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Iraq: The 2% Truth

Beyond the fulminations and whimpers of the Bushies over a biased media, it seems that if anything the American press has been too polite in describing the catastophe underway in Iraq. Check out this hair-raising piece  in Editor and Publisher based on a talk by veteran NYTimes war reporter Dexter Filkins who says that the anarchy and bloodshed sweeping Iraq has placed 98% of Iraq "off-limts" to reporters. Asked his advice he would offer a reporter heading to Iraq, he simply said "don't go." Don't go, because you can hardly report anything at all. Even gettting out of a vehicle puts the life of a Western reporter at risk.  Just to get what news from Iraq that the NYT currenty collects requires the hiring, literally of a small army:
According to Filkins, the New York Times is burning through money "like jet fuel" simply to securely maintain its operations in the country. In addition to the 70 local reporters and translators, the Times employs 45 full-time Kalashnikov-toting security guards to patrol its two blast-wall-enclosed houses -- and oversee belt-fed machine-guns on the roofs of the buildings. The paper also has three armored cars, and pays a hefty premium each month to insure the five Times reporters working there.

American journalists, he said, spend their days piecing together scraps of information from the Iraqi reporters to construct a picture, albeit incomplete, of what life is like these days in the war-torn country. But he says that the work is slow and difficult, and it is hard in such an atmosphere for reporters to nail down specifics. "Five people doing a run-of-the-mill story takes forever," he said.

Most troubling was Filkins' assessment that the U.S. military may not know much more than the Times does about what life is like on the ground in Iraq. Soldiers barely leave their bases and they don't interact very much with average Iraqis, he said, so it is hard to say who, if anyone, has an accurate picture of the current situation.

"Everyone is kind of groping around in the dark," he said.
That's re-assuring, isn't it? We also learned over the weekend at least one of the reasons why Iraq has gone so fubar.  A book excerpt from WashPo reporter Rajiv Chandrasekaran outlines how in the early phases of the occupation the way you got a job in Baghdad with the American authority was out of party loyalty to the GOP rather than out of any real know-how, knowledge or experience. Instead of seasoned experts putting together the New Iraq, the Bushies employed snot-nosed Young Republicans whose top skills -- beyong organizing keg parties-- were dumbly herding into a polling booth and voting GOP or having a Republican-connected Mommy or Daddy. This stuff should make anyone's blood boil. The job selection was done, by the way, by another mediocre party hack, Jim O'Beirne, hubby of the grotesque right-wing pundit and Republican cheerleader Kate O'Beirne:
Many of those chosen by O'Beirne's office to work for the Coalition Provisional Authority, which ran Iraq's government from April 2003 to June 2004, lacked vital skills and experience. A 24-year-old who had never worked in finance -- but had applied for a White House job -- was sent to reopen Baghdad's stock exchange. The daughter of a prominent neoconservative commentator and a recent graduate from an evangelical university for home-schooled children were tapped to manage Iraq's $13 billion budget, even though they didn't have a background in accounting... ... Many of those selected because of their political fidelity spent their time trying to impose a conservative agenda on the postwar occupation, which sidetracked more important reconstruction efforts and squandered goodwill among the Iraqi people, according to many people who participated in the reconstruction effort... Endowed with $18 billion in U.S. reconstruction funds and a comparatively quiescent environment in the immediate aftermath of the U.S. invasion, the CPA was the U.S. government's first and best hope to resuscitate Iraq -- to establish order, promote rebuilding and assemble a viable government, all of which, experts believe, would have constricted the insurgency and mitigated the chances of civil war... ... But many CPA staff members were more interested in other things: in instituting a flat tax, in selling off government assets, in ending food rations and otherwise fashioning a new nation that looked a lot like the United States. Many of them spent their days cloistered in the Green Zone, a walled-off enclave in central Baghdad with towering palms, posh villas, well-stocked bars and resort-size swimming pools... To recruit the people he wanted, O'Beirne sought résumés from the offices of Republican congressmen, conservative think tanks and GOP activists. He discarded applications from those his staff deemed ideologically suspect, even if the applicants possessed Arabic language skills or postwar rebuilding experience. ... O'Beirne once pointed to a young man's résumé and pronounced him "an ideal candidate." His chief qualification was that he had worked for the Republican Party in Florida during the presidential election recount in 2000.
Some questions: How angry does that make you? How angry would you be if you lost a son or a daughter in Iraq fighting on behalf of these clowns? Can it any longer be a mystery as to why we were able to overturn one of the bloodiest dictatorships on earth but then manage to turn the entire country's population against us? What sort of jail sentence should we propose for Mr. O'Beirne?

