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300px-WikiVoc-acorn.svg PAXIPAM FOR SALE, Can the right-wing conduct a smear campaign, exaggerate and even falsify the problems with ACORN and can what has been alleged still  be partially and even significantly true. Online buying PAXIPAM hcl, I think the answer is an obvious yes.

Columbia Journalism Review conducts the sort of debate between reporters Mark Bowden and Ken Silverstein that about 279 people in the entire country could care about i.e, PAXIPAM dangers. Low dose PAXIPAM, is it proper to call the anti-ACORN sting video made by right-wing activists "journalism" or not?  Like people are putting down their work and canceling medical appointments to ponder this Great Question. YAWN, PAXIPAM recreational.

That said, I'm taking Silverstein's side in this wearisome quarrel, PAXIPAM FOR SALE. Get PAXIPAM, What the EFF difference does it make if you call the video at the center of this story "journalism" or not . The video is what it is, purchase PAXIPAM online no prescription. Comprar en línea PAXIPAM, comprar PAXIPAM baratos, Part of it is doctored, for sure, PAXIPAM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. PAXIPAM pharmacy, Or at least, we find out, ordering PAXIPAM online, PAXIPAM brand name, that it omits mention that in one ACORN office the faux pimp-ho duo at the heart of the sting got the cops called on them.  Some good reporting uncovered that. PAXIPAM FOR SALE, And other reporting from the MSM, late in the game, provided even more missing context.  So as CJR said, this was a story both over-hyped and simultaneously under-reported by "professionals." Leave that kind of gap open and other folks are gonna step in.

As they did, PAXIPAM from canadian pharmacy. Order PAXIPAM no prescription, The makers of the viral video are right-wing activists with a pre-conceived agenda. But what we saw on their video -- we saw, effects of PAXIPAM. Generic PAXIPAM, You can call it whatever you want. But it doesn't un-ring the bell and --like it or not-- that information flows into the great sea of content in which journalism, gossip, PAXIPAM FOR SALE. rumour, real brand PAXIPAM online, Where can i buy cheapest PAXIPAM online, innuendo and advocacy are sometimes inextricably churned.

ACORN has some real and obvious problems, PAXIPAM dosage. Order PAXIPAM online c.o.d, And after the kerfuffle around some of their (minor and exaggerated) voter reg irregularities during last year's campaign, they should have been smart enough to do some real house-cleaning.  No one should be making any excuses for what is the obvious corruption and malfeasance uncovered inside ACORN, PAXIPAM without prescription, PAXIPAM treatment, regardless of the partisan methods employed to expose it nor the relative scope of the issue.

None of this means, PAXIPAM price, PAXIPAM pics, by any stretch of the imagination, that this story hasn't been blown completely out of proportion, where can i buy PAXIPAM online, PAXIPAM canada, mexico, india, that Democratic politicians have shown little mettle in clarifying whatever positive there is to say about ACORN, that Republicans pols have shamelessly and with a barely concealed hate-the-poor agenda inflated this story beyond all reason and that, PAXIPAM from canada, PAXIPAM forum, in the end, ACORN is a tiny non-profit group that has a negligible effect  on the national body politic, PAXIPAM for sale. Cheap PAXIPAM no rx, It's a mosquito on an elephant's rear.

And what a smelly rear that is, buying PAXIPAM online over the counter. If half the time spent on stigmatizing ACORN was invested in investigating the multi-billion dollar racketeering of AIG, Goldman-Sachs and the complicity of laughing stocks like the SEC, we would be in a much better place.


neontommy Our Neon Tommy piece of the day is sharp-edged, up-close look by reporter Hillel Aron at Michael Moore and his new film, "Capitalism, A Love Story." It's not that pretty of a picture.

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43 Responses to “PAXIPAM FOR SALE”

  1. Michael Turner Says:

    Pretty dumb conclusion to a pretty dumb article, if you ask me:

    “So ACORN got caught on candid camera, and they got caught good. Does it matter who shot the video and what their motivations were? Maybe not. Just don’t call it journalism.”

    Well, of course it was journalism. Very bad, very slanted, almost certainly doctored journalism. But still journalism. Does a halo automatically come with the title “journalist”?

    “ACORN got caught on candid camera?” “Got caught good?” Well, I assume James and Hannah were able to catch on camera some of the process of their being escorted from one ACORN office, after *they* were “caught good” and the cops were called. But we didn’t get to see THAT video, did we?

