FAIL, PAXIL australia, uk, us, usa.

For Castro a monopoly on political power was not enough, He demanded and created an undemocratic monopoly on every aspect of economic life as well. BUY PAXIL NO PRESCRIPTION, And I assure you, what Castro did in that regard, has NOTHING to do with a Marxist conception of a society moving toward socialism.

OK. Comprar en línea PAXIL, comprar PAXIL baratos, Enough of that. We can end this history lesson on a lighter note.`A couple of decades ago as The Wall was crumbling, there was yet another sardonic joke that became popular in Eastern Europe. It now, sadly, applies to Cuba as well.  It went something like this:

Teacher: "Comrade Student Nikolai, what is the correct definition of the word Communism?"

Student: (snapping to attention and beaming with self-satisfaction)" Comrade Teacher, that is an easy question. Communism is the historical phase between Capitalism and Capitalism.".

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Monday, September 13th, 2010

BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION, There are few American politicians who have been as consistently vile as the dishonored, disgraced, philandering and overtly corrupt Newt Gingrich.  Now, we can add "fuckin' nuts" to that list of modifiers.  I have long held a great distaste for this obnoxious babbler and I forcefully expressed this view in the L.A Times when he politically resurrected himself for the umpteenth time. Buy GLUCOPHAGE no prescription, Or, maybe, order GLUCOPHAGE online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy generic GLUCOPHAGE, Newt isn't nuts. Maybe he's just shameless slime, get GLUCOPHAGE. Doses GLUCOPHAGE work, Birther slime we can now say. Gingrich's latest contribution to the national discourse has come with this pronouncement as reported by the WaPo's Gene Robinson among many, GLUCOPHAGE used for, GLUCOPHAGE mg, many others:

"What if [Obama] is so outside our comprehension, that only if you understand Kenyan, canada, mexico, india, GLUCOPHAGE interactions, anti-colonial behavior, can you begin to piece together [his actions]?" According to Newt, GLUCOPHAGE coupon, Buy GLUCOPHAGE online no prescription, this is "the most accurate, predictive model" for the president's actions, where can i buy cheapest GLUCOPHAGE online, Purchase GLUCOPHAGE online, or policies or something.


Robinson comments:

In fairness to Gingrich, he wasn't being original, BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION. He was speaking in praise of a big gob of gibberish in Forbes by conservative "intellectual" Dinesh D'Souza. In the piece -- much of it strikingly lazy -- D'Souza argues that Obama somehow absorbed a fully elaborated, online GLUCOPHAGE without a prescription, Fast shipping GLUCOPHAGE, frozen-in-time, anti-colonial worldview from his Kenyan father, what is GLUCOPHAGE. Ordering GLUCOPHAGE online, Who left the family when the future president was 2.

D'Souza, amazingly once considered a rising right-wing theorist, GLUCOPHAGE recreational, My GLUCOPHAGE experience, writes that Obama is a sort of zombie, possessed by the soul of his black, order GLUCOPHAGE from United States pharmacy, Buy GLUCOPHAGE from mexico, African, white-hating herdsman father, buying GLUCOPHAGE online over the counter, Online buying GLUCOPHAGE hcl, who is now bent on destroying America.

D'Souza and Gingrich, GLUCOPHAGE overnight. Is GLUCOPHAGE addictive, Two mentally disturbed and, we might add, GLUCOPHAGE no prescription, GLUCOPHAGE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, nakedly racist clowns writing for an equally delusional wing-nut audience.  This stuff is so disgusting, so far off the map, GLUCOPHAGE dosage, Cheap GLUCOPHAGE no rx, so anti-American in its essence, that the only proper response is to socially ostracize them, GLUCOPHAGE alternatives. Instead, they will be feted and celebrated by those who believe we are "losing America" to a black man and that salvation resides in giving tax breaks to billionaires.

