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arivaca STILNY FOR SALE, In all the coverage of the recent uptick in shootings carried out by right-wing fringe lunatics in the past few weeks, the blood curdling dual murder carried out in the Arizona borderland town of Arivaca two weeks ago has gotten little notice in the press.

Raul Flores, 29, STILNY samples, STILNY treatment, and his 9 year-old daughter were shot in cold blood during a home invasion conducted by self-proclaimed members of the "Minuteman American Defense" who had vowed to cleanse the area of what they said were Mexican drug dealers. This particular shooting, order STILNY from mexican pharmacy, Get STILNY, apparently, was carried out as a robbery to help finance their patriotic goals, STILNY schedule. Is STILNY safe, Here are the details on the suspects who have been charged with first degree murder.  Don't you love how CBS News puts the word "extremists" in quotes. Courageous journalism, buy STILNY from canada, STILNY over the counter, no.

Today, the Pima County Sheriff's Department has released the audio of the 911 call that took place during the shooting, STILNY FOR SALE. It's not for those of weak stomach, online buy STILNY without a prescription, Buy STILNY without prescription, but it's worth listening to. It's a stark reminder of what you get when you mix firearms with deranged people and deranged ideologies, STILNY trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy cheap STILNY no rx, It's also a direct chilling, bloody manifestation of the sort of extremist violence that was predicted at the beginning of the year by a DHS report -- a report withdrawn under protest from conservatives, herbal STILNY. Buy STILNY from mexico,


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71 Responses to “STILNY FOR SALE”

  1. Woody Says:

    Maybe you didn’t know about this guy who sounds a lot like many on this site, not exactly a right-winger. — Holocaust Museum shooter von Brunn a 9/11 ‘truther’ who hated ‘neo-cons’, Bush, McCain

    This “right-winger” supports Israel and the Jews.

    - – -

    On the specific murders mentioned above, how horrible. This was done by criminals and nuts – not patriots or conservatives. On the other hand, if someone wants to do linkage, Jim Jones and the Unabomber were liberals.

    You have to remember that people who claim to be members or acting for the benefit of an organization like the Minute-Men aren’t necessarily accepted by or have their actions condoned by those organizations. — Statement From M.A.D Officers: “This is not what Minutemen do,” said member Chuck Stonex, who responded to an e-mail from The Associated Press sent through the Web site. “Minutemen observe, document and report. This is nothing more than a cold-hearted criminal act, and that is all we want to say.”

    - – -

    Marc: Raul Flores, 29, and his 9 year-old daughter were shot in cold blood during a home invasion conducted by self-proclaimed members…

    “Alleged,” Marc. Don’t forget alleged.

    Isn’t that what made the liberal so mad at Nixon when he didn’t use that word for Charles Manson?

    - – -

    The DHS report is pure bunk, and you know it. This administration insults millions of decent people, including returning soldiers, by trying to demonize conservatives.

    On the other hand, Obama refuses to even use the term terrorism when it comes to real terrorists, young Islamic males for the most part, intent on killing Americans. In fact, he sends them off to vacations in Bermuda.

    Hey, what ever happened to that murdering right-wing terrorist, William Ayers?

  2. Lovell Estell III Says:

    This is not at all surprising. We, as a society, can look forward to more such acts of violence by the exterme right in the coming months and years. Why? First of all, there are WAY TOO MANY GUNS IN THIS COUNTRY. Secondly, whenever there is a shift leftward in the political posture of the country, these maniacs and their ilk crawl out of there disparate rocks and commit these types of acts.

  3. reg Says:

    “This ‘right-winger’ supports Israel and the Jews.”

    Barack Obama received 80 percent of the Jewish vote. Aren’t you the asshole who constantly berates blacks as stupid or sheep for voting overwhemlingly Democratic ? But you “support” Jews ? On what issue ? When you say you “support Jews” it’s code for supporting the Israeli rightwing, who you hope and pray will bomb some Arabs. That’s all this is about in your twisted lexicon.

