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Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

If my memory serves me right it was just about a year and half ago that the Chattering Class ruled Scott Btown's victory as proof-positive that the tide was turning against the Obama BUY ZOLOFT NO PRESCRIPTION, administration and that Republicans were resurgent. ZOLOFT gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, The Tea Party was brewing and bubbling and Brown presaged a "correction" after the 2008 Democratic victory.

OK, buy ZOLOFT without prescription. Where can i buy ZOLOFT online, There was only one little wrinkle in this narrative. The Republican Party had been pretty much washed away with Katrina in 2005, purchase ZOLOFT online. It's pretty damn difficult for something to be reborn in the afterlife.  Once your head is cut off, yes, there can always be a few involuntary jerks (no pun intended) but that's different than actual rebirth,

So here we are 18 months or so later and Democrat Kathy Kochul stages an upset victory in the very red NY 26th congressional district.  And she didn't win because the third party joker spoiled it for the Republicans, BUY ZOLOFT NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy generic ZOLOFT, No. You can place the blame where it belongs: squarely on the shoulders of Rep, online ZOLOFT without a prescription, Buy ZOLOFT no prescription, Paul Ryan and the House Republican zombies who unanimously endorsed a budget that would trash the single most popular universal entitlement program in America -- Medicare.

The press baptized Ryan as a "grown-up" -- presumably for having the courage to make Granny pay an extra eight grand year while his insurance company contributors and other millionaires got a renewed tax cut, ZOLOFT forum. Online buy ZOLOFT without a prescription, You can call it grown-up if you wish. BUY ZOLOFT NO PRESCRIPTION, I call it plain stupid.

Stupidity born of ideological zealotry, where can i order ZOLOFT without prescription, Where to buy ZOLOFT, of course.  You know, like in the Soviet Union when central planners actually believed they knew how many millions of pairs of blue Oxfords to manufacture in one year, ZOLOFT dosage. Taking ZOLOFT, That Ryan budget has become downright radioactive.  And a few, I repeat, where can i cheapest ZOLOFT online, ZOLOFT street price, a few GOP Senators (including Brown) are now running from it. Mark my words: the overwhelming majority of the Republican senators (s0mewhere north of 42 or 45) are still gonna vote for it, buy ZOLOFT online no prescription. Cheap ZOLOFT, Why. Because, Virginia, as I told you, the Republican Party died about 5 years ago and the surviving walking dead are, well, brain-dead, BUY ZOLOFT NO PRESCRIPTION.

They have no program, order ZOLOFT from United States pharmacy. Comprar en línea ZOLOFT, comprar ZOLOFT baratos, Only an ideology. And you can ask Breshnev, what is ZOLOFT, Effects of ZOLOFT, that's rarely enough to get you through.

No accident that Hochul wins more or less the same time that the Republican Field of presidential candidates is collapsing before the campaign even gets underway, ZOLOFT reviews. The other supposed "grown-ups" like Mitch Daniels and Haley Barbour BUY ZOLOFT NO PRESCRIPTION, have decided not to run, precisely, because they know they would likely get their asses handed to them by Obama.  That leaves Mr. ZOLOFT for sale, Nobody Pawlenty, Tiffany-backed Newt Gingrich, buy no prescription ZOLOFT online, ZOLOFT pics, the Godfather Pizza guy who didn't know what the Palestinian right-to-return meant, and --waiting in the wings-- the absolutely unelectable Mitt Romney (architect of Obamacare!), ZOLOFT wiki. After ZOLOFT, None of this is to glorify the Democrats nor even to remotely suggest that they have much of a pulse either.  But as we say around the poker table, you can't beat nothin' with nothin', buy ZOLOFT without a prescription. ZOLOFT canada, mexico, india, The Democrats might be as much as narcoleptic but they do have Obama. And last time I looked, ZOLOFT from mexico, his numbers were floating above the 50% mark and were no less than soaring above his possible Republican rivals.