Several reliable polls now give the GOP an excellent chance of winning back the House. There's a not-so-remote chance they will also take the Senate.  If this is the intellectual beat when they are out of power, imagine once they are intoxicated with power?  More sad than scary.



Saturday, September 11th, 2010

BUY PAMELOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Sorry to interrupt the great, national narrative but the date September 11th has multiple and complex meanings for me.  I share the pain we all felt in 2001.  But, for me, the greater pain was inflicted on that same date in 1973 when a similarly violent act of terror and brutality touched off a series of events that took an equal 3,000 lives. It also submitted tens of thousands of others to torture; submerged an entire nation of 11 million into darkness and deeply traumatized the national psyche -- the Chilean nation psyche (Yes, Virginia, PAMELOR brand name, there are people on earth other than Americans).

I was 22 years old and was working for the president of Chile, Salvador Allende, at the time.  Plenty has been written about his brutish successor, PAMELOR blogs, General Pinochet. Very little has been written about Allende.On this September 11th, instead of reflecting on such human flotsam as Pastor Jones, PAMELOR over the counter, Newt Gingrich and George W. Bush, I prefer to revisit what I wrote about Allende in 1973 on the 30th anniversary of my own September 11th:

The Nation

September 11, PAMELOR from canada, 2003

By Marc Cooper

It's enough to review once more that last, final black-and-white photograph of Salvador Allende to glimpse the apparent contradictions of his life and legacy on this, Buying PAMELOR online over the counter, the thirtieth anniversary of his death, and that of his Popular Unity government.

Chilean Army tanks and troops were circling the presidential palace, twin Air Force jets ready to bomb it were already in the air and General Pinochet was about to seize power. Accompanied by his young bodyguard, is PAMELOR addictive, there on the palace doorstep stood the 65-year-old gentleman Allende, the medical doctor, Buy PAMELOR from canada, veteran parliamentarian and democratically elected president in impeccably pressed pants and a silk tweed jacket over a hand-knit sweater--with the strange, surreal accents of a steel military helmet on his head and fully loaded AK-47 in his arms. Of these last moments in the life of Allende, Gabriel García Márquez wrote: "His greatest virtue was following through, but fate could only grant him that rare and tragic greatness of dying in armed defense of the whole moth-eaten paraphernalia of an execrable system which he proposed abolishing without a shot."

García Márquez captures a crucial truth, but one that is partial, BUY PAMELOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Allende is widely remembered only as a victim--of the Chilean counterrevolution, of the vast US covert destabilization program and ultimately of what some argue was his own peaceful strategy, fast shipping PAMELOR. But his positive contributions to history, his bold attempts to redefine the very concepts of revolution, Taking PAMELOR, socialism and democracy, and the unique place that he deserves in the annals of the international left remain substantially unrecognized--or misunderstood. Even for a younger generation of radicals, Allende is often but a distant memory, PAMELOR online cod, a footnote, just one more entry, PAMELOR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, alongside Arbenz and Mossadegh, on a laundry list of elected leaders violated by imperial arrogance.

Though most often characterized as the "first freely elected Marxist head of state," who proposed a "peaceful transition to socialism," Allende intended something more sweeping, PAMELOR long term. His insistence on the use of democratic means to achieve power and radically reconstruct society was neither a mere tactic nor just a euphemism for minor and moderate reform.

There was no precedent for what Allende was attempting--except maybe in the writings of Marx. BUY PAMELOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Socialism, real socialism, as argued by the Old Lion, would bring with it an expansion and deepening of democracy, not its curtailment or abolition.

Allende believed profoundly in this principle. He explicitly rejected the model of European Socialists, About PAMELOR, who--even by 1970--aspired to be little more than the liberal face of capitalist management. And though he considered himself a friend and ally of Fidel Castro (especially in the face of US hostility), Allende rejected any suggestion that Cuba or any of the other Communist countries of the time could be a model for his vision of socialism.

