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I'm going to agree with Josh Marshall AMARYL FOR SALE, on this one. I have no problem with the White House stepping aside from the fiction that Fox News is just some regular old news network and is not, Is AMARYL addictive, in fact, a blatantly partisan and blatantly anti-Obama propaganda machine. Let me be clear also in saying that Fox has the perfect right to be that way and in some ways I wish more media outlets had a sharper and more explicit world view and stopped hiding behind the fiction that they are pristine neutral.  Indeed, ordering AMARYL online, my only problem with Fox is that it pretends to be something very different than what it is, Where can i cheapest AMARYL online, which makes it doubly hypocritical.

I worked for two decades for a highly partisan journal of opinion, The Nation, AMARYL treatment, and we never flinched from telling people exactly how we saw things. AMARYL schedule, We took sides. We made friends and we made a lot of enemies, AMARYL FOR SALE. And I, for one, AMARYL brand name, never expected much slack from the former. Order AMARYL no prescription, Give none. Get none.

In the ongoing feud between Fox and the White House, AMARYL class, Obama has now come out and stated the obvious truth i.e. AMARYL FOR SALE, that Fox more than anything else is like a talk radio show. AMARYL images, A right-wing talk radio show. Indeed, it has been used an organizing platform by elements, AMARYL without a prescription, idiotic elements like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, Get AMARYL, to actively mobilize opposition to Obama's policies. I've got zero problem with that. More power to them, AMARYL without prescription. But all is fair in love and war and if Fox wants to make war on the administration (and on rationality) then it seems perfectly logical that a rational administration is going to fight back and treat Fox like a belligerent, AMARYL FOR SALE.

I just love how ABC's Jake Tapper ( a living testament to sanctimony) the other day tried to make an issue out of Obama's shunning of Fox by using a White House briefing to decry how his "sister organization" was being poorly treated. AMARYL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Not that I am crazy about the ethos of ABC but is Tapper really sure he wants to stand in solidarity with Roger Ailes and Glenn Beck. (Aren't they more like the crazy uncles in the closet rather than your virginal sister?)

So, yes, online buying AMARYL, let's address the 800 lb gorilla sitting in the back of the briefing room. AMARYL pictures, Doesn't civic responsibility demand that the White House grant the most efficient and transparent access to the media?  Absolutely and an unqualified yes.  The Bush administration policy on this issue was abhorrent. AMARYL FOR SALE, So is that of most administrations.  One can make whatever judgment one wishes on Obama's (mine is that as a whole his is a ton better than that of Bush but short of what he has promised). But what is not fair, what is, AMARYL blogs, in fact, Where can i buy AMARYL online, totally ridiculous, is to use Fox's treatment as any sort of meaningful metric. Fox is not an adversary the way we wish most aggressive news outfits would and should be, order AMARYL from United States pharmacy. I repeat, Purchase AMARYL for sale, it is a partisan political operation which operates in obvious bad faith. Screw 'em.

I'm usually on the other side of the argument, AMARYL FOR SALE. But that's usually when we are dealing with government entities addicted to secrecy which are trying to shut out public scrutiny by shutting out general press access, AMARYL pharmacy. General press access has been amplified, AMARYL wiki, not reduced by Obama, so I don't see the problem.

One problem some of us did see was the absurd reverse of this problem during the Bush era, AMARYL natural. The Bushies declared an all-out war against transparency, Comprar en línea AMARYL, comprar AMARYL baratos, media access and general honesty. AMARYL FOR SALE, With the exception of the usual echo chamber talk show toadies, some compromised columnists and.... Fox News... the Bush White House hated the media and treated it like a P.O.W.  The problem was that the press pulled back and played dumb and pretended they were not at war, AMARYL from canada. Instead of fighting back, Buy AMARYL no prescription, and rightfully ripping the administration apart, most of it rolled over and let its tummy be patted by every Bush jagoff from Karl Rove to Condi Rice to Dick Cheney.  Instead of news room editors struggling to unmask the administration for its blatant disregard for the law and the constitution,  they became agonized acrobats, buy AMARYL from canada, twisting and turning every way possible to not offend anyone but, AMARYL price, um, calling a lie a lie and calling torture....torture.  It was a one-sided war in which the media decided to stupidly take it in the pants.