Ahh, but you say, with unemployment so high and the economy sputtering, he's an easy mark.  That's true, in theory.  The Democrats have a pretty weak hand, BUY ZOLOFT NO PRESCRIPTION. Indeed, the best they can show is Ace high. A single Ace in their hand. Obama.

But that beats the Jokers the GOP is holding.

On the conservative radio talk shows today I kept hearing the name Jeb Bush being desperately called out.

Bring'em on.

That's just what America is clamoring for. Another Bush.

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Monday, May 23rd, 2011

BUY TAMIFLU NO PRESCRIPTION, [caption id="attachment_4956" align="alignleft" width="650" caption="Allende's corpse. September 11, online buying TAMIFLU hcl, TAMIFLU online cod, 1973."][/caption]

Almost 40 years after his death, the body of former Chilean President Salvador Allende was exhumed today under judicial order of a new forensic investigation.  What scant coverage of this event exists mostly misses the point, is TAMIFLU safe. Rx free TAMIFLU, This is NOT primarily about determining whether he was killed or whether he committed suicide moments before he was sure to be killed.

The bigger question in play is whether the 1973 coup was some sort of act of abstract "political violence" or whether it was a criminal enterprise.  Another 725 cases are also being examined and a number of aging officials of the dictatorship are facing the prospects of spending their golden years in prison, TAMIFLU results. TAMIFLU interactions, My co-author Peter Kornbluh and I try to make the point about what's really at stake in our piece in today's Los Angeles Times.

Read it here., TAMIFLU pictures. TAMIFLU brand name. Get TAMIFLU. TAMIFLU from canada. Purchase TAMIFLU online no prescription. TAMIFLU long term. TAMIFLU images. Order TAMIFLU from mexican pharmacy. Buy TAMIFLU from canada. Buy cheap TAMIFLU no rx. Buy cheap TAMIFLU. TAMIFLU overnight. TAMIFLU trusted pharmacy reviews. TAMIFLU treatment. About TAMIFLU. TAMIFLU without a prescription. TAMIFLU mg. TAMIFLU price, coupon. TAMIFLU photos. TAMIFLU without prescription. My TAMIFLU experience. TAMIFLU description.



Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

BUY RULIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, What do you see as the most pressing problem in the inner city today. Where can i find RULIDE online,

The parenting problem. A lot of minorities have such a problem with the single-parent situation, RULIDE no rx. RULIDE over the counter, The parents are the single most important influence on a child, followed by education and the peer group, low dose RULIDE. RULIDE used for, The number of single parents in the U.S. has quadrupled since the '60s, and there has also been an increase in violence and school shootings, BUY RULIDE NO PRESCRIPTION. All that stuff has increased largely because of a lack of parenting, order RULIDE online overnight delivery no prescription, RULIDE cost, and many households only have one biological parent -- so many of them are fatherless. It really creates a big problem...

I see it firsthand in my family, discount RULIDE. Where can i buy cheapest RULIDE online, If I am away on a film for three weeks, even though I come home every weekend, doses RULIDE work, RULIDE dose, you can see the kids getting out of control. One person cannot create the discipline and the guidance and helping with homework, no prescription RULIDE online. BUY RULIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, When I am at home, Maria and I drive the kids to school together; we pick them up together; we take them to dancing, soccer, horseback riding lessons. RULIDE dangers, It takes a lot of effort. If you are not on top of the situation, RULIDE alternatives, Fast shipping RULIDE, the kids lose confidence in you.

