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Update: Doug Henwood BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION, , who I mention later in this piece, has responded with his own new post.

Kevin Roderick at LAObserved has put up a hilarious post about the local Pacifica Radio, KPFK.  Readers of this blog know that I used to have a daily show there until a decade ago when "revolutionaries" took it over and have increasingly turned it into an electronic Albania.

Roderick's post is a follow-up to a blog he did about 5 weeks ago about how the program director, RISPERDAL from canada, Alan Minsky, warned the staff and volunteers of impending economic catastrophe and politely asked for volunteers to step forward to either surrender or shorten their programs.  He said he needed to introduce some updated programming that hopefully would generate more revenue and audience and he needed room in the schedule to do it.

You might ask, where can i find RISPERDAL online, why would a manager ask instead of direct and just fire those who are dead wood?  Answer: because the station is dominated --both on staff and in its audience-- by loonies who scream "fascist coup" if anybody's special interest i.e. Where can i buy RISPERDAL online, his or her program, is tinkered with.  Minsky is a nice guy but what a pathetic, groveling and demeaning position to put oneself in -- to have to beg your subordinates to give up their positions!  Minsky himself is part of the problem, comprar en línea RISPERDAL, comprar RISPERDAL baratos. While he's certainly among the smarter and more rational folks in the station, Herbal RISPERDAL, his pedigree was forged in the fever swamp of the Independent Media Center -- a watering hole for True Believers. And he's never quite outgrown it, BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION.

Well, you have probably guessed the payoff by now, kjøpe RISPERDAL på nett, köpa RISPERDAL online. Roderick reports this email coming from Minsky:

"Unfortunately, My RISPERDAL experience, following my e-mail of one month ago in which I asked KPFK programmers, for the good of the station, to offer to shorten the length of their show or to move to a web-based show or to end their shows, RISPERDAL alternatives, not a single programmer stepped forward and made such a sacrifice, RISPERDAL long term, " writes Alan Minsky. As a result, he warns that the hammer is about to fall: "New voices need to be added to KPFK's programming, RISPERDAL dose. In a week's time some very difficult decisions will be made by KPFK management."

Difficult. BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Since when is shooting fish in a barrel difficult?  With two or three hours of exception during a 168 hour week, you could pretty much randomly kill off any program and it would be improvement.  What's going to be difficult, of course, are knee-jerkers who will go apopleptic and then  charge that racism, sexism, ageism, liberalism, fascism, and cystic fibrosis has swamped the purity of "people powered-radio."

What we're dealing with here is what former General Manager Mark Schubb calls "time slot sluts" -- programmers who would do anything with anybody to retain their little slice of radio time. Buy RISPERDAL online no prescription, (Schubb, by the way, was inappropriately fired by the revolutionaries in 2002 and won several hundred thousand dollars in a legal settlement), buy cheap RISPERDAL. There's also an uncomfortable truth to be found here. Is RISPERDAL addictive, KPFK and its programmers go on endlessly about how it is "community radio" that serves the people. ROFL

KPFK primarily, if not exclusively, cheap RISPERDAL no rx, serves its own programmers.  Period. Full stop, BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION. My RISPERDAL experience, They are there for their own sake and nobody else's.  Sort of like a mirror image of Glenn Beck.  The proof is the unanimous refusal by any of the programmers --95% of which are unpaid volunteers-- to let go of the microphone so that the station itself can survive. What does that tell you. Fuck the people and "the community."  Apparently, purchase RISPERDAL for sale, every single last programmer there thinks he or she is indispensable -- a word and a concept they have apparently confused with the term "unlistenable." And we're talking in many cases about programmers who have been on the air 15, Taking RISPERDAL, 20, 25 years or more without a fresh idea since Oliver North took his oath before congress.

Pacifica Radio is bleeding money and audience, buy no prescription RISPERDAL online. BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Mostly because the programming sucks.Big Time.  And it sucks so bad that, for years now, its on air fundraising has become not only incessant, but chock a block with truther conspiracies and quack miracle medical cures.  It is a bleeding sore of the Left and makes you wonder about left-wing critics of The Media (why is the Left Media even worse than the MSM?).