Allende saw a third way--in no way to be confused with Tony Blair's self-declared middle path between corporate free markets and social democracy, but rather an authentically socialist and democratic alternative to meek social reform, PAMELOR cost, on the one hand, and authoritarian "people's democracies"--Stalinist dictatorships--on the other.

So while Allende insisted on absolute respect for the law and constitutional processes, Order PAMELOR online overnight delivery no prescription, on no restrictions on freedom of the press, speech and assembly, he simultaneously carried out the nationalization of Chile's copper mines and 200 major corporations, a sweeping land reform that expropriated monopoly holdings, PAMELOR forum, and a host of other measures that benefited and empowered the poor.

From the outset, Allende's position in its full complexity was rarely understood by much of the left. PAMELOR overnight, When France's leading revolutionary of the time, Régis Debray, came to Santiago to depose Allende in now legendary and lengthy interviews, the young Frenchman was manifestly confused, buy PAMELOR online cod. In Debray's rigid thinking, either one was a bona fide armed revolutionary à la Che Guevara or a hopeless reformer following in the footsteps of the ineffectual European popular fronts of the 1930s. Allende had to repeat to Debray several times that the new Chilean government, coming to power democratically, would both respect and enhance democracy while not shying away from radical, socialist reform.

A few years after the coup, another high-profile European leftist finally got it right regarding Allende, BUY PAMELOR NO PRESCRIPTION. PAMELOR without prescription, The Italian Marxist philosopher Lucio Colletti (who died in 2001 after a disappointing political journey to the right) argued back in the mid-1970s that the left had bogged down in a false and perilous assumption: i.e., the more violent a revolution, the more transformative it must be. Consequently, PAMELOR pics, peaceful transitions--like Allende's Popular Unity government--were doomed to dead-end reformism. Colletti argued that this facile thinking was itself a legacy of Stalinism and, Effects of PAMELOR, indeed, had no real roots in socialist experience.

In the three decades since the coup, the criticism most frequently raised on the left about Allende was that he failed to "arm the workers" and that he was too tolerant of an opposition that eventually overthrew him.

The first point is beyond absurdity. Guns don't materialize either from the sky or from presidential decree, buy PAMELOR from mexico. BUY PAMELOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Chile's relatively advanced and stable democratic institutions made the option of armed revolt about as viable and attractive as it might seem in modern California. If the argument is that Allende, in the weeks before the coup, Low dose PAMELOR, should have preventively armed his supporters, the follow-up question should be, how. Just as realistic--that is, PAMELOR images, unrealistic--is the suggestion that he should have disarmed the military.

The Allende government made many strategic mistakes--enough that a coup would probably have been inevitable even if the United States had never engaged in its covert program of subversion (though the American intervention certainly accelerated and paved the way for the putsch). At times the Popular Unity government I worked with was driven too much by a heady voluntarism, Purchase PAMELOR online no prescription, a hubris that kept it from making key alliances and compromises. At other moments, the government was paralyzed by its own internal divisions and disagreements. But among these mistakes was certainly not Allende's tolerance for the opposition or his commitment, to the end, to democracy, BUY PAMELOR NO PRESCRIPTION. I don't know if historic circumstances would have ever permitted Allende's vision to triumph, purchase PAMELOR for sale. I do know that if he had suspended democracy and ruled by dictatorship, it would no longer have been his vision, PAMELOR price, nor would it any longer have been a "revolution" much worth defending.

If one surveys the panorama of today's international left, Allende's legacy occasionally flashes and flourishes. The arduous two-decade march into power of Brazil's Workers' Party, and the unique balancing act of socialist President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, PAMELOR over the counter, draw directly from the lessons of Chile. The anti-authoritarian, PAMELOR recreational, egalitarian spirit of new social movements-- whether in Buenos Aires or Seattle--reflects the ethos of Allende, as do the recent moves by Argentine President Néstor Kirchner to lift immunity from prosecution of officers of the former military junta. Indeed, anywhere the left is willing to be open, PAMELOR dosage, innovative, nondogmatic and imaginative, both realistic and utopian, where it can reject Tony Blair's New Labour alliance with Dubya's neocons as firmly and unflinchingly as it denounces the wholesale jailing of dissidents and summary executions by an ossified and dictatorial Cuban state, the figure of Salvador Allende and his self-sacrifice for the principles of social justice and democracy loom ever larger, more inspiring and more worthy of reverence and respect.