    Crackpots like you who scream that abortion is “murder”, yet are too chickenshit to actually demand that it be treated as such under the law because you don’t have the political courage of your alleged “convictions”, have blood on their hands in the recent murder of Dr. George Tiller. You helped ramp up this hysteria – as well as the hysteria and shameless bigotry against immigrants that drove the shooter in Marc’s post. You’re also the kind of witless creep who helps legitimatize gay-bashing. You’re a bigot pure and simple – and about as vile as they come.

  4. Woody Says:

    reg, your screeching isn’t worth a reply. You’ve totally lost it.

  5. reg Says:

    White flag…

  6. reg Says:

    Lest we forget what “support Israel and the Jews” means in the lexicon of some “conservatives”, just the other day Woody, re Iran, was providing a rationale for neo-clowns “rooting for Ahmadinejad.” Twisted shit…

  7. Rob Grocholski Says:

    Great column Marc, although much of it is disturbing to read, especially the 911 audio link of the poor mother calling in the shooting.
    The DHS link, also, exceptional.
    Very sad events.

  8. Woody Says:

    Back to the topic, in the 1960′s, Marc Cooper belonged to the radical SDS, which gave rise to the Weathermen and the Black Panthers. However, he wouldn’t associate himself with some of the lawlessness done by others on behalf of that organization, and he never bombed anyone. Hey, even Democratic Sen. Byrd was in the KKK, but I don’t see him lynching people.

    You can’t judge organizations and everyone in it by what some nuts do. Only I can do that.

    = = =

    For reg:

    Conservatives “rooting for Ahmeainejad,” reg? Really? As a matter of information, I simply linked the “radical right-wing” CNN article saying that Moussavi had a long history of being evil and that it may not matter who was elected. Even some Israeli’s wanted Ahmeainejad, for reasons of which I don’t agree, but they do.

    Your knee is jerking so fast it must be pounding you in the head.

    White flag? Consider it a courtesy to Marc and the readers — something that you can’t bring yourself to put above your radical homosexually-inspired, left-wing, spewing hatred for diverse views.

    reg, things were so much better on this site without you and when we had regular commenters like steve, too many steves, Tom Grey Liberty Dad, Dennis the Peasant, John Moore, GM Roper, Ahmed, richard, more of Mavis, and many others – even Mark York. You manage to drive off anyone who doesn’t agree with you along with others who tire of you, except a few of us who couldn’t care less what you think.

    Give it a rest.

  9. reg Says:

    Actually Woody, you’re the one who drives people off of this blog with your serial insanity. Roper doesn’t post here anymore because of a run-in with Marc, which is also true of that Steve character. You’re pissed because someone called you on your puerile partisan rants, you racism and your bigotry. Yeah, “old times there are not forgotten…Look away, look away…” Guys like you are so small and chickenshit it’s actually doing you a favor to even respond to your nonsense. Mea culpa…

    Here’s Jeffrey Goldberg on the perverse “rooting for Ahmedinajad syndrome, which you clearly attempted to provide a rationale for when I called KrazyKon Daniel Pipes on it:

  10. Woody Says:

    Once again, “Your knee is jerking so fast it must be pounding you in the head.”

    Have that looked after.

  11. reg Says:

    It’s pretty clear that a lot of hardline conservatives – i.e. the “neo-con” faction represented by folks like Daniel Pipes and Danielle Pletka, who works closely with the Kagans, don’t really want the Iranian uprising to succeed – or at least have so little invested in it, because they fear it will provide an even stronger rationale for Obama-engagement – that they’re standing on the sidelines with heads hung low. The game-plan was to align with Jabotinskyite crazies like the head of Mossad, Netanyahu, etc. and attempt to sabotage any progress toward peaceful negotiations in the Middle East:

    Andrew Sullivan’s been following the egregious Ms. Pletka since she declared victory for Ahmidenijad in the pages of the New York Times no less:

  12. reg Says:

    Sorry – this is the wrong thread for this, but the sense of urgency about the developments in Iran has grabbed me…

  13. Sergio Says:

    “Sorry”? Just try shutting the fuck up for once, anal expulsive asshole.