I think the situation with single parenting [in minority groups] is disastrous. The statistic is that 64 percent of blacks are with one parent, purchase RULIDE for sale, Buying RULIDE online over the counter, while with whites, it's like 26 percent, buy RULIDE online cod. Order RULIDE online c.o.d, With Hispanics, it's maybe 35 percent, buying RULIDE online over the counter. It's gone up so much since the '60s, BUY RULIDE NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy generic RULIDE, In the '60s, among minorities, taking RULIDE, RULIDE pharmacy, only about 20 percent had single parents. -- Arnold Schwarzenegger, purchase RULIDE for sale, Online RULIDE without a prescription, 2001

---- +---

It’s nothing short of journalistic malpractice when a paper mounts a last-minute attack that can make or break one of the most important elections in California history. The Times looked even more biased by giving two different reasons for publishing its gruesome article at the last minute. -- Jill Stewart, buy cheap RULIDE no rx, Kjøpe RULIDE på nett, köpa RULIDE online, Deputy Editor, L.A, buy RULIDE without prescription. What is RULIDE, Weekly 2003, in accusing the Times of bias in running its stories on Arnold's groping of seven women on the eve of the recall election.

Apparently, RULIDE from mexico, the Times and Stewart both missed the real story.

Also, do Austrians count as a "minority group?"


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Monday, May 16th, 2011

Poor PRILOSEC FOR SALE, Mr. Buy PRILOSEC no prescription, Strauss-Kahn.  The dirty old man who has been heading up the IMF seems to have gotten his dongle caught in a wringer and instead of being the next President of France he seems headed for being the plate du jour in some New York state pen.

There's much one can say about the repercussions his arrest and detention might have just as the IMF delves deeper into the European debt crisis, rx free PRILOSEC. PRILOSEC dose, I'll leave that to the business writers.

I'm more interested in his person, PRILOSEC results.

As a journalist, you soon learn it's the little things that give away the big story.  I am fascinated that this creep got caught while staying in a $3,000 a night hotel in Manhattan, PRILOSEC FOR SALE. Online buy PRILOSEC without a prescription, Excuse me, but who the fug does he think he is, order PRILOSEC no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest PRILOSEC online, He's supposed to be the symbol of world economic responsibility. HaHaHa, PRILOSEC maximum dosage. Purchase PRILOSEC, As we all know, the IMF is notorious for imposing what are politely called "structural adjustment" programs on any country, PRILOSEC use, PRILOSEC duration, especially of the Third World variety, that it can get its hands on.  This high-falutin' terminology always boils down to the same simple and crude formula: slash social spending, PRILOSEC blogs, Where can i find PRILOSEC online, roll back government subsidies and balance the books on the backs of the poor while transferring wealth upward.  Raise the bus and gas fares to pay off the foreign debt to the G-8.

You'd think that a guy in charge of dishing out this bitter medicine would have the basic decency of not PRILOSEC FOR SALE, openly flaunting his own regal privilege and might limit himself to, say, a nice $500 a night suite at the Park Lane. Given NYC hotel rates, discount PRILOSEC, PRILOSEC schedule, that seems at least somewhere in the cushy above-the-hoi-polloi ballpark.

But three G's a night, real brand PRILOSEC online. Cheap PRILOSEC, You gotta be kidding.

Here is a man contemptuous of women, buy no prescription PRILOSEC online, PRILOSEC pics, contemptuous of the poor and probably fairly contemptuous of himself.

The nice part is that his lodging arrangements have now been radically downgraded, PRILOSEC FOR SALE. Held without bail, buy PRILOSEC online cod, Order PRILOSEC online overnight delivery no prescription, Mr. Strauss-Kahn is now locked up in a cell in the crowded and notorious Rikers Island prison, PRILOSEC no prescription. Effects of PRILOSEC, It's not that bad. He and the 11, fast shipping PRILOSEC, Get PRILOSEC, 000 other inmates there do have access to room service. I doubt, where to buy PRILOSEC, PRILOSEC description, however, that Mr, PRILOSEC australia, uk, us, usa. PRILOSEC trusted pharmacy reviews, Strauss-Kahn will find the cuisine quite to his liking.

Tough, PRILOSEC without a prescription.