168 Responses to “Iraq: The 2% Truth”

  1. richard locicero Says:

    There really is nothing more to0 say about Iraq. Only the dead enders can still believein it. I wonder if even Chris Hitchens doesn’t realize that he’s been had. But Here is a way to make Bush understand. Our first MBA President should be proud that his handling of the war will make a great case study at Harvard Business School. Right there with Ford’s decision to market the Edsel, New Coke, and Western Union turning down the financing of a new company to exploit the inventions of a young Scottish immigrant named Alexander Graham Bell.

  2. evets Says:

    This Harpers article by Naomi Klein from a couple years ago says it all about Pillaging Iraq in pursuit of a neocon utopia.

  3. reg Says:

    “Tiny URL! Tiny URL!!!!”

  4. jcummings Says:

    there still appears to be formatting issues – RLC’s above comment reads across the page and one has to scroll.

    But seriously, no matter what Dexter Filkins has said, this has been advicem any establishment reporters have given and taken numerous times. Filkins is an above average establishment reporter… Despite all this, Patrick Cockburn in particular has continued to go outside the Green Zone. Cockburn, Dahr Jamail, Christian Parenti and others have reported from areas “unsafe” to establishment reporters. No wonder that the best reporting – unbiased real reporting has come from these people, and most definitely not Times and Post and Time and Newsweek people. Its one thing to expose Washington scandal and/or write about the Green Zone after the fact in a manner that any discerning reader knew in the first plae. Its another to have good relations with the CPA/Green Zone/Government AND the resistance/militias, etc. Like Robert Fisk in Lebanon, only Patrick Cockburn has this access.

  5. evets Says:

    Reg -

    Sorry about that. Didn’t realize how long the link was. Won’t happen again. The tiny version below will get you there with brevity and style.

  6. rosedog Says:

    OT: – But related to Marc’s earlier post, (for which one could leave no comments due to the squirrelly software).

    I’m presuming everyone has seen the AP story re: the 14,000 prisoners, but just in case, here’re a few pertinent ‘graphs:

    “In the few short years since the first shackled Afghan shuffled off to Guantanamo, the U.S. military has created a global network of overseas prisons, its islands of high security keeping 14,000 detainees beyond the reach of established law….”

    “….Human rights groups count dozens of detainee deaths for which no one has been punished or that were never explained. The secret prisons — unknown in number and location — remain available for future detainees. The new manual banning torture doesn’t cover CIA interrogators. And thousands of people still languish in a limbo, deprived of one of common law’s oldest rights, habeas corpus, the right to know why you are imprisoned.

    “’If you, God forbid, are an innocent Afghan who gets sold down the river by some warlord rival, you can end up at Bagram and you have absolutely no way of clearing your name,’ said John Sifton of Human Rights Watch in New York. ‘You can’t have a lawyer present evidence, or do anything organized to get yourself out of there.’

    “The U.S. government has contended it can hold detainees until the “war on terror” ends — as it determines…..”

    By not screaming bloody murder at top of our collective lungs until these policies are stopped are we simply being the Good Germans?

    As Marc asked earlier: Who ARE we? What does this say about us?

  7. dennis p coltrane Says:

    war criminals/profiteers should be tried in international courts and then hanged. the US prosecutor at Nuremburg made it clear that starting a war of aggression is the summation of and includes within itself all war crimes.

  8. Mavis Beacon Says:

    Indefensible. Too angry to post coherently.

  9. rosedog Says:

    Just read the WaPo book excerpt. Simply incredible.

    “[O'Beirne] and his staff used an obscure provision in federal law to hire many CPA staffers as temporary political appointees, which exempted the interviewers from employment regulations that prohibit questions about personal political beliefs…”

  10. Michael Turner Says:

    Maybe I’m suddenly too depressed to bounce off the walls or hit even the lowest ceiling.

    Maybe not.

    Hiring young snots with molecule-thick portfolios to manage companies during economic bubbles is bad. But that’s just money. You win some, you lose some. Live and learn. Live and let live.

    But this isn’t a live-and-learn situation. This is a learn-or-die situation. Hiring incompetent young snots into a national life-and-death arena on the basis of their political loyalties, and letting them set a stage onto which which young people from somewhat less privileged families are sent to die ….