  14. passing through Says:

    By attacking the DHS report, right wingers confirmed that right winger = right wing extremist. And now these masters of PR, deluded morons like Woody, think they’re going to make headway by claiming that a Holocaust Museum shooter is liberal … like that Hitler fellow, I guess; wasn’t he some sort of Socialist?

    This “right-winger” supports Israel and the Jews.

    “the Jews”, eh? Yeah, I’m sure you’re a big supporter of Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Naomi Klein, Howard Zinn … how about Meretz-Yachad? Do you support them, you racist piece of shit?

  15. jim hitchcock Says:

    Boy, Sergio, that really added a lot.

  16. reg Says:

    Don’t be so hard on him Jim – I’m sure he gave it his best shot…

  17. reg Says:

    Woody: “things were so much better on this site without you and when we had…(blah, blah, blah)…more of Mavis”

    I guess you were overjoyed when “Mavis” showed up at WitnessLA with this observation:

    Mavis Beacon Says:
    June 15th, 2009 at 8:36 pm
    Ah, a disgusting, bigoted comment from Woody. What a shocker.

  18. Woody Says:

    I’ve had polite exchanges with Mavis before, and he is treated with courtesy when he strays over to GM’s site. Mavis is entitled to his opinion and gets credit for not making his disagreement vile as do you and as are you.

    How about this deal, reg? I won’t comment on Marc’s or Celeste’s site for an entire week if you agree to do the same.

  19. reg Says:

    Fuck you. I’ll comment when and where I want.

    But I’ll be more than happy to ignore your sorry ass. You’ve gone completely beyond the pale, aside from your usual incompetent, repetitive, bigoted bullshit, with this “child molester” crap. Showed your stuff and it’s pretty ugly. Desperate and hysterical raver without even a modicum of decency…

  20. reg Says:

    Here’s an example of what lovely, intellectually-elevated things happen when Woody drops a load and I – or Randy – don’t bother to respond to him:

  21. Biff Larkin Says:

    Someone should keep an Excel spread sheet of how many terrorist murders in the US are committed by right-wing facists vs. Left-wing fascists vs. Islamaofascists.

    (Although, certainly, I understand that many left-wing fascists have warm feelings towards Islamofascists, and vice versa.

    For instance, in the recent news we have that right-wing Crazo who killed the abortion doctor, plus the right-wing terrorists who are the subject of this post.

    On the other hand, I haven’t noticed that Cooper and his one-man Revolutionary Guard force, Reg, have any interest in the recent Islamo-fascist murders in Little Rock.

    Plus, and this must come as news to many Left-wingers, what about that Muslim guy in the Buffalo area who recently sawed his wife’s head off for wanting a divorce?. How unfortunate that he was running a cable channel about Muslim tolerance!

  22. Pokey Says:

    Man bites Dog.

    Yes, this is about as intelligent as it gets. Marc feels that the real news is that an unstable woman who was thrown out of every Minutemen group in the area decides to commit a crime.

    While in Marc Coopers back yard there were 14 homicides the same week, which he completely ignored.

    I guess murdered people aren’t important unless they are (allegedly) killed by a crazy white woman (Shawna Forde).

    Eddie Magana-Navarro, a 19-year-old Latino, on June 1. Magana-Navarro was shot in the 1200 block of West San Bernardino Road in Covina.

    Carlos Vela, a 17-year-old Latino, on June 1. Vela was shot in 9600 block of Beverly Street in Bellflower.

    Crystal Crawford, a 24-year-old black woman, on June 1. Crawford was shot at the intersection of 95th Street and 8th Avenue in Inglewood.