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Sunday, May 15th, 2011

BUY STILNY NO PRESCRIPTION, I wasn't sure if I was having an nightmare or was just suffering a hangover from some discouraging poker play late Saturday night, but I awoke Sunday morn to see a zombie actually talking on network TV. My STILNY experience, There was newly announced presidential candidate Newt Gingrich yammering away on Meet The Press (as if he had not passed away around 1998)  and it made me want to crawl right back beneath the covers.

Look, where can i cheapest STILNY online, STILNY long term, Newt is nuts. Period, STILNY without prescription. STILNY canada, mexico, india, Full Stop. The night before I had heard him while driving late at night on C-SPAN radio making an address to a pack of fellow Georgia right-wingers as he called for abolition of the NLRB, the EPA, the SEC, the progressive income tax, any and all capital gains tax, the inheritance tax, repeal of new regs on the financial industry, as he blew the race-laced dog whistle and said America had to choose becoming Texas or, um, Detroit and as he called Barack Obama the "greatest food stamp president in American history." I tuned in too late, apparently, to catch his plug for the restoration of generalized child labor, BUY STILNY NO PRESCRIPTION.

It's an impossible task to keep up with the firehose flow of idiotic and inflammatory comments from this guy, about STILNY. Purchase STILNY online, Some people have tried, but there's just no way to keep pace with a philandering jerk who one day says we are falling into paganism and the next warns that the secular gay-fascist machine is overtaking good old Americanism -- and all this while he's dumping yet one more wife for a younger gal pal, STILNY steet value. Is STILNY addictive, More astounding than the crap that flows from this guy's mouth is the absolutely dishonest and deferential treatment he gets from the beltway Newsosaurs. It's in a case like Newt the Fruit where the "objective" View From Nowhere press model reveals its utter bankruptcy, buy STILNY without a prescription. BUY STILNY NO PRESCRIPTION, This phony ethic prevents reporters and pundits from simply telling the truth: Newt Gingrich is a pol whose career busted out more than a decade ago, who had to resign his leadership post in political and personal disgrace, that he's a world-class hypocrite in his "personal values," that he holds what are clearly extremist views, that he openly and cynically race-baits, that he is the author of several AWFUL pseudo-historical books, that he, in fact, has NO great ideas, that he is not a valued or recognized intellectual, and that his chances of winning a general presidential election against Barack Obama are about 25 million to 1 (which is why I will be supporting him as the GOP nominee-- for which he is about a 100 to 1 shot). Order STILNY from United States pharmacy, If a reporter said that on national TV he or she would simply be telling the TRUTH. Isn't that we are supposed to do, STILNY from canadian pharmacy. STILNY reviews,

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Instead, on the fart-sniffer Meet The Press roundtable this morning, I had to hear Helene Cooper from The New York Times, the horrific Mark Halperin, David Gregory from NBC and columnist Peggy Noonan (Bitch from Hell),  actually go through the acrobatics of taking this guy seriously and hemming and hawing about what he's really about and what his real chances are.  What is the point of this sort of insulting charade, BUY STILNY NO PRESCRIPTION. Do these pundits think anyone takes them more seriously because they just can't come out say that The Deranged Guy in the corner is really The Deranged Guy in the corner?, STILNY from canada. The equally derganged Noonan went so far as to speculate that 18-20 year old voters might be attracted to Newt because he's "new" to them. So would a resurrected Warren B. Harding be "new" but I doubt he'd have any more appeal than Newt will among young voters. BUY STILNY NO PRESCRIPTION, What is Noonan smoking.

There is one interesting aspect to the Newt boomlet this week.  It shows you just how far the political center of the country as a whole and of the GOP in particular has shifted to the Right. As far back as 15 years ago, Newt was seen as the far fringe of his own party.  But with the likes of Paul Ryan, the Cheneys,  Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Rev. Huckabee and GodKnowsWhoElse stinking up the stage, all of a sudden the rotting cadaver of Gingrich is dug up and celebrated as a Great Mind.

Houston, we have a problem.