    That’s … that’s … why, THAT’S FUCKING TREASON IS WHAT IT IS.

    Sorry, did I say “treason”? I was bouncing off a wall. Or maybe the ceiling. I’m feeling a little disoriented.

    But “treason” … is it really a stretch? Maybe not. Harry Truman decreed that war profiteering was treason. What are we reading about here, if not a kind of war profiteering?

    If, as our esteemed president claims, the battle for Baghdad is the battle for western civilization itself, for all we hold dear, then appointing incompetent young snots to mismanage the country in which that make-or-break arena is nestled is–

    Ohmigod is that the ceiling coming at my face again?


    Next time somebody tries to tell you that Ann Coulter is really just trying to be funny, she’s not really all that bad, and besides …. when that happens again, start talking about this revelation, and start getting a little red in the face, and start yelling “You want some TREASON?! I’ll give some TREASON!!”

    Something tells me we’re gonna need some higher ceilings around here.

    Say it loud. Say it proud. Dare to call it treason. Stand up and yell it, for practice. Why should winger arch-conservatives have all the fun? Say it: “TREASON!”

    Visualize a face (yes, somebody you know, admit it now), the face of someone with whom you might have agreed to disagree, amiably enough. A face into which you can spit the word.

    Don’t burn a flag. Wave one. Get a little flag, get a picture of George Bush, stick the flag in his goddamn eye, and put the picture on your desk at work.

    You’re an American and you’re not going to stand for this crap anymore.

  11. Michael Turner Says:

    “…the U.S. military has created a global network of overseas prisons, its islands of high security keeping 14,000 detainees beyond the reach of established law….”

    Thanks Rosedog. I sit here in a room now littered with ceiling plaster, slowly getting over my shock at the number. Somehow, I’d always thought it was a few dozen here, a few dozen there, in maybe up to a dozen different places. I now realize that this number helps explain a lot about the administration’s increasing desperation over passing the Military Commissions Act in the wake of Hamdan.

    With 14,000 detainees, you’re virtually guaranteed thousands of blameless, hapless victims of regional sweeps, not just a few good apples bobbing among the bad. With thousands of innocent detainees, you’re guaranteed dozens, if not hundreds, of cases of serious mistreatment. So putting the tortured “within reach of established law” means, among other things, that their stories almost certainly get out. If I were Bush and Cheney, I wouldn’t like that one bit. If it meant the GWOT going on until Bush and Cheney die, well, they’ll prefer that, won’t they?

    The merry-go-round is indeed spinning faster.

  12. reg Says:

    I believe that it is imperative that the Democrats – not the Democrats, really, but anyone and everyone who is infuriated by some combination of the rationale and conduct of this war – needs to ask the question “Who did this ?” If it’s posed as “Who lost Iraq?” by those who think it could have been “won”, so be it ? And the focus needs to be on, of course, Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice, etc., but more deeply the Douglas Feiths and Jim O’Beirnes of this world who did the dirty work and dragged both countries into a deadly cul de sac through their hubris. It’s not really incompetence, because they had a strategy in most of these cases that they accomplished – starting a war and politicizing its conduct. They achieved their aims – with results that were predictable to saner folk. But let’s face it. Their goal wasn’t defense of the United States, it was pushing a partisan ideological agenda onto the global stage. They succeeded initially before it blew up in their face – and ours. As Marc suggested, they need to be called to accounts, for political, moral and pragmatic reasons.

  13. reg Says:

    Why aren’t the pro-war types in the blogosphere picking up on this O’Beirne story ?
    Were I one of them and had even an ounce of honesty left in my bones, I’d be even more incensed by stuff like this than I am as a long-time war critic.

  14. Wall Says:

    Hitchens “realize he’s been had?” You’re confusing the con man and the con.

  15. Wall Says:

    Might do well to remember too that all this took place in the “ebedded” era. This was the first time the American Press agreed that it would be a great thing to work under the direct supervision of the Pentagon, for the good of everyone of course.
    As late as Summer 05, every negative Iraq story on CNN seemed required to be followed up the story of some plucky G.I. who got his foot shot off; yet couldn’t wait to strap on the plastic foot and get right back into the fray.
    The journalist dissent from this coverage has been been pale at best.

  16. richard locicero Says:

    The article in the WaPo is apparently an excerpt from the author’s book IMPERIAL TIMES IN THE EMERALD CITY (great title) which will be out next week. So along with ASSASIN’S GATE, BLIND INTO BAGHDAD, COBRA II and FIASCO we have another addition to the new “Five Foot Shelf” of tales of the Bush “Legacy”. Add in the accounts of Katrina that are also coming out and is there any doubt that 43 is staking a strong claim to the title of “Worst President Ever”.

