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Let me make sure I have got this right. CNN promoted overt and racist demagogue Lou Dobbs for years.  It catapulted the blood-thirsty and radically biased Nancy Grace BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, to stardom. Order VANTIN online overnight delivery no prescription, It scooped the execrable dry drunk  Glenn Beck out of obscurity and gave him his own show for years.  It employs as an anchor the unbearable Wolf Blitzer, even though he was a member of an Israeli lobbying organization, VANTIN trusted pharmacy reviews. Doses VANTIN work, But now it has fired its long time Middle East Editor Octavia Nasr because she sent a private tweet lamenting the death of a Shiite religious leader who, while widely respected, where can i cheapest VANTIN online, VANTIN without a prescription, is also affiliated with Hezbollah. I see, purchase VANTIN for sale. VANTIN pics, Perfect logic.

By the way, the dead guy she lauded is also the spiritual leader of the Iraqi ruling party which we support in power and Our Man in Baghdad, Prime Minister Al-Malaki, flew off to the old man's funeral apparently with no fear of getting canned by Hillary Clinton.

Glenn Greenwald takes CNN apart over this, BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Though, VANTIN for sale, Online buy VANTIN without a prescription, it's sort of like dynamiting fish in a koi pond.

This is just the latest in a series of MSM foul-ups this month: the outpouring of scorn and ridicule for Michael Hastings and Rolling Stone; the blood-curdling ass-kissing remarks of Pentagon publicist and part-time CBS correspondent Lara Logan; the mind-twisting justifications of WaPo and NYTimes brass on why they chickened out calling American torture what it is: torture, what is VANTIN. VANTIN from mexico, The WaPo's shameful handling of the David Weigel affair. And now this cowardice and hypocrisy from CNN (which is probably one of the most over-rated institutions in America, ordering VANTIN online. No prescription VANTIN online, It has long been one more trash bin cable outlet lacking in any consistent integrity and, no, buy cheap VANTIN, Order VANTIN no prescription, I do NOT take Anderson Cooper seriously).

Nasr, VANTIN online cod, Rx free VANTIN, as is pointed out, was a mediocre and extremely non-controversial journo, where can i order VANTIN without prescription. VANTIN results, She was  hardly a team player for Hezbollah or anyone else (though Blitzer and others are outright Israeli Defense Force flacks).  Her tweet was no different than what would have been a 140 character condolence from a Catholic CNN staff member upon learning of the death of a Pope (and this one, I might remind you, buy no prescription VANTIN online, VANTIN cost, also has an untidy history in that terror group known as the Hitler Youth not to mention his current affection for the extremist Opus Dei outfit).  Would CNN fire an editor for bias if he or she tweeted "God Bless The Soul of the Departed Pope?"

I am not surprised nor shocked by any of this.  But the piling up of these absurd incidents over bias and mythical objectivity are all redolent with the stench of dying institutions. If you need any help hanging the crepe, buy VANTIN from mexico, VANTIN over the counter, I will work for beer. Where can i buy VANTIN online. VANTIN trusted pharmacy reviews. Purchase VANTIN online. VANTIN australia, uk, us, usa. Buy cheap VANTIN no rx. VANTIN dosage. Buy VANTIN no prescription.

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  1. Matt Frank Says:

    Don’t forget about CNN hiring Eric Ericson who has unleashed gems such as calling Justice Souter a “goat fucking child molestor” before CNN decided to employ him –

  2. reg Says:

    This is disgusting. CNN bosses are putting value ignorance. I read that Nasr saw this guy as a relatively positive influence in the realm of Shiite radicalism because he was a proponent of women’s rights. Unless we intend to simply kill – or equip the the Israelis to kill – everyone in the orbit of the radical Islamic parties, we should clearly regret when the saner and less dogmatic members pass from the scene. This is particularly important because, as Marc notes, we’ve spilled our own blood and spent our treasure to empower Hezbollah allies within Iraq. CNN is reinforcing a manichaen view of the world marked by notions of Evil personified in all of our designated enemies that dooms us to endless war.