P.S. While we're on the subject of media deference...., BUY STILNY NO PRESCRIPTION. squeezed in between the barrage of geriatric Big Pharma drug ads tonight, I caught a few minutes of Katrie Couric's 60 Minutes profile of Defense Secretary Robert Gates.  He seems an interesting guy but unfortunately the piece ended abruptly as Katie mysteriously disappeared up Gates' rear end. Another rescue mission for SEAL Team 6.

P.P.S. Confession:  Peggy Noonan's treacly, self-serving memoir as Ronald Reagan's covert brain, "What I Saw At The Revolution," is the only book in my life that I ever burned.  It was sometime in the early 90's and I was reading it on a winter night in my living room in an easy chair next to a crackling fire.  I remember vaguely, her ending the book on some platitudinous gibberish about Jesus Christ and, reflecting on this woman's role in writing the cover speeches for Reagan's massive murders in Central America and his beating up on the poor, I finished the last sentence, snapped the paperback closed and tossed it without a second thought into the flames.  I'd do it again.

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

President Obama offered up a campaign-style impassioned speech Tuesday in El Paso demanding comprehensive immigration reform BUY NAPROSYN NO PRESCRIPTION, . Too bad it's an empty promise, NAPROSYN street price. NAPROSYN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, To paraphrase the president's recent remarks on a different subject, anybody who really believes there's going to be any meaningful reform in the near future "needs their head examined."

There is going to be NO liberalization or rationalization of our broken immigration policy in the foreseeable future, herbal NAPROSYN. Canada, mexico, india, Instead, individual states are going to continue ahead implementing more and more punitive and retrograde nativist measures that show the worst side of our national character, NAPROSYN price, coupon. NAPROSYN pictures, Yes, Obama said all the right words on Friday, cheap NAPROSYN no rx. Indeed, it was a great speech, BUY NAPROSYN NO PRESCRIPTION. Order NAPROSYN online c.o.d, But it was purely political theater.  We're already deep into the 2012 election cycle and the Latino vote is going to be key in so many, many states -- and not just in the Southwest.  Let it be noted, where can i order NAPROSYN without prescription, NAPROSYN over the counter, as his advisers certainly have, that Obama's popularity among Latinos has sunk 25 points over the last year, NAPROSYN wiki, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, according to Gallup. From a favorability rating of 79% among Latinos, NAPROSYN interactions, NAPROSYN treatment, Obama is down to just over 50%.

Blame must be properly apportioned here.  Just when comprehensive reform seemed a real possibility a handful of years ago, NAPROSYN class, NAPROSYN alternatives, the Republicans got cold feet and punked out.  It's hard to imagine that the grumpy, nasty and reactionary John McCain of today was the same guy who in the middle of the decade co-sponsored truly enlightened reform legislation in partnership with Teddy Kennedy.  McCain reversed course abruptly and yet he's still paying a price for it among his know-nothing Republican constituencies.  Immigration reform COULD have been a reality if the GOP has followed the blueprint laid out by none other than GWBush in his 2004 State of the Union speech where he offered a surprisingly forward view of the issue, NAPROSYN online cod. NAPROSYN dosage, So. BUY NAPROSYN NO PRESCRIPTION, first and foremost, the Republicans must take the blame for maintaining our official policy of denial.

The Democrats, is NAPROSYN safe, NAPROSYN recreational, however, are in close second place, buy NAPROSYN online no prescription. No prescription NAPROSYN online, During the four years they controlled congress, and two of those during the Obama administration, doses NAPROSYN work, NAPROSYN coupon, they didn't lift a finger to advance comprehensive reform.  Nobody fought for it, including Obama, NAPROSYN overnight. Buy NAPROSYN from canada, And 'nary a Democrat as much as even talked about reform.  Even the tepid DREAM Act, which addresses only the tip of the iceberg, purchase NAPROSYN online no prescription, NAPROSYN mg, was relegated to a lame duck session by Harry Reid in which it was defeated.