    Saida Munguia, a 40-year-old Latina, on June 1. Munguia was stabbed in the 7600 block of Reseda Boulevard in Reseda.

    Anthony Cage, a 30-year-old black man, on June 2. Cage was shot in the 4300 block of West Adams Boulevard in Jefferson Park.

    Steve Moore, a 39-year-old black man, on June 2. Moore was stabbed in the 4700 block of South Hooper Avenue in Central-Alameda.

    Kevin Maximo, a 16-year-old white teenager, on June 2. Maximo was shot in the 300 block of West Lime Street in Inglewood.

    Marquise Jackson, a 19-year-old black man, on June 2. Jackson was shot in 300 block of East 101st Street in Green Meadows.

    Antonio Ordaz-Cervantes, a 29-year-old Latino, on June 5. Ordaz-Cervantes was shot in the 13000 block of Clarkdale Avenue in Norwalk.

    Daniel Castro, a 21-year-old Latino, on June 5. Castro was shot in 200 block of West 2nd Street in San Pedro.

    Richard Cabrales, a 20-year-old Latino, on June 5. Cabrales was shot in the 3800 block of East 6th Street in East Los Angeles.

    Laquinn Tucker, a 37-year-old black man, on June 5. Tucker was shot in 800 block of West 43rd Street in Vermont Square.

    Ivan Sanchez, a 15-year-old Latino, on June 6. Sanchez was shot in the 1400 block of Hacienda Boulevard in La Puente.

    Michael Kim, a 37-year-old Asian man, on June 7. Kim was shot in the 3900 block of West 6th Street in Koreatown.

  23. Tom Shelley Says:

    two items, I don’t think have been mentioned.

    1. Woody has no idea what he is talking about. the Black Panthers didn’t come out of SDS. They developed seperately from SDS and were often in coalition with SDS.

    2. Shawan forde at one point was identified in the media as being with FAIR, which seems to be the main anti-immigrant group in America. See

  24. Woody Says:

    Tom, I read it on the internet, so it has to be true.

  25. Woody Says:

    A written exam administered by the Pentagon labels “protests” as a form of “low-level terrorism” — enraging civil liberties advocates and activist groups who say it shows blatant disregard of the First Amendment.

    That enrages conservatives, too.

    - – -

    Watch out for this homophobe: Obama fends off criticism from gay supporters…and watch out when the gays get mad at you.

    “People in the gay community feel he over-promised and under-delivered. Now, with over 250 discharges from the military on his watch … the grace period is over.”

    - – -

    reg: June 17th, 2009 at 6:25 pm
    F*** you. I’ll comment when and where I want.

    Oh, yeah? Try commenting on blogs where you’ve been banned, such as GM’s site where you were blocked because of your foul language.

    At least I thought it would be a nice present to Marc and everyone to have both of us off for at least a week — but, that would leave you nothing to do but go to pedo sites.

    Are you still hurting after Adam Lambert lost on American Idol?

  26. Thirdcharmer Says:

    Woody trys a desperate shell game, yes, this idiot hated Bush because he was TOO LIBERAL. Marc Cooper, like some others on the left, has been silent on the murder of Dr. Tiller, rather shamefully I should say. The clear lines leading back to the right wing would of infotainment are there for all to see. You have to review them in places Cooper hates though, like Media Matters.

  27. Thirdcharmer Says:

    I also notice Officer Marc Cooper from the Political Vice Squad has not gotten around to Sen. Ensign. Well, I guess since he didn’t take the traditional Repub approach (lose the wife, marry the young thang) it is confusing. Thank goodness, Marc’s favorite Lindsey Graham is there to clear the air, explaining how such things should now get a pass since we’re all sinners (even Graham). Well, I guess it’s harder to lead a political sex hunt when you don’t have a wackjob like Hitchens under your arm and Officer Cooper cheering you on….

  28. reg Says:

    Stay classy, Woody.