    Maybe that is fitting since most accounts list Lincoln as the best and there is a certain Cartesian logic in the same party producing the alpha and omega of chief magistrates.

  17. richard locicero Says:

    And Rosedog, maybe you noticed the article on Yahoo News that one of the prisoners in our little Gulag was an AP photographer who made the mistake of practicing his craft. It took the honchos at AP FIVE MONTHS to get him released and that only happened when they went public with it. Then, all of a sudden, he was free to go!

  18. richard locicero Says:

    Just one more thing and I’ll shut up (do I hear thanks and a sigh of relief?) The Ward Churchill award this week goes to John Yoo a Prof of Law at UC Berkely who wrote the other day that we liberals just don’t understand that the President has to have all sorts of powers because 9/11 created new deadly conditions that have never existed before. And all those laws passed in the sixties and seventies were a luxury we could afford then since there were no serious threats.

    That’s right people. All those Soviet Missiles and the Cuban Crisis (and duck and cover for that matter) were just kidding around. 10,000 nuclear warheads were no match for a Islamofascist with a box-cutter!

    My question. When are the good people of California going to demand that the Board of Regents fire this incompetent who knows neither history nor consitutional law.

  19. jcummings Says:

    I am on record criticizing Ward Churchill’s words, but
    to put him on the same level as John Yoo is disgusting. One comitted a sort of situationist act
    of provocation that backfired. The other likes the idea of sodomizing prisoners.

  20. reg Says:

    According to no less than Andrew Sullivan, John Yoo actually responded affirmatively in a debate over Presidential war powers to the questioin of whether Bush could order a suspect’s child to be tortured to elicit information. I think squashing the kid’s testicles was the example cited. Yoo said, yes, under certain circumstances. Hopefully one of the conditions wasn’t that he gets to watch. But you never know with these guys.

  21. Marc Davidson Says:

    Does anyone else here feel like the proverbial frog sitting in the pot of water whose temperature is getting dangerously warm? Are we all going to sit here and watch in amusement as Michael Turner bounces off his ceiling and walls screaming like a mad man… or shall we join him?

  22. reg Says:

    “Speaking of Hitchens”…

    Since I’m a fairly reliable Hitchen’s basher (poor, honey-tongued thing), I’ll also “fairly” link to a pretty good column of his in the current Slate bashing the Pope for his recent ruminations on Islam:

  23. reg Says:

    Okay, since I’m obviously giving shout-outs to folks that one might consider “unsavory” – I’m going to give another nod to Andrew Sullivan who’s been juxtaposing the “alternative interrogation techniques” proposed by BushCo with parallel excerpts from The Gulag Archipelago.

    Guess what…

  24. reg Says:

    I shouldn’t have said “proposed”…the right word is “used”.

  25. Ryan Says:

    Well, now you’ve done it. You’ve made this bushie switch sides and final,entirely believe his is as crooked as Nixon.

    One has to imagine, from listening to immigrants that said that Bush listened to the wrong people, that if he did listen to the right people, and put in another $20 bil on top of the measly $300 bil, the country could have been maintained.

    That song of John Prine (you should put it up on this blog if you can) called “Some Humans Ain’t Human” says it all.

    Everyone here has to admit, though, that if Saddam financing Al Qaeda through proxy and trying to restart WMD, that some military action was necessary. I hold no grudges for people saying I’m an idiot for saying even this if you think there is not even a whiff (I disagree), but this President had done everything wrong after the first month of the war and -whoops- about 98% wrong before it…

  26. Ryan Says:

    Michael T, you’re right on with that treason if he hired people knowing they were ill-qual. and ignored it because they were loyal and their profit be to themselves.

    Maybe there’s room for more ignorance in his head for seeing no evil….of course he can see into his soul…………..

  27. rosedog Says:

    MT, I believe it’s treason too. The only reason I’m not screaming hysterically at this very minute is that I’m afraid if I start, I won’t stop.

    And, while we’re on the subject of crimes in high places, I fail to see how the chargeless detentions and the systematic torture and abuse can, ultimately, be viewed as anything other than war crimes.

    There are now enough people who’ve been released from Gitmo et al, that we’re finally starting to get personal accounts in book form of what went on.