Obama has decided not to, buy cheap AMARYL no rx.

Anyway, all morality aside, it's good politics, AMARYL FOR SALE. The Republicans have been stupid and lame enough to allow cretins like Glenn Beck to become their spokesman and with very few exceptions have not told him to shut the fug up (for the sake of the GOP). AMARYL from canadian pharmacy, With only 20% of Americans now identifying themselves as Republicans, only a Democratic President with an IQ below room temperature wouldn't take full advantage and try everything possible to drive a deeper wedge between the right-wing fringe (including Fox) and those millions of very sane people out there who come from some sort or another of Republican background.

Fox likes to play whack-a-mole, AMARYL description. So what if it gets whacked back.



Our Neon Tommy piece of the day come from out First Draft news blog. Reporter Olga Khazan reveals an fascinating tidbit about a coalition of American musicians pressing the government to make public what music and songs     were used to help inflict torture on Bush-era detainees.


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50 Responses to “AMARYL FOR SALE”

  1. Michael Green Says:

    Rachel Maddow did an excellent report pointing out that the Murderer who preceded Obama to the White House had in right-wingers who were favored with information and stroking, so why can’t Obama’s people do the same for their friends? The answer is simple: the often mispronounced Fox News does not practice journalism or real reporting. It is a propaganda arm of the Republican party. So why should Fox expect Obama to do anything for it?

  2. Robert Fiore Says:

    Q: Why did Fox News adopt the slogan “Fair and Balanced”

    A: Because “Two Plus Two Equals Five” was already taken.

  3. David Says:

    What a reversal on your part, Marc. When the Democrats shunned Fox News as a broadcasting outlet for one of the Democratic Presidential candidates debates in 2007, you posted an article on here attacking the Democrats for shunning Fox News. In fact, in response to one of my posts where I used the term “Faux News,” you ridiculed me in very disparaging terms for using it. Now it is the featured graphic on this column of yours. If it was wrong for Democrats to shun Fox News then, why is it right now?

  4. David Says:

    Marc Cooper Says:
    March 12th, 2007 at 11:16 am

    “Everyone’s in denial about the bottom line: The Democrats just lost a chance to speak to a conservative audience of millions– Faux, Fox, or Figs. Geniuses.”

  5. David Says:

    So why is it right now to shun Fox News? Just think of the chance to reach “a conservative audience of millions.”

  6. Bob Williams Says:

    In a sign of discomfort with the White House stance, Fox’s television news competitors refused to go along with a Treasury Department effort on Tuesday to exclude Fox from a round of interviews with the executive-pay czar Kenneth R. Feinberg that was to be conducted with a “pool” camera crew shared by all the networks. That followed a pointed question at a White House briefing this week by Jake Tapper, an ABC News correspondent, about the administration’s treatment of “one of our sister organizations.”

    I, for one, am happy the Democrats have finely found their Good War.

  7. bunkerbuster Says:

    The Obama administration is merely taking Fox at its word.

    Fox answers challenges to the factual accuracy of its most popular “journalists” with the claim that they are commentators, NOT REPORTERS.

    Fox’s seminal myth is that bloviators like O’Reilly and Hannity do not have to be fair or balanced, or even factually accurate, because they are “commentators,” not news reporters.