  3. reg Says:

    “I will work for beer” – that’s the problem with you bloggers.

    (some kind of emoticon to denote humor!)

  4. Marc Cooper Says:

    Eric Ericson, yeah. A real crown jewel

  5. Michael Balter Says:

    And don’t forget Pentagon mouthpiece Barbara Starr:

  6. Michael Balter Says:

    The UK’s ambassador to Lebanon liked the guy too.

  7. reg Says:

    Michael – your link doesn’t work and I read, trying to google this, that the ambassador’s comments were scrubbed from the official website. Have no idea if the two are related.

    Here’s her original cached comment:

  8. reg Says:

    Here’s the current link at BBC –

  9. Talhe Says:

    Yeah, Marc, the pope, who was forcibly conscripted into Hitler Youth and had a brother with Downs Syndrome killed by the Nazi regime, is -really- comparable to a guy who both issued a fatwa for suicide bombings, encouraged anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, encouraged Holocaust denial, and believed that every Jew in Israel was a legitimate target:

    (Apologies for linking to this noxious site)

  10. Michael Balter Says:

    Thanks for updating my link, reg, I see the hand of MI5 in this (or is it MI6 for foreign affairs, can never remember.)

  11. Michael Balter Says:

    Talhe, if you want to know why some in the Muslim world take extreme positions in regards to Israel, one place to start would be with Israel’s own actions:

  12. Cappadonna Says:

    We are in quite a pickle — as there’s really no credible news source we can trust. Bloggers, for good or for ill, get their information from virtually the same MSM sources.

    And so-called ‘alternative media’ isn’t mature enough to be credible. Let’s be honest — many progressive media outlets are flooded with too much crank, mouth-foaming conspiracy theory and little in the form of professionalism.

    How can we hope to build an alternative medai when places like Pacifica give air space to 9/11 Truther loons and guys who claim cod liver oil will cure leukemia. And for God’s Sake, can some get folks at those Independent Media Centers a good editor? Or at least could someone spring for MS Word with functioning spell check?

    So, open question, where can an educated person who desire to be informed go for legitimate news that’s not pro-corporate propaganda or conspiracy craziness from the Left or Right?

  13. pabloN. Says:

    I rarely watch CNN. I have watched, however, during some large crisis or catastrophe out of an innocent desire to be informed. But innocence is never treated well in this world, and I learned rather quickly that what distinguishes CNN is its mysertious faculty of announcing events that never took place and its systematic biased reports. It has to be granted that CNN beats the daily newspapers by several lengths in that regard, which I would have thought humanly impossible.

    CNN employs the Ludovico technique of constantly repeating short video clips; always nearby- but not actually at the news scene, generally showing public authorities loitering by a car outside of a building. The CNN viewer becomes entranced seeing the same officer enter into or alight from a flashing squad car several times in the space of a few minutes.
    The hypnotism is pandemic. Several years back I visited my aged father in Mexico who had the repeating Ludovico images onscreen during the Virginia Tech massacre. I remember seeing for the umpteenth time that kevlar-clad cop getting a rifle out of the trunk. Again and again.
    Then just a few months ago we were visiting my aged father-in-law in Taiwan, who speaks only mandarin, glued to CNN, Larry King interviewing Willy Nelson. Father doesn’t know who Willy Nelson is and probably doesn’t know Larry King either, but he turned to me and said, “Good”.

    Cappadonna raises the question which has particular resonance in this age of propaganda: “So you believe in the news, do you?” We count ourselves among those who nurse certain reasonable illusions in this regard. Yes, we believe in news. Standing with the imbeciles, by which I mean those who are not prepared to commit murder in order to win an argument, free speech is the only thing we have to defend what we believe to be true. That is why we cannot allow freedom to be tampered with, whether out of inadvertence, stupidity, or calculation.
    All that said should never be construed to imply that at anytime news outlets were better or more capable than they are now; nor were they any less biased or more truthful.