By the way, RISPERDAL without a prescription, there are some numbers that I have that are not in Roderick's story.  Minsky's memo is misleading as it refers to recent station growth from 120,000 to 180,000 cumulative listeners per week, RISPERDAL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. But the station had 180, RISPERDAL used for, 000 listeners twelve years ago and with a much weaker signal. What we are talking about is total stagnation. But it gets worse, RISPERDAL trusted pharmacy reviews. The real way to measure listenership, however, is by Average Quarter Hour followers -- people who tune in for at least 5 mins during an average 15 minute period, BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION. That's very close to the number of people listening at any given moment. Where to buy RISPERDAL, According to figures I just saw, KPFK's latest AQH is down to an all-time low of 1600 (in a signal area of 25 million people).  Two points of comparison. KPFK bottomed out at an AQH of  1800 in 1995 during a similar period of decay.  During Schubb's management (1995-2002), online buying RISPERDAL, he got those numbers to peak at about 7500-8000....which means, RISPERDAL pictures, in reality, KPFK has about 20% of the audience it did a decade ago.  By contrast, successful public radio stations like KPCC can boast of an AQH 12-15 times bigger than KPFK while running, purchase RISPERDAL online no prescription, quite literally, RISPERDAL canada, mexico, india, about one or two percent of the wattage of Pacifica and thereby commanding a much smaller signal footprint. Nice work, comrades, RISPERDAL coupon. BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION, This is not just a problem at KPFK, but is rather a network-wide crisis.  Of the five Pacifica stations, two don't even have recorded ratings because they haven't paid the bill of the rating service. At this moment, RISPERDAL images, all five positions of permanent station General Manager are open.

There's been pretty much a conspiracy of silence on the Left about this. When the "revolutionaries" were in the process of taking over Pacifica a dozen years ago and Amy Goodman was scandalously using her air time to undermine her own network's leadership and funding, online RISPERDAL without a prescription, the left media fell over each other to see who could more quickly (and falsely) condemn Pacifica for "corporatizing." This was a damn lie exploited Goodman for personal gain, as it turns out, and never wanting to be outflanked on the left, the left blindly joined in the Pacifica bashing (with the honorable exception of The Progressive magazine which could smell something fishy and steered clear of the fight). At the time, I was working for The Nation and anchored Radio Nation which was produced out of KPFK.  And while the mag waffled around on the issue, not willing to defend the network that hosted its own program, it ultimately went into the tank for the loonies by running a partisan editorial supporting the bone-headed idea that Pacifica should have elected listener councils to manage programming (Of course, The Nation didn't think this would be a workable idea for itself where two or three editors made and continue to make its own editorial decisions!).

Once the knuckle-head purists took over the network, and started destroying it, we've never again seen any sort of follow-up report in any  lefitst or "progressive" media circles, let alone among the left-of-center media criticism outfits like FAIR and Free Press, BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION. Not one in more than a decade.  The five stations have a market value of hundreds of millions of dollars, but the left turns a blind eye to ever scrutinizing this failing institution.

There was one breach in the wall a few weeks ago when lefty economist Doug Henwood, still a progammer at Pacifica's WBAI, went public with his own horror report.  Read it here. I like Doug. He's good guy and quite smart and he means well. But he's about ten years too late. The game is already long over.

As the old joke about the Cuban government goes: The regime has already fallen. We're just waiting on the official paper work. Or, if you prefer, what's the sound of one lip flapping.



  1. Randy Paul Says:


    On a somewhat related note, you should read David Carr’s column in today’s NY Times if youhaven’t already.

  2. reg Says:

    RP – The Guardian started reading like a weekly reprint of itself sometime back in the 90s, if not before. It’s too bad – it used to be a significant part of the local political and cultural scene and has turned into the perennial story of an old guy riding a horse and carrying his lance. Aside from the obsession with public power, the most vociferous and heartfelt crusades have always been carried out against the nefarious plots of other folks who buy ink by the barrel. What a concept in the 2010s!

