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A Short History of the Bush Administration

"We will restore honor and integrity to the White House." "Wanted: Dead or Alive." "Mission Accomplished." "Freedom is on the march." "As Iraqis stand up, we will stand down." "We will stay the course."

14 Responses to “A Short History of the Bush Administration”

  1. Michael Turner Says:

    How about “we’re a study in constant motion”?

    OK, OK, sorry, “We have never been at war with Eurasia” wins after all.

  2. richard locicero Says:

    There is a wonderful picture on FIREDOGLAKE of the boy-king looking petulant. I think he knows just how much of a failure he is and how once again he has shown his inadequacy in everything he does. But this time daddy can’t bail him out.

    Unfortunately we can’t bail either but this sorry episode should at least have the sobering lession that there are real choices and romantic, and juvenile, stances in playing at politics have consequences.

    So tell us again how proud you are of voting for Nader.

  3. Robert Fiore Says:

    A short history of the Iraq war:

    Well, I guess things will quiet down now that combat operations have ended.


    Maybe things will quiet down now that Saddam Hussein has been captured.


    Maybe things will quiet down now that the interim constitution has been signed.


    Maybe things will quiet down now that power has bee transferred to the new Iraqi government.


    Maybe things will quiet down now that they’ve had successful elections.


    Well, here it is, the beginning of 2006, they’ve had another election, we haven’t heard about any big attacks lately, maybe they’re finally getting a handle on it.


  4. reg Says:

    You know, that Fiore post would make a great cartoon…somebody who’s good at that stuff should get on it.

  5. richard locicero Says:


  6. Wall Says:

    Be careful what you wish for: when we used to compain about the rare Republican President’s Press Conferences, I don’t think we reckoned the kind of endurance test W would subject us to again and again. At least this morning he had dropped some of that case of the cutes.

    So the new slogan the boys in the ad department have cooked up is a new and improved stay the course: “Benchmarks” improved by 9 out of ten sitting generals, rich in OPTO 9-11 with secret extra shifting tacticts for those hard to get at insurgance.

    It’ basicly fine with me if the Democrates run with no clear plan about what do about Iraq. I certainly have no idea what to do about it.

    Their seriousness would be a lot easier to accept if they summoned the balls to ask a few good questions, or made sure a few got to the President instead of the easy to deflect mush balls W got again today.


    ” For two years plus you have been saying the mission will be over when the Iraqis can keep the peace themselves. Yet in those two years things have gotten worse and worse WITH our presence and strength on the ground. So what do you base your belief that the Iraqis will be able to accomplish what the mightest fighting force in the world can not?”

    “Do you truely believe the sacrifice you are asking these military families to make is consistent with a policy of tax cuts for the richest people in our country?”

    ” You’ve consistently dismissed crictics of your policy as second guessing, hindsight, etc. Can you really do that and ask us to believe you have taken responsability for the way things have gone with you policy in Iraq?

    Hell, I’ll do it myself. Get me in there, Marc. Your connections must be as good as Jeff Gannons.

  7. richard locicero Says:

    Does anyone still listen? And hasn’t 43 got the word – from Frist and others – that GOP candidates shouldn’t talk about Iraq anymore?

  8. anationofimmigrants Says:

    Latino Democrats promise to make Republicans pay for attacking immigrants

    Congress had a plan to attack immigrants, and President George W. Bush made it law today. Desperate to energize the GOP base, Bush signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006. The new law promises to put a wall along the US border with Mexico, even though U.S. News and World Report (10/8/06, “Good Fences and Such”) notes the plan will be entirely ineffective. Even Mikhail Gorbachev compared the plan to the Berlin Wall that President Reagan challenged him to tear down.

    Stand with Latino Democrats and fight back.

    Promising to make Republicans pay for their attacks on immigrants, Latino Democrats are raising money to take back Congress. Visit A Nation of ( to get the plan.

    What the Secure Fence Act of 2006 really means to us

    The Secure Fence Act is an empty gesture designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator of voters this fall. It offers no real solution to the causes of illegal immigration, only the marketable perception of Congressional activity on the issue. Our border with Mexico is 2,000 miles long, but the fence will only be 700 miles. And the estimated $2 billion price tag and requirement that the fence be completed by 2008 both overlook the 10 years of obstacles the federal government has faced in its attempts to finish a significantly smaller fence of only 14 miles between San Diego and Tijuana.” (Washington Post, 10/10/06, “Border fence meets wall of skepticism”) And then there’s the price tag: at $2 billion, the fence will cost taxpayers about $2.8 million a mile!

  9. Jim R Says:

    If a fence is going to be ineffective, why are supporters of illegal immigrants so intimidated by it?

  10. Randy Paul Says:

    It’s a waste of money

  11. Sara Wilson Says:

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