    “Some stupid ACORN *staffers* were caught giving unethical advice, possibly in dead earnest” would reflect what little these videos prove. And a careful journalist would make that careful distinction.

    Everybody wants to have an opinion about this stuff, but it seems hardly anybody — even at Columbia Journalism Review, apparently — wants to do the actual work of journalism to unearth the real story behind this one, or even write accurately about what they know from other sources. Work — feh, who needs it? Just writing up vague impressions is so much more fun.

    In a way, I’m impressed with Hannah and James as journalists: all that traipsing around from city to city, the practicing of lines, trying different ACORN offices to figure out where cherries were ripest for picking, getting the raw content down on video as well as they did, despite the need to conceal the camera, editing the video so extensively to reflect their intent for the story — that’s a lot of hard work. Even the part we didn’t know about before, where they slogged onward and got the story as they saw it, after getting evicted from one ACORN office when the cops were called — that takes some gumption, don’t you think?

    But God help us if the hard work of journalism is left to people like this, who rake a tiny bit of muck into a pile, garnish it ideologically with their own fabrications, then publish a closeup shot of the decorated bit of muck as if it were the portrait of an entire organization.

  2. Bob Morris Says:

    Interesting, isn’t it, that James O’Keefe posts new videos on BigGovernment and quotes Saul Alinsky as motivation.

    The Left needs to read Alinsky again, the Right sure is.

    They’ve made it clear they’re going after ACORN / SEIU 100 links too.

    So why would any employee give such idiotic advice? One video seems to say that ACORN has seminars for home buyers and can help with mortgages. If so, were they referring clients to others and then getting finder’s fees? Because then there would be a financial motive.

    Because on the face of it, encouraging tax fraud (a federal crime) makes no sense, unless you think you might gain something by doing it.

    Just wondering.

  3. Michael Turner Says:

    “So why would any employee give such idiotic advice?”

    Look carefully at the clock (when the timer is shown) and where the cuts were made. In several of the videos, there is plenty to suggest the possibility that we didn’t get to hear an earlier version of their pitch, in the order it was actually presented: that Hannah was trying to get *out* of prostitution, and away from a threatening pimp, and James was trying to help her.

    In the most damning parts of the most problematic videos, you have staffers who, it seems to me, must know life in the ghetto, who are probably exposed to prostitution and its depredations on an almost daily basis, and who, given a choice between turning somebody in to the cops and giving them advice about how to get out of that life, would give advice. The advice would probably take the form of suggesting using existing savings as a grubstake, and trying to make the money look like part of a legitimate income stream, as some legitimate income stream was being developed.

    They might *not* have understood the implications of giving such advice — indeed, in one of the videos, a rather befuddled staffer, apparently a fairly recent arrival to the U.S., wonders why they don’t just bill their operation as prostitution, and asks whether prostitution is illegal in New York. After all, she might have heard that it’s legal in some parts of the U.S., and after all, it is, in Nevada; she might have seen open solicitation on the streets, especially since Acorn offices are usually sited in inner cities. It would be an ignorant conclusion on her part, but not necessarily a ridiculously stupid one, depending on how new she was to America.

    I don’t see a need to attribute to greed what might (if accurately portrayed) be more easily attributed to a genuine desire to be helpful to some people who initially presented themselves as being in trouble, and possibly under mortal threat. Review the videos carefully. The framing of the story that James and Hannah pitched it *initially* as trying to get a loan for a house for imports of teen prostitutes isn’t conclusively borne out in any version I’ve seen — and it would be very easy for James and Hannah to just dump the raw footage onto YouTube so we could judge that for ourselves. The fact that they haven’t, and only give us these chopped-up versions, should tell you something.

    They had a little bit of something here — ACORN staffers giving advice about how to shelter income made illegitimately. But just a little. If you could assume careful scrutiny by a intelligent and reasonably skeptical audience, what we’ve seen would obviously be a case of them grossly overplaying their hand. But they are probably smart enough to know that most of the audience is not going to apply much intelligence, skepticism or scrutiny, and in that context, what they have produced verges on a stroke of genius, worthy of Lee Atwater or Karl Rove. And particularly if most of the intended audience is uncritically gobbling down the swill purveyed FOX News and its ilk to begin with.

    A pair of jacks can beat a full house, if nobody calls the bluff. Somebody in the MSM needs to do that: to insist on the full, uncut footage. If James and Hannah can’t come up with that, and if anything of what they’ve done is itself illegal (it probably isn’t in New York, but “False Light” law in California might work), they could face credible charges of obstruction of justice for suppressing evidence.