    Cappadonna says: “How can we hope to build an alternative medai when places like Pacifica give air space to 9/11 Truther loons and guys who claim cod liver oil will cure leukemia”

    Or build an MSNBC with its Lockdown:Raw series?

    I guess active participation instead of passive viewing is generally a good idea.

  14. devin the dude Says:

    There’s no such thing as a “private tweet,” but you’re right about the double-standard: it shows how culturally dominant the far right has become. Conservatives still mewl about how they’re crushed by the bootheel of “political correctness” and Hollyweird, but it’s hard for me to imagine any American, in any field of endeavor, killing their career by being “too conservative.” On the other hand, if you have any real influence and stray one inch from the right-wing doctrine (say you question Israel, or stick up for the bottom 99% of your countrymen), you’re bound to waste a lot of time defending yourself and trying to repair the damage. That’s the big lesson of Obama – St. Ronnie’s transformation of the American political landscape can’t be repaired in a day. For what it’s worth, we have absolutely nothing in common with SOCIALIST Europe these days.

  15. av2ts Says:

    Greenwald’s piece compiles a really disturbing list of so-called liberals who got canned for similar nonsense (basically they offended the neo-con right). The scope of permissable views in the media has been brightly illuminated. It basically ends where the Democratic party ends. So much for media freedom and diversity.

    Where I perhaps part company with our host on the media issue, is his optimism that that the solution lies with the death of the “dying institutions” (old school newspapers, magazines and tv news). Instead I would like for him to acknowledge the basic limitations private ownership imposes on any form of media – old or new. Submitting good journalism to the profit motive and interests of elite private ownership will always result in what we see today and have seen throughout US history – journalism skewed in favor of the wealthy and powerful. The rest of the world has long ago learned this lesson and staked out strong public control and regulation of the media landscape.

  16. pabloN. Says:

    The scope of permissable views in the media has been brightly illuminated. It basically ends where the Democratic party ends. So much for media freedom and diversity.

    You lost me here. Is the brightly illuminated permissable views imposed by private ownership basically ending where the Republican party meets the Democrats, or where the Democrats meet the Left, or both which you say spells doom for freedom and diversity?

    Wouldn’t be easier to say that the MSM both shapes and follows the mainstream to the limit the mainstream allows in the way of freedom and diversity?

  17. wmannon Says:

    Can’t help but notice how the more left-wing liberal media hires knuckleheads like Nasr, knowing full well how they despise Israel and the good old USofA. Then, when such people says something outrageous and let their inner feelings spill out, their socialist employers fall all over themselves in giving them the bums rush out the door.
    To be completely immersed and bathed in truths, without the hateful hypocrisy, i’d suggest fox news. For the internetly inclined, check out PJTV, weekly standard, washington times, and those kinds of things.

  18. Jim R Says:

    Oh for godsake Av. You can say anything you want in the USA and the government can’t do a thing about it. That’s freedom of speech. You can be irresponsible with it.

    But if you are providing services to someone else paying you, they can do something to you for irresponsible speech, like fire you, if your speech or behavior reflects badly on THEIR service or product to their customers.

    You can’t have a reporter or journalist morning the death of a life-long terrorist supporter and sympathizer for godshake. How stupid is that!

  19. wmannon Says:

    “Regulation of the media.”
    Yes, you betcha av would like to see the media regulated.
    Don’t like what our critics say? Shut em down.

  20. Sergio Says:

    Meanwhile “liberal” bullshitter Rachel Maddow sucks up to the failed ( but expensive) invaders of Afghanistan:

  21. Jim R Says:

    So says Sergio as he relaxes in comfort and safety thanks to those neighborhood invaders at his local police department. So says Sergio as he enjoys all those freedoms to live his life and make his own decisions without fear of retribution from the morality monsters.

    So says Sergio as he makes the decides to let his teenaged daughter hold the hand of a boy with her face uncovered and her body untented, without fear the morality monsters will stone her to death. So say Sergio as he pontificates and harshly judges the invaders, who were first invaded btw, trying to bring 21st century civilization to a 1st Century cruel culture in hopes they will not bring the uncivilized to his civilized, but evil, empire again.

