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Los Angeles today joined BUY XENICAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Oakland, San Francisco and several smaller cities in endorsing a boycott of Arizona over its absurd 'Papers, Please!' immigration law.  It's hard to say how much economic impact if any of these city-based boycotts will really have on the rogue Sunshine State.

But here's the real hard news for the Arizona fringies.  The Republican National Committee has also joined the boycott, online XENICAL without a prescription. XENICAL class, Not officially, of course. But today Phoenix lost its bid to host the 2012 Republican convention and that will cost the state of Arizona some $200 million or more, XENICAL from mexico. Purchase XENICAL, Don't  you love it.

The RNC chose...., XENICAL samples. Tampa?  [insert laugh track here], BUY XENICAL NO PRESCRIPTION. XENICAL dosage, Yes, Florida is a key swing state, where to buy XENICAL. XENICAL dose, But so is Arizona and the entire southwest. And Phoenix, online buy XENICAL without a prescription, Order XENICAL online overnight delivery no prescription, with all of its inherent flaws, is like Paris compared to Tampa, online buying XENICAL hcl. XENICAL alternatives, The RNC,, XENICAL natural, Purchase XENICAL for sale, of course, is denying that Arizona's onerous new immigration law had anything to do with it, XENICAL online cod. BUY XENICAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Right. XENICAL forum, But the biggest swing vote in the country is no state or region in particular but rather the burgeoning Latino vote. As it is, XENICAL cost, XENICAL recreational, the GOP may be flirting with a precipitous drop off en esa comunidad.

So just imagine if the Repubs had their big bash in Phoenix replete with thousands of Latino protesters marching in front of the cameras, low dose XENICAL. XENICAL australia, uk, us, usa, Bottom line, for all the lip service the Republicans have given to the idiotic new law, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Real brand XENICAL online, they, nevertheless, XENICAL over the counter, Purchase XENICAL online no prescription, don't want to be seen partying in Arizona.

Fabulous hypocrisy and cowardice, XENICAL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, XENICAL street price, really. XENICAL pharmacy. XENICAL price. XENICAL pictures. What is XENICAL.

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  1. Sergio Says:

    Idiotic or not, I just heard on KNX that a national poll shows 70% support nationwide for the Arizona law.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Yeah, Sergio, well, you’d probably find a lot of people who would still support segregation, if the question were phrased carefully enough.

  3. frank Says:

    “Fabulous hypocrisy”

    That is a perfect description of the Los Angeles City Council, instead of fixing the massive budget problems facing Los Angeles, they have used “Boycott Arizona ”

    Of course the city clowncil wants to deflect the attention away from their massive failures in Los Angeles, the city council should work on a resolution to prevent companies with jobs joining the growing Boycott of Los Angeles.

  4. Bob Williams Says:

    Yeah, Sergio, well, you’d probably find a lot of people who would still support segregation, if the question were phrased carefully enough.


  5. Pokey Says:

    It appears that the politicians of Arizona have a far greater fear of the Arizona voters than they have of any financial Boycotts. The 70% majority of people of Arizona are sick and tired of enormous problems and costs that come along with an influx of 100’s of thousands of uneducated poor people and are not about to change their minds, because of a boycott.

    If LA city hall had any balls or a real conviction in their beliefs, they would say, “Arizona Latino’s, come to our city. Yes, come to Los Angeles, where you will be appreciated, where we will educate your children, feed your family, treat your medical needs and incarcerate your criminals.”

  6. Randy Paul Says:

    From yesterday’s NY Times: a tale of two states.

  7. Cappadonna Says:

    Proof that the Tea Party movement and its enablers in the Republican Party will cause the GOP to implode. ‘Hip-Hop Mike’ Steele is talking out of both sides of his mouth — saying that the AZ law isn’t racist but pulling out the 2012 convention. Between this and Bob Bennett getting ousted in Utah for not being conservative enough (huh?!) this proves the GOP elites have created a monster.

  8. Ahmed Says:

    I’m boycotting Laura Bush, as the good Woody would pronounce, her support of gay marriage is part of a leftist, commie, faggot assault not only on a sacred insitution but western civilisation itself. Seriously though, she remains quiet when she occupies a symbolic position of power, then takes a stand in the midst of a book tour. As my man, the often maligned, minimalist Sergio might say, the Empire is rotting at its moral core

  9. Dan O Says:

    often maligned

    …justly maligned…


  10. reg Says:

    Tampa was undoubtedly chosen because it’s claim to fame is “Cradle of Death Metal.” Michael Steele wants to attract more young people to the party.

  11. reg Says:

    Reality bites…

  12. Pokey Says:

    The GOP is making the right choice: The Unemployment in Florida is 12.3% compared to Arizona’s 9.6 rate of unemployment which is getting better each day because of their new law and negative publicity.

    Owners of shopping centers, car lots, banks, money wiring services, and even the Mexican Consulate in Phoenix, are witnessing the rise of “self-deportations,” of the illegal population.

    This “self-deportation” is enhanced by publicity given by LA City Hall and Marc Cooper.

  13. reg Says:

    I always love “testimonium traho ex rectum.”

  14. Randy Paul Says:

    “testimonium traho ex rectum.”

    Love it!

  15. Ahmed Says:

    Sergio’s style may not be the most edifying but it is rightly his own and while most people here seem not to appreciate his way of communicating, I take a contrarian approach. I like the guy

  16. frank Says:

    California and especailly the sanctuary city of Los Angeles will never have finacial trouble like Arizona, se more testimonium traho ex rectum below.

  17. White Cornerback Says:

    I would congratulate them on their choice. Tampa has much hotter stippers and hookers than Pheonix does. Probably the best in fact, outside of Las Vegas. Also, more black people, which seems to be an essential accessory at Republican conventions.

  18. White Cornerback Says:

    “Yeah, Sergio, well, you’d probably find a lot of people who would still support segregation, if the question were phrased carefully enough.”

    Of course you would. As in, “what is the racial neighborhood of your neighborhood, and of the school that you send your kids to?”

  19. andy4 Says:

    But here

  20. will37 Says:

    But here

  21. Deandre Vigier Says:

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