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BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION, I am a bit Iran-ed out so I thought I would change up my game and drop a few lines about a potpourri of local Los Angeles stories. If you don't live in So Cal, MEGA HOODIA maximum dosage, feel free to tune out.

*** Tony Rap Says No

Our recently re-elected Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced today he was NOT going to run for Governor next year.  Glad he took the gratuitous advice I offered him a few months back in an L.A, MEGA HOODIA from canadian pharmacy. Times opinion piece. MEGA HOODIA pharmacy, Now that the decision is in, I suppose I am free to reveal that the day the piece was published, Hizzoner gave me a personal phone call to chuckle over what I wrote and claimed not to be pissed, MEGA HOODIA description. He sounded genuinely conflicted, MEGA HOODIA pictures, barely let me get a word in edgewise and all on his own argued with himself back and forth whether he should run and then clicked off.  Recent polling and a new hubub about his personal life would have pretty much made it a suicide mission in any case (as Steve Lopez also wrote immediately after today's announcement was made).  I'm pleased Antonio is sticking with the city for the next four years (even if he has no other choice), MEGA HOODIA canada, mexico, india. I hope he can help make some sort of lemonade out of such a sour past couple of years, BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION.

*** Weak Weekly

After some repeated razzing from this here blog of mine, Cheap MEGA HOODIA no rx, after a full three years of sustained crisis and downward spiral, and AFTER the editor-in-chief of the L.A. Weekly was fired last month, MEGA HOODIA use, the L.A. Discount MEGA HOODIA, Times media critic Jim Rainey finally got around to writing a piece about the place last week. (I think, given the circumstances, buy no prescription MEGA HOODIA online, my waiting ten days to mention the piece is only fair).  All in all, MEGA HOODIA pics, it was a pretty mediocre piece about the overwhelming mediocrity that the Weekly has become.  Rainey's a nice guy and means well, get MEGA HOODIA, but there isn't what you call a lot of reporting in his account. His take on the injurious role of News Editor Jill Stewart BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION, is right on the money. MEGA HOODIA over the counter, But, as you can see, the piece lacks all historical context and is very much inside baseball, where can i buy cheapest MEGA HOODIA online. Unless you're a former employee (like yours truly) you get no idea at all about how this situation came to pass, MEGA HOODIA from canada, what it meant when the New Times chain took over the paper,  etc. etc.  You'd think that the paper of record in Los Angeles would do, buy MEGA HOODIA without prescription, um, Purchase MEGA HOODIA online no prescription, a more comprehensive job of documenting the slow, agonizing death of what was the largest and most successful metro weekly in the country. But the Times doesn't do much that kind of reporting any more, where to buy MEGA HOODIA. we'll give Rainey a B minus for his efforts (which is better than the Incomplete he had to date), BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION. I'll let y'all grade his actual work. Buy MEGA HOODIA online cod, P.S. Rainey indirectly quotes me in his piece so, obviosuly, MEGA HOODIA steet value, he interviewed me for it.  No one else he spoke to would go on the record because when they were tossed from the Weekly, MEGA HOODIA natural, they had to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to get their severance. I refused the insult and collected my severance in any case.  Anyway, Rainey couldn;t help but mention to me on the phone the business about me having repeatedly chided him over the last year for not writing about the Weekly, MEGA HOODIA coupon. BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION, "You assume everyone reads your blog," he told me. "I didn't really see what you had written about me until someone said something to me a few days ago."  I felt like saying: "Well, Herbal MEGA HOODIA, I'm not your editor. And, more importantly, order MEGA HOODIA online c.o.d,  I wouldn't think that the media writer for the L.A. MEGA HOODIA class, Times would really need any green light from me to write about the collapse of the next biggest paper in his own city. It's a story he might think up on hios own." I didn't say it, though, real brand MEGA HOODIA online. But I did just write it, not that anybody will read it, BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION.