    This is also why the right has been successful in peddling the myth that the media are biased against conservatives. People who watch Fox and listen to talkradio hear a steady stream of anti-factual right-wing rhetoric that is often dressed up in the trappings of TV news: the anchor desk, the graphics the banter with reporters and so on.
    Unfortunately, a large proportion of Americans perceive the stark difference between the ubiquitous right-wing commentary posing as news and straight news itself as a liberal bias on the part of straight news.
    Fair, balanced, honest, fact-based reporting is in fact far more liberal than Fox/talkradio/Wall Street Journal commentary, which is the comparison the right succeeds in setting up as the conceptual frame.
    The WSJ is surely the clearest example of the dichotomy. The paper’s notoriously lop-sided commentary is contradicted at every turn by often exemplary, very fair, very balanced news reporting the tracks the so-called “liberal” NYT and Wapo point by point — even though both sides operate under exactly the same ownership and management.
    At the end of the day, Fox is powerless to hurt Obama. He won the election, the contest that really matters, providing the hardest possible evidence that the white male wingnut whining is a huge turnoff to a widening majority of Americans.
    I think the Obama admin is probably slapping at Fox just now more as a sop to the left than an objection to the network’s manifest mendacity.

  8. David Says:

    Definitely agree with that last sentence, B.B. Much like the words “Rush Limbaugh”, Fox News are great words to utter to rile up the base and make millions in donations. I wish that these kinds of clowns would not be addressed specifically at all. My whole point for so many years. Why even acknowledge their existence? Were I Obama (and Clinton for that matter, years ago), I would not have granted Fox any more White House access than would be accorded to, say, The Weekly World News or Easyrider. Every time I hear the Oxy Contin man’s name uttered by any kind of progressive, it makes me want to vomit. Just leave it all alone.

  9. Howie Says:

    You libs don’t get it. The Obama Administration have repeatedly said “Fox News isn’t a news organization” and refused to give them interviews. This is of course the first sign of a government takeover of the media. The next sign will be the Administration calling CNN “doodyheads.” Then, MSNBC will be known as “faggots.” After that, well you just connect the dots yourself. In the end, what we’ll have is some kind of South American socialist dictatorship-style One Media Order where it is illegal to say anything bad about the government. Sure, you guys are happy that it’s Fox News that’s being attacked now, but if you don’t speak out now it will be your precious MSNBC or ABC or CBS or Regular Fox or any of the other billion liberal media outlets.

  10. jim hitchcock Says:

    Good post, Marc…this non-brouhaha reminds me that I’ve yet to see the doc `Faux News’.

    Pretty funny stuff, Howie! Write that yourself, did’ya ;) ?

  11. Fairly Unbalanced: Why not attack Fox? | Says:

    [...] Cooper I have no problem with the White House stepping aside from the fiction that Fox News is just some regular old news [...]

  12. Michael Crosby Says:

    Didn’t Fox’s slogan used to be: “We report, you decide?” Apparently they discarded it, possibly when one of their producers sued them and revealed the “inside” version of that saying: “We distort, you decide.” Otoh, perhaps it is a change in strategy. The 2006 and 2008 elections indicated that people were not “deciding” right, so Fox has brought in Glenn Beck to tell people flat out what to think.

  13. jim hitchcock Says:

    Michael, google `we report, you decide’, and it takes you straight to :)

  14. Hester Says:

    Are we just a bit upset with Fox for treating Obama the way you wanted the press to treat Bush?
    The White House is engaging in a stupid and petty little war that makes the president took less than a statesman and more like the Chicago pol that he is. This may bring glee to the sillies who obsess over Fox News but it will do nothing for the President.

    Btw. I voted for Obama, so spare me, once again, the baloney about right winger, etc. etc.
    All one has to do is read this account in the Times and one can see the real motivation for the war. Fox, to the chagrin of the usual suspects, shed some light where it was not wanted and the White House thought to attack. Dumber than dumb.

  15. Anna Churchill Says:

    When the going gets weird, the weird get weirder:

  16. Faux Bunkerbusted Says:

    Dear lefties, they make thorazine for your brand of paranoia.