    There will be many, many more, and worse to come. Count on it. When the entire truth of it is sorted out, I believe we will be left with a dark, dark stain on our national soul.

    And re: that hideous little moral cretin, John Yoo, here’s exactly what he said about the relative okayness of torturing somebody’s kid. He made the remark during a December 1, 2005 debate in Chicago, Illinois with Notre Dame Law School Professor Doug Cassel:

    Cassel: If the President deems that he’s got to torture somebody, including by crushing the testicles of the person’s child, there is no law that can stop him?

    Yoo: No treaty.

    Cassel: Also no law by Congress. That is what you wrote in the August 2002 memo.

    Yoo: I think it depends on why the President thinks he needs to do that.

    Yoo also thinks that pesky little items like the Separation of Powers doctrine are “problematic”—what with this whole clash of civilizations thingy going on.

    To wit: “We are used to a peacetime system in which Congress enacts the laws, the president enforces them, and the courts interpret them. In wartime, the gravity shifts to the executive branch.”

  28. Listener on the sidelines Says:

    If I’d read this in a novel I’d be having nightmares. This is much, much worse. Please excuse me… I’m racing to bathroom to keep from vomiting on my keyboard.

  29. reg Says:

    Larry Diamond, the centrist Dem from Hoover Institute, who Condi called to Iraq to help Bremer despite his thinking the rationale for war was bogus, wrote explicitly in Squandered Victory that the overall pattern of conduct of the occupation constituted no less than criminal negligence, partly on the basis of his observing the work of O’Beirne’s GOPer geek squad first hand in the Green Zone. Treason is an appropriate value judgement on these slimeballs, but I’m thinking that criminal negligence and/or corruption-related charges might actually stick.

  30. Clazy Says:

    Reg, you asked this morning why the prowar types hadn’t commented on the O’Bierne story. Try technorati next time. It works! You won’t be impressed by these peoples’ “honesty”, but you might find a few bones to gnaw on:

  31. Michael Turner Says:

    rosedog writes: “… while we’re on the subject of crimes in high places, I fail to see how the chargeless detentions and the systematic torture and abuse can, ultimately, be viewed as anything other than war crimes.”

    Ironically, if I’m reading the right draft of the Military Commissions Act of 2006, it licenses detainee abuses that, if committed by the other side on our soldiers, we would categorize as war crimes. They make us stand for 36 hours, listening to Eminem, they’re torturers. We make them stand for 36 hours listening to Eminem, it’s all in a day’s work.

    I guess what we need is Eminem going public and saying that use of his music in CIA detention centers is both a violation of his intellectual property rights and an outrage on his *own* personal dignity.

    Yoo: “I think it depends on why the president thinks he needs to do that.”

    Wouldn’t Saddam’s defense attorney love to be able to say the same! Oh, sorry — I’m indulging in “moral equivalence”.

  32. rosedog Says:

    RLC, yep, saw the story about the AP photog. FUBAR, is about all one can say in response.

    And then, just this minute I read another forehead-against-the-ceiling inducing story from Reuters. Here’s the opening line:

    “Canadian police wrongly identified an Ottawa software engineer as an Islamic extremist, prompting U.S. agents to deport him to Syria, where he was tortured, an official inquiry concluded on Monday…”

    Evidently, they tortured the guy repeatedly for a year before realizing “Ooops! Our bad!” and then releasing him without charges. Oh, yes, although Canadian law enforcement cooperated fully with the inquiry, the U.S. agencies that actually DID the deporting etc, “declined to be questioned.”

  33. NeoDude Says:

    America’s right-wingers hate liberty.

  34. reg Says:

    Clazy – thanks.
    The big pushback is at this Ponnuru link -
    So, via technorati, I found this 2-year old Daniel Drezner post -
    - which confirms some of the WaPo article. It was linked in this response to NRO’s Ponnuru, defending O’Beirne –

    Just in case anyone wants to dig deeper into this.

  35. reg Says:

    And as has been noted on several blogs – notably (surprise) Kevin Drum’s – here’s the 2003 Washington Monthly article that is probably the first to delve into this particular outrage of a highly politicized hiring process for “rebuilding” Iraq.

  36. rosedog Says:

    And while we’re posting links, here’s another story, this time from tomorrow’s WaPo, about the Canadian software guy we outsourced to Syria as part of our “extraordinary rendition” program, where he was tortured for a year:

    “Arar, now 36, was detained by U.S. authorities as he changed planes in New York on Sept. 26, 2002. He was held for questioning for 12 days, then flown by jet to Jordan and driven to Syria. He was beaten, forced to confess to having trained in Afghanistan — where he never has been — and then kept in a coffin-size dungeon for 10 months before he was released, the Canadian inquiry commission found.”