  4. reg Says:

    I admit to still not searching out the most complete set of videos. When I saw one clip I was horrified and assumed the worst. Then I read the above Michael’s suggestion that these people were playing an outrageous game with the “journalists” in Halloween costume and saw another clip or two. With that suggestion in mind, the clips looked completely different. First there’s the story about the one woman who claimed to have killed her husband who did no such thing. I can’t imagine why she would make such a claim if she wasn’t engaging in some sort of counter-put-on. Then I saw a clip via Jon Stewart in which one of the workers, wiithout missing a beat, suggests that the “hooker” use “performance artist” as her official profession on tax forms or whatever. That struck me as weird and telliing – and evidence again that the person knew the whole thing was bogus. Also, the 401k suggestion for sex slaves is so absurd – and so “creative” – that it tells me it’s not serious. Maybe some of the folks were just incredibly stupid and gullible. It’s possible – hell I’ve seen videos of this guy with a blonde crewcut who has a television show on FOX say dozens of things at least as absurd, foul and misinformed-to-full-tilt-crazy, so humankind isn’t beneath utterly mendacious behavior even when they KNOW the camera is running. But in the absence of unedited videos and given that the responses I’ve seen are as consistent with perfect deadpan put-on as they are with getting “caught” helping some costumed weirdos get away with massive criminal conspiracy, I’m not buying this at the face value that’s being passed at counterfeit “news” sources like FOX. Their track record for accuracy is non-existent IMHO.

  5. reg Says:

    Okay – now I’ve seen a picture of the “pimp” and don’t believe this duo was being taken seriously by the folks they were taping.

    As for whether this is “journalism”, that’s so academic in today’s media environment it’s absurd. If a person who reads off of a teleprompter, or a guy who has created a career pushing half-baked bullshit on cable “news” or The National Enquirer are examples of journalism, so is this. It strikes me that this handwringing over what constitutes “journalism” didn’t get hot and heavy until the number of paid slots for “journalists” of widely varying caliber and competence started shrinking. There are certain professions where I would be concerned if certain standards and ethics weren’t being enforced – like doctors. I think its great when good journalists critique their profession, teach younger interested folks better practices, etc. But frankly I think people are so used to so much crappy and dubious journalism that it’s of more public concern whether a guy who calls himself a plumber is really a plumber than whether folks who collect and distribute something that at least vaguely resembles “information” and thus call themselves journalists are “really” journalists.

  6. Bob Williams Says:

    Heh. I once watched Jane Pauley and Stone Phillips open a “Dateline” broadcast with an abject, extended, and mortifying apology to General Motors Corporation. I saw Dan Rather’s ass catch on fire when he used easily debunked forgeries as the basis for a story. I’ve seen the New Republic turned upside down because was one of their leading writers turned out to be a pathological liar. Now I’m permitted to enjoy the hand-wringing over the journalistic ethics of Mr. O’Keefe and Ms. Giles. I love this country.

  7. Michael Turner Says:

    Totally right, Bob. That Liberal Media’s thing about admitting error and apologizing? Old hat. Way behind the curve. Better to take the Glenn Beck approach:

    Q: Here’s what Jon Stewart said about you: “Finally, a guy who says what people who aren’t thinking are thinking.” What do you think he meant by that?

    Beck: Isn’t it time that those people have a voice? I am their king.

  8. Bob Williams Says:

    Michael Turner: NBC “apologized” under extreme legal duress. Dan Rather to this day claims he did no worng. The News Republic was exposed by othe media and and its very survival depended on a thorough house-cleaning.

    I’m glad to see, however, that you awake with Glenn Beck gnawing on your brain. That’s just plain funny.

  9. Michael Turner Says:

    Glenn Beck doesn’t keep me up, Bob — it’s hardly even 10pm here in Tokyo. Like he’s worth losing sleep over ….

    If Dan Rather says he did no wrong, it’s probably because he made a mistake, rather than that he did something immoral or unethical. There is a difference, I think.