    Why worry about Fox? You’ve still got the rest of the MSM kowtowing to your beloved Prez. Wasn’t it bad enough that you had ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN and MSNBC buzzing around the nether regions of Bush for 8 years? NOW you worry about Fox?

    Children, Children, Children! Grow up!

  17. Jim R Says:

    Hannity and Beck want the President to fail, period. They’re right-wing unthinking political extremist with cemented brains, but entertaining to watch for short periods of time. Very short. The same can be said for the left-winge cement heads when Bush was in office.

    I trust the average American in general to fairly evaluate the over-the-top behavior of dividers on both sides to ignore them. Hard-headed unthinking bias is easily seen and these types are their own best detractors.

    I do wish President Obama would behave a little more Presidential, by rising above the juveniles. And please stop blaming the last president for the problems you have to deal with. Do you actually think the creeps in this world respect you for trashing your own countrymen while visiting theirs?

    I do hope he grows into the job ……soon.

  18. Jim R Says:

    And btw. If it were not for Fox News, where would the not-so-good news be reported regarding those weilding the governmental power. Who would be keeping them honest, as honest as can be expected from pols, and informing the people?

    Sorry to disagree with Marc et al, but Fox has a very good new department, just not the kind of news liberals, and the President, want picked up on by other news organizations… he admitted himself.

    Criticism will make you a better and more successful President Mr. Obama. In fact, if you stop fighting it if it it has some truth, and ignoring it when you know it doesn’t , it may help you get reelected by the middle America that elected you the first time.

  19. bunkerbuster Says:

    Fox indeed does have some good news reporters and it should surprise no one that the journalism they generate ideologically tracks the reporting done at the New York Times, CBS, ABC, etc.

    It should be even less surprising that these journalists get almost no promotion from Fox. That’s because they account for a tiny sliver of viewers. Fox knows that their audience is tuning in to hear the ham-fisted high-dudgeon of O’Reilly, Beck and Hannity. Without those mendacious ideotainers, Fox doesn’t exist.

    Whatever wingnuts might say, they don’t tune in to Fox to get news, they tune in to be reminded that while all the factual evidence may point against them, someone, somewhere, agrees with them.

  20. bunkerbuster Says:

    “NOW you worry about Fox?”

    You obviously haven’t read either Marc’s piece or the other comments, Faux. Virtually every comment makes clear that Fox is no real threat. No one’s worried. It’s about simple honesty, not fear or concern.

  21. bunkerbuster Says:

    Who can even name the commentators on ABC, CBS and NBC? They are appendages to the news organization, that would exist just fine without them. At Fox the commentators ARE the news organization.

  22. GM Hoakster Says:

    Who cares about Fox. The people who watch it are not interested in objectivity or truth anyway. They have their own truth, so help them god.

  23. GM Hoakster Says:

    Who cares about Fox. The people who watch it are not interested in objectivity or truth anyway. They have their own truth, so help them god.

  24. Faux Bunkerbusted Says:

    If Fox is no threat, why oh why is Obama in such a dither?

  25. Faux Bunkerbusted Says:

    And he IS in a dither, whether you dudes and dudettes want to see it or not!

  26. GM Hoakster Says:

    Faux Bunkerbuster. Fox is no threat. Given the Recent numbers on self-identified Republicans, Glenn Beck is not helping the cause.

    A Bushie never would appeared on Democracy Now or in the pages of Z Magazine, let alone the less partisan press. I can understand why the Obama Admin would avoid a network the boasts slander and conspiracy theories. The odds are no Bushie would sit down with a 911 Truther. I am sure Eisenhower was not keen on a Bircher publication after he was accused of being a commie. Much of what is said on faux is not hard hitting journalism, rather it is just crass sensationalism for profit sake.

    MSNBC actually does a better job of holding Obama to his promises than the made up kookiness on faux.

    But again, who cares. They preach to the unthinking coverted.

    If Obama finds them to bein bad taste and chooses to ignore them, well that is the price to pay for being partisan.