*** KPFK-Pacifica: End Times Radio

Speaking of inside baseball, MEGA HOODIA price, coupon, let's go right into the dugout. Or in this case, into the locker room toilet, is MEGA HOODIA addictive. I was driving a different car this week and didn't have my usual XM Radio so got stuck listening to what is now quaintly called Terrestrial Radio. MEGA HOODIA reviews, My smugness quotient was usually breached within 7 minutes of listening to any NPR program (how DO they teach all those folks to talk the same way. I've tried to imitate the style but can't figure out the right doze of Thorezene to make it come out right).  So out of pure masochism and boredom I found myself (quite to my own horror) tuning in  several times to the ongoing train wreck known as listener-sponsored KPFK Pacifica Radio BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION, .  Well, without George Bush and Dick Cheney to conspirasize about and with pocket change dried up by the recession, it ain't easy coming up with effective pitches for the currnt fund drive. Anyway, there's a supposed new "reform" administration in power at KPFK -- replacing the shrill loonie-tunes self-styled revolutionaries that dominated the network for most of the last decade (and still do to a great degree).  Problem is, MEGA HOODIA cost, that under the loons, the center of gravity shifted so deep into insanity (constant pitching in favor of 9/11 Truth) that the new, relatively more sane format is only relatively so and, in fact, is still basically insane. The pitch this week has not been about at all about what is should be: it should always be focused on the intrinsic value of a non-commercial station with thank-you gifts as a sweetener). Oh no. Instead it has been an almost unbroken infomercial (complete with personal testomonies) hawking a DVD that is no less than a miracle cure for cancer. No, I'm not making this up, BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION. I find this, in fact, more repugnant than the pushing of 9/11 conspiracy theories, by the way. And no accident that the same staffer who was most enthusiastic in past years about proving the GW Bush blew up the Twin Towers is the same staffer now swearing to the audience that, with a modest pledge to the station, acquisition of a DVD and avoidance of most modern medicine and science, cancer can be prevented -- or reversed (and Global Warming could be reduced too if such hot air was expunged from the radio dial).  This is quite a sad commentarhy on "alternative media" and the general state of the Left. The silence on the decline and irrelevance of this $500 million network by the rest of the left tells us a lot -- about the left. Enough, now. Time to go drink my carrot juice and swalloy my silver supplements.


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  1. reg Says:

    Hey, the cancer cure pitch worked for Dr. Brinkley’s “border radio” XER from Villa Acuna, Mexico (aka Del Rio Texas). This is one of broadcasting’s great traditions.

  2. qdpsteve Says:

    Good stuff Marc. Here’s another compelling recent story I think your readers would appreciate:

  3. Robert Fiore Says:

    If anybody’s putting together a Sanford pool, I pick “male prostitute.”

  4. Anna Churchill Says:

    loved the send up of Pacifica and the bizarre sensibility that infects the whole of a lot of public radio– which is why I never can listen to it. Its Mr Rogers on Prozac with a liberal dose of Liberal psychosis.


  5. Woody Says:

    For a little “LA Story” mixed with Iran:

    L.A. Times Confirms Details re Neda, the Iranian Martyr

    I had been wary of this story until it was confirmed, even after seeing (and posting) the heart-wrenching video of her just after she was shot. As Allahpundit said last night: “The rumor — and it’s all rumor until some newspaper tracks down her family — is that she was 27 years old and a philosophy student.” Close: she was 26 and used to study philosophy. And a paper did track down her family. And — I’ll be damned! — the paper that did it was the L.A. Times. Credit where credit is due:

  6. Ex-listener Says:

    Also happened to hear KPFK. And tuned back a few times during the week — because I couldn’t believe it was so outrageous. Even by the KPFK-can’t-possible- get-worse standard of recent years.

    Every time, it was fevered, emotional, sideshow hawking for the “natural” cancer cure, clove pills, and magic tea. Literally. And denouncing that toxic, corporate cancer medicine that don’t work.

    Weepy testimonial from a snake oil saleswoman who lost her mom to cancer, “if only I had gotten this information before it was too late.” CALL NOW with a $365 pledge — “just a dollar a day to save yourself or someone you love.”

    The cruelest exploitation of sick and scared people.

    Anyone pretending it’s okay to associate with that station should be ashamed. The whole lot should be tarred and feathered by an angry mob.

  7. Bill Bradley Says:

    John Garamendi … drops out.

    Antonio Villaraigosa … drops out.

    Now we’ll see if Gavin Newsom sticks.

    I have my doubts.

  8. Bill Bradley Says:

    Say, you should have our webmaster set the site’s clock to reflect daylight saving time.

  9. ProgRock Says:

    I think ‘the Left’ – if we can categorize people – have moved to the internet and are leaving radio behind. I listened to NPR for years but then just found it didn’t satisfy my need for news. The internet did. So I am not sure the decline of KPFK [etc] is an indication of ‘the Left’ as much as an indication of the change in how we get information.
    Plus, with the Democrats in power now [federal level] some don’t feel as inclined to get tuned in.

  10. Anita B. Says:


    Your KPFK rant is well-taken — in general. But don’t throw the professionals, e.g., Amy Goodman (a national treasure), Ian Masters, John Wiener, Suzi Weissman, Michael Slate and maybe one or two others, under the Crazy Train. Another day, another spot. I choose to hold out for the pros.