  3. Pokey Says:

    Please keep Ian Masters, who is my favorite on KPFK.

  4. pablo Says:

    Second that, Pokey.

    Keep Jon Weiner, Jimmy Dore, Alan Minsky, too.. and the music programming throughout the week.. as well as Canto Sin Fronteras and Canto Tropical… and yes, keep Democracy Now.

    Tinker too much with these shows and risk losing a donor.

    I have never set foot in the station. I have listened for years to the shows that I like…and I like that there is programming which invites Greens and Socialists.
    I have also noticed that each in each election cycle the Progressive Dems come in with the usual ‘it’s us or them’.

    I sincerely hope that Alan Minsky can pull it off.
    The station needs to lose the conspiracy theorists and the those who feel that modern medicene is a conspiracy.

    But leave the mic open to the broad left…

    While on the subject of barnacles, even this one has moved with the times, albeit at the speed of a slug.
    Radio is by far still my medium of choice…here are the presets on my radio:

    Radio Espace- Montreal
    REE – Madrid
    La 2×4 Tango- Buenos Aires
    KPFK -Los Angeles
    Canal Flamenco Madrid
    Clube Brazil Paris
    Radio Eclipse 1 Santiago CL
    RFI Musique Paris
    BBC 4 London
    U. Guadalajara Guadalajara

  5. Harry Says:

    I live in New York and have, or better said, had listened to WBAI for more than 30 years. It has been a running sewer for the last ten years or so. I once and now listen to Doug Henwood who is a rational voice. But he’s the exception. Getting to him is like picking through a mound of rotting garbage. He’d do himself a favor if he cut that place loose and put his audio on the web. Lay down with fleas…. you know the rest.

  6. Johnny Holmes Says:

    Marc, has it been 10 years since you were with Pacifica? Damn how time flies.

    I first discovered Marc when tuning in to Pacifica more than 10 years ago. In fact Marc was the reason I continued to tune in with hopes of hearing his broadcast. I found his political analysis sharp and accurate, and was impressed that he would interview politicians from all stripes, including Republicans like Allan Hoffenblume. Book readings from authors like James Lee Burke were a surprising and special treat.

    Then alas came the purge. I remember Marc at the microphone describing, but not wanting to describe the purge as it was taking place, listening to him tell the audience that we weren’t missing anything, but that a struggle was being played out that would remove him from the broadcast–or something along those lines. After Marc left I pretty much left Pacifica.

    One of my later memories of those times was Marc delivering a devastating and powerful speech on why he was supporting Nader rather than Gore for President in the 2000 election. I found his reasoning compelling and his motivations passionate. I also thought that on this issue he was 100% wrong.

    Around that time I also read Pinochet and Me. To put it simply, an intensely riveting book that I devoured in just one or two sittings. I simply couldn’t put it down. A truly hair raising account of the fascist takeover of Chile from an insider’s perspective. Apart from its historical significance, a great great piece of writing. Marc Cooper knows how to write that’s for damn sure.

    So in case anyone is interested, in a nutshell, that’s why I’m here. I’m a fan of Marc’s who happens to not always agree with him and isn’t shy to say so :) , but a fan who will always be interested in what he has to say.

  7. Ghost of John Muir Says:

    The station was at it’s peak 10 years ago. Sad what has happened to not only KPFK, but also the LA Weekly.

    The Left media has had a conspiracy of silence on KPFK. Not only that, Amy Goodman gets awards and is a celebrated guest at the Nation cruise. She is no example of sound journalism.

  8. Cappadonna Says:

    Hate to sound like a broken record — but the mess of Pacifica is endemic of the Left in general – a disorganized lot of true believers, perpetual cynics and professional mau-mau hucksters who make a great living off screaming about ‘The Man’. All of the ‘adults’, smart progressives and moderates who live in the real world — either get co-opted by the corporatists or simply give up and live in quiet frustration.