  27. Jim R Says:

    “The odds are no Bushie would sit down with a 911 Truther.”

    Much less hire one. Or hires one who consuls children to wear a condom when having sex with an adult. Or pay $80,000 to an organization that consuls how to get a loan for whore house that uses children, or…..

    Oh, you don’t watch Fox News so you wouldn’t know. Never mind. Carry on.

  28. Jim R Says:

    While most first ladies have had one assistant (Hillary went as high as thre), Michelle has 22, including a Chief-of-Staff at $170,000 and an assistant Chief-of-Staff at $90,000.

    At least she is making a dent in the worrisome unemployment figure for the rest of the country. Were these stimulus expenditures?

  29. Jim R Says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful of President Obama had shown leadership in these tough economic times by calling for an across-the-board 10% reduction in the White House budget, then challenge Harry and Nancy to do the same on the Hill?

    Wouldn’t that set a great example, showing a small sacrifice for and already grossly and kingly operating budgets for our government lords.

    It would be so easy for our leaders to make themselves instant heros, but the greed and selfishness is boundless.

  30. Jim R Says:

    I’m not saying the President hired these people knowing about their past…uh, idiosyncrasies.

    It does show sloppy vetting, to say the least, given Congress was not going to get the chance to do it themselves.

  31. Howie Says:

    Jim, I read MMfA so I’m well aware of those “controversies” are utter bullshit. Oh I’m sorry, you only watch Fox News so you wouldn’t know. Carry on. The rest of that is just the usual petty IOKIYAR stuff.

  32. Randy Paul Says:

    It does show sloppy vetting, to say the least, given Congress was not going to get the chance to do it themselves.

    Two words for you: Bernard Kerik.

  33. GM Hoakster Says:

    We all know the Bushies did a steller job at vetting.

    Carry on Jimmy. You are to brain dead to acknowledge the ignomonious behavior of the Bushies. The “outrage” is boring.

  34. GM Hoakster Says:

    What I can’t help but notice about the right is how they are sore winnners. They have had control over the country since 80 and have pretty much ducked everything up. Like everything their ideology touches, be it foreign policy or economic policy turns to shit. No hard data can convince them otherwise. No science. He’ll, the democratic will of the people is not enough. No come to Jesus moments. Nor can they acknowledge the sleeze that the Republican party of the last number of years. It is religion. They worship authority, or at least authority figures. They loved grandpa Ron and Bush in his flight suit.

    In the end they are a bunch of toadys. The midget who follows around the thug talking shit. When you clock them in the head, they look around for protection. Since they are expendable, nobody has their back. So the end up tatling to the hall monitor that they once cursed. A sad life, finding meaning in worshiping those in power, even though it is hallow and most certainly not mutual.

    The Woodys and Jims of the world are not working at Goldman Sachs, nor are they on the board of Boeing.

  35. Jim R Says:

    You clearly have not been reading my comments GM.

    The Republicans are responsible for the near depression we are in because they fail to approve of or enforce existing regulations on the capitalist beast.

    Further, I am railing on self-serving lifer Washington pols in general all the time. When you can show ONE comment trashing a Democratic, excepting the ones that are not behaving liberal enough for you, you can live in the rarefied company of sane moderates.

  36. Jim R Says:

    Btw, the Bushies faults pale in comparison to their leadership. It set millions of Kuwaiti’s and Iraqi’s free.

    When was the last time your side freed anyone? Let me answer that. Truman in N Korea. But then even Truman was far from the current crop of nice and neutered neoliberals.

  37. GM Hoakster Says:

    I am no liberal. You are no moderate.

    Obama has not been in office long enough to fuck everything up. Given that the Dems have no spines, we can count on nothing bold. But Obama will have to try really hard to fuck up as much as Bush. Maybe he is up for the challenge.

  38. Jim R Says:

    That would be “S Korea”.