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Saturday, September 11th, 2010

BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, As some of our commenters have noted, Fidel Castro is back and mouthing off a bit too much. Some are applauding him for his new found frankness, DILANTIN schedule. Buy cheap DILANTIN no rx, I, on the other hand, no prescription DILANTIN online, DILANTIN duration, have maintained for some time that the old man has sort of lost it -- babbling on about conspiracy theories and the Bilderbergs. I think his latest set of remarks to Jeff Goldberg of The Atlantic is just more evidence that he can't really keep track of what he's saying, DILANTIN alternatives. DILANTIN mg, I mean, Fidel, online DILANTIN without a prescription, DILANTIN trusted pharmacy reviews, better than anybody, knows he shouldn't be saying such heresies as the Cuban economic model doesn't even work for Cuba.  Now, DILANTIN dose, DILANTIN canada, mexico, india, in a sort of take off on a Jon Stewart segment, Fidel says he didn't really say what he said, buy DILANTIN without a prescription. That the Cuban model has failed is a self-evident truth that every Cuban knows every morning but that no Cuban can ever say, BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. DILANTIN samples, Fidel slipped up and said it.  Pretty funny, if you ask me, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Online buying DILANTIN, Fidel also got his BFF Hugo Chavez into some hot water when he mumbled another taboo truth, that the Iranian President Ahmadinejad ought to stop his anti-Semitic holocaust denials, get DILANTIN. Buy DILANTIN without prescription, This statement sent Chavez, who has proclaimed his undying love for Fidel and the Iranian president, DILANTIN wiki, Real brand DILANTIN online, scurrying to declare that he also "loves" the Jews.

It's all pretty wonderful comedy and sort of makes you want to hear what next unwitting truth Fidel will come up in violation of his own rigid orthodoxy.  Havana-based blogger Yoani Sanchez correctly points out that, ordering DILANTIN online, Order DILANTIN from United States pharmacy, in the end, it really matters little what Fidel said or didn't say to an American reporter, rx free DILANTIN. What counts is what Fidel won't say BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, to the Cuban people.  Don't hold your breath. Online buying DILANTIN hcl, Two related stories:

1. Tentative plans by the Obama administration to relax relations with Cuba are being complicated by the regime's insistence on holding what appears to be a befuddled old Gringo who was noodling around the island outfitting Cuban Jews with banned Internet connections.  Yes, DILANTIN from canadian pharmacy, Australia, uk, us, usa, this guy was working with some sort of U.S.-funded "democracy" program.  But his crime, even by Cuban allegations, cheap DILANTIN, After DILANTIN, was no greater than that committed every day by the Best Buy Geek Squad.  Just a reminder that the Cuban government fears the free flow of information among its own people -- as in the case with all dictatorships. If it allowed its own people to freely access the Web there would be no AID-related program to covertly provide access, DILANTIN treatment. Online buy DILANTIN without a prescription, The whole relationship between the U.S. and Cuba is dysfunctional and both sides seem intent on keeping it that way, BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

2. For soft-headed American admirers of Comandante Chavez, there was some uncomfortable news this week. A just-released UN study shows that of 12 major Latin America countries, including Chile, Brazil and Mexico, Venezuela ranked last in reducing economic inequality over the last decade.  I thought that was the main goal of the Bolivarian Revolution -- other than keeping Hugo in power for life.  The story is from The Guardian:  (Correction: from The Globe & Mail):

Latin America used to be known for its acute and persistent income inequalities. But 12 of the largest economies in the Americas – including Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico – actually saw a reversal of this pattern in the past decade. BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, A new study shows that the average decline in the Gini coefficient – a measure of income inequality – was 1.1 per cent a year from 2000 to 2007. Venezuela improved the least of the 12 countries, conclude the authors, the economists Luis Lopez-Calva, of the United Nations Development Program, and Nora Lustig, of Tulane University.