The common wisdom is that comprehensive immigration reform is too hot an issue for an election year, NAPROSYN forum. Well, folks, every year is an election year, BUY NAPROSYN NO PRESCRIPTION. NAPROSYN samples, So you can do the math.

One can also argue that the math is such that Obama is prisoner to a reactionary congress.  That's true, for the most part. The president could stand on his head and spit nickels and it would doubtfully open any congressional doors on this issue.

The president could, however, use his executive and administrative power to at least not make things worse. BUY NAPROSYN NO PRESCRIPTION, Instead, he has done the opposite. The rate of deportation is now higher than ever as Obama's ICE has taken on an unparalleled aggressiveness.  His abhorrent Secure Communities program, effectively granting federal immigration authority to local police, has been rejected in several states by his fellow Democratic governors and legislators -- who would also like to get re-elected.

Staying well within his constitutional authority, the president could direct his Justice Department and DHS leaders on where to put their emphasis. It has been a conscious decision by Obama to have the DOJ ease up enforcement and federal bigfooting on state marijuana laws, for example. There is a whole host of similar directives -- both formal and informal-- that the White House could issue that would treat the enforcement of immigration law in an infinitely more rational and humane way.

For the Democrats, refusal to take immigration reform seriously is a cynical fraud.

For Republicans to continue to impede it is nothing short of mid and certainly long-term political suicide.

Too bad they have to take so many other honest people down with them.



Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Visit for breaking news, VALTREX images, world news, where can i buy VALTREX online, and news about the economy

I very much enjoyed Lawrence O'Donnell's ditty tonight on Cuba (see video above), VALTREX used for. He pointed out an amusing parallel between the Island and the Empire. VALTREX reviews, Something both countries have in common. Even as Cuba moves toward more and more capitalist measures, Raul Castro calls the latest economic market reforms steps that guarantee the "irreversibility of socialism." The word 'capitalism' dare not be spoken, BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION. Likewise, O'Donnell says, online buying VALTREX, here in the U.S. Rx free VALTREX, what are clearly quasi-socialist programs like medicare, publicly subsidized universities and transportation, are NEVER referred to as such (except by right-wing nutballs), where can i cheapest VALTREX online.

It's an interesting point and a valid observation. Discount VALTREX, I also had a chuckle when he compared Raul Castro's proclamations on the recently approved 313 economic "reforms" as using language that Paul Ryan would approve of. BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION, You can see the quotes for yourself in the video. Basically, it's Raul pissing and moaning about the cost of unjustly maintaining a welfare state and about how it's time to start means testing for the ration book and other Cuban state subsidies, VALTREX description.

Let me be use clearer language: it's all about the Cuban state ending the fiction of equality and not only recognizing but also codifying class differences. VALTREX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, The only thing missing from Raul's statements was calling half the population "welfare queens."

So, look out, mis amigos.  Here come a batch of market reforms, VALTREX results. Some of which have always been inevitable and that the Cuban dictatorship has merely postponed for a half century. And a whole lot more that are going to be savage capitalism in its worst form, BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION. VALTREX brand name, Nothing like a market economy in the Third World to neatly shake out the rich from the poor.

On the positive side, Cubans will now be allowed to travel abroad, my VALTREX experience. I think that's very white of the Castro boys, VALTREX recreational, no?  Not sure what brought on this bout of excessive generosity and permissiveness given that Cubans have NOT been allowed to freely travel since the early 1960's. I mean, there was always some B.S, doses VALTREX work. BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION, reason why travel was prohibited. So, VALTREX dose, what's changed in the world that now makes it ok. (The best part of this, however, effects of VALTREX, is how Cuban apologists abroad will now react, VALTREX steet value, given that they have always contended that Cubans were free to travel. LMAO).

In reality, australia, uk, us, usa, this new privilege will remain mostly abstract for the overwhelming majority of Cubans who earn about $25 a month and not only do not qualify for most tourist visas but couldn't even pay the cab fare to get to a foreign consulate.