    I hadn’t heard about that GM story. Interesting. It looks like Dateline didn’t tell people that the fuel-tank fire footage they showed was staged. That could be considered putting GM in a “bad light”, which is legally actionable in some states. Except for one tiny little wrinkle:GM pickup trucks apparently were catching fire rather easily on impact:

    “NHTSA (the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) found that the fire-related side impact fatality rate per million vehicle years was 2.4 times as high in GM’s full-size 1973-87 pickups during 1979-90 as it was in Ford pickups – 2.8 deaths per million in GM pickups compared with 1.2 in the Fords. The Fords have fuel tanks mounted between the frame rails. Counting only the deaths in which vehicle fire was the most harmful crash event, NHTSA concluded “that there may be five or six more burn fatalities associated with damage to the side of these GM pickup trucks in 1993.””

    The NHTSA asked GM to recall the trucks.

    I.e., Dateline “fabricated” depictions of things that actually happened. As opposed to Ho Hannah and Pimp James, trying to make it look like certain things happened, like ACORN staffers giving advice about how to finance housing for teenage prostitutes, but for some strange reason not supplying the raw footage that would make the charge unambiguous?

    You got that raw footage? I’m still waiting. You find it yet?

    Oh, wait, no, of course you wouldn’t have found it yet — you don’t have any fact-checking skills worthy of the name.

  10. reg Says:

    Actually Bob, Glenn Beck is keeping people on YOUR side awake at nights. That is indeed funny. But it should embarrass the hell out of you that “conservatism” is increasingly dancing to his wacky tune and to Limbaugh’s increasingly virulent theatrics.

  11. Bob Morris Says:

    ACORN will either have that genuinely independent audit they just promised or a court will do it for them. Then we’ll know. As always, follow the money.

  12. reg Says:

    Follow the money ? To ACORN ? You’ve got to be kidding. That’s not “the money” and ACORN is a ginned up straw man. My only concern after watching those tapes is the possibility that folks whose only prior work experience was selling mortgages for Countrywide or Washington Mutual had, out of desperation, sought positions at ACORN and were following the same general practices of taking on all comers, no matter how preposterous and filling out forms “creatively.”

    “The money” ? ACORN ? What a fucking joke. You guys are “unserious.”

  13. reg Says:

    Bob – I’m probably overreacting to your comment, but I think this story is, in the scheme of the real world, idiotic and being obsessed over by idiots. And I can’t for the life of me figure out what we’ll learn from an ACORN audit that relates to this silliness. ACORN should have a periodic independent audit, as should defense contractors and large banks and guys who ask for donations in Jesus name on my TeeVee. But how has that been working out ? This is a tempest in a teabag.

  14. reg Says:

    Following money…

  15. reg Says:

    Worried about the state of journalism and how the stories are spun ? Here…

  16. Michael Turner Says:

    Well, Reg, if you were really concerned about ACORN hiring people who’d previously been engaged in predatory mortgage lending in poor communities, it seems likely that the main use ACORN would have for such people would be to get inside information with which to fight predatory mortgage lending in poor communities. Which they’ve been doing for quite some years, while at the same time working against redlining.

    While I’m here (yes, this IS keeping me up late), I must take exception to Marc’s characterization of ACORN as “tiny”. It claims a couple hundred thousand members (300,000 is one number that sticks in my mind), and has something like 1000 field offices. Even if those are exaggerations, it’s not exactly small. Small compared to the elephant’s ass, to be sure, but not by the standards of community organizing.

    If you want a truly tiny organization, try the ACORN 8, an organization of “many” ex-members that says it’s trying to reform ACORN. Who are these 8? Well, there’s definitely one Marcel Reid. And there’s maybe one Katherine Inman. Both have been on Glenn Beck. And then there’s, uh . . . well, let’s check their website. Wait a minute: which website? Or There are only two identifiable members of the ACORN 8? But there are two websites? And not a hell of a lot going on at either one?

    You want “tiny”? That’s tiny.

  17. reg Says:

    MT – that was a joke, but point well taken.

  18. Bill Bradley Says:

    I have to admit that I didn’t know that ACORN was even in California.

  19. Michael Turner Says:

    And I was once surprised to find that ACORN was outside California.

    They are big in high-population states with significant inner cities, significantly disenfranchised populations, and serious ideological-battleground politics. That’s California, but even more so, it’s Texas.

    Oregon? Probably not much for them to fight, and not many on whose behalf they would need to fight. Oklahoma? Maybe truly needed there, but probably not very welcome by anybody who can make a difference. Alaska? They don’t even have an office there.

  20. reg Says:

    When there are indictments resulting from the “investigative reporting” of “ACORN corruption” I’ll assume something of consequence happened as opposed to a ridiculous encounter between some $8/hour nitwits and some Halloween-costumed tricksters.