    You can see in many so-called ‘grassroots’ organizations and progressives stalwarts – Unions, the NAACP and my personal favorite the Green Party. The loony tunes with little to do take over an organization, forcing all of the adults out of the room.

    The only person I can listen to is Ian Masters in KPFK and Imhotep Gary Byrd in WBAI when I lived in New York. I listen to DN! sometimes, but Goodman and Co come off as sniveling lefty version of Glenn Beck, looking for a conspiracy even when no clearly exists. The rust of the time, it was just bad. I mean really bad. I’m renown news junkie — and I’d rather listen to the Steve Harvey show in the morning than the perpetual whiners on Pacifica. (KCRW is good, but you can listen to Pacifica for about 20 minutes and get all the big news for the day.)

    The problem is simple — the Adults Have Left the Room. There are few people who know how run a radio show and build an audience. And its even more pathetic for KPFK and WBAI — the homes of the Hollywood elites. With all the left stalwarts running around in Hollywood, KPFK can’t rustle up a line up that’s half way decent.

    Another problem is that Pacifica (ok, the nuts that hijacked Pacifica) is too pompous to learn from its most obvious competition for audience, MSNBC and Public Radio. ‘Left, Right and Center’ on KCRW is 10x more fun and informative than almost anything played on KPKF throughout the day, and its only on on Fridays. Hell, the Daily Show is more informative than most Pacifica news programs.

    My former drug dealer relatives would serve as better managers of Pacifica than the cadre of Liberal Arts Professors and Weather Underground wannabes who run the place now.

  9. Cheryll Says:

    There is not one fact checker at KPFK. The programs are almost all un-listenable and it’s an outrageous waste of potential to have huge signal with unprofessional and wacky nut jobs taking up most of the hours. The current slates for board elections are aging lefty activists and none of them are remotely qualified to make decisions about running a radio station.

  10. petey Says:

    “he was supporting Nader rather than Gore for President”

    well if that’s the choice you’ve given yourself i can see the problem

  11. av2ts Says:

    How demeaning and demoralizing to all the volutneers putting in their time and effort to make this unique and badly needed radio station a go. Of course things can be better, but this type of unfocused rant does not do a thing.

    The first villian is Alan Minsky – though “smart and rational” – his crime is being a “true believer” by trying to get cooperation from his volunteer programmers, and not just firing them as they do in the corporate world. How dare he try cooperation as a first step! Does Marc not understand that firing volunteers is not a good way to encourage volunteerism?

    The second villian are the programmers – 99% of whom are worthless and unlistenable and deserve to be fired. How dare they not realize that they are all the problem, and there are multides of real radio talen out there chomping at the bit if they would just leave. Of course, if Marc was still there, I am sure he would have been the first to put community first, and volunteer to leave. Quitting is the only honorable solution. Can I posit, instead, that perhaps it is difficult to volunteer to host a radio show with little to no resources? That people with the rare knack of drawing audiences are snatched by the marketplace. That the shows are actually pretty decent most of the time – and certainly much needed. I can’t even begin to list the unique voices that would be nowhere to find on the radio without Pacifica.

    And the idea that more listeners equals better radio, is rubbish. Using that criteria, we should be asking our lefty radio hosts to emulate Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and Dr. Laura. I will take Amy Goodman any day. Her work is simply essential and efforts to demean her are short-sighted and mean-spirited.

    Marc talks about a “conspiracy of the left” media in not reporting about this critical issue. But I am not sure exactly what “news” he wants reported. I am also not sure why the left media ought to be responsible for hawking one of the few leftist media institutions in the country. Does the right go after their own with such vengence? As a rule, eating your own is not good.

    Pacifica has problems, but I see nothing that tells me there is need for some sort of splashy expose or popular uprising to wrestle the station away from the “true believers.”

  12. Jim R Says:

    “Pacifica has problems…”

    Yes, the money problem. Real broadcasting talent draws audiences, and the talented have choices. They expect to get paid for their time.