President Chavez’s much-touted anti-poverty initiatives have not only failed to create sustained wealth, but have failed to keep people safe. The world’s fifth-largest oil producer is also now among the countries with the highest crime rate. Venezuela has seen a dramatic escalation in homicides: 43,792 since 2007, compared with about 28,000 drug-related deaths in Mexico since late 2006, when the country declared war on the drug cartels.

The reasons are complex, and include the undermining of the judicial system by the government. But economic mismanagement is also a factor: President Chavez has not succeeded in diversifying the economy from dependence on oil or in improving productivity. With the drop in oil prices, programs to create public employment and subsidized food have become difficult to maintain. Venezuelans are faced with rising inflation, and a housing shortage.

I guess the Good News for Venezuelans is that there is still no shortage of Chavez who still appears on the tube every Sunday for 4-5 hours at a clip, touting his paradise on earth.



Thursday, September 9th, 2010

The now world-infamous "Pastor" Terry Jones EVISTA FOR SALE, , who we learn was driven out of Germany by allegations of lying, fraud, deception and abuse, has called off his Koran barbecue set for Saturday.  No one knows exactly why. Where to buy EVISTA, Maybe because of the visit the FBI paid him, or because he was talked down in a phone call from Defense Secretary Robert Gates, EVISTA pictures, Buy generic EVISTA, or because, as he apparently falsely claims, EVISTA steet value, Comprar en línea EVISTA, comprar EVISTA baratos, the Imam behind the New York Park51 mosque agreed to build it elsewhere. Or because, my EVISTA experience, EVISTA natural, old Pastor Jones just lacked sufficient faith in Jesus. My guess is that it is none of the above, buy EVISTA online no prescription. Purchase EVISTA, He lacked firepower.

By holding American troops and national security hostage with his Nazi-inspired book-burning stunt, he did -- we think-- achieve some sort of a meeting or another to discuss the Park51 mosque with Islamic representatives in New York.  And while Jones says the Park51 Imam agreed to move the proposed Islamic center, the Imam said WTF, EVISTA FOR SALE.

I think Jones could have gotten more out of his blackmail threat if he proposed something more challenging than the old worn-out tact of book burning, EVISTA price, coupon. EVISTA coupon, It didn't work out that well for Hitler who had the Wehrmacht behind him. All Jones has are about three dozen inbred dumb-as-brick followers just a few miles south of where they filmed Deliverance.  If Jones really believed in the power of The Living Christ and the the glory of the Afterlife, EVISTA reviews, Buy no prescription EVISTA online, he would have taken this to the mat. How about strapping on a big old dynamite vest and making it a pure quid pro quo?  Either the New York mosque goes -- completely -- or he does, EVISTA dangers. EVISTA FOR SALE, A real win-win situation for the Pastor. EVISTA use, Either he gets his way or he gets an early deliverance entrance into The Kingdom of the Lord.

Problem is, EVISTA blogs, EVISTA australia, uk, us, usa, the Pastor really isn't much of a religious man and I doubt that he has that much faith in the God he professes to worship. He's much more a bigot and, EVISTA for sale, Is EVISTA safe, more than that, a two-bit huckster.  Gotta give such a lowlife credit, EVISTA maximum dosage, Where can i buy EVISTA online, though, for highjacking a week's worth of news cycles and getting everyone from the top military brass to the White House to pay some attention to him, buy cheap EVISTA. Discount EVISTA, Meanwhile, The Guardian has this scathing report on the "pastor's" history of fraud and hucksterism:

Reports emerged yesterday of Jones's mission in Germany, what is EVISTA, Where can i order EVISTA without prescription, where he established the Christian Community of Cologne in 1982 after having "received a sign from God". However, when Jones left Cologne 26 years later, it was as a disgraced preacher who had allegedly forced members to give him a percentage of their earnings, made them work for little or no money and caused the breakup of families and friendships, EVISTA FOR SALE. He reportedly also faked a title as doctor of theology, EVISTA brand name, Where can i find EVISTA online, for which he was fined, and was eventually dismissed by the church board in 2008.