  22. reg Says:

    If Sergio was a fan of Rachel Maddow, I’d have second thoughts about whether she was a competent, intelligent journalist (v. fatuous “leftwing” poser.) Thankfully, that’s been settled.

  23. Jim R Says:

    Another freedom we have, and like all the rest take so much for granted, is the freedom to bite the hands that risk their hands to provide it.

    But one thing those who will not defend their country but bite it instead do not deserve… our respect.

  24. av2ts Says:

    pablo, i meant that in most mainstream outlets you can’t say anything to the left of where the Democratic party is on something. of course you can, but you’ll get called a terrorist, socialist, anti-semite or one of the rest by the pounce squad – and likely be fired, as we’ve seen.

    and jim, because our media is 95% private, corporations do the vast majority of the censoring in the US. in fact the “market” is the biggest censor the world has ever seen. any journalist knows this. any slightly complicated story, or story that goes against thee popular narrative has no little to no chance against all the crap in all but the most progressive media formats. similarly for any story that offends the interests and views of the owners and managers (as you basically admit). think about the media’s failure on the biggest issues of our time – Iraq, the economic crisis, global poverty, the environment. The media has failed to get the real, necessary information out to the public and we are wallowing in misinformation and ignorance. I believe that is because of the limits on the band of acceptable speech.

    But at least our media is “free,” which really only means private in our definition. In reality a free media involves a million things we don’t have.

  25. pabloN. Says:

    If Sergio was a fan of Rachel Maddow, I’d have second thoughts about whether she was a competent, intelligent journalist (v. fatuous “leftwing” poser.) Thankfully, that’s been settled-REG

    Guess it all swings on how you define “competent, intelligent journalist ” For some journalism (the competent, intelligent variety) means active participation in promoting the success of the Party:

    “Progressives may be disappointed by Obama on a range of issues but will not withold support of Obama or the party thanks in part to Maddow.”-Pablo

    Go Rachel !!! That’s exactly what I want to see happen during the election cycles.

    Posted by: reg | July 10, 2010 at 12:00 PM

    (from Beautiful Horizons)

    If journalism and objectivity are ever to appear in the same sentence then second thoughts are in order, reg.

  26. pabloN. Says:

    av2ts Says:

    July 10th, 2010 at 1:51 pm
    pablo, i meant that in most mainstream outlets you can’t say anything to the left of where the Democratic party is on something. of course you can, but you’ll get called a terrorist, socialist, anti-semite or one of the rest by the pounce squad – and likely be fired, as we’ve seen.

    Thanks. Got it!!

    That’s especially true on MSNBC… where they mostly say nothing at all…. meaning they constantly define themselves and the issues by lampooning the party of torture… whining that the party of torture won’t work in a bipartisan fashion… and then turn on their progressive wing and say that they (the Dems) are not the party of torture (except that now they are) and that you ‘progressives’ have nowhere else to go…..
    (and then set about making sure of it).

  27. reg Says:

    Pablo – thanks for the link. But you’re embarrassing yourself.

  28. reg Says:

    To be more precise, the notion that “objectivity” precludes a journalist making political distinctions between the parties and the real-world consequences of outcomes in an electoral cycle smacks of a bizarro-left version of David Broder, et. al.’s bullshit. Of course, what you want is for liberals to cede the election to the GOP, in a triumph of “principle.” No thanks. I’m not into jumping off cliffs, holding hands with crank zealots telling me it’ll only hurt for a little while.

  29. pabloN. Says:

    I have to agree with you, reg. Thanks.

    Where I differ however is on the question of Maddow being a journalist… she isn’t.

  30. Sergio Says:

    No need to spend an eternity waiting until the US Empire “wins” Afghanistan, military propaganda keyboard suckasses.

  31. 4th Time Around (22) Says:

    Come on. If it wasn’t for CNN, who else would have
    kept the Runaway Bride honest?

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