    Money comes from advertisers based on audience size. Pacifica is selling anti-business, anti-capitalism, anti-american left wing political soap to a narrow audience with little money. What company is going to advertise in an echo chamber of 100 near-do-well people? Let me answer that, those selling unpopular poltical positions…..and soap without unnatural perfume additives.

  13. Cappadonna Says:

    Jim R, you kind of miss the point of Pacifica — its a non-profit organization, it doesn’t take ad money.

    The point that Marc is making that given the anti-corporate mood in the country, Pacifica should be shovelling in donations and MSNBC and the Daily Show wouldn’t be as big as they are right now. Because of shotty management, lack of focus and a dirth of real radio talent, no one, not even the lefty hipster types in LA and NYC or the greying hippies in Berkeley are listening. Its not on life support because its “selling anti-business, anti-capitalism, anti-american left wing political soap to a narrow audience with little money”. On the contrary — Pacifica stations are sitting in three left wing bastions – DC, LA and New York. Its got a captive progressive audience. It simply doesn’t have it shit together.

    However, I will agree that real talented liberal radio show hosts have better things to do than slum at Pacifica. Hell, Air America is a better bet than Pacifica.

  14. JLR Says:

    Marc should help Minsky save KPFK, his griping is unproductive and childish

    Marc is largely correct about the state of KPFK now, but he still comes off like a whining baby unable to get over losing in the Pacifica wars.

    The sad fact is that Marc was a great programmer, but a lousy, alienating manager of people. If he hadn’t unnecessarily alienated so many people, they couldn’t have run him off in 2002 because he was the best programmer in the history of the station.

    As for Minsky, he’s got an almost impossible task, but my understanding is that he’s only hope of salvaging that station. If Marc really cared about progressive media in Southern California, he’d help him out instead of slamming him for trying; especially since Marc’s passion for the station betrays that he knows KPFK could and should be something amazing. Minsky is certainly not a carbon-copy of Cooper, but the general drift of the station is improving in ways that Cooper should embrace (more Ian Masters, Mitch Jeserich is solid, Jimmy Dore is funny & professional etc.).

    The people I know who’ve met Minsky say that he understands how lousy much of the programming is, but he recognizes that he has to improve things slowly or lose his job. All the people trying to push him out want the next boss to be a conspiracy theory nut-job or worse. The “democratically elected” station board is a farce, and most of the members hate Minsky because the majority of the board are 9-11 truthers. The meetings are apparently like scenes out of Marat-Sade.

    How bad is it for Minsky? I talked to the former GM, Sean Heitkemper, who left after only one year. A completely sane guy. As his final act he put Minsky in charge. He didn’t believe any changes could be made because the place was a madhouse, but Minsky succeeded in making some. He confirmed that most of the programmers and the board want Minsky out because he made changes – even though the Arbitron numbers have gone way up.

    (By the way, Marc is wrong – the AQH number Marc sites is from the latest month, which was one of those horrible fund drive months. The average from the nine months since Minsky made the changes is 50% above where it was before the changes, just like the weekly cume numbers, which also increased by 50%. Even though KPFK’s numbers remain very low, that’s a significant achievement. Minsky has certainly saved the station from the brink.)

    Heitkemper said that he encouraged Minsky to be a host, which would be great because the few times I’ve heard him on air, he’s exceptional. However, Minsky felt that would be the nail in his coffin, that the resentment towards anyone who is competent at the station is overwhelming.

    Somehow reminds me of Pol-Pot’s Cambodia. Intelligence is a death-sentence.

    KPFK is a cesspool, but it’s also a project with a lot of dimension. Because of that, Marc overstates his case. There are many more than two or three exceptional shows. Amy Goodman has her problems, but the show is always worth checking out. Mitch Jeserich is a great new voice, and Masters still generates insights you hear nowhere else. Sonali Kolhatkar is hit or miss, but many days there’s coverage of progressive projects or movements in L A that you can’t hear about anywhere else. Jon Wiener, Suzi Weissman, Lila Garrett, Gustavo Arellano are all brilliant.