  29. Woody Says:

    One doesn’t have to go to Media Matters to learn about “right-wing hate.” Just watch the left-wing mass media or go to NewsBusters.

    CPB Ombudsman: PBS Is Correct That O’Reilly’s ‘Guilty of Promoting Domestic Terrorism’

    …Ken Bode, a former NBC and CNN reporter and PBS host now serving as an ombudsman for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, praised this incredibly one-sided segment and agreed that O’Reilly is guilty of aiding terrorists:

    “Overall, the program was strong and convincing on this point: radical, anti-abortion opponents, including Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, are guilty of promoting domestic terrorism. …little question remains from the reporting on “NOW” that they are guilty of inspiring the murderous outcomes they encourage. “

    The article’s headline was “Now: Forceful, Accurate, and Timely.” This would seem like an odd headline, since Bode thinks it’s accurate to claim that a threatening letter is an act of “violence.”

    CNN Graphic Labels Minuteman Movement ‘Extremists’

    Fair and balanced?

  30. An Outhouse Says:

    oh, yeah, just a fringe character

    The Heavyweight

    When he founded the Minutemen Project, decorated veteran Jim Gilchrist became the Nation’s leading citizen activist for the protection of America’s borders and built the movement’s largest citizen organization. If you don’t live in an area of heavy Mexican colonization, but are aware of the problem, you probably can thank Jim Gilchrist. His impact has been that big. When others were silent he spoke up.

    Accomplishing a sea change in national awareness, however, put Jim in the crosshairs of both far left subversives and corporate billionaires, everyone who profits from Immigration crime. He has paid the price. He has been physically assaulted by campus radicals, targeted by Marxist hate groups, slandered endlessly by Left-wing media and even had his organization infiltrated by a fifth-column criminal conspiracy to take over the Minuteman Project.

    But he’s still standing. Dominating, actually. He has endured the hardships, stood up to the attacks and stayed true to the principles that are the last line of defense protecting American Freedom from our enemies. It shows.

    Wait ‘til you hear what he has to say. We can unite and win.

    In addition the event is co-hosted by Minutemen American Defense, a Washington state-wide American citizen defense coalition headed by Shawna Forde, a re-born Rock promoter from the days of the music world-shaking Seattle Rock explosion. Shawna will speak.

    Representatives (or the actual candidates) will appear from Presidential campaigns for TOM TANCREDO, DUNCAN HUNTER, RON PAUL and FRED THOMPSON.

  31. jasper lamar crabb Says:

    Their group’s name is M.A.D? What was wrong with N.U.T.S (Nativists United Through Stupidity)?

  32. jim hitchcock Says:

    I wonder if the souped up and redesigned blog will have buttons for personal guided missile launchers?

  33. GM Hoakster Says:

    Love how Woody brings up crap from nearly 40 years ago! Weak

  34. Biff Larkin Says:


    You hit the nail on the head. Left-wingers don’t care about American blacks or latinos getting killed, if the killers are other blacks and latinos, as they usually are. They don’t care about how to reduce crime, either.

    They only care about making their PC points.

    The only murders that qualify for discussion must feature crazy white right-wing bigots as the murderers.

  35. GM Hoakster Says:

    Biff Larkin,

    They don’t care? What do you think sane gun control laws are about? What about trying to deal with poverty? You are insane.


  36. Anna Churchill Says:


    Woody do you have a dog? I have a theory.

    Who all here who posts likes animals and has a pet?

    My theory is that often Repubs and conservatives are more likely to have a dog or kitty.

    And southerners have dogs, but are usually abusive towards them.

  37. Anna Churchill Says:

    I wonder if I could guess about some of you whether you have a pet.

    Marc: no.

    Reg: hmmm cat maybe?

    Rob G: no

    Sergio: a pit bull

    Passing Through: no

    C’mon. who has a pet and what kind.