    Meanwhile, the investigation of Bush’s Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton for cutting deals with her future employer Royal Dutch Shell goes virtually unreported and unremarked among those wetting their Depends over ACORN. Obama treated this non-issue with the appropriate disdain when inteviewed by Georgie this morning on This Week.

  21. GM Hoakster Says:

    Liberals may not want to hear this but ACORN has single handedly perpetrated the most comprehensive case of fraud in human history. Maybe you thought the junk bond scandal of the 80′s, Y2K, the tech bubble, war in Iraq, and the collapse of the banking establishment were bad, ACORN puts them all the shame.

    I can’t believe that I was miffed about no bid contracts for Halliburton, or Gale Norton rewarding leases to a company she now works for, or maybe the accounting scandals at Anderson and KPMG. I even used to get upset about torture in Iraq. ACORN tops them all.

    I am tired of Obama. Tired of the corruption and the decent into communism, fascism, socialism, and Russian feudalism. He is a muslim and we need to take America back. We are losing our country!!!

  22. Biff Larkin Says:

    This is going to be terrific fun, watching you Left-wing true believers defend Obama, after he throws Acorn under the bus. (Actually, he already has).

    Right now you are defending Acorn, because you don’t know how to read the tea-leaves.

    In another week or so, you will be defending Obama for writing off Acorn, and denying that you ever defended Acorn.

    Just as you defended that evil racist loon Jeremiah Wright, before you praised Obama for throwing him under the bus.

    Many of you Leftists hate Cooper for having a moral compass, but you can’t really do without him, can you?

  23. GM Hoakster Says:


    I agree. ACORN clearly holds tremendous financial and political power in the United States. In fact of all the social service non-profits that shape American public life, ACORN is the leader. I agree. the moral compass is WAY OFF for leftists.

    I have known many leftists who blindly defend ACORN. It amazes me. They might complain about the right clinging to shallow ideological tropes like inherent rationality of “markets” or the inability of the military to ever do anything wrong, but none of that compares to the blind and unified defense of ACORN.

    Of course Obama, someone who said early on he would fight to the death for ACORN, is proving he is a flip flopper. He campaigned on the promise that ACORN would play a central role in American life. Given the evidence of possible internal problems at ACORN, Obama is using his judgement to shift is opinion on ACORN. I mean, god damn. Only if he was like Bush and was willing to stick by a failed policy to the bitter end.

    Given the consistency of the conservative movement and the superior moral compass clearly proven by the Bush presidency, America is ready to impeach Obama for failing so miserably.

  24. Michael Turner Says:

    “Just as you defended that evil racist loon Jeremiah Wright, before you praised Obama for throwing him under the bus.”

    Gee, that’s funny — during that whole flap, I was so disgusted about Jeremiah Wright that I wrote up a whole Wikipedia biography of this lunatic creep, Leonard Horowitz, whom Wright cited as if he provided scientific support for this lunatic AIDS-as-U.S.-government-genocide speculation.

    OK, OK, I’ll admit to a slight partisan motivation for that effort. Here it is: Leonard Horowitz apparently used to be a respectable, public-spirited (if somewhat eccentric) public health professional before he became a paranoid nutjob. People change. Obama said Wright wasn’t the same man he once knew. So one reason why I wrote that Wikipedia article (besides morbid interest in wingnuts who remain oddly influential no matter how far around the bend they’ve gone) was to help remind anyone interested that people DO change — bad people can reform, and good people can go bad.

    But maybe there’s no point in saying all that. Biff Larkin might be just a pseudonym for GM Hoakster anyway. Is that you, Reg?

  25. reg Says:

    Biff – you are ranting brilliantly at your strawmen. I agree. They are terrible. Strike them down !!! And when you’re done with them, there are some phantoms under your bed that need to be crushed into the dust.

  26. Michael Crosby Says:

    The pimp ‘n’ ho duo were engaged in something closer to private investigation than investigative journalism, but Marc is no doubt correct that very few outside the Journalism Community (which now gathers annually at an assisted living facility outside Milwaukee) care about this distinction.

    I think the commenters have it right. Investigate ACORN. Investigate KBR. Investigate Gale Norton and RBS. Investigate Blackwater and the other “contractors.” Let’s get some truth on the table, and let voters sort it out.

  27. Michael Crosby Says:

    Excuse me, investigate Norton and RDS.