    In summary, Marc should stop his whining and help Minsky salvage those 112,000 watts.

  15. av2ts Says:

    However, Minsky felt that would be the nail in his coffin, that the resentment towards anyone who is competent at the station is overwhelming.

    Somehow reminds me of Pol-Pot’s Cambodia. Intelligence is a death-sentence.

    I appreciate your post JLR. But do you really think this is the problem? Isn’t there a whole lot more going on that that? Aren’t there honest differences in ideas, style or just “contradictions” inherent in trying to run a socialist community-minded station in the age of capitalist individualism. No, you conclude the dumb masses resent the smart people… any evidence of that?

  16. JLR Says:

    Good point av2ts. KPFK is a complicated scene.

    One thing that most people miss is that Marc Cooper himself is significantly responsible for the idiocy at KPFK. I’ll explain that in a minute, but first your immediate point.

    One way that Minsky and Cooper differ is that Minsky does embrace grassroots voices in ways that Cooper clearly rejects, usually with offensive disdain. From what I’ve heard on-air Minsky supports community radio (e.g. voices from East L A discussing East L A, etc.), Cooper thinks these are amateurish.

    However, like Cooper, Minsky supports the idea that the shows at the most important hours need to be more professional and journalistically responsible.

    Here’s where it gets complicated.

    The main source of idiocy on KPFK is not the grassroots voices, but the conspiracy theory morons and the new age snake oil. The station board supports this stuff and Minsky doesn’t. Cooper, correctly, rips it at every opportunity and fucks with Minsky and his old allies that remain on a station that includes this junk.

    In turn, the anti-science fools attack anything that resembles intelligence and reason.

    Unfortunately for Minsky, the grassroots types at KPFK, also attack the more professional voices, including Minsky himself even though he is essentially their protector.

    Here’s the kicker! Cooper has much to answer for when it comes to the snake oil and conspiracy theory. It was under his and Mark Schubb’s regime that Lisa Garr’s Aware Show was brought on and actually given more time than it has now. This firmly established KPFK as the go-to station for New Age snake oil. Furthermore, Schubb and Cooper had every opportunity to dismiss Roy Tuckman, who broadcasts the most ridiculous conspiracy theories and snake oil constantly. Schubb and Cooper didn’t touch him even though they had no checks on them like Minsky does with the station board.

    So all that language Cooper uses to attack Minsky for not just firing people, should actually be directed at Cooper. He could’ve done it plain and simple, but he didn’t.

    So, Cooper, where was your backbone back when you and Schubb ran the station. Why did you bring on Lisa Garr and not fire Roy Tuckman?

    Is it that you’re secretly into Crystals? Are you downing Gary Null’s magic potions? Didn’t Eben Rey’s show start while you were running KPFK? Maybe, like her, you believe that illunimati aliens run the world? Come on, Marc, confess. Come clean. You’ll feel better. Or do I have to write your buddies at the Nation and at Annenberg and let them know the type of programming you promoted?

    Has anyone ever seen Marc Cooper and Alex Jones in the same place? Hmmm?

  17. Randy Paul Says:

    Money comes from advertisers based on audience size.

    More of your ignorance on display. That famous communist Herbert Hoover, when he was Secretary of Commerce said that the airwaves belonged to the public. Did you know that by law the FM band lower than 92 is dedicated exclusively for non-commercial broadcasting or are yoiu that completely uninformed and have no idea about that which you bloviate?

  18. nalini lasiewicz Says:

    There are moments in your article that seems to expose some faint or distant appreciation for, at least, the potential at KPFK radio. You’re awareness that a huge signal area is being wasted by the knuckleheads, and the fact that you chastise the “progressive left media” for ignoring the fact of a significant institutional failure that they played a part in destabalizing, all seem to indicate that you wish things were different.

    It begs the questions….can KPFK be resusitated and put back on track? And if not, then why not?