  38. WaterBearer Says:

    It’s hard to tell without a DNA test, but I think I have a couple of lesbian lovebirds. Both tear up strips of paper with their beaks and stuff them in their feathers which is indicative of females.

  39. Woody Says:

    Anna Churchill: And southerners have dogs, but are usually abusive towards them.

    Only people who fit in the culture of Michael Vick.

  40. reg Says:

    That’s a real insult to people who are fanatic about football…but you may have a point.

  41. Randy Paul Says:


    My dad was a licensed dog breeder who raised collies and a breed called kuvasz in Alabama. No one we ever meet in the world of dog breeders in the South was ever less than gentle, patient and respectful towards their dogs.

  42. Anna Churchill Says:

    Randy, I see you are still defending Alabamans rather than working on developing a sense of irony and humour. But I am glad to hear you are one of the rare coterie of people who never knew anyone who was anything less than saintly towards dogs. However, in England the Crufts (Krufts) dog show is coming under fire because breeders and the whole BUSINESS of breeding dogs has been the catalyst for untold amounts of cruelty and abuse.

    Anyway, I was actually interested in doing a fun little poll on how one’s political persuasion is expressed in attitudes towards animals and having a pet.

  43. Anna Churchill Says:

    By the way, I know someone whose cousin (and I met him) is a game warden in Mississippi. He is the archetypal mean motherfucker racist cracker…and I saw how he treated his dog and heard the horror stories about former dogs.

    On the other hand my friend’s mother who lived across the road (the family still owns the original 2000 slave worked acres from before the Civil War) loved animals and they would find her door and never leave.

  44. Jim R Says:

    “He is the archetypal mean motherfucker racist cracker…”

    But not you Anna.

  45. Biff Larkin Says:

    “Biff Larkin,

    They don’t care? What do you think sane gun control laws are about? What about trying to deal with poverty? You are insane.”

    This might be a parody of left-wingy delusion, because even some left-wingys understand that crime is not caused by guns nor poverty.

  46. Biff Larkin Says:

    “He is the archetypal mean motherfucker racist cracker…”

    I recognize the archetype. I have met more than a few.

    I have also met many mean motherfucker racist “progressives,” but, of course, in the “progressive” worldview and bestiary, there are no nasty, rogue progressives.

  47. Anna Churchill Says:

    Biff…you are humping an oxymoron. If one is a mean motherfucker they are not “progressive”.

    Just because someone may label themselves such doesn’t make them one. This is the problem with reactionary twits like yourself: you are unable to discern meaning or make common sense of anything

  48. Anna Churchill Says:

    In my world view “progressive” and being a “mensche” are synonymous. But of course being a reactionary twit you wouldn’t even know what a “mensche” is. Especially since the one time poet laureate of England, Philip Larkin, was an anti semite I will play your daft game and then make the “logical” (in the mind of a reactionary twit) assumption that because you have the last name of Larkin you are also an anti semite.

  49. Woody Says:

    Vick and Stallworth cases ‘apples and oranges’, expert says

    The question — repeated countless times on Twitter, sportstalk radio and across the Internet the last 24 hours — goes like this:

    How can Donte’ Stallworth get 30 days while Michael Vick got 23 months? …The Falcons released their former superstar quarterback last week.

    …But those outraged over Stallworth’s sentence are overlooking several factors, legal experts say.

    …Vick hurt himself by not quickly accepting responsibility.

    “The big difference is something you hear all through life: it’s not necessarily what you do, it’s how you react to what you did.”

  50. GM Roper Says:

    reg: “Roper doesn’t post here anymore because of a run-in with Marc … Attaboy reg! Actually, it is because of creeps like you with your foul mouth. Marc is STILL my Blog Father and I am proud to say that. Marc and I disagree about a lot of things politics wise, but he was there when I was fighting cancer, and he was there to encourage my blogging when few on the right were willing to and though I don’t comment here very often, I still read him regularly.

    So take your foul mouth and stick it in a certain place in your own anatomy.