  28. Woody Says:

    Marc doesn’t want you to read this: NEA and SEIU Diverted Forced Union Dues to Corrupt ACORN Offices

  29. Biff Larkin Says:


    Cooper doesn’t disappear posts, so anyone can read this thread and all of the pathetic excuses and apologies and defenses of Acorn, an organization with a solid track record of embezzlement,attempted cover up of same, income tax fraud, worker exploitation, union busting, voter registration fraud, and, now, aiding and abetting professed real estate fraudsters, tax dodgers, and importers of illegal alien underage sex slaves.

    Reader, when is the last time you heard about plans to import underage girl sex slaves and failed to file a police report?

    Methinks Acorn is in a different sort of league from the likes of Jane Addams and Dorothy Day, but, then, I freely admit that I am no “progressive.”

  30. Biff Larkin Says:

    My favorite “Reg” idiocies, in this thread:

    1. “I’ll assume something of consequence happened as opposed to a ridiculous encounter between some $8/hour nitwits….”

    That’s what oh, so many “progressives” think of you, working folk. That if you don’t make much money you are stupid. No wonder Democrats are the party of the rich, and of the Wall street elite.

    2. “And when you’re done with them, there are some phantoms under your bed that need to be crushed into the dust.”

    How sloppy can you get, to talk about “crushing” “phantoms?”

    3. Everyone of his posts, in which “Reg” defends and excuses Acorn.

    Hey “Reg,” let’s hear more of your praise and defense of Acorn, that admirably ‘progressive,” people- helping organization!

  31. Michael Turner Says:

    “…. when is the last time you heard about plans to import underage girl sex slaves and failed to file a police report?”

    Just days ago, when I saw videos of some hilariously obvious entrapment scheme that failed miserably, videos that apparently had to be all hacked up and re-edited just to make them look far more incriminating, instead of just making some people look stupid, and making others like they knew how to meet a bad put-on with a better one. I failed to file a police report, even though it IS possible that James and Hannah actually WERE planning to import underage prostitutes. I mean, you can’t rule it out, right? Maybe they just changed their plans.

    If, in fact, there was enough evidence rhere of complicity in a crime like that, the people who were merely fired from ACORN would be in jail, and at least one person still on the payroll at ACORN would at least have been fired.

    But have there been any charges or arrests? As far as I know, an obviously false “confession” of a staffer killing her husband resulted in a police investigation that showed that all the woman’s ex-husbands were still alive.

    You have the raw footage that actually delivers the goods? OK, Link, please.

    A “solid record” of embezzlement? The brother of the founder embezzled almost a million dollars, the family made a deal to pay it back after he was discovered, and pretty much the end of THAT story — unless people with evident partisan agendas want to keep milking it. Lots of organizations choose (for obvious reputation-preserving purposes) to keep this sort of thing under wraps. It is, if anything, the usual way embezzlement is handled. And when it can’t be handled that way? Still no comment from any of the rightwingers here about the GOP party treasurer who stole far more from his own party, over a period of years, with investigations starting only after a GOP legislator wouldn’t stop blowing the whistle. Still no comment here from the rightwingers about voter registration fraud (and outright voter fraud) by Republican operatives. You want Republican sex scandals? Plenty of choices.

    But in spite of that, I don’t see any Dem legislator putting out official committee reports with titles like “Is the GOP intentionally structured as a criminal enterprise”? As Darrell Issa did for ACORN, not so long ago.

    ACORN is a large organization. Every large organization I’ve ever worked for has a similarly “solid record” of malfeasance of some kind or other. I would include, by the way, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (headcount: about 5,000) in the 1990s, where the nation’s nuclear weapons were designed, drugs were being peddled, and porn was being deliver over the already-burgeoning internet. Our nation’s weapons labs — *intentionally* structured as criminal enterprises? Or just ending up like that by accident, kind of? YOU be the judge — after you tell us whether you’ve *intentionally* stopped beating your wife.

  32. Michael Turner Says:

    “Marc doesn’t want you to read this: NEA and SEIU Diverted Forced Union Dues to Corrupt ACORN Offices”

    Woody doesn’t want you to read this: Elected Officials On Hand As UFT, ACORN Submit Petitions To Let Home Day Care Workers Vote To Join Union May 17, 2007 .

    New York City is huge. Its teachers union has over 220,000 members. About $400K over a period of a couple of years to organize its day-care workers sounds like a deal to me, if anything. Hardly a dollar per teacher per year, as I figure it. What does that buy you? Maybe a dozen ACORN full-timers earning barely enough to live in NYC, plus maybe a dozen part-timers? But you’re the CPA, Woody. Go ahead, give it to us, out to a couple decimal places.