  39. Anna Churchill Says:

    The Peasant Mentality Lives on in America
    Matt Taibbi

    {Last word on dumb and dumber issue}

    t took a good long while for news of the Teabag movement to penetrate the periphery of my consciousness — I kept hearing things about it and dismissing them, sure that the whole business was some kind of joke. Like a Daily Show invention, say. It pains me to say this as an American, but we are the only people on earth dumb enough to use a nationwide campaign of “teabag parties” as a form of mass protest, in the middle of a real economic crisis.

    What’s next? The Great Dirty Sanchez-In of 2010? A Million Man Felch? (Insert Rusty Trombone joke here).

    This must be a terrible time to be a right-winger. A vicious paradox has been thrust upon the once-ascendant conservatives. On the one hand they are out of power, and so must necessarily rail against the Obama administration. On the other hand they have to vilify, as dangerous anticapitalist activity, the grass-roots protests against the Geithner bailouts and the excess of companies like AIG. That leaves them with no recourse but to dream up wholesale lunacies along the lines of Glenn Beck’s recent “Fascism With a Happy Face” rants, which link the protesting “populists” and the Obama adminstration somehow and imagine them as one single nefarious, connected, ongoing effort to install a totalitarian regime.

    This is not a simple rhetorical accomplishment. It requires serious mental gymnastics to describe the Obama administration — particularly the Obama administration of recent weeks, which has given away billions to Wall Street and bent over backwards to avoid nationalization and pursue a policy that preserves the private for-profit status of the bailed-out banks — as a militaristic dictatorship of anti-wealth, anti-private property forces. You have to somehow explain the Geithner/Paulson decisions to hand over trillions of taxpayer dollars to the rich bankers as the formal policy expression of progressive rage against the rich. Not easy. In order to pull off this argument, in fact, you have to grease the wheels with a lot of apocalyptic language and imagery, invoking as Beck did massive pictures of Stalin and Orwell and Mussolini (side by side with shots of Geithner, Obama and Bernanke), scenes of workers storming the Winter Palace interspersed with anti-AIG protests, etc. — and then maybe you have to add a crazy new twist, like switching from complaints of “socialism” to warnings of “fascism.” Rhetorically, this is the equivalent of trying to paint a picture by hurling huge handfuls of paint at the canvas. It’s desperate, last-ditch-ish behavior.

    It’s been strange and kind of depressing to watch the conservative drift in this direction. In a way, actually, the Glenn Beck show has been drearily fascinating of late. It’s not often that we get to watch someone go insane on national television; trapped in an echo chamber of his own spiraling egomania, with apparently no one at his network willing to pull the plug and put him out of his misery, Beck has lately gone from being a mildly annoying media dingbat to a self-imagined messiah who looks like he’s shouldering more and more of the burdens of Christ with each passing day. And because he’s stepping into a vacuum of conservative leadership — there’s no one else out there who is offering real red meat to the winger crowd — he’s begun to attract not professional help but apostles, in the form of Chuck Norris (who believes we have to prepare for armed revolution and may prepare a run for “president of Texas”) and pinhead Midwestern congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, a woman who is looking more and more like George Foreman to Sarah Palin’s Joe Frazier in the Heavyweight Championship of Stupid. Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!

    This new Holy Trinity of right-wing basket cases has been pushing all sorts of crazy hallucinations of late, from Bachmann warning that the Americorps program would eventually be turned into a regime of forced re-education for American youth, to Beck’s meanderings about Obama creating FEMA-run concentration camps to warehouse conservative dissidents, to Norris and Beck stirring up talk of secessionist movements. And a lot of people are having fun with this, because, well, it’s funny. It’s like a Farrelly Brothers version of right-wing political agitation. But it’s also kind of sad.