  11. justin Says:

    i tuned that station out after tuning in one too many times to hear jerry quickly rant about the bush administration being behind 9/11

  12. SideShow Bob Says:

    “I’ve tried to imitate the style but can’t figure out the right doze of Thorezene to make it come out right”

    Really? You haven’t listened to tape of you guest hosting Left, Right, and Center?

  13. Anita B. Says:

    SS Bob: you’ve confused Marc Cooper with Matt Cooper, host of LR&C.

  14. Jerry P. Kipridder, M.D. Says:

    Wow, are you sure KPFK is still on the air? I’m pretty sure those loony programs I still hear on the radio are beamed in from another galaxy. Let me see what I can find out from my contacts at JPL.

  15. anonymous Says:

    Looking forward to your response to this idiocy:

  16. Sergio Says:

    oh, that is nasty bait from Lacey, anon.

    Who is “Salvadore” Allende, Mr. Lacey?

  17. Thirdcharmer Says:

    Today one of the (then)Congressmen who voted three out of the four counts to Impeach Clinton went through the now familiar rite of public humiliation today. South Carolina, as it happens. How well I remember Marc Cooper interviewing Christopher Hitchens, who explained he could never quite disrespect the proud and fearless stance the Southern Republicans were taking in circling the wagons for Ken Starr, forget Jim Crow, Lindsey Graham’s crusade really had the right stuff. As the reactionary right paved the way for the worst Presidency in Modern History, progressives like Cooper and Hitchens held the door for them.
    Rest assure, it’s never gotten and loonier, or more destructive, than that.

  18. Marc Cooper Says:

    Anonyomous…. I read Lacey’s silly screed against me. I left a comment on the Weekly site , We’ll see if it gets published.

  19. Marc Cooper Says:

    P.S. Bob, I have hosted RLC 3 times in 5 years. Ive been accused of sounding like all kinds of things on the radio but NOT like I’m on sedatives. Think u got the wrong guy,

  20. justin Says:

    marc said he was burned out on iran…exactly about two days after it happened.

    i know he doesn’t really read this stuff. but who cares…

    can you imagine him saying that to his wife during the time of chile in the 70s?

    i’m done with chile.

    oh well.

    so when did california budgets mean more than a people that could very well be wiped out?

    i can’t post it. because it would give away those people safety…

    but… want to talk about militia beating women til their arm’s break?

    yes. he’s right. let’s talk about the california budget.

    and i will just discount the people that write me emails at their own expence.

    i guess marc cooper…

    long live pinochet because reporters got bored.

  21. Woody Says:

    A distant NPR station is on the same frequency that I use for my XM transmitter, so I sometimes hear that station before I make the switch. Heaven forbid that I listen to NPR on purpose.

    A couple of days ago, NPR had Frank Deford discussing sports with parts of it on Red Sox and Philadelphia fans. I couldn’t believe how droll the descriptions were as the guy spoke mostly in that NPR monotone voice as though he was quietly reading poetry to a third grade class. How boring can you get?! It makes me miss Dizzy Dean.

    Marc, I don’t know where they teach that NPR-speak, but I hate thinking that my taxes help support it.

  22. Randy Paul Says:

    Heaven forbid that I listen to NPR on purpose.

    Yeah, you might actually learn something.

  23. Michael Crosby Says:

    Nothing wrong with Dizzy Dean. I can’t imagine Orel Hershiser sending out a stanza of “Wabash Cannonball” to good ol’ Buzz in Mudbucket, Mississippi like ol’ Diz like to do.

    Btw, was listening to San Diego Padres game the other night with Jerry Coleman, now well into his 80s, announcing. They were discussing some strategy, and the other announcer asked Jerry how Casey [Stengel] would have played it. Jerry said…”well, Casey would have…oh, who knows, Casey was illiterate anyway…”

  24. Marc Cooper Says:

    I do read these comments by the way. Belatedly, let me invite commenter Justin to go fug himself. I’ve never read anything dumber in my life. Your inability to understand what I meant by being Iran-ed out reveals an IQ no higher than 55. Indeed, I’m not going to explain what I meant because if u didnt get it the first time u’ll never get it. Folks like you DO make me question even having a comments section. Jesus.

  25. CW Says:

    Mr. Cooper:
    Just to remind you, here’s where you already buried Stewart/Lacey on the Davis issue, 10+ years ago:

  26. extimer Says:

    More bad news for the Weekly. Ask former or present Times staffers who have written for Drex Heikes, the incoming editor. They will tell you he marches to the corporate drum, will change copy surreptitiously without telling the author (and badly, at that), and will man-about-town in his Boxter in a manner not even vaguely reminiscent of the alternative image of the paper the Weekly used to be.