Cubans will also now be allowed to sell their own houses and cars!  Wonders never cease, do they, BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy generic VALTREX, Fact is, Cubans have been buying and selling such stuff for years, albeit "informally" -- on the black market, where to buy VALTREX. The legalization of land sales grease the vast accumulation of wealth by elites who, VALTREX canada, mexico, india, until now, have had to remain somewhat covert. The inequality that, order VALTREX no prescription, in fact, Purchase VALTREX online no prescription, runs deep through Cuban society will now be quickly highlighted and increased as the desperate poor start to sell of their assets to the privileged and connected and corrupt.

There's also going to be a lot more poor people to prey upon as Cuba moves ahead with plans to cut one million workers from state payrolls (a veritable wet dream for Scott Walker!). They will now be allowed BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION, to legalize the already thriving black market in personal services and menial trades, though now without a ration book and with heavy taxation.

Ahh, VALTREX from canadian pharmacy, perhaps this economic reform is entirely inevitable and we should go easy on the dinosaurs running the state. Is VALTREX safe, What is not to be forgiven is the complete and total lack of even a whisper of political reform. It's half-assed perestroika with no glasnost.

The Stalinoid economic structure and its political companion have always been rationalized as a response to this or that threat.  OK, buy VALTREX no prescription. If the threat has dissipated enough to allow a liberalization in the economic sphere, what's the justification for maintaining a complete ban on democracy and civil liberties, BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION. What's the great fear. That if elections are held and right-wingers are elected, they will privatize the economy like Raul is doing.

Well, yes. that IS the rationalization. BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION, The reality, of course, is quite different. This is golden parachute time for the octogenerian Cuban nomenklatura.  Thus is pinata time.

Before exiting the historical stage, the ruling elite is going to cash in its strategic chips, just as the Soviet leadership did 20 years ago. More and more officials with access to state property, funding and power will grab as much of the newly privatized economy as possible. If you were in that position, would you risk getting unelected out of power. I don't think so, BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION.

The Cuban people. Well, screw them. They will now get all the deficits of Western capitalist society with none of its benefits. More unemployment, more dog-eat-dog competition, fewer state services. BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION, They will not, however, get any freedom of speech, any right to assemble or petition their government for redress, no impartial (at least in name) justice system, and certainly no open and competitive elections.

It's the worst of both worlds.

Socialismo O Muerte!

P.S. Yes, I know O'Donnell is a centrist Democrat. Yes, I know the U.S. undermined and subverted Cuba for decades. Yes, I know the U.S, BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION. embargo on Cuba should be lifted. I know education  is free in Cuba (though there is no academic freedom). And its hospitals are also free (if you bring your own bedding and antibiotics). None of that changes one word offered above.



Monday, May 9th, 2011

I was sort of waiting for this. Noam Chomsky coming out in public to declare that Osama Bin Laden was an "unarmed victim" NAPROSYN FOR SALE, and, better, to strongly suggest he just might also be innocent i.e. that he's just bullshitting when he claims credit for the Al Qaeda attacks, NAPROSYN without a prescription. Taking NAPROSYN, Chomsky argues:

In April 2002, the head of the FBI, order NAPROSYN from United States pharmacy, NAPROSYN images, Robert Mueller, informed the press that after the most intensive investigation in history, generic NAPROSYN, Buy NAPROSYN without a prescription, the FBI could say no more than that it "believed" that the plot was hatched in Afghanistan, though implemented in the UAE and Germany, NAPROSYN schedule. Buy no prescription NAPROSYN online, What they only believed in April 2002, they obviously didn't know 8 months earlier, buy NAPROSYN online cod, NAPROSYN treatment, when Washington dismissed tentative offers by the Taliban (how serious, we do not know, where can i find NAPROSYN online, NAPROSYN maximum dosage, because they were instantly dismissed) to extradite bin Laden if they were presented with evidence - which, as we soon learned, NAPROSYN no rx, NAPROSYN duration, Washington didn't have. Thus Obama was simply lying when he said, NAPROSYN pharmacy, NAPROSYN samples, in his White House statement, that "we quickly learned that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by al Qaeda."