  51. Anna Churchill Says:

    Example of a mensche: “Marc is STILL my Blog Father and I am proud to say that. Marc and I disagree about a lot of things politics wise, but he was there when I was fighting cancer, and he was there to encourage my blogging when few on the right were willing to”

  52. reg Says:

    Roper, you’re still the disingenuous shit you’ve always been. I notice that you don’t link to your “blogfather” anymore – presumably because he ignored your chickenshit appeals to ban me – and he doesn’t link to you. So much for “good times.”

  53. reg Says:

    From Roper at his zany link: “Coop has, in his words, burrowed so far up the anatomy of a certain individual who needs a teleprompter…”

    Yeah, “…in his words…” No, Mr. Mensa – that’s your foul characterization. You’re as persistently foul in your insinuations as anyone who ever posted her – but since you drip with hypocrisy you like to blame the folks who you’ve gratuitously – and moronically – insulted over the years (and with a certain degree of impunity before I called you on your nasty, idiotic self-serving characterizations of liberals.)

    What a creep ! Does anyone miss this coward ?

  54. GM Roper Says:

    reg, you are an idiot! Here are Marc’s words in a comment above the one I linked to. “Stewart was burrowed so far up the anatomy of” …

    You were saying reg?

  55. GM Roper Says:

    And reg, you are correct I don’t link to him anymore, do I need to? He chooses not to link to me? Does he need to. (actually, I think I forgot to move him when I changed to a new host, but then that wouldn’t fit reg’s narrative would it? So, I’ll add him back.)

    My bad, you can still find “Mark Cooper – The Blog Father” on the “Page” Blogs & Blogs & Blogs” at the dark brown bar at the top of the front page.

  56. GM Roper Says:

    He’s baaaaaaaack reg ole top! Now, whether Coop links to me is his choice. But I notice that an awful lot of former links at “Friends and Favorites” are not there either, guess old Marc must have had an awful lot of arguments with right-wing thugs like me.

  57. Randy Paul Says:

    By the way, I know someone whose cousin (and I met him) is a game warden in Mississippi. He is the archetypal mean motherfucker racist cracker…and I saw how he treated his dog and heard the horror stories about former dogs.

    Thus you form your conclusions about southerners and their treatment of dogs and I’m supposed to take you seriously.

  58. reg Says:

    I was saying, you dishonest fuck, that the inference of your comment is that Marc has so characterized himself as being “up Obama’s anatomy” – not some fragment of a line he used about Jill Stewart in a completely different context.

    You’re the same old disingenuous, self-congratulating piece of work. And I don’t buy your CYA line on the link. It’s bullshit. Which is your stock in trade.

  59. Woody Says:

    reg, you’re pure whitetrash.

  60. Rich Says:

    “reg, you’re pure whitetrash”

    Uh, nice.

    The truth of the matter is that reg posts comments that are consistently informative and interesting to read. You, on the other hand, post superficial Fox-news talking points that everyone has heard a thousand times, but somehow you think you are making informative points that no one has considered before. I have been reading this blog for years, and I’ve yet to read a single comment from you that doesn’t carry some variation of “you liberals… X”, with all the obligatory yawn-inducing generalizations.

    Let’s cut to the heart of the matter: you’re not taken seriously here, because you’re either not interested in or capable of discussion with people who don’t view the world as you do. And when someone like reg calls you on your B.S., you pretend to act offended. Here’s one of the many reasons why I like reg’s approach: because liberals tend to think issues through, they are often too polite, and allow simplistic commenters to dominate the discourse. Some examples are folks like Michael Crosby, Michael Turner, Celeste, Randy (who’s clearly tired of trying to be polite to you), Mavis, DanO (a little edgier, but still too nice), to name a few. Reg doesn’t try to be nice, which I think is more like Marc’s take-no-BS approach, and a refreshing counter to the tendency of liberals to engage with trolls patiently or seriously.

