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  1. Anna Churchill Says:

    I am just the messenger…

    Monday, March 21th from Michael Moore (@mmflint)

    “We fired over 100 Tomahawk missiles into Libya this weekend @ over $600K-1M a missile. Each missile would pay for 12-20 teachers in US.”

    “Wouldn’t it have been cheaper just to launch the teachers into Libya? #budgetcuts #notwaitingforsuperman”

    “Obama Gets In Touch with his Inner Neo-Con” #imawarpresident #change”

    “Note to Muslim world: I guess we’re bombing/invading you alphabetically. Sorry, Morocco. #battersbox”

    Sunday, March 20th from Michael Moore (@mmflint)

    “So, what’s wrong with this picture (Libya)? Here’s what:”

    “#1. If the Arab League supports this military action, why haven’t they sent in their Arab troops and planes in real amounts? Uh-huh”

    “#2. Our job is 2 prop up Arab dictators (Saudi, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, etc), not overthrow them & everyone in Arab world knows it”

    “#3. So knock off “it’s our moral obligation 2 defend ppl of Libya.” After Iraq & Afghan & support of dictators, we have no moral standing.”

    “#4. Too little, too late. So NOW we try 2 help the Libyans after Khaddafy has retaken most of country? Really just a big show, isn’t it?”

    “#5. We have neither the troops, stomach, or $$ to fight a ground war for months/years to defeat MK. So can we get back to the NCAA?”

    “#6 Unrest forced France & others 2 close down their oil shipping from Libya. Khaddafy then offered China, 3rd World France’s oil. Oops.”

    “My favorite from the tweets I’ve received this morning: @ducman900: @MMFlint are you high? King Abdullah is no dictator!”

    “OK. Let’s hear from the “liberals” who say this is a just war because we’re protecting innocent Libyans–like that’s what we do!”

    “With our entire 5th Fleet stationed in Bahrain, here’s how to free the people there: Pick up the phone.”

    “Who starts a war in Africa then heads off to South America? Is that weird, or is he just loaded with that much cool?”

    “FLASH! The rich have decided 2 up their own tax rate by 50% 2 pay 4 this war. I knew they’d come thru if we just kept bombing places”

    “Aren’t most revolutions won when the ppl themselves win them? Rare that it works otherwise. U can send them stuff, but it’s their fight.”

    “They won’t report THIS in the MSM: Are some of the rebels in Libya back home after killing our soldiers in Iraq?”

    “Coalition-licious! MSNBC reports U.S. carrying out “almost all military operations”

    “Final tweet 4 now: All I’m saying is, regrdless where u stand on war or wht party u belong 2, ANY mil action by us,

    “…because of our past actions, DEMANDS that every patriotic American give the utmost scrutiny 2 ANY call 2 war by our leaders.”

    “PS. Many liberals backed IraqWar: Al Franken, Nick Kristof, Bill Keller, the New Yorker, 29 Dem Sens incl Clinton/Reid/Kerry/Schumer/Edwards”

    “Ok, I’m now out of Twitter Jail (as Roseanne Cash calls it). Here’s how I think, IMHO, we can help the Libyan people…”

    “#1. This appears to be a civil war in Libya. Not a war of genocide. Not a revolution. One thing’s clear: None of us want Khadaffy to win.”

    “#2. But who is the opposition? Don’t send weapons 2 rebels til u know who they r! Last time we did that we armed bin Laden & the Taliban.”

    “#3. Stop lying. Quit saying “Khadaffy’s not the target.” Really? If he’s the target… Then spend a decade cleaning up the mess left behind.”

    “#4. If the rebels want a democracy then support them w/ the arms they need. But u must do same 2 help Bahrain/Yemen or u have no credibility.”

    “#5. But let the Euros do it. Libya is 172mi fr Eurp (closer than Flint is 2 Chicago). The French helped us 230yrs ago & that worked out ok…”

    “#6. …for us. Not so good for Louis XVI. Be careful what u wish for”

    Mike’s Blog

  2. 4th Time Around (22) Says:

    Well, clearly, while the eventual fate of of LIbya and it’s
    people must be considered at some point, our real
    priority should be using this as an opportunity to put the
    boot into Michael Moore. Jeeze us, that is sad. I will state
    for the record, this Michael Moore fan has never looked
    to him for anything definitive on World Affairs, and I do
    like him quite a lot. Although I don’t remember this level
    of distaste for Moore back when he was with the “Clinton
    is killing Millions of Iraqs with Sanctions” Crowd. Or as they sometimes called it, “genocide through sanctions.”

    Which brings us to the unpleasant truth for seasoned
    Cooper watcher, NOTHING Marc writes here about Gadhafi is a very far cry from what could have been rightfully stated about Milosevic, and Marc Cooper led the daily
    attempt to hang Clinton, and any Democrat who signed
    on, from his radio show at KPFK. “The hall of shame”
    Marc darkly intoned on those who voted with the Pres.
    Later, when those on the left were confronted with excesses far beyond what Cooper sights here, he
    more charitably told his listeners, “people got confused.”
    “Gosh”, one was left to mordantly reply, “how did that happen?”
    Soooo….. here we are again. Well, maybe Marc has grown up some, but at least PART of the problem with Marc’s Pres (take the reflex contempt Clinton got and
    flip it over, that’s Coop on Obama) is that he has A) followed a hapless course in Afghanistan, and B) ended the war in Iran by setting up shop there. He’s kept Bush’s Sec of Defense. The war department has seemed to call the shots form day one. He has created the impression of the Nobel Prize Winner who never met a war he didn’t like.

    So that, for all Marc’s worrying about dumb old lefties
    (would Marc REALLY respect someone who said no U.S. intervention ever, under any conditions?) is a big part of the mix. Cooper is also playing the Hitchens game, citing the worst arguments of the fringe (Tweets yet) to settle old scores and justify his problematic choice. By the way,
    Richard Cohen’s anti-Obama Op Ed may be the single
    worst piece of garbage, just terrible writing, I have
    ever confronted. And it’s not a “Tweet,” it’s an editorial
    in a major national newspaper.

  3. 4th Time Around (22) Says:

    “Iraq” that of course should be.

  4. Ahmed Says:

    And, this, too. Back dated of course but still in the mix.

  5. arthur santellan Says:

    No matter what the right wing will always have their way in presenting their information to the public better then the left because they don’t nit pick each other to death. Mr.Cooper I find your blog even steven, keep up the good work an by the I saw the arbitron rating even KHJ-AM beat out KPFK-FM. Who listen to KHJ?