    If there was no noteworthy outcry from those teachers about organizing NYC daycare workers and allowing them to join the same union, I suppose Woody will soon be arguing that it could only be because of teachers union goons going around at night and lobbing bricks with threatening notes taped to them through the windows of any teachers who murmured dissent. And if we didn’t hear about that brutal harassment, it’s because the corrupt unionized police officers wouldn’t respond to the calls, and because the union-loving liberal media wouldn’t run the story when the beleaguered teachers called the press after the cops failed to show.

    It all makes perfect sense. And where it doesn’t — well, just ignore enough relevant facts, and make some other shit up (or let NRO and do it for you), and the fog of confusion will clear immediately!

  33. reg Says:

    “Biff” – just because you’re bloviating harder doesn’t blow this up into anything other than minor bullshit. And the notion that these “investigative reporters” were being taken seriously is dubious at best. But you desperately need to believe it. Personally, I don’t give a shit. My first reaction when I saw the tapes was outrage at the ACORN workers. Then I saw a picture of the “pimp” dressed up, and frankly you’d have to have an IQ well below room temperature not to see through it. Apparently a number of ACORN offices did and tossed them out – which Glenn Beck has yet to disclose, because he’s a mendacious piece of shit who has the journalistic credibility of Joseph Goebbels. That’s on your people – and far more disturbing than anything ACORN has actually shown to have done. You’re swimming in a sewer.

  34. reg Says:

    I love that Keith Olberman has started calling Glenn Beck “Lonesome Rhodes.”

  35. Michael Turner Says:

    “… which Glenn Beck has yet to disclose ….”

    And is still proudly waving paperwork showing that a police investigation was started in response to a staffer’s comment that she killed her abusive husband. I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop: the (now very old) news that the investigation showed her exes to be alive and kicking.

    But of course, we’ll be waiting forever. That’s what these people do: they just move on, tossing insults over their shoulders, when their accusations are shown to be trumped up, unprovable, or simply baseless. There is, after all, a sucker born every minute — why waste time on retractions, corrections, amendments, qualifications, or even on any fact-checking in the first place? A sucker might get away!

  36. Biff Larkin Says:

    You can read it here, folks.

    What does irrefutable evidence that an organization is willing to routinely aid and abet in the importation of teenage sex slaves mean in Crazo, Left-Wingey Land?

    Nothing. And here you are and there you go.

  37. Michael Turner Says:

    “What does irrefutable evidence that an organization is willing to routinely aid and abet in the importation of teenage sex slaves mean in Crazo, Left-Wingey Land?”

    It would mean a lot. But a hacked-up video isn’t irrefutable evidence. And a hacked-up video from a distinctly partisan source forces the question: why did they hack it up, when, if it’s actually documenting what they claim, the raw footage would be so much more conclusively damning?

    Finally, a hacked-up video that didn’t result in any arrests for the crimes it supposedy documents suggests that what you mean by “irrefutable” is “I was totally taken in, and you should be too.” Somehow, I think a DA’s office might consider that to be not quite clearing the bar for reasonable doubt.

    They should have raw footage. They should turn it into the police, if it’s what they claim it is. They should get some arrests. But they haven’t. For no reason I can think of, except: they can’t, because it didn’t actually go down the way their edited version is calculated to suggest.

    Or — hey, I know what we can do! Biff, do YOU have the raw, unedited version with the slam-dunk irrefutable evidence? If you don’t, why not call up Pimp & Ho, get it from them, and get that irrefutable evidence down to a police station, right away, and file a report. If James and Hannah are on the level, they’d be only too happy to give it to you. Or to somebody.

    Oh, wait a sec, come to think of, probably lots of people have had the same idea. And made the same inquiry. And yet the raw footage still isn’t out there, and the arrests haven’t been made. Hm. I wonder what’s going on?

    Ah, I have it: ACORN has paid off the cops. Obviously.

  38. Michael Turner Says:

    Oh, and Pimp James O’Keefe? He described himself as a “progressive radical”. Two possibilities: Either he is one, and you rightwingers shouldn’t trust him, or … he’s lying. So you rightwingers shouldn’t trust him.