  19. av2ts Says:

    Thanks for elaborating JLR. You seem to understand that unpolished, grassroots voices at least deserve a shot. But I agree that the more “professional” folks ought to have the prime slots and that a certain standard of journalism ought to be aimed for. I am against the new agists and the conspiracy theorists, of course. But frankly, I don’t hear too much of either (except the 9.11 conspiracy dvds they break out at pledge drives – apparently because they “sell” well). By casting such wide aspersion against 95% of KPFK Marc really shows who he is.

  20. Cappadonna Says:

    Avt2s and others, yes grassroots voices deserve air time, but it can’t come at the sacrifice of keeping the station afloat.

    Bad radio is bad radio, period. And a poorly run non-profit eventually equals a broke non-profit.

    Here’s a simple rule or broadcast media, if you can’t bring in an audience of substantial size, you’re gone. Period. Production time is too damn expensive to waste on the equivalent of dead air. This especially true during rush hour — your core listeners are between 7-9 AM and 4-7 PM. Put unlistenable bullshit on the air, your listeners and their donor dollars are going over to KCRW.

    Even on a college radio station, if you have no real audience, you’re gone. If you want to scream at the top of your lungs so only 1000 or so people listen, make a video blog or go on public access.

    Pacifica has the tools required to fill the gap left by Air America. It just needs people who know what the Hell they’re doing.

  21. Randy Paul Says:

    Even on a college radio station, if you have no real audience, you’re gone. If you want to scream at the top of your lungs so only 1000 or so people listen, make a video blog or go on public access.

    There is also Low Power FM,/a>.

  22. av2ts Says:

    Cappadonna, we obviously have a different conception what constitutes success on radio. Most of the tv and radio shows I watch and listen to get small audiences. This does not mean they are not successful or worthwhile – in fact, those shows are often the most important things to be found in our capitalist media wasteland. And yes, many of those programs are produced on a non-profit basis, which is the only model that allows such enlightenened programming. If media operated entirely on your premise – that audience size is all that should determine whether one sticks around or not – we would be even further in the dark.

  23. Cappadonna Says:

    You seem to confuse the idea of Good radio with a corporate model. The problem isn’t content — is a simple lack of proper management, niche politics and infighting that is endemic on the American Left.

    “Most of the tv and radio shows I watch and listen to get small audiences. This does not mean they are not successful or worthwhile – in fact, those shows are often the most important things to be found in our capitalist media wasteland. ”

    So because the shows should stay on the air because the speak to a POV you agree with, even if keeping them on the air is prohibitive and counterproductive — costing the Pacifica Radio?

    That simply doesn’t make any sense. You put on shows that bring in an audience and thus bring on revenue, whether through ad dollars (commericial radio) or through donations and/or grants (Pacifica, NPR, Christian Radio). And donation dollars dry up for non-profits when they’re perceived as mismanaged. (In the case of Pacifica, putting snake oil salesmen and conspiracy theorists on drive time.)

    Your statement is proof positive av2ts you have no clue about non-profit management or radio broadcasting.

    Lower Power FM, Blogging and streaming media exist if you want to speak to a tiny niche audience of the converted — because they cost virtually nothing. Anyone with an internet connection and a laptop can blog or make a podcast.

    However, Pacifica isn’t your or my personal bullhorn — its a public radio network with a powerful reach. And if you want to keep Pacifica Radio running, you need to be a little more professional and better managed than “The Best of The Left’ Podcast. Save the insistent whining, self-congratulations and wigged conspiracy theories for your blog, they have no place on a radio broadcast.

  24. Jim Carlile Says:

    I keep hearing here that KPFK’s programming should be changed, and that they’re nuts over there, but exactly what kind of programs should they have instead?

    The current schedule is pretty mainline, and I like it. Even the ‘Car Show.’ I wish they’d even bring back ‘Infidelity,’ the old hi-fi program- it would be better than ever today. Or the Opera Show.

    So what’s so bad about KPFK’s current programming schedule? What do you want in its place?

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