    To use a sports metaphor, reg is like the Bulls’ Charles Oakley during the Jordan years, or the Celtics’ Robert Parrish during the Larry Bird years: the enforcer who does the dirty work to counter the boorish and cheap tactics of the Riley Knicks, or the Bad Boy Pistons, so the rest of the team can focus on clean basketball. Without the enforcer, the game devolves into a sloppy mess–analogously, without reg this blog would be completely overrun with stupid generalizations, weak stereotypes, and the boring cliches common in AM radio dialogue.

    Of course, since Marc is too nice to trolls like you, it already has devolved into this mess. Which is too bad, because the purpose of a comments section is to expand the original posting with active discussion and honest exchange.

  61. Anna Churchill Says:

    Randy, you need your literalist gene removed. Just stop it.

    A sociological study could be done on how various groups regard and treat animals. Actually, you are right a lot of Southerners are devoted dog lovers and do have history of using them as weapons against people…ahem.

    And there is a whole strata now of primitive males who are using pit bulls as accessories and for blood sport.

    Then there are the crazy people who shop for expensive little lap dogs and buy clothes for them.

    There are people who refuse to think animals should be tortured to test drugs. And a lot of those people are so called “liberals”

  62. Anna Churchill Says:

    Oops I meant to say there ARE a lot of “liberals” who are blind to the stupidity of using animals for testing drugs.

    These are the people that…are the most vile.

  63. Randy Paul Says:

    Randy, you need your literalist gene removed. Just stop it

    Right after you learn that hyperbole is best used sparingly, otherwise you just appear to be well, hysterical.

  64. Anna Churchill Says:

    I would say your taking my points and torturing them to fit into the box you can’t think outside of more of a deficit then my “hyperbole”. (According to you.)

    You have the PC disease.

  65. Jim R Says:

    Anna, I cannot believe someone who seems to be so sensitive and loving to animals, can at the same time be so negative, impatient and harsh on us human animals.

  66. Randy Paul Says:

    You have the PC disease.

    No, I just suffer fools far too gladly.

  67. Randy Paul Says:


    Finally read your post. Brilliant, pithy and on point. I salute you.

  68. Biff Larkin Says:

    In my world view “progressive” and being a “mensche” are synonymous. But of course being a reactionary twit you wouldn’t even know what a “mensche” is. Especially since the one time poet laureate of England, Philip Larkin, was an anti semite I will play your daft game and then make the “logical” (in the mind of a reactionary twit) assumption that because you have the last name of Larkin you are also an anti semite.

    Wow, this is insanity squared! Because I am allegedly reactionary, I allegedly don’t know a common Yiddish word and because I have the same last name as an eminent English poet, I allegedly share his alleged prejudices.

    In Left-wing Hate World, (in which anyone who doesn’t drink Left-Wing Kool-Aid is a Right Winger) this sort of thing passes for a political argument.


  69. Jim R Says:

    “But of course being a reactionary twit you wouldn’t even know what a “mensche” is.”

    Or how to spell it.

  70. kiki Says:

    “(Although, certainly, I understand that many left-wing fascists have warm feelings towards Islamofascists, and vice versa. ”

    I always love this one. The basic sentiment has been around for a while, but ever since Jonah’s Big Book for Retards came out, it now always includes the word ‘fascist’.

    Say, Biffy, what are your views on homosexuality? Or abortion? How about crime and punishment? Bet you’re a real ‘compassion and rehabilitation’ guy aren’t ya – not like those hand-choppin’ islamocommiefascists!

    How about seperation of church and state? Or blasphemy? Or keeping religion out of the science class and the courtroom?

    Y’know what? This is taking too long. Why don’t you just tell us what issues you DON’T see eye-to-eye with Osama bin Laden on, apart from the obvious ‘my god’s better than you’re god’ thing. It’ll be a lot quicker.

  71. kiki Says:

    Ugh, ‘your’ not ‘you’re’. And I’m a copy editor.