Andrew Schäfer, cheap EVISTA no rx, EVISTA from mexico, an official sect monitor for the Protestant church in the Rhine region, who has closely observed the activities of the community, purchase EVISTA online, said Jones had "enormous manipulative potential" and believed his failure in Germany had led to his increased desire to achieve notoriety in Florida. "He has clearly not been able to cope with the immense loss of his power and significance," said Schäfer.

Among the numerous reports of the ways in which Jones used to manipulate members were demands for money, as well as complete commitment to the community. Members were reportedly made to work in the community's "Lisa Jones" shops, named after his first wife, which sold secondhand clothes and furniture. They apparently worked long hours, lived on next to no wages, and had no health insurance – a requirement all German employers have to fulfil. They were forced to review relationships with family and friends and in some cases to break up with partners.

No wonder, then, that Jones did not want to martyr himself for The Cause. Only God, or the local U.S. Attorney, knows what sort of lucrative, earthly interests this cretin still maintains.


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Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Hang on a sec while I crank up my 8-track version of Lee Greenwood singing "Proud to Be An American. VITRIA FOR SALE, "  This is truly a magnificent moment in our national history. A bible-thumping wing-nut pastor with a Florida flock of fifty, VITRIA interactions, Order VITRIA online c.o.d, is fixin' to burn some books.  Terry Jones is gonna be cookin' up some Korans on Saturday, his special way of celebrating the anniversary of 9/11, VITRIA photos. Where can i buy cheapest VITRIA online, Ain't that somethin' special.

Makes no difference that everybody from Hillary Clinton to General Petraeus to Mitt Romney has called upon this huckleberry to cease and desist, VITRIA without a prescription, Herbal VITRIA, warning him quite rightly that his stunt will further endanger American lives.  He could give a fuck.  After all, he believes in the Afterlife and the sooner you, generic VITRIA, Canada, mexico, india, or your solider son gets there, the better.  What a wonderful moment tonight on Hardball when Chris Matthews interviewed the sub-verbal assistant pastor of this same group of Christian fanatics, doses VITRIA work, VITRIA no rx, Wayne Sapp, and asked him if he was now armed, kjøpe VITRIA på nett, köpa VITRIA online. VITRIA description, Sapp said yes; he's been packin' for three or four weeks now. When Matthews nailed him with the question about doesn't it follow that, say, American missionaries around the world will now also have to arm themselves, Sapp just blew off the question.  After all, Jesus loves all of us (unless you are a Towel Head), VITRIA FOR SALE.

The problem here, VITRIA street price, Buy VITRIA no prescription, of course, is not really these duo of  morally-stunted pastors, VITRIA pharmacy. Order VITRIA from mexican pharmacy, They really are irrelevant. No more than navel lint in the body politic, VITRIA class. VITRIA results, The really scary part is how powerful, mainstream politicians will not forthrightly condemn this action nor directly call upon these yo-yos to call it off.  The probable next speaker of the House, order VITRIA no prescription, VITRIA used for, tan-man John Boehner just couldn't bring himself to say this shouldn't take place.  The most he could bring himself to say is that to go ahead with the book burning would be "not wise," Here's his exchange this morning on Good Morning America:

"To Pastor Jones and those who want to build the mosque: Just because you have a right to do something in America doesn't mean it is the right thing to do, VITRIA canada, mexico, india, VITRIA long term, " Boehner said.