    After all, the reason the winger crowd can’t find a way to be coherently angry right now is because this country has no healthy avenues for genuine populist outrage. It never has. The setup always goes the other way: when the excesses of business interests and their political proteges in Washington leave the regular guy broke and screwed, the response is always for the lower and middle classes to split down the middle and find reasons to get pissed off not at their greedy bosses but at each other. That’s why even people like Beck’s audience, who I’d wager are mostly lower-income people, can’t imagine themselves protesting against the Wall Street barons who in actuality are the ones who fucked them over. Beck pointedly compared the AIG protesters to Bolsheviks: “[The Communists] basically said ‘Eat the rich, they did this to you, get ‘em, kill ‘em!’” He then said the AIG and G20 protesters were identical: “It’s a different style, but the sentiments are exactly the same: Find ‘em, get ‘em, kill ‘em!’” Beck has an audience that’s been trained that the rich are not appropriate targets for anger, unless of course they’re Hollywood liberals, or George Soros, or in some other way linked to some acceptable class of villain, to liberals, immigrants, atheists, etc. — Ted Turner, say, married to Jane Fonda.

    But actual rich people can’t ever be the target. It’s a classic peasant mentality: going into fits of groveling and bowing whenever the master’s carriage rides by, then fuming against the Turks in Crimea or the Jews in the Pale or whoever after spending fifteen hard hours in the fields. You know you’re a peasant when you worship the very people who are right now, this minute, conning you and taking your shit. Whatever the master does, you’re on board. When you get frisky, he sticks a big cross in the middle of your village, and you spend the rest of your life praying to it with big googly eyes. Or he puts out newspapers full of innuendo about this or that faraway group and you immediately salute and rush off to join the hate squad. A good peasant is loyal, simpleminded, and full of misdirected anger. And that’s what we’ve got now, a lot of misdirected anger searching around for a non-target to mis-punish… can’t be mad at AIG, can’t be mad at Citi or Goldman Sachs. The real villains have to be the anti-AIG protesters! After all, those people earned those bonuses! If ever there was a textbook case of peasant thinking, it’s struggling middle-class Americans burned up in defense of taxpayer-funded bonuses to millionaires. It’s really weird stuff. And bound to get weirder, I imagine, as this crisis gets worse and more complicated.

  40. SideShow Bob Says:

    The Bush era introduced one innovation in news reporting, the use of gay prostitutes as journalists. I don’t recall if Jake Tapper had an opinion on that.

  41. SideShow Bob Says:

    In the latest controversy, Fox decides to just make shit up and play the victim.

  42. Third Chamer Says:

    It’s pretty wonderful this piece appears the the same week as Joan Walsh’s excellent “let’s come clean” piece on Salon, and just as importantly, Sally Quinn letting the veil down and paying tribute to Bill O’Reilly.

    Walsh dosen’t quite go far enough and point out out that the bizarre dumbing down of the National Press extended deep into the bowels of the “progressive” wing, with war monger in training Christopher Hitchens and Marc Cooper signing off the work of Ken Starr, even when it became blatant in it’s McCarthite tendencies. I wonder if Cooper has ever taken Hitchens aside and explained that Monica Lewinski actually WAS stalking Clinton? When David Brock defected, explaining that he’d had enough, Cooper attempted to destroy him in the pages of the L.A. Weekly, explaining how the kindly Ann Coulter had tried to help the unhinged young man.

    Into the election of Bush it continued, the pre 9-11 summer of Gary Condit (Hitchens, the great wit, called the scandal “Clindit” cause it reminded him of pussy and kinda sounded like Clinton, you see), the pornographic obsession with trashy sex filled the papers and news reports. Well, by then the box cutters had already been purchased…. As Sally Quinn, who made it bloodsport to ruin the Clintons, comes clean on “The O’Reilly Factor” we can see it even more clearly: whatever Cooper burps forth about Clinton putting W in the White House, it was him, and those fools who toil in his degraded profession, who made it all possible.