  37. Michael Balter Says:

    I’d like to quote just one short paragraph from the NYT story about the Arar case. If this is accurate, then all statements by Bush adminstration officials that they do not condone torture are lies.

    “American officials have not discussed the case publicly. But in an interview last year, a former official said on condition of anonymity that the decision to send Mr. Arar to Syria had been based chiefly on the desire to get more information about him and the threat he might pose. The official said Canada did not intend to hold him if he returned home.”

  38. Dan O Says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs when all of this is given the imprimatur of official power (with a sly wink to give some cover). I mean what’s going on? Who are these people? Who would have ever thought that the president of the US would brazenly sanction and defend torture and “disappearances?” It’s so staggering I’m almost at a loss. Every one of these guys belong in jail, starting with George, and going all the way down to anyone who has not resigned in protest.

    If impeachment was ever justfied this, is it. Right here. The whole thing makes me completely sick and full of rage.

  39. reg Says:

    “all statements by Bush adminstration officials that they do not condone torture are lies.”

    Ya think?

    It’s also more than a bit disturbing that Andrew Sullivan is making more of this issue than Harry Reid, so far as I can tell.

  40. Jim R Says:

    While Islam rears its ugly and unhinged head again, attacking churches, killing a Nun, threating the Pope with death, intimidating worshippers of other religions outside their places of worship, threating the very things you claim as near and dear; you guys get hung up on old and biased news from increasingly old and biased bastions.

    To the NYT article, if true, I would say congradulation for the 98% accomplishment you have strived for since you first reported your country’s troops bogged down in a dessert sand storm for their enemies to read, then follow it up here with a bitch piece about the conditions you helped create. Nice job Congrads.

    To the WaPo article, they must really be scrapeing the barrel for something to be negative about. Of course the military is not going to let left-wing moles work in Iraq regardless of their technical credentials, period.
    What are you thinking…….never mind.

    My suggestion, start reading something other that the NYT or WaPo. Expand your horizons. It’s not good for you mental health to live in their negative feedback echo chambers.

  41. Dan O Says:

    Jim R:

    Maybe Tolkien wold be less objectionable. Certainly less real, and more comforting. I’ll let you in on a secret: All the elves get the important jobs, but they’re all only around 237 years old. Shocking.

    Read something else….priceless.

  42. reg Says:

    Jim R – I think that you should take some of your own advice about the dangers of echo chambers.

  43. Michael Balter Says:

    I agree with Jim R, the news would be less negative if we started reading the kind of stuff put out by people who know nothing about Iraq and have never been there, instead of the reporting of journalists on the ground. Funny thing, though, it’s not just the NYT and WaPo who report this negative stuff, it’s the WSJ and every other media outlet that has reporters there. Guess the media conspiracy cuts across ideological lines…

  44. reg Says:

    Various government agencies are in on it as well, according to the assessments that have been coming out of Iraq. As for the WSJ, the folks in charge of opinion are holding the line. It’s those damned journalists who get out beyond the hallowed halls where Gigot holds sway who are causing the problems.

  45. evets Says:

    “your country’s troops bogged down in a dessert sand storm”

    They must have really been hungry.

  46. DonkeyKong Says:

    … But many CPA staff members were more interested in other things: in instituting a flat tax, in selling off government assets, in ending food rations and otherwise fashioning a new nation that looked a lot like the United States. Many of them spent their days cloistered in the Green Zone, a walled-off enclave in central Baghdad with towering palms, posh villas, well-stocked bars and resort-size swimming pools…

    I’ve seen the future baby, and it’s murder……

  47. richard locicero Says:

    J Cummings I’m simply arguing that if the good people of Colorado reared up and demanded that Churchill be fired then it seems to me that Yoo should get the same treatment – especially since he appears not to know much of American Constitutional Law which (silly me) would seem to be a requirement to instruct future lawyers.

  48. Jim R Says:

    “Read something else….priceless.”

    Thanks for picking up on that Dan. That sentence was meant to be “…start reading something other than ‘just’ the NYT or WaPo.” honestly.

    Thanks for the advice Reg, honestly. :)

  49. Ryan Says:


    Good checking around – I even see you linked to a story that had tried to negate – good balance.

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