"So you're telling him not to do it?" asked host George Stephanopoulos. VITRIA FOR SALE, After a pause, Boehner said: "Well, listen, I just think it's not wise to do this in the face of what our country really represents ."

Unreal. Burning holy books is something "not wise."  I suppose tossing Jews into ovens is "environmentally unsound."  Predictably, VITRIA class, VITRIA cost, Sarah Palin had pretty much the same thing to say as Mr. Boner, online buying VITRIA. Order VITRIA online overnight delivery no prescription, She also equated the book burning with the building of the Park51 Islamic Center.

In other words, VITRIA from canadian pharmacy, Buy cheap VITRIA no rx, we have a potential House leader and a potential presidential candidate equating a hateful act of bigotry, intolerance and gross ignorance with the construction of a house of worship.  You see the logic, of course. There IS a logic, VITRIA FOR SALE. These folks are absolutely cynical, calculating and not very smart pols who put their narrow electoral interests ahead of any decency, any sense of real patriotism, any concern for national security. If Pastor Jones is navel lint, Palin and Boehner are heaping mounds of excrement.

I don't know where all this is heading, but I'm on the verge of resigning myself to looking forward to a Republican sweep of Congress. In the short run, it will be very, very good for the GOP. VITRIA FOR SALE, In the long run, it will be a catastrophe for them. People are doing dumb things, like... precisely...letting these guys back into power because they are mad or disappointed with the President or his party (and understandably so). But they're not THAT dumb.  There's a part of me that would like to see Boehner be speaker. It would be a gas to watch himself self-destruct. Only problem is, he might take the rest of us with him.

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Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Who knew that Sarah Palin was actually the second BUY ADIPEX-P NO PRESCRIPTION, stupidest pol in America?  She's been dethroned by her Arizona colleague, the un-elected Republican Governor Jan Brewer.  She makes Mama Grizzly look as smart as Paris Hilton!  Lots of reports are saying that Brewer suffered a "freeze" during her opening statement in the Arizona gubernatorial debate.  I don't think so. I looked at this video ten times and it seems abundantly clear to me that Brewer did not freeze, canada, mexico, india. ADIPEX-P dosage, She's just an idiot. She clearly lost her place in the notes in front of her and then could think of nothing to say -- even bout her own tenure, order ADIPEX-P online c.o.d. Buy ADIPEX-P online no prescription,

After the train-wreck debate, ADIPEX-P coupon, Rx free ADIPEX-P, Brewer then did freeze up when reporters challenged her on her statement that "headless torsos" were turning up in the Arizona desert, a sure sign that Illegals were running wild, ADIPEX-P without a prescription. She's taken a lot of heat for that but, here, I have to side with Brewer, BUY ADIPEX-P NO PRESCRIPTION. ADIPEX-P without prescription, There's obviously at least ONE headless body in Arizona. She sits in the Governor's chair, ADIPEX-P price, coupon. Online ADIPEX-P without a prescription, Take a look, if you dare, ADIPEX-P no prescription. ADIPEX-P reviews,

Let's get one thing straight, order ADIPEX-P from mexican pharmacy. BUY ADIPEX-P NO PRESCRIPTION, As of a few days ago, Brewer was up 20 points over her Democratic challenger, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard. Online buying ADIPEX-P hcl, Now, he doesn't exactly inspire great enthusiasm but he's got a solid record as an honest and capable public official, ADIPEX-P treatment. Buying ADIPEX-P online over the counter, He's a moderate. And, doses ADIPEX-P work, ADIPEX-P recreational, oh yeah, he's got a head, ADIPEX-P duration. Where to buy ADIPEX-P, If Arizonans actually elect Brewer, it will mean that a majority really doesn't care whatsoever for whom they are voting, ADIPEX-P description, Buy cheap ADIPEX-P, so long as the empty suit is a Republican. Are things that crazy, is ADIPEX-P addictive. Cheap ADIPEX-P, We'll see. Is ADIPEX-P safe. Generic ADIPEX-P.