    The road to Iraq can be pretty cleared traced from the Clinton Impeachment. Historians will do so, and it will be Coop, along with the likes of the late Tim Russart, who are stuck in the dog house. A profound price for such a studied stupidity.

  43. Randy Paul Says:

    Btw, the Bushies faults pale in comparison to their leadership. It set millions of Kuwaiti’s and Iraqi’s free.

    When was the last time your side freed anyone? Let me answer that. Truman in N Korea. But then even Truman was far from the current crop of nice and neutered neoliberals.

    The consistent spewing of this horseshit doesn’t make it true.

  44. Sergio Says:

    Beautifully written, Anna. Only in the US Empire do the peasants (they are) worship their overlords.

  45. bunkerbuster Says:

    Indeed, conservatives used to boast that they would not and need not disrupt the lives of ordinary Americans by holding protests or rallies or other such unseemly events. Nor would they revel in victimhood, as that too was a way of acknowledging inferiority and commonness.
    Today’s identity conservatives are a sad-sack pack of self-loathing 60s don’twannabes who wind up perverting the very worst poses from that generation. Instead of dreaming of taking down the man, they’re dreaming of going down on the man…

  46. Jim R Says:

    I love it when leftists, who’s very political existence depended on having a very large and very needy voting base of peasant dependents, have such a low opinion of them when said ‘peasants’ are not looking.

    Then they follow up with what they believe to be well written and thoughtful analysis of these ‘peasants’ behavior, using what they believe to be superior intellect preached to them they have by socialist professors in sanitized-of-’wrong thinking’ ‘free-thought’ University bubbles, of which said Professors have never provided a job (the very thing that stands any chance of helping said peasants, but not their party) for anyone in their lives and in fact are a product of the perpetual socialistic environment (that teaches actual job providers are evil), provide their conclusions of why these dumb-ass peasants don’t seem to want what their smart-ass is offering.

    What is missing in their silly musings of course is wisdom and common sense, the very thing all but the perverted-by-structured-ideology have, obtained from actually living and making a living. Their ‘peasants’ have seen the results of socialist dominated governments. They have seen the end results of the so-called free-stuff equality-of-outcomes mentality.

    Common sense and history tells(informs for you) them at the end of this utopia they can expect a daily bowl of gruel if they mind their language, behavior, health, farting(not good for the environment), judgments(only the government is allow to judge others behaviors), and finally the last inevitable nail, no criticism of their government leaders, the ‘smart’ ones, will be tolerated. The topic of Marc’s post I believe.

  47. Randy Paul Says:

    I love it when righties, whose very existence relies on their demonization of opponents with strawman arguments that border on hysteria when they cannot address the substance of issues, act like they give the proverbial rat’s ass about those in need, when in fact all they want to do is pursue their own perverse agenda.

  48. Third Chamer Says:

    Well said, Randy Paul. Jim R’s silly stuff does dance around an issue that is seldom addressed with much honesty: just what IS going on with these goobers anyway? Michael Moore, sadly, seems to have been intimidated out of his (always rather gentle) teasing of Middle America( I call then Goobers, to Jim R their Peasants ( accept when he’s trying to flatter them into voting against their best interests). Bill Maher says the poor let the system rot because they dream one day THEY will be on top; but this is probably mostly garbage. Average Americans are good natured, easy to please types who don’t want a life obsessed with greed and screwing their neighbor. Give them a bowling league and the fourth of July off, and their happy.
    That’s no excuse for ripping them off and lying to them, and that’s why Bill O’Reilly and Ailles are the scum of the earth.

  49. Randy Paul Says:

    Jim R,

    By the way, the next time you thump your chest from the safety of your keyboard, perhaps you can spare a thought for those who suffered as a result of your need to thump your chest. Here’s a good place to start.

  50. SideShow Bob Says:

    “Common sense and history tells(informs for you) them at the end of this utopia they can expect a ” stress free, successful, and healthy lifestyle similar to that of Western Europe and Canada.