Nothing serious has been provided since, purchase NAPROSYN online. There is much talk of bin Laden's "confession," but that is rather like my confession that I won the Boston Marathon, NAPROSYN FOR SALE. NAPROSYN without prescription, He boasted of what he regarded as a great achievement.

Sorry, Noam, online NAPROSYN without a prescription. NAPROSYN trusted pharmacy reviews, But I'm gonna put my down on the greater possibility that Bin Laden has been intimately involved in the killing of thousands than you puffed along a 26 mile run. It was also back in the 90's that Bin Laden openly declared war on the United States and quickly began to prove it, get NAPROSYN. Buying NAPROSYN online over the counter, I daresay he was a good deal more effective in achieving his goals than Chomsky has been in overthrowing world capitalism. NAPROSYN FOR SALE, Bin Laden's military attacks led to the deaths of thousands -- mostly Shia Arabs-- and he proudly positioned himself as an active commander of a global armed force.  This was no empty boast. It was a deadly reality, order NAPROSYN online c.o.d. Where can i order NAPROSYN without prescription, When Bin Laden was surprised by U.S. commandos, NAPROSYN photos, Buy NAPROSYN from canada, whether he was in his pajamas at the moment, or whether he was oiling a rifle or dying his beard, herbal NAPROSYN, NAPROSYN use, he was --nevertheless-- the commander of a force actively continuing a war against civilians across the globe, including Americans.  He was a target -- not an unarmed victim as Chomsky bleats, NAPROSYN online cod. After NAPROSYN, Natch, we're treated to the usual political symmetries and asymmetries by Chomsky.  Code-naming OBL Geronimo was an imperialist choice of words. Bush has killed more people than OBL, NAPROSYN FOR SALE. The U.S. harbored the anti-Cuban terrorist Orlando Bosch.  True or not true, they don't change the underlying fact that OBL -- as the leader of an international murder organization-- was armed and dangerous even if he was in his P.J.'s playing with his dongle. And even if the U.S. is rife with hypocrisy. NAPROSYN FOR SALE, That changes nothing.

Chomsky asks how we would have reacted if an Al Qaeda squad had flown into Washington D.C., assassinated the president and dumped his body into the Atlantic.  I don't think we have to search very hard for the answer as that is more or less what Al Qaeda did do!  They flew two planes into office buildings that house up to 25,000 civilians at a time. killed as many as of them as they could,  and buried them under a sea of steel and rubble. They flew a third plane into the Pentagon and tried to kill as many U.S.military officers as possible. And they used a fourth plane, unsuccessfully, to try and kill their commander-in-chief.

We know how we reacted to all this, NAPROSYN FOR SALE. Bin Laden went on to camera to gloat over his butchery and to mock the dead. We went after him, cornered him, and blew his head off. It took ten years to get to but seems like a fair enough deal to me.

I don't think sending commandos into other countries to assassinate leaders we don't like is a defensible U.S. NAPROSYN FOR SALE, policy.  But sending in soldiers to execute an active commander of a ruthless and lethal enemy force who is being protected by the government whose sovereignty we violated is a once in a decade exception I am more than happy to tolerate AND celebrate.

Just what did Chomsky propose in this case. That U.S. forces ask Pakistan to extradite the criminal they were harboring and and then have Ramsey Clark defend him in court. Or was Chomsky wishing to parlay with OBL and ask him, come on Osama, aren't you just making up all this crap about what you're doing.

Chomsky was a courageous voice during Vietnam and has often been a valuable counter-point to official propaganda.

But not for a long time.

Noam, it's time to retire.

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