    In two of the videos, I was left wondering just what the ACORN staffer (who told them he often talked with the DA, that he had a law degree in Mexico, and that he knew Mexican police), actually said after he was told of a plan to import underage prostitutes. The clip where he’s told that (used twice in the video) ends with his registering obvious shock. I couldn’t figure out for sure what he’d said after that — the clip cuts right off, therefore there’s no guarantee that anything else they recorded was after that part. For that matter, I couldn’t figure out exactly what he’d been told before that point, because everything is so cut up. Maybe at that point, what he’d heard was simply about a trafficking plan, one that they’d heard of and wanted him to help foil. That’s certainly consistent with some other comments they elicit from him.

    And it turns out, even Fox News had to report that this ACORN staffer ended up calling the police.

    “Police say he contacted law enforcement two days later. The detective consulted another police official who served on a federal human smuggling task force, who said he needed more details.”

    That’s consistent with Vera being told of a plan that James and Hannah wanted his help in foiling, but with details still sketchy.

    “The ACORN employee responded several days later and explained that the information he received was not true and he had been duped.”

    That’s consistent with him being told a different story, later, when James and Hannah drop by later and surreptitiously film his reactions to much more shocking confabulations.

    From what I remember, the idea of underage prostitutes being imported illegally is “documented” only in the Vera clip (reported to the police) and in the Tresa Kaelke videos, where she responds to an obvious put-on with an even more obvious put-on.

    So — these charges that ACORN “routinely
    aid and abet in the importation of teenage sex slaves,” and that they don’t report it to the police when they seriously expect it might involve an actual crime?

    If you’ve actually got something to support those charges “irrefutably”, I’d like to see it. So would those cops who, for some reason, still haven’t arrested any ACORN staffers. So would the mass media, who, for some reason, still don’t have possession of the unedited footage that would establish these facts beyond any reasonable doubt.

  39. Jim R Says:

    “So — these charges that ACORN “routinely
    aid and abet in the importation of teenage sex slaves,” and that they don’t report it to the police when they seriously expect it might involve an actual crime?”

    Yes. It’s on the tapes. The news has seen the tapes. The House has seen the tapes. The Senate has seen the tapes. The White House has seen the tapes. The Treasury has seen the tapes. The IRS has seen the tapes.

    Michael, you’re beginning to sound like a truther. It’s on the tapes.

  40. wmannon Says:

    Agree with Jim R. Michael turner sounds like a truther, or at the very least an employee of acorn. Come on, tell us michael, what is your yearly stipend from that ghastly outfit?
    Acorn has been exposed for what they are, and no amount of screaming from the likes of michael turner is going to change that. We, figuratively speaking, have their head on a pike, and let me assure you, i quite enjoy the view.
    I consider van jones small potatoes, but it must be acknowledged that was a good take-down as well. Also, yesterday that contemptible scamp who worked at the NEA tendered his resignation, so there’s another victory, small and somewhat insignificant though it may be.
    But i wonder, did he really resign voluntarily, or was he tossed under that crowded bus like the others? I vote for the latter.

  41. bunkerbuster Says:

    Impersonations aren’t permitted, ever, at legitimate news organizations. Nor is enticement.

    If the reasons for that aren’t obvious to you, you probably aren’t smart enough to engage in worthwhile discussion about the Acorn entrapment tapes.

    A while back, some public television station came close to doing that by having some men kiss each other in a public park somewhere in Texas, then filmed reactions to it. The wingnutosphere widely condemned the practice as unethical entrapment, even though the only people filmed were passers by, who were not compelled by the journalists in any way to respond at all.

    This trendlet can’t be all bad. I can’t wait until fake pimps and whores — especially fake male whores — start stinging GOP Congressmen and Governors. The party’s well-known as a target-rich environment for sex-buyers in general and closeted gays in particular. Like shooting fish in a barrell…

  42. Rob Grocholski Says:

    Nice one, BB.

  43. Michael Turner Says:

    “Michael, you’re beginning to sound like a truther. It’s on the tapes.”

    Fine. Go look at the videos in detail (as I did) and point out the exact places where it’s substantiated that these ACORN staffers added and abetted child prostitution (which I didn’t find). Then report it to the police, so that those people can be arrested. Which hasn’t happened, for some reason. How strange.

    One staffer met put-on with put-on. Another did, in fact, report the incident to the police, and followed up later saying he’d been fooled.

    If the other videos taken at other offices mentioned child prostitution in any context, much less one indicating that ACORN staffers were OK with it, and willing to help, I must have missed it. Perhaps you can help me identify the precise moments where that happens? It’s all